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Happy cow steals your will to live

Posted by Gemini on November 9, 2012

I’m writing here basically a brief note for those of you who were wondering what happened to all my projects and my website.

What was of my projects?

They are on hold until I sort out other priorities. Yes guys, I’ve been rather busy lately working on side projects and my university is sucking most of my spare time. I’ve been working on some side projects lately, like the PSiOS for the PSIO project (which is dead) and other stuff I’d rather not reveal here because I was asked not to talk about it. If you want to download my translations, they are all still available at under the Patch section, so nothing to worry about those.

What was of the old page?

The other blog I had on is more or less dead. With more or less I actually mean “for good”. I tried asking for backups, but it seems like they are not available or something. That’s not a big issue, I could always recreate the blog entirely from scratch, but given the recent priorities I have in my life, that has to wait. It’ll probably rise again from the dead somewhere in 2013, but I can’t make promises.


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Closing this blog and the comment board

Posted by Gemini on February 23, 2010

I haven’t checked this blog since when all the project pages, including Innocent Sin, moved to the new site. I’d suggest you to update your bookmarks and post only there because nobody will be here to read about issues, bug reports or particular requests regarding the translation. It’s also easier for me to keep only track of posts gathered in one place and other people can take advantage of this information.

So, sign up at out current forum board and continue posting there if you have anything to ask. As usual, please refer to the readme file contained in the translation package before asking about issues that are already well known to the team.
Hail mask!

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Already an update, damn

Posted by Gemini on October 15, 2008

Seems like a lot of you got errors with the save/load menu, especially on real hardware. Some got slowdowns, others got the infamous VRAM bug, others got the fake corruption bug. So I decided to make a new version of the patch to fix all these errors, and here it is. Hopefully this should be the last patch for a while.
/me crosses fingers
This patch also fixes a few typos left in Seven Sisters dialogues. Oh, and it’s confirmed that this is not compatible with the The Best print.

Delete your current patched ISO, get a clear one and patch it again. Have phun.

PS: Please, PLEASE, read the readme file before posting a million questions that are already answered.

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All is lost…

Posted by Gemini on October 15, 2008

I knew it, I KNEW IT. I knew I had to do the goddamn backups for all the work! Now there’s no more Innocent Sin translation sources left and I’m going to have to cancel the patch entirely. :(
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The patch is indeed delayed

Posted by Gemini on September 30, 2008

I’ve seen all kind of reactions to my last comment pretty much everywhere, and I can clearly tell that nobody got the real reason why I’m delaying the release. It has to do with psychotic posting, flames, and people totally ignoring my multiple warnings on the comment board.
Quite frankly, after the recent facts I don’t really feel like I want to work on the patch for a while. This shit has totally drained my will to work on the game, so I won’t fix the last issues until I feel that I want to, which is what I’ve done from the beginning.
Beta testing will proceed as planned, but you won’t see anything released the 15th. It’ll be released when it’s done.

Have a nice and flaming day.

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