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  1. Where do I download this from?
    If you missed the link on the left column pointing straight to the project thread, here it goes again.
  2. Is your custom patcher compatible with WinXP/Linux/MacOS?
    It is a Win32 application, so full support for Windows XP (and probably Vista, while Win98/ME are already tested as not working), and it also runs on Linux through Wine. Unfortunately, there is no MacOS porting of the patcher, so you will have to ask a friend of yours to patch the game for you.
  3. Is the translation consistent with Eternal Punishment?
    Menus say the same things as in EP, but with some improvements. As for common terms, like Spell names and such, we have used the Japanese official nomenclature, so except to see Agirao and Meghidoraon instead of Agilao and Megidolaon. For the spells not covered by tarots we have used official names where available (except for a couple). In other words, only a few spells have sightly different names, nothing really confusing at all even if you’re used to the official ones.
    As for the real part of the translation, you should probably check Tom’s section in the readme included with the patch. To make it brief, he used his own style and expanded most of the “compressed” aspects of the original EP translation. I’d say the final effect of his translation and the original merged together is kick-ass.
  4. Is the translation consistent with Revelations?
    Definitively no. While I think Eternal Punishment’s translation is fantastic (or far better than the average, if you’re a fan of Square-Enix shitty translations), Revelations’ totally blows ass. There is no way we will allow that crap in Innocent Sin, or we’d have to call Nyarlathotep “Massacre” and other stupid bullshit like that.
  5. Why don’t you allow total consistency with the US translations?
    Because the project doesn’t aim at making the English community happy, nor the Atlus US quality department, but ourselves (the people working on the project) and we don’t like how they handled some things (i.e. Oracle of Maia).
  6. Is Jun gay?
    Sure like hell. And yeah, you can make Tatsuya gay as well.
  7. I noticed something strange in some screens. What’s wrong with them?
    Screenshots do not represent the patch’s final quality. Most of them are taken from very old builds of the patch and they don’t necessarily represent what the released product looks like.
  8. Is this project related with the Oracle of Maiya?
    No, absolutely. They never gave me the permission to use their script. Well, actually they never answered a single time when I asked them to, so that works like a “fuck you, NO!” to me. Also, their translation is quite incomplete (it covers only part of the main story) and not completely accurate (yeah, there are errors in there, whether you may notice them, believe it or not), so better having a brand new one. You can make comparisons if you don’t believe me.
  9. Are you planning to release the translation in other languages?
    I was, at first. The project was born as an Italian translation, but I never found collaborators, so I gave up and changed the target language into English, which is probably better since most Persona fans can understand it. Anyway, I’m not planning to release it in other languages, and I never will. And please don’t ask me to send you the translation tools or the English script: the answer will be no, or something worse.
  10. Is there any way I can contribute?
    You see that shiny “Donations” link? :p Many asked me about that in the past, so there it goes. Of course, you are not obliged to help us in any way.
  11. Is the translation playable on my grey Playstation?
    Absolutely. My hacks are meant to run on real hardware. You will only need a modded console to play the game, and a brain to read the instructions for applying the patch.
  12. Is the game playable on Ps2/Popstation (Sony’s Psx emulator for the Psp)?
    It works fine on both. As for the Psp emulator,  you need at least firmware 4.10 or it will glitch and crash during the first two automatic battles with Eikichi and the Joker. There are also some other random crashes in battle, but they are really hard to pull off and don’t ruin at all the experience. In fact, all my testing playthroughs were done on a PSP.
  13. Does Atlus know about this project?
    Apparently the US department does, and they even promoted it for us in more than an occasion during interviews and through emails (according to one of my sources). Based on what Nich Maragos, the project is “pretty good”, and yet they didn’t want to hire us to work on some other crazy projects for the Playstation. :p
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