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Quick bugfix, better update

Posted by Gemini on July 12, 2015

disc 1.0a

Two days after release, we already have a revision which patches up a stupid bug that is, as a matter of fact, rather fatal for hardware and PS3 users. Until the new patch gets approved on RHDN, you can download it from here.


5 Responses to “Quick bugfix, better update”

  1. awaiken said

    how do you run a patched version on ps3? You mean on a jailbroken system?

  2. Gemini said

    Yup, I meat a modded system with Custom Firmware, same stuff as on the PSP.

  3. thor said

    Hello. Which version is playable on PSone console,v1.0a or v1.0 ? Finally i can play sequel of my favourite horror game in english. Thank you so much.

  4. Gemini said

    @Thor: either is fine on PSP, but 1.0a is the latest and recommended one.

  5. Captain Renko said

    omg! i never thought i would see this day come! i’m utterly surprised and pleased, i can’t think you enough Gemini and Tom

    bless you guys

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