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May he poop on my knee?

Posted by Gemini on June 28, 2015

This is the true uber final remix special turbo update on the Echo Night 2 translation.
SLPS_021.67_28062015_033413_0362 SLPS_021.67_22062015_164724_0087

So we came up with a sorta certain release date for this, which should be somewhere around the beginning of next month, roughly the 15th if everything goes well with imminent testing (will start monday). A few more pics and usual follow up of text:
tegheteghete SLPS_021.67_24062015_145455_0756

  • I put together a definitive solution to fit all the text that wouldn’t fit otherwise, no more Japanese+devilspeak mix
  • More Engrish removed, some that we never noticed before (notice the Origins Book, previously saying “The Change of Clancy-family”)
  • Found by experimentation a real quick solution to make the game work with standard Western controls (X confirms, O cancels); this could likely appear as a separate patch to apply on top of the translated version

What is left to do is fixing insertion problems with furniture and similar items scattered in some final rooms, piecing together some more graphics in need of shoppage, reinserting de-Engrish’d gramophone text, and testing the game with all four endings (damnation, ominous, standard, and good) to see if anything behaves incorrectly with spoken dialog depending on precise timing.


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