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Drink drink some more Eché

Posted by Gemini on June 25, 2015

One last-before-final update?
eurydice unmoving statue
map pause no smorking entero somewhere elso missing dialog
Most graphics has been replaced with the last revision, includes the following:

  • Engrish suppressed; there should be no more weird stuff like “NO! Smorking”, “NO ENTER”, “Remains”, “The Changes of Clancy-family”, wrong spellings of names (Cristina, Jesica, Karin), etc…
  • Japanese map banners, captions, title screens, and similar translated
  • Fixed a few English captions switched around in the Jukebox from the Bar Lounge

We also started revising a ton dialog strings and figured out some glaring errors with timers causing funny glitches or some messages to never appear or show up at the wrong time. Currently text appears at double the speed of the original, to keep it similar to the Japanese version and prevent these glitches at the same time.

This is the a video of the latest build in action:


One Response to “Drink drink some more Eché”

  1. Loved the first Echo Night. Really glad that you guys are finishing this patch! :D
    It looks like stellar work (like the Innocent Sin patch).

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