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Posted by Gemini on June 19, 2015

We’re back for one last patch, on the old blog for nostalgia’s sake.
dialog dialog 2
item get item list item check map profiles menu special option special option brightness memory cards
To sum up what has been done in the last two weeks of work:

  • Several hacks use C hooks for sanity’s sake
  • Proportional fonts (aka Variable Width Font) improved and alpha blending rendering added
  • Old fonts have been replaced with better faces
  • Automatic line wraps for dialog
  • Code for handling grammar with item pick ups
  • Internal clock changed from military time to 12-hour clock
  • Several compression methods to fit more text in tight spots (Huffman is the new one)
  • Text encoding rewritten and enriched
  • Various alignment and formatting hacks to the menu
  • Memory Card format slightly altered to crunch in preview data
  • Dialog has been extensively edited for best results

I can say for sure that the work is somewhere close to completion, where the last parts to add are expanded rooms with better string management, and graphics translated or de-Engrish’d. Hopefully this 6-7 year old ordeal is close to release.


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