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Threats from a notorious scammer?

Posted by Gemini on July 29, 2013

Sounds like somebody is back to threat the internet!

Date: Mon, 29 Jul 2013 00:27:29 +1000
From: Haunted360
Subject: Deletion Request
Hi Gemini. I would like to request that you delete the post “Brief update on a notorious scammer taking over the psx scene” from
I am not a scammer.
This is the final and last time I will be asking this before I start taking action to fight it.

Some people just don’t know when to stop, especially if they’re the ones who started all this mess, throwing in the way fake accounts posing as myself, fake accounts posting laughable messages here with Australian IPs, source code used without permission, and an email with insults. Guess what? The blog entry is staying and end of the story, but I think that was quite clear to the most anyway. If this blog and all the countless mirrors I’ve made were ever to disappear, you know it’s Haunted / Shad0w trying to silence the internet about his little dirty affair (if this were no scam there wouldn’t be any point in trying to censor it, right? Oxymoron ahoy). Of course, this is not a believable scenario, but at least you know who’s behind it, and you can freely draw your conclusions way before some child tries censoring what he doesn’t like because he lost donations or whatever.

Of course, the only reason I’d ever remove the entries about this scam would be actually seeing a prototype of PSIO being released along with all the features initially mentioned and without a bit of my code, but so far there’s very little convincing me it’s gonna happen.


3 Responses to “Threats from a notorious scammer?”

  1. Sirius said

    I might be bothering, but was the Soul Hackers translation dropped? I haven’t heard anything from it so I was wondering as well there haven’t been news in quite some time.

  2. Michiru said

    From what I know they are still working on it, but their life has gotten busy with other stuff.

  3. Hi, Gemini. Can you tell us what killed the Echo Night 2 translation?

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