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Happy cow steals your will to live

Posted by Gemini on November 9, 2012

I’m writing here basically a brief note for those of you who were wondering what happened to all my projects and my website.

What was of my projects?

They are on hold until I sort out other priorities. Yes guys, I’ve been rather busy lately working on side projects and my university is sucking most of my spare time. I’ve been working on some side projects lately, like the PSiOS for the PSIO project (which is dead) and other stuff I’d rather not reveal here because I was asked not to talk about it. If you want to download my translations, they are all still available at under the Patch section, so nothing to worry about those.

What was of the old page?

The other blog I had on is more or less dead. With more or less I actually mean “for good”. I tried asking for backups, but it seems like they are not available or something. That’s not a big issue, I could always recreate the blog entirely from scratch, but given the recent priorities I have in my life, that has to wait. It’ll probably rise again from the dead somewhere in 2013, but I can’t make promises.



9 Responses to “Happy cow steals your will to live”

  1. Devil Vergil said

    Oh, wow, you’re still alive!
    >It’ll probably rise again from the dead somewhere in 2013, but I can’t make promises.
    You must do it…

  2. ta-chan said

    Good to see you’re alive and will Gemini my man . Do what you think is best for you. I wish you all the best in your college life and your projects.

    Just keep those mad hacker skills at check dude….so when all this blows out and you can finally take a breath, you come back here and get your hands dirty in a translation project, megaten fans were waiting for. Hopefully, with Tom as the man on the translation helm. <3

    Till then…hang in there.

  3. slystrife said


    A shame that this died for now, all of my college memories took place here on this blog and the forums. I would love to stay in contact with you Gemini, I know how life eats up time as I disappeeared quite a few times myself.

  4. Gemini said

    Well, at least now I’ve got again a place where to write any eventual update. ;)

  5. slystrife said

    Indeed! I’ll be watching this like a hawk! I wish you the best and I’ll be praying for the eventual return of the forums! (right?)

  6. Captain Renko said

    many thanks Gemini! i hope there will be any update on Echo Night 2 through this year

  7. Gemini said

    I’m not sure if it’s going to happen in 2013, but it will be done sooner or later. I don’t wanna waste Tom’s work on the script, not to mention I’ve learned a few new tricks I’d like to use in the current projects. ;)

  8. slystrife said

    Hey Gemini! Was just wondering what you thought of Eternal Punishment PSP not being localized by Atlus USA? If you care at all that is! XP

  9. Caramba said

    Hey Gemini !
    It seems that the facebook page of Devil Hackers doesn’t exist anymore !? Did you maybe have to erase it, as the game is out now on 3DS ?
    Anyway, I hope your project is still on, as I really want to try this PSX version of Soul Hackers and I’m sure I’m not the only one. Maybe we’ll have the pleasure to read an update about it some day, fingers crossed !
    Thank you for all your good work :D.

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