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Already an update, damn

Posted by Gemini on October 15, 2008

Seems like a lot of you got errors with the save/load menu, especially on real hardware. Some got slowdowns, others got the infamous VRAM bug, others got the fake corruption bug. So I decided to make a new version of the patch to fix all these errors, and here it is. Hopefully this should be the last patch for a while.
/me crosses fingers
This patch also fixes a few typos left in Seven Sisters dialogues. Oh, and it’s confirmed that this is not compatible with the The Best print.

Delete your current patched ISO, get a clear one and patch it again. Have phun.

PS: Please, PLEASE, read the readme file before posting a million questions that are already answered.


495 Responses to “Already an update, damn”

  1. Killa B said

    Damn, I booted into Windows to make the Eboot, and I left the clean ISO on my ext3 partition. D: Hopefully I’ll just have no problems on the first release.

    If it only crashed once for you, then it can’t be that bad.

  2. ArcadeBumstead said

    Patch still doesn’t work with my copy of the game. “Incorrect CRC32 on Sector 22”

  3. PaulMorel said

    ArcadeBumstead, if your copy is the Best, gemini said it’s incompatible. :(

  4. Tony said

    Works great! Awesome work. Thanks a bunch…

    Is there a way to have Soul Hackers next? xDDD

    Many thanks in advance

  5. Pato said

    Actually, i think you have to patch the unpatched iso.
    I tried with the already 1.0 patched iso but i get the crc error.
    I’m ripping the cd again to test on the unpatched iso.

  6. Killa B said

    Patch still doesn’t work with my copy of the game. “Incorrect CRC32 on Sector 22″

    That’s the same error I got. It’s because your ISO has already been patched (with 1.0). You need a clean one.

  7. Gemini said

    Updated the news to prevent more people from doing the same mistake. >_>

  8. Rad said

    Thank you for your hard work.

    New patch seems to be working. No freezes whatsoever.

    For some reason, game reads my old savedata from previous patch. But for some reason I can’t see my save data on my PSX memory card manager. I can still save and load though. Anybody else got the same issue? (I can still continue the game, so who cares?)

    Also, my PSX have more trouble reading this new patched cd. CD with the old patch worked all the time. I have to remove and re-insert the CD a few times.

    And I hope those guys at Atlus will have what is coming to them for not releasing this game 10 years ago!

  9. Rad said

    Oh, and this is a fresh iso, not an already patched one. (Sorry for the double post)

  10. Gemini said

    @Rad: I noticed the same save bug on the PSP, but I thought it was the emulation software going nuts. Maybe I will fix it in 1.01, if the occasion ever comes to release a new patch. :p As for the other issue, try burning your game at lower speed. I use 8x for my Psx discs and they all work fine.

  11. Joseph said

    Thank You Very Much. I am very grateful for all the hard work and time that everyone involved had put into this project, my sincerest graditude to all that was involved. THANK YOU!!!

  12. Tony said

    For the record:

    * If you are going to play this game on PSP, then get the Simple Popsloader
    Beta 3. It worked like a charm.
    Also make sure you have the latest custom firmware (Mine is 4.01 M33-2),
    and the latest popsloader plugin *

    It works great, saves fine and no problems so far.

    Thanks a lot Gemini. And please think of doing Soul Hackers :3
    Another great game from Atlus

  13. Pato said

    Quick question about the game.
    What’s the deal with the luck attribute? what’s its influence on dmg and such?
    sorry for the noob question :P

  14. Tom (Translator) said

    I believe the luck stat affects your critical hit rate.

  15. Sara said

    Hello, this is a really novice question, I know, but I’ve never patched anything or burned a game before. I managed to make an ISO file from my game disc, but I don’t know how to add the patch. I’m sorry if this has been asked but I read through the comments and couldn’t find an answer. Thanks in advance for any help.

  16. Pato said

    @ Tom
    oh, i see.
    I was completely ignoring luck, but now i’ll put a point every 2 or 3 lvls.
    Thx Tom =)

    @ Sara
    Open the patcher, then select the iso on the first box and the patch on the second (the patcher and the patch are in the same zip) and click on Patch.

  17. Arjuna said


    If I am on PSP and my save and load functions work fine, does this address anything else at all?

  18. The Follower said

    Will low quality imation CD-R’s not work? I’ve burned the data onto a disc with the following files:

    SLPS 0_21.00

    But the PSX is not picking it up and reading it as a PS1 disc. It spins for a while, but then stops. Is something wrong here?

  19. The Follower said


    Do rewritable CDs work?

  20. alex_72886 said

    @The Follower, you haven’t burned an image file yet, you just burn all the files of the image file…an image file is only one file, that contains all 4 files that you mentioned in your post

    also i would not suggest using low quality cd’s unless you want to quickly ruin your little ol’ friend calles lens

    i personally use sony cd-r’s for all of my psx back-ups and all works 100% on my 7 year old ps2

    oh, and thanks very very very much for the great work!!! i really appreciate it =)

  21. alex_72886 said

    sorry for the double post my net connection got haywire for a bit there, @The Follower, no you can’t use cd-rw’s either

  22. TertiumSquid said

    Many thanks guys! I’ve been looking forward to this translation for a long time!

  23. Zero said

    Yay! This version fixed every problem I’d been having playing it on the PSP. Great job and thanks so much!

  24. Valtz said

    Thanks for all of your hard work on this patch (and to everyone else who helped make it) again it’s pretty great that you were able to do it in under a year.

    …. Now after this i’ll have to buy eternal punishment and that’s gonna break my wallet D:

  25. launder said

    Yes. My version works. Gemini you are Badass thanks for releasing it on time and giving the flamers a lesson. Good job also on the advisory that warns people of low-lives that will try to make money off of your work on ebay and other places.
    Well now i I am off to my place of solace to enjoy your gift.

  26. Allesthar said

    It works perfectly fine, no more save issues !

    Thank you :)

  27. viewtifulsub said

    First off; congrats once again Gemini/Tom for the completion of such a large and anticipated project.

    Secondly, a general question for EPSXE users. Has anyone managed to configure a optimum setup for Innocent Sin? Particularly the graphics plugin? Heres what i’ve tested so far:

    Plugin: P.E.Op.S. Soft Driver 1.1.17
    Author: Pete Bernert and the P.E.Op.S. team

    – 1280×1024 Window mode
    Stretch mode: 12
    Dither mode: 2

    – FPS limit: on
    – Frame skipping: on
    – FPS limit: Auto

    – Scanlines: disabled
    – Game fixes: off [00000000]

    I’ve had some wierd issues with the P.E.Op.S plugin. FMV videos seem to be stuck on the first frame but you’ll hear the music/sfx in running. That and the introduction persona battle had quite a big of lag when the persona speeches occurred. Which is strange, currently the plugin was made for 2d games like this

    Plugin: Pete’s OpenGL2 Driver 2.8
    Author: Pete Bernert
    Card vendor: ATI Technologies Inc.
    GFX card: ATI Radeon HD 3870 X2

    – 1280×1024 Window mode
    – Internal X resolution: 2
    – Internal Y resolution: 3
    – Keep psx aspect ratio:
    – No render-to-texture: on

    – Filtering: 6
    – Hi-Res textures: 1
    – TexWin pixel shader: on
    – VRam size: 512 MBytes

    – FPS limitation: on
    – Frame skipping: off
    – FPS limit: Auto

    – Offscreen drawing: 2
    – Framebuffer effects: 3
    – Framebuffer uploads: 2

    – Scanlines: off
    – Mdec filter: on
    – Screen filtering: off
    – Shader effects: 0/1
    – Flicker-fix border size: 2
    – GF4/XP crash fix: off
    – Game fixes: on [00001000]

    So far so good with Pete’s OGL2, but something feels rather off and i cant put my finger on it. I’ll some more testing later on tonite before my major playthrough on the weekend.

    Anyone keen on sharing their setups that have been running perfectly?

  28. PaulMorel said

    ViewtifulSub, try looking for shaders, OGL2 supports it and it looks awesome:) I recommend HQ4X since it enhances the 2d of the game

  29. KrelianX said

    Yes! This fixed the annoying save bug (after saving, the colors went weird). Other than that, it works perfectly (playing it on modded PS2). Thank you x)

  30. m|m said

    You, sir, are a god. Thank you so much for all your work.

  31. Freykin said

    Hey, wanted to say thanks for all your hard work on this. I’ve got it working close to perfect on expse 1.60, no audio (is there is any) in cutscenes, but I’ve never gotten it to do cutscene audio so no biggie. Really looking forward to playing through this :)

  32. tivi said

    say if u do next patch (if u ever do it ) can u put some subs for battle openers and endings
    – if it to hard its okay
    U did great job with translation – thx and big hug for it :)

  33. Zako Zako said

    The game works perfectly !! Thank you so much for all your hard work Gemini and Tom!

  34. Gemini said

    @Tivi: no, I won’t. I would have if they said something important about the story, but most of the time they are just shouting nonsense.

  35. PaulMorel said

    Freykin, epsxe160 for some weird reason disables XA sound by default (it what gives sound to the MDECS). Try enabling it in config > sound > enable xa sound

  36. NoOne said

    new patch works fine,didn’t think you would fix the problem so quickly!

  37. Gemini said

    @NoOne: well, now you get why I can’t miss a release date when it’s set. :p

  38. BlueRafael said

    You say it doesn’t work with pSX? It seems to work fine for me. Where are the “stall roll/credits” you’re talking about?

    And as a side note, when I play it on real hardware, the videos skip like hell. I realize this isn’t your fault at all, but its still slightly annoying.

  39. Crescens said


    Never happened to me. I’m playing the game on the real hardware as well. Everything runs fine.

  40. furix said

    Awww yeaaa! Thanks a lot! You are the best! :D

    Please let me have your babies. :3

  41. Noitora said

    Thank you for the translation, I appreciate your hard work, this will be my first time playing Persona, and I hope I’ll have a good time with this game.
    Thank you again.

  42. Otter said

    May I ask a silly question-z? ^^’
    … Is it possible to transfer clear game data from patched Innocent Sin to english version of Eternal Punishment (to transfer Tatsu’s name etc.)? Or english version was robed of thizz possibility? -_-‘ As if emulator can’t see ”patched” saves …

  43. I’m about 2 hours into the game. No bugs, freezes or glitches at all, so far. No grammar or spelling errors either. Also, absolutely fantastic job on the translation! It feels very professional. Great job to Gemini and everyone who worked on the patch! You guys are the greatest!

  44. Gemini said

    @Otter: the US version of EP can load saves produced with IS, but they dummied out the menu where you can access that part of the game right at the beginning. It’s still possible to do that in EP debug (the Honk Kong bootleg, iirc), but I’m not sure if the translated saves are really stable due to the new text format. You can always try, but if it freezes just forget it.

  45. Square711 said


    I’m totally blown away by the translation so far. It just sounds so good. All the NPCs talk like normal people, and the dialogue is all done in a way that it stays true to the original, but isn’t literal (in the bad sense of the word). Tom, you have surpassed all of my expectations and they were pretty high to begin with. You’ve just become my favorite fan translator and the one whose next projects I’m looking forward to the most. :D

    (I’m NOT saying this because it’s Persona 2 I’m talking about, mind you. There are a few translations of games I love almost as much as P2 that I can see a lot of room for improvement on. But this one is probably the nearest to perfection it can get.)

    Also, do you like Tengai Makyou IV? Oh man, I thought I was the only western player who loved these games. :P Any chances of seeing you translate a Tengai Makyou in the future? Any of them? ;__;

    And to gemini: you fixed all the problems before I could even get to see them. o_o I got quite far playing on Emurayden yesterday (which is where my comments on Tom’s translation come from) and didn’t notice any glitches or typos (then again, I didn’t even save the game, so that’s why). Congratulations for kicking ass twice in less than 24 hours. :D

  46. Square711 said

    Oh, the “seconded” was to Kaleidoskull’s post. I took too long to post, it seems. :P

  47. Lorri said

    Have you guys tested this game in PCSX? I have a lot of friends asking me which emulator they should use. I recommended epsxe 1.6 or PCSX because in the readme you said epsxe 1.7 and pSX had issues. But I’m not sure what are the recommended emulators. Maybe you should tell which emulators the patch was tested.

    Anyway, thanks for the patch. Having discovered this series through Persona 3, now I can play the one that was never released here.

  48. Gemini said

    @Lorri: we didn’t use any emulators to test bugs. We just went for the real hardware test. Tom and Schildkrote played it on pSX, which hangs right at the end of the staff roll (ePSXe 1.70 works there, but doesn’t show the background images correctly). Still, it’s not really a problem, since you don’t get anything for finishing the game and watching the credits. As for PCSX, I used that emulator for all the code hacks, but it’s somewhat broken sometimes. I’m not sure you can play the game entirely on it, but if you do be sure to save regular saves, so that you can switch to another emulator if necessary.

  49. Lorri said

    That’s ok. I was being nitpicky, as I don’t have a modded PS2 :) The game works with real hardware and that’s what matters.

  50. Andre said

    Thank you Gemini and Tom! THANK YOU! You guys made history right now! I have game class today, and I will make sure to tell everybody about it! =D

  51. DarkClownNizzo said

    For the save/load bug I found that pressing x+circle restores graphics enough to figure out how to save, and then restarted from there without a problem.

    It’s nice not to have to do that anymore, though.

  52. Ta-chan said

    I finished Tsumi a couple of times in the past 8 years. But outside the main story (thanks to the Oracle of maya project) and what little japanese i know, I didn’t know much.

    But now that I can play it fully in english, i’m enjoying every second of it. Specially i enjoyed the NPC’s dialog, it’s really interesting and funny and flows very naturally…that i’m looking forward to it more than advancing the story ^^

    you know you’re enjoying your game when you keep cracking that smile while reading the dialogs.

    Top notch job Tom done here…no doubt about it. Last i felt like this was when I played Xenogears back in the day.

    Thank you Tom, thank you for a job more than well done!


  53. Gemini said

    @Ta-chan: I’m really happy that you like the script that much. As for myself, I think it’s really high quality. I did the right think when I decided to wait for Tom to come back and finish the script. :D

  54. launder said

    Here’s a general question. Does this game support analog? I have rumblepad2 and it does rumble but i cant get the game to use the analog. Everything else works fine tho. Just wondering. thanks

  55. slystrife said

    No, the game doesn’t support analog. It was a little disappointing as when I’m usually playing RPGs I prefer to use the joy sticks outside of battle. Not that big of a deal though, the D-pad works just as well. ^_^

  56. Tom (Translator) said

    Ta-chan and Square – I’m really glad you love the script. I accomplished exactly what I set out to do with it (and it is my best work). Persona 2 had such an engaging, colorful script in Japanese, and it deserved a great translation! I hope that people talk to all of the NPCs and shop owners at every step in the game. There’s a ton of fun dialog that is VERY easy to miss.

    Square – I would absolutely love to translate Apocalypse IV eventually, but I’ve got some other plans right now. :)

  57. LTSwordmaster said

    >Tom – I’m the kind of player that will spend an extra hour running around talking to every NPC twice for fear of missing something….so far, not only is this a shining example of how ANYTHING should be translated, but it’s also not confused me like the Eternal Punishment translation did (the way stuff was worded made the first few hours of EP seem like walking blindly through a city to me). In short, you’re guaranteed at least one fan that will truly appreciate your work. XD

  58. Shinigami Grahf said

    I keep getting a runtime error when I try to open the patcher… any idea why?

  59. Gemini said

    @Shinigami Grahf: if you are trying to run the patcher on Windows 98 or ME, just forget it. They are too old to run the program. As far as I know, there is no way to fix that.

  60. Cidsa said

    Sony’s CDRs can be really crap, they use multiple companies (kind of a russian roulette imo). I recommend Maxell or TDK above all else. I wouldn’t use a CDRW for actual hardware, it slows down immensely (even on decent media). Although, it might be okay for newer PS2s.. I have an old model and it hates rewriteable discs XD;

    Anywho, good work Gemini and Tom :D

  61. Shinigami Grahf said

    @Gemini: D’oh. I run ME. ;_; I really wanted to play this too…

  62. LochNessMonster said

    For the one who asked above: The Luck stat affects critical hit rate for physical attacks and more importantly it affects the success chances of instant kill attacks. One of the most powerful tricks in the game is the MultiDimension spell because it has a special category that bypasses monsters with instant death spell protection. This was a nice little trick to exploit in Eternal Punishment, and you just need to get constant persona mutations for the persona that has it if you want to have like a 70% chance of instant killing any enemy in the game.

    I’m not sure if this *does* work in Innocent Sin, though. Haven’t tried it.

  63. Pato said

    @Shinigami, you can always try to patch at a friend’s house.
    just burn everything you need on a cd or dvd =)
    don’t miss the chance to play the game =(

  64. sevenmoons said

    Darned thing won’t patch to The Best version of the japanese game! I waited so long, too! Oh, well. I’ll figure something out… I’ve been dreaming that someone would do this for years! Now I can throw out that old Oracle of Maia printout! Sweet! Thanks so much, guys!

  65. maya-nee said

    sorry for the interruption but when I click patch it, it says incorrect CRC32 on sector 32. what should i do?

  66. Bakke said

    I had crashes on my PS3 but now works like a charm. No slowdowns, no VRAM issues and no Load/Save crashes anymore.

    Props to this translation. Good job team! You’ve made a legendary releases by far.

  67. Bakke said


  68. alex_72886 said


    you can actually play a backed-up game on your PS3? wow, i did not know it was possible, till now

  69. […] Persona 2 Innocent Sin Translation Blog […]

  70. Vinny said

    Hey Gem, saves work like a charm now, thanks! I’ve only ran into one possible other glitch.
    First I’m not sure if this is a glitch or part of the game. In a battle, when I pick strategy, then a character, when I click on “Personal D.”, it will show the character portrait and stats for a split second before disappearing, leaving only the Persona’s stats. I don’t don’t know if this is normal for the game or not.
    Other than that, works great. Great job!

  71. Aleph said

    All is lost, indeed… This new second patch messed up my memory card. I’m playing the game on my modded PS1 PAL console. I started the game and everything was perfect. Congratulations to both of you, it looks like some official translation. I played the game and saved it. I just wanted to take a look and play it after I finish the other RPG I’m currently playing. I checked my memory card because I wanted to delete my savestat and there was no Persona 2 I.S. savestat. But I had 3 Castlevania: SOTN save blocks (and I know that I normally have only one). What’s even more weird, the three Castlevania save blocks count as one when you want to delete them. It looks like Innocent Sin took over my Castlevania block and created additional two same looking save blocks. You can guess, I lost my Castlevania stat. However, that’s not important. It gets much worse. I deleted the Castlevania/Persona blocks and started the game again. I choose CONTINUE and my Persona savestat was still presented, even it was deleted minutes before. I checked my memory card again and… three Thrill Kill save block (and it’s possible to have only one). Luckily, I have three memory cards. I copyed all my undamaged save blocks to the other memory card and deleted my Thrill Kill/Persona save blocks. It looked (only looked)that my memory card was empty now.I went experimenting. I started the game, clicked CONTINUE and the savestat was still there. I saved my game on all five blocks. Now I looked at my memory card. It was empty/full. You couldn’t see any save blocks but they were there. Which made it impossible to delete them, because they were invisible. I found that out by inserting some game and tried to save it. I got the message “Your memory card is full”.
    This is not so bad in my case, because I have three memory cards. But I believe there are people with only one memory card. Please people, fix this. I hope this only happened to me.

  72. Jet said

    Man, that’s why I try first on the emulator of psx… I make a Iso from my original IS in japanese, aply the patch, and try on the emulator… All looked great there, but as Aleph say, there’s a problem with the memory card…

    So i’m not burning a cd withouth knowing if it will blow my memory card haha

    Anyway, good work guys.

  73. Azrael said

    While poking out issues. For some reason all my Incense Cards disappear when collecting them.
    So far I have only collected them from returning personas, and in chests (the only one I can think off was in a toolbox). None of them have listed in the menu or when creating a persona.

    Not a big issue, but thanks for the work so far! =D

  74. Tom (Translator) said

    LTS – Glad to hear you’re being thorough! There are some neat surprises in there! By the way, the official English version of Eternal Punishment was translated by a team of people rather than just one; different people translated different parts. That must be why wandering through the city felt so odd to you.

    Mayanee – You are probably using the “Best” re-release. (Gemini’s patch is based on the first print of the game.)

    Aleph – Strange… I never had anything like that happen. IS is supposed to have a three-block save; perhaps the game is saving to a certain block subset regardless of whether or not there’s data there? You’ll have to wait and see what Gemini has to say about that.

  75. Aleph said

    Could anyone check her/his memory card and see if there are Innocent Sin save blocks depicted? I know, they exist. But are they depicted? Or did the game just took over some other savestats?

  76. probably nothing... said

    is the rumour guy meant to dissapear a few dungeons into the game?

  77. alex_72886 said


    yes, looked at my savefile after seeing what you have experienced on your earlier post, mine had a normal looking persona innocent sin save file, with tatsuya pic as it’s icon, also before i started playing this game i deleted some gamesaves to have space for Innocent Sin, i think there might be a problem to your game

  78. Aleph said

    Thank you. Well, it’s possible that the problem is with the game. I’ll burn the unpatched ISO, start the game and try to load it hoping it’s compatible with the save stats. Than I could overwrite the stats with the unpatched version of the game. The save blocks could maybe appear on the memory card.

  79. Azrael said

    Ergh… *feels like a dunce* (they were items not cards)
    Totally ignore what I said before… >_>

  80. Bakke said

    alex_72886: I’m using the switch method for disc swaps, found in afterdawn forums.

  81. Romário said

    i didn´t have any problems on fisrt release , sorry for my english i´m brazilian but, i´ll download this one just for safety

  82. Fakename said


    I got to the part where you will soon go and go to the mu continent – I’m before that.
    Now, I tried to get some personas..guess what. I try to summon them and ePSXe 1.6 stalls, visuals, sound and everything, for 15 seconds – it looks like a critical error \ freeze…but then it works again, except the summoned persona lookS HORRIBLE, like the VRAM error you get upon saving in specific areas (It only happened to me in the Clock Tower of Sevens so faR).

    Any idea what’s up?Thanks.
    AWESOME TRANSLATION BTW! IT made me mangasm.

  83. Steve said

    Props on the release, now the English speaking world can access this classic!

  84. Fakename said

    Update : I’ve assigned the summoned personas to people.
    In-battle, when they summon the new personas, they STILL Appear as if they were “VRAM ERROR”-ed …all crappy and screwed up.
    I’ll try saving my game and reloading and seeing if that fixes it..

  85. Gemini said

    @Fakename: that’s a vram access error with your plugin. Use a software pluing. Accelerated graphics is seriously useless with Persona…

  86. Fakename said

    Thanks, your tip worked!
    The game looks butt ugly (Odd enough, the shittier software plugin makes text incredibly clear o_o. When using the high end plugin with max settings, I’d get insane sprites and backgrounds but the text would look horrible).

    As a contrast, I notice ugly lines of colors on the screen. Not enough to distract me enough to properly complain, but you get the idea :-P.
    Thanks again man, I really, really appreciate it

    Check every day for some funny facepalms. Might help cope with some of the posts here Xd.

  87. Fakename said

    Pardon for the doublepost but I’m curious if you can recommend me a good Software plugin. I’m currently using PEOPS 1.18 , which is the latest, and while it’s certainly an acceptable way to play the game, I somehow can’t beleive it’s the best (Very limited options \ ugly colors in my game as I mention).

  88. Virnon said

    The game is running perfectly fine with me, I’m using 1.6 epsxe and everything works just as they should. I have beat only the 7 sisters so far, but I guess that’s enough for a test.

    The only problem I got so far was with my ps2, I burned down a cd using the first patch and the videos (intro and etc) had no sound, but the gameplay and everything works normally.

    Gratz and thanks for the awesome translation!

  89. Romário said

    the game mixes the word and numbers in bomb shelter , but I save restarted the game and it´s good again , ahhh i´m downloading the new patch to see how he works

  90. Gemini said

    @Fakename: I’m using the same plugin, but v1.17. I doubt it makes a difference, so keep that and carry on with it.

  91. Pato said

    My save got screwed up too.
    IS save took over my parasite eve save and created 2 more =P
    Strange, i cannot see the save on the memory card manager (epsxe 1.60), but i can still see and convert it using psxmemtool (IS uses 3 slots right?).
    Nothing to worry about, cuz i can still load the game just fine. But it’s really strange, taking over other games saves like that =P

  92. Gemini said

    @Pato: it’s a common bug, it seems. Still, you will only see it in the memory manager. If you want to manage your memory card correctly, just use some program like PSXGameEdit. Anyway, if there is enough request, I will release a 1.0b to fix that and a couple new typos. But really, it’s nothing too dangerous, especially if you have a DexDrive to remove the files with.

  93. Pato said

    No problem, everything works fine.
    I’ll use PSXGameEdit, thx for the tip =)

  94. bajan13k said

    Thanks for the release and the quick fix, I encountered the “fake corruption” bug as well but the 1.0a patch fixed it and I could even load my old save (which is why I guess it’s called “fake” corruption).

    Also, I like how the translation was done, I was gonna say a detail but I don’t want to spoilt it… I’ll just say it’s great that the spirit of what was intended (like the Peace Diner sales clerk) was translated and there’s a lot of personality that comes out, you can tell there was a lot of passion put into the work.

    I think the “don’t sell on ebay” screen flashes by too quick, but maybe that’s just me and I guess maybe it’s supposed to be a subliminal message xD. Anyhow, it works okay for me with pSX 1.13 so far… I tried 1.09 as well and that also worked.

    Anyhow, thanks again!

  95. Gemini said

    @Bajan: I think you’re probably right about that screen. Maybe I should make it appear longer on screen, like 5-6 seconds at least. :p I think nobody would be bothered by this change, since you can skip the whole screen with a button anyway. xD

  96. Tom (Translator) said

    Bajan – the Peace Diner clerk is my favorite character, actually. :) Unfortunately, she doesn’t have as many lines as I would have liked. Pretty much all of the other shop clerks have more lines than her.

    I definitely made sure that the lines always caught the spirit of the original. Glad you enjoy it. (And thanks for avoiding spoilers!)

  97. Fakename said

    Yeah, Chikarin is pretty awesome :-D: It might be the hyper music as well but I’m always giggly when I’m around there.
    Some of the rumors she gives are awesome, too. They give me mangasms. Regularly.

  98. Anon said

    I have an old modded PSX, and i think i have some slowdowns. specially in the loadings, the loadings of fights, and some talks. Specially in the loadings of fights.

    Is it normal ? Or my PSX ? I burned it on a high grade TDK CDR on 2x.

    A bit annoying but aside this, great translation ;)

  99. Fakename said

    Dude, with an old PS 1 , anything is possible.
    We can’t chalk this up for the ROM \ ISO \patch since there is hardware involved that might or might not be in perfect working condition.

  100. Anon said

    i tried some others game on it recently (like FFVII, Grandia, Persona 2 EP, etc) and no slowdowns of any sort.

    Maybe my hardware don’t like this game

  101. aya valentine said

    Yay, update~

    On another note, I was browsing through my music files and I noticed [ostensibly] the full title for P2IS: “Persona 2: Innocent Sin – The Errors Of Their Youth”. It made me a bit sad to read that, though it is appropriate.

  102. DarkCenobyte said

    If you play on PSP,
    Do not update to 5.00 M33, Persona 2 Innocent Sin is not compatible with the POPS 5.00 (a black screen appears at Sumaru Prison and at the Velvet Room).

  103. Tony said


    I’ve been just talking to everyone I see on my way, just to delight
    on the great text provided by Tom. Great work man.
    I like how you added the curse words, hilarious!

    And thanks a lot to Gemini for his awesome hacking skills :P
    If we ever meet up I’ll buy you guys some beer XD

    Anyways, good stuff here, and please think of doing Soul Hackers next.
    That game is off the hook!

  104. Mr.Niceguy said

    I was just going to download this, and go on with my life without leaving a note but no this is just too good for that.
    Seriously I thank both Gemini, and Tom for this translations.
    I SERIOUSLY LOVE SMT GAMES TO DEATH! the first SMT game I ever played was Nocturne and I just fell in love with it. I personally didn’t like persona 3 so I don’t really know if I’ll like this one but by the dark style that it has, I am sure I will :D.
    Btw, I read the read me fact and the patching thingy is seriously confusing. ANYWAYS THANK YOU!

  105. Hey Gemini! do you have any banner for your blog so I can link it to it? (sorry if I post this in here) Let me know, ok? thanks!

  106. Zach said

    Thank you so much for this. The translation is top notch, every bit as good as the professional stuff that’s released.

  107. Tom (Translator) said

    Aya – “The errors of their youth” is only the title of the drama CD. It’s not the title of the game.

    Tony – glad you’re enjoying it. The swearing was handled pretty carefully! I only included it when characters were being crude in the Japanese version – I didn’t just pop it in there for the sake of sounding cool, heh heh… I believe it’s been done responsibly!

    Niceguy – thanks for the kind words. I’m sure you’ll enjoy IS. :)

    Zach – I encourage you to compare EP’s professionally translated IS flashback scenes with the scenes in my translation once you’re finished. I personally think our translation of the game is better than what you would have received from the professionals! :D

  108. Mip said

    Congratulations, Gemini and Tom, on completing this fantastic translation! I’ve been reading this blog as a lurker (and one-time poster) for quite a while and have been doing my best to let people know about this project in my own little way. I am especially impressed with the natural feeling of the translation itself and the translated textures in-game – it feels smooth and professional. You’ve both done a great job. :)

    Unfortunately, it seems I have found a (small?) bug. When I went to save in Seven Sisters’ with the newest patch, the menu graphics glitched out into bars of crazy colours (the bars replaced the text and character images but the background grey box was fine). I still managed to save my game okay and when I loaded the game all was well. I didn’t think to check whether the graphics outside the menu glitched and I was too panicked to think to do a screenshot so if I manage to replicate it, I will do both for you. I am using the emulator pSX 1.13 at default settings.

  109. Tony said

    Sorry to post yet again, but I really thank you from the bottom of the heart.
    This is just good stuff. With out people like you out there, none of this
    would’ve ever happened.

    I just think that it is great that the community takes care of itself.
    I mean, if I were a programmer of some sort, or just a translator,
    believe me, I would do anything on my power to make this kind of things

    Glad to see straight up people like yourselves do this… so ALL can enjoy.
    Many thanks again and please keep up the good work.

    PS: I wonder if you could give us a preview of things to come? :P

  110. Tom (Translator) said

    Gemini certainly has more waiting in the wings – and I do, too. I’m eager to complete another project with Gemini. He’s extremely talented, and I think we make a good team.

    Though I won’t spoil the next game that Gemini has planned, I will say that it’s one you’re probably not expecting, but one that’s certainly worth translating. :)

    I also have a couple that I -can- tell you about (that I’m working on with other hackers). I’ve been working on Shin Megami Tensei Devil Children: Ice Book. (The translation is about 75% complete.) Although it’s not the epitome of RPG gaming, my translation is certainly better than the travesty known as “Demi Kids.”

    I also finished translating Megami Tensei Gaiden: Last Bible 2. Although it hit somewhat of a stumbling block, the hacker is working on a way around it… Be patient, and good times are in store for Megami Tensei fans.

    I’ve also got a couple of other finished translations which haven’t been hacked (but are finished) – Madara 2 and Slime Morimori Dragon Quest.

    Madara 2 is a fantasy-meets-reality RPG where you start out in modern Japan, but soon enter a fantasy world. The Dragon Quest slime game is something similar to Legend of Zelda, but with Dragon Quest monsters.

  111. abi said

    Thanks a lot, we know its a lot of work, but we thank you a lot for you effort, greetings from latin america!!!

  112. Adara said

    Thank you so much for your hard work on this! It’s amazing to finally be able to play this game in English.

    I just thought I’d say that though it has to be patched on a Windows PC (or a Linux one using WINE), once that’s done the patched game runs just peachily in PCSX for Mac OS X. I haven’t finished the game, so I don’t know if any of the staff roll errors found in other emulators are there, but it hasn’t crashed on me or given me any errors– in fact, it runs more smoothly on the emulator than my North American copy of Eternal Punishment does! I saw someone in the previous post wanting to play on a Mac and thought I’d post about my experience with the game on that platform.

  113. Lynne said

    Adara: how did you get it to run on PCSX for the Mac? I tried after burning it to a CD and it didn’t work. :/ All I got was a black screen.

  114. Shinigami Grahf said

    With the help of a friend I was able to get the patched game finally. :)

    Thanks for the great work Gemini and Tom!

  115. Skanet said

    Game don’t read my memory card on PS2. Any solutions?

    thx for help.

  116. alex_72886 said

    is your memory card for the ps1?

  117. Corrales said

    So far, awesome translation. Great, great, great dialogue all over the place. Can’t get it to run on my PSP though – not even with updated firmware or anything, so I’m stuck to ePSXe.

  118. Anon said

    Looks like the others dungeon are not so slow. Funky hardware. Well, i’m happy to be able to play this game

  119. Rasilisk said

    I’m loving the game. Haven’t gotten more than a few hours in, but I can tell a LOT of time and love was put into this.

    One thing, though: the patch I downloaded says it was the updated one, but when applied, the startup screen still just says version 1.0. It’s not a big deal, but it made me a bit hesitant at first that I might have applied the patch wrong or gotten the old version.

  120. SilverOne said

    Great Job!! I’ve been wanting to play this game for a really long time.
    Anyway, I still can’t believe there’s people trying to take credit for the release when you’re giving us the result of your hard work for free… Well, I guess that’s the side effect of the Internet: A bunch of idiots with the power to spread their stupidity all over the world.

  121. Gemini said

    @SilverOne: Are you talking about RPG Pwned? I mean, Land… Sorry, but nobody here gives a shit about their idiocy, so don’t worry at all. :D

  122. Mip said

    Hello, me again. The bug decided to hit me when I went to save after beating Hannya and this time I got some screenshots in case it helps. It’s not just the menu graphics that mess up – Seven Sisters looked equally crazy.

    The save menu:
    The main menu:
    Seven Sisters Highschool (4th floor):

    This could just be something that happens on the pSX emulator since no-one else has mentioned it (at least, from what I’ve skim read). It’s not a fatal bug because you can still save perfectly fine and the glitched graphics are gone when you restart the game, allowing you to continue. Hopefully it won’t hit anyone else but I thought I’d better let you know that it’s there.

    Regardless of the glitch, this game is so far totally awesome. I’m looking forward to seeing both of your new projects. :)

  123. Gemini said

    @Mip: if you don’t want to see that bug anymore, do yourself a favor and use a Playstation o Ps2 to play the game.

  124. Adara said

    @Lynne: I patched the .ISO on a friend’s PC with the new version of the patch, and then mounted it with Toast rather than burn it to a CD. The mounted CD boots just fine for me in PCSX with default plugins. (Are you using a Japanese Playstation BIOS in PCSX?) I’m using PCSX 1.5 with all defaults on an ancient G4 running 10.4.

    Are you burning the game as a .bin/.cue or an .iso, and what software are you using? I’ve had trouble with .bin files on the Mac; if you have access to Toast (or another program that will do the same), try converting it to a .iso before mounting or burning. It sounds to me like it has to be either your disc itself or you have to wrong BIOS, since like I said, my computer is ancient and I haven’t changed any emulator defaults.

  125. Memnaelar said

    Tried running it on PSone with boot disc and it ends up having major slowdown during Tatsuya’s name entry and then crashes about three dialogue screens later as Hannya’s walking away. Any thoughts on what’s going on there?

  126. Cidsa said

    The easiest way to burn is to burn it as a Playstation disc in Alcohol 120% and have it burn as slow as possible (4x should be the limit). The PSX and PS2 are really often really picky, you need high quality media and a slow burning speed to ensure it works well.
    But you might still get slowdown on an old PSX, better to use a newer one or a PS2 if that happens.

  127. MrPayne said

    I came here to express my gratitude, because I think that it’s the least I can do. Translation is awesome, it’s a pure pleasure to read all dialogues in English (PROPER English – Revelations’ translation was really poor and tiring). I admire all of the work you’ve both done – especially after I remembered, how lengthy script is – lines spoken by my teammates in shops change every 15 minutes!

    As P2:EP fan, I can’t describe how thankful I am. Tom and Gemini – may the Force be with you! Can’t wait to see your next project!

    P.S. Sorry for any grammar mistakes, I am Polish.

  128. Memnaelar said

    Well, the PSone is the “mini” newer model that was released about five or six years ago. I tried re-burning at 4x speed using ImgBurn and it essentially slows down, then freezes, then slows down, then freezes in a stutter at name input. Then Hannya takes about one step away after his “you-know-who” comment and the game locks up.

  129. InNOcent said

    I must join to MrPayne, your work is too big and awesome, a simple “thank you” not enough for it. This is a PSX fiesta for me, and many players. You are the best.

    I burned the bin file with Alcohol 120%, and the game works excellently on my PS2, and epsxe 1.6 too.

  130. Fakename said

    Around Mt Iwato, the game started randomly speeding up on me. It behaved normally during played voice clips (Boss battle quotes etc).
    I’m looking at the credits now, and I f*ckin loved all of it.

  131. Elio200 said

    Game don’t read my memory card on PS2. Any solutions?

    Well if you’re using a ps2 memory card you won’t be ble to save PSX games

  132. I just want to thank you guys. A LOT. I mean, really. This games looks great, and with 3 hours of gameplay I’m having A GREAT time. The translation is one of the best fan translation I’ve ever seen.

    Seriously, you guys rock. A lot. Really. I don’t know that to say, but pretend I said something really cool that made you guys feel all warm and fuzzy inside, because you guys deserve it.

  133. Pato said

    Can someone plz tell me where can i find Yukino in Smile Hirasaka??
    I’ve been looking for her for over 1h!!

  134. Tom (Translator) said

    Cindy – That’s cool enough for me! Have fun. :)

    Pato – Hmm, if my memory serves me correctly, I think she was in the basement area… Check your maps to see which areas you haven’t fully explored.

  135. Pato said

    I read she was in the basement, but the problem is, i’ve explored everything in the area but still hasn’t found her =(
    And i can’t stop playing until i find her hehe
    do you remember if she was hiding behind something?
    There’s a closed door, and an area past it, but i’m not sure if the door can be oppened.

  136. Tony said

    @ Tom:
    Dude!!! Last Bible 2?!!!
    Holy crap! That game just owns man!

    Hope to see that one soon as well, but I’ll wait ^^

    And by the way… how long have you been studying Japanese?
    I’ve been trying over the years and what not, but guess I’m not
    as persistent, so I give up easily.

    Anyways, where can I find more of you guy’s translated games?
    It would be nice to play other things as well.

    And thanks again (for the billion time) for this good game.

  137. Pato said

    oh, nevermind. There was an entire area that i didn’t explore in the 3rd floor =P
    Just found stairs heading down to the basement

  138. Tom (Translator) said

    Pato – I checked my strategy guide’s map. Don’t take the elevator to B1. Go to the third floor. On the northeast side is a staircase leading down. Continue down that series of staircases until you reach B1. Yukino is on the south end.

    Tony – I first started studying Japanese 15 years ago, but you can become conversant within two or three years, I think… (If you try hard enough!)

    I have only translated Innocent Sin with Gemini, but Gemini also did a translation of Tales of Phantasia on the PSX with a different person.

    Last Bible 2 is a great game, indeed… The story is probably the best in the series. I think you’ll be pleased when it’s finished. Originally, the translation had to be edited, but the hacker may have found a way around that. It may end up being untouched. :)

    My last “released” translation before Persona 2: Innocent Sin was Dragon Quest Monsters: Caravan Heart. The script is not as great as Persona 2, but it was meant for kids. You can see pictures of it here.

  139. Pato said

    I found the stairs on the 3rd floor, and finally found her.
    Thx for the help =)

  140. launder said

    Oh no dont tell me this has now become a game tips message board… Seriously, its a Megaten game Man-up and figure it out on your own. There is also the oracle of Maya that has tips and stuff.
    Anyways, Oh yeah I have tried using PE.Ops plug in for epsxe and it runs very slow. I have an Intel core due and a 9900GTX and can run crysis and crysis warhead with no problem. How come that plug in runs so slow?

  141. Tom (Translator) said

    I’m a big fan of this game, so I am eager to help people out with any questions they might have… Whether it’s about the game, the translation, or whatever. I’m happy to help whenever I can. Unfortunately, I can’t help with technical advice.

  142. Daisen said

    I was having a great time talking with everyone in sevens, and after the scene in the faculty room, the screen went black in the psx emu—

    the only thing I didn’t quite like is the blob sounds from the slimes… the squig squishy was cool…

  143. launder said

    (to Tom)
    Oh okay, sorry didn’t know you were willingly doing this. I am really enjoying the script by the way. Its better that Atlus’

  144. Jazzknight said

    I can’t believe the pics they made about you!
    This contest was run by and entered by insesative jerks. Not funny!

  145. Tom (Translator) said

    Hey, I’m willing to translate the whole game for you people – it’s only natural that I’d be more than willing to talk about where to go to proceed. Heh heh.

    Daisen – Sorry if the translation doesn’t satisfy you. I wasn’t concerned with trying to refer to the official translation’s way of phrasing things.

  146. Takeda Konmar said

    @ Launder: Have you run other games with ePSXe on your dual core before? Because the emulator tends to have problems with dual cores. You should be able to find the solution easily if you put “epsxe doesn’t like dual cores” in Google.

  147. Takeda Konmar said

    Sorry for the double post.

    @ Corrales: How did you convert the game? I had problems with the eboot I made using Icetea, but I made another one with PSX2PSP version 1.3 and it hasn’t frozen once. On 4.01 m33-2 firmware (the Icetea eboot kept freezing after the Atlus and Research and Development logos, but got past those parts with the PSX2PSP eboot).

  148. Tony said

    @ Tom:
    15 years! Whoa! That’s an awful lot of time you put there though.
    I hope I can keep up :D

    And well, nice to see that you’re keeping busy with the translations.
    Any way to see Last Bible 3 for the GBA translated?

    And also, since you’ve been helping out all of us with gametips…
    any chance to have a translation of the Innocent Sin: Perfect Guide?
    I know it’s a lot to ask, but that would come handy indeed. :P

    @ Gemini:
    Dude! You are just plain awesome man!

    And please, don’t forget about Soul Hackers, Shin Megami Tensei (1 or 2)
    and my favorite… Soul Hackers. I have the Perfect Guide for Soul Hackers,
    but it’s too hard to make any sense from it, at least for me.

    Ait. Off to play some more IS ^^v

  149. Tony said

    @ Tom:
    15 years! Whoa! That’s an awful lot of time you put there though.
    I hope I can keep up :D

    And well, nice to see that you’re keeping busy with the translations.
    Any way to see Last Bible 3 for the GBA translated?

    And also, since you’ve been helping out all of us with gametips…
    any chance to have a translation of the Innocent Sin: Perfect Guide?
    I know it’s a lot to ask, but that would come handy indeed. :P

    @ Gemini:
    Dude! You are just plain awesome man!

    And please, don’t forget about Soul Hackers, Shin Megami Tensei (1 or 2)
    and my favorite… Soul Hackers. I have the Perfect Guide for Soul Hackers,
    but it’s too hard to make any sense from it, at least for me.

    Ait. Off to play some more IS ^^v

  150. Tom (Translator) said

    Tony – There’s no Last Bible 3 for GBA, as far as I know. There was a Last Bible 3 for the Super Famicom, however. There are also 1 or 2 cell phone games (Last Bible: New Testament 1 + 2, but I don’t know if part 2 has been released yet). Paired with Last Bible S on the Game Gear, that’s six unique LB games (not counting the remakes).

    I’m not working on any LB games at the moment, though. In fact, the LB translation was done quite a while ago. The only one who is working on it is the hacker.

    By the way, it’s not worth the hours of work to translate a whole guide when I can just explain on a question by question basis. My “translating time” is better spent working on games that people can actually play rather than the guides.

  151. Tony said

    Ah yes! You’re absolutely right about Last Bible 3.
    It only came out for the SF, sorry about that.

    And well, that does make sense though.
    It would take hours upon hours to scan the guide and edit it.

    No worries mate.
    And by the way, which of the Megaten games do you like the most?

  152. Baofu said

    Thank you for all your hard work both translating and hacking. Great job

  153. Tom (Translator) said

    Glad you enjoy it, Baofu. :) Hearing that you people enjoy it makes it all worthwhile.

    Tony – My favorite Megami Tensei game is Megami Tensei II (by Namco) on the original Famicom. I almost can’t believe that it was done so long ago. It was ahead of its time, for sure.

  154. Rust said

    Found a pretty consistent crash where the game locks up on ePSXe every time I enter the Analyze menu after getting into a fight. Any way to fix this?

    Also, the screenshots you’ve taken of the game look a lot more colorful and les pixellated than what I’m running now. I guess that’s just the smaller resolution?

  155. jshnayer said

    Not even the original patch released before this works with the The Best print? That’s the only version I have :- (

  156. Con said

    Why don’t you get a bin on the internet? Seriously, you HAVE the game.

  157. Tatsu said

    The hack and translation are both perfect.
    I’ve been playing for over 16h now, and i’m enjoying every second of it.
    Tom, great translation, i really feel the emotion of the characters, atlus couldn’t do a better job. And you translated the huge script all by yourself, that makes it even more impressive.
    I’m glad i’ve waited 10 years for this.


  158. Tom (Translator) said

    Rust – the “normal-looking” screenshots how the game is how it is supposed to look. epsxe makes it look either blurry or pixelated, at least for me. The pSX emulator makes the character portraits look like they do on a real Playstation, so I’d recommend changing to that, if it bothers you. You won’t be able to see the last bit of the credits, but it’s a more pleasant experience through the rest of the game.

    Jshnay – Creating another patch based on the “Best” re-release would apparently be as time consuming as creating a brand new patch, so you will have to acquire (beg, borrow, but don’t steal) the normal version of the game.

    Tatsu – You’re welcome! It was rather easy to make the script sound good, because the original Japanese script was already fantastic! I wanted to make sure that they characters all spoke like real people.

    (That was one of the reasons I chose not to include honorifics or Engrish. It would have trivialized what they were saying in English and made them seem rather phony…)

    I’m glad it was worth the wait! I hope to bring you even more quality fan-translations in the future. :)

  159. Hitoshura said

    I’m not really sure if you’re concerned about this at all Gemini, so I apologize in advance if this bothers you. Allright, long story short, upon putting the raw save files on a thumbdrive from real hardware and trying to convert the save to a PC-usable filetype (this is to convert from real hardware savetype to PSP savetype), I get an error saying “WARNING: wrong format! (‘0x00’ flag wrong)”. Now I know of course you didn’t write the conversion program (PSXRC) but I figured you may know something about the “‘0x00’ flag wrong” part.

    Also, though I’m sure it’s of little consequence, I did have the game give me a strange texture glitch one time after saving in Seven Sisters high. Here is a picture:

    Again, sorry if this is a bother! I just figure I’m probably not the only one trying to convert a raw save from real hardware to the PSP format.

  160. Rust said

    Tom: which emulator is that? PSXemu gives me roughly the same picture, though the Analyze screen bug is gone so at least I know that’s not the patch’s fault.

  161. Tom (Translator) said

    Enjoy. :)

  162. rashileA said

    I don’t know if this has been reported yet, but in the Analyze menu, the game occasionally freezes on me, and I have to End Process on the emulator. I’m using ePSXe BTW. I don’t know if this is an emulator problem or not, so I’d appreciate it if you could enlighten me on that subject.

  163. Tom (Translator) said

    Yep, it’s a problem with the emulator rather than the patch. It generally happens when you use the shoulder buttons to move from demon to demon. The only way to get around it is to cancel out, then select another demon.

  164. Aleph said

    Gemini, I applied the fixed patch you gave me and everything is fine now. It even fixed my memory card. Thank you very much.

  165. Arjuna said

    Anyone know of an active forum where the game is discussed? GameFaqs is the only one with some decent traffic I can mention.

  166. Hitoshura said


    Fixed patch? Sorry if this is intrusive but, did Gemini send you a specific patch or something? I’m just curious if this may solve my problem as well…

  167. Aleph said


    Yes, he did. It was rather serious because I got my memory card corrupted (read my post nr. 71).

  168. Gemini said

    @Hitoshura: I made a specific patch for Aleph which fixes the memory card “invisible blocks” issue. I’m planning to release it in the few next days, since there are also some typos and weird errors that I’d like to delete as soon as possible. But for the moment do not worry, the error only prevents you from deleting files. As long as you don’t save new other games’ data on that memory card, it’s safe enough to proceed with the current build of the patch.

    @Aleph: thanks for testing. :D

  169. What do you mean by “weird errors”, Gemini?

    As for another fix – I think you should wait a week or two for more typos raports.

  170. *reports

    LOL, doing a typo in a sentence about reporting typos…

  171. Gemini said

    Translation errors, mostly. Like source being romanized as sauce. :p

  172. Noobchan said

    This is an amazing peice of work, for real. I’ve been hooked on your translation. It rules. It totally rules. Awesome work to to the both of you

  173. “Like source being romanized as sauce. :p”

    Oh, there are errors like this? Well, we all make mistakes so even Tom can fail from time to time. ;)

  174. Hitoshura said

    Ahh, okay, cool. Here’s hoping it fixes my save conversion error! ;_;

  175. Tom (Translator) said

    To be fair, ソース (so-su) is the spelling for both sauce -and- source in Japanese. It’s technically not an error – it’s just… not following tradition. ;)

  176. Mato said

    Man, how do you have the energy to make a bugfix release so quickly? I’m dying over here, probably won’t have the energy to make a fixed patch for a few months :P You never cease to amaze :O

  177. Gemini said

    No, take. Most of the errors are mine. xD I also had to fix three or four spells (which I translated myself, entirely), not just the source items.

    @Tomato: because I know where the errors come from. :p A couple of them were introduced by myself, so I have full control over them. But for other crap like the VRAM corruption bug (it was in the original, it’s not the patch’s fault), it’s a little harder to do the same. X_x

  178. To be honest, I had a feeling that it wasn’t Tom but you but I didn’t want to shoot with something like this so I just went the easy road and blamed Tom. He’s getting too much praise anyway! XD

    “A couple of them were introduced by myself, so I have full control over them.”

    LOL, you just crack up, Gemini… A pretty funny Italian, you are, me thinks… XD

  179. Gemini said

    Think of me like a PIMP, and my code like my bitches. Now gimme mah control, biatch!

  180. Mike said

    I’m having a problem similar to Mip’s on my PS2 in Smile Hirasaka. I go to save and the graphics just glitch out on me making the text illegible. Sorry to bum you, this really is the game the devil programmed. I’ve loved the game so far. Thanks for all the hard work.

  181. cj iwakura said

    Just curious, the spell name changes such as ‘Jio’ instead of ‘Zio'(lightning), is that more true to the original meaning, or was that just a preference?

    Also, will a burnt version of IS only work on a PS1, or is it possible to get it working on a PS2(either modded or a J one)?

  182. slystrife said

    “Think of me like a PIMP, and my code like my bitches. Now gimme mah control, biatch!”

    When I read that, I fell of the floor dying of laughter. Gemini, you just made my night. :D

  183. jshnayer said

    Ok since I’m not proficient enough with searching the internet to do….that illegal thing someone suggested I do…..Is anybody here interested in buying a copy of The Best edition of IS so I can buy a patch-compatible version of IS. I’ll probably have to buy it on Ebay which is ironic since IS-The Best edition is the first thing I bought on ebay like 8 years ago. Selling that will help me raise some funds for the original edition which is going for 64 right now ^^

  184. Tom (Translator) said

    Cj (and everyone) – check out the readme that was included with the patch to find out about this (and more). :)

  185. Aleph said

    Is there any place we can report typos? I found couple of them.

  186. Gemini said

    @Aleph: there’s a link for that in the previous news.

  187. KrelianX said

    I just tried using the Slippery Powder item, which revives everyone else and kills the user. But the thing is, it didn’t revive anyone, just killed the user. Lost to a boss battle because of that :( I’ve been wondering, is that normal or is the item broken somehow? Or is there a 50% chance it MIGHT revive others or something. Recard-Dora works, it revives everyone and kills the user, but Slippery Powder should have the same effect, right?

  188. launder said

    Jshner I am interested in buying it. Is it complete? Is the manual in full color? I have the original but is old scratched and missing the case and manual (some deal huh?)

    TO TOM:

    Why did you decide to name Berzerk Berzack?
    Is this a typo?

  189. Tom (Translator) said

    Launder – consult the readme to find out the answers to this (and more).

  190. Tony said

    GOD! Quit your crying already!
    If there’s a typo of some sort… just deal with it!

    It’s not like you won’t enjoy the rest of the game for that matter!

    I’m very happy with the release. I mean, what else can I ask for?
    Been waiting on a translated version of this game since it came out,
    and now that is here I won’t complain over trivial stuff like that.

    So far I’ve been enjoying the game so much, and sure, I’ve come across
    so typos as well, but nothing that will kill the mood, that’s for sure.

    Thanks again to Tom and Gemini, and to all the crybabies out there…
    just get over it!


  191. Gemini said

    @KrelianX: The item is actually broken, but it was like that in the original too. For some reason it revives the enemies, not the player’s party. It’s pretty easy to fix, but it’s so amusing to see the “WTF!?” reactions that I will probably leave it as is. xD

  192. DarkXRequiem said

    ooo thanks for the patch….
    what sucks is that it won’t work on my PSP 5.00 M33 =P freezes after frist scene. THanks anyways!

  193. Tony said

    @ Gemini and Tom:

    Out of curiosity, how do you base your judgment as of what games
    to translate? I mean, do you translate what you guys like or do you
    translate what the fans may like?

    I ask this because there’s this super awesome game for the PS:
    Asmik is the sole responsible for this masterpiece and this
    games are well known in Japan.
    It’s a turn based SIM/RPG on the same line as Hoshigami and FF Tactics.
    But it adds a different depth of playing due to the marvelous story,
    since it takes place in late Japan [Edo] and it involves the Shogunate,
    Demons and such… pretty cool actually

    So I was wondering if there was a remote chance of actually translating
    this one as well…

    And here’s a video, because a video is worth a thousand words :3

  194. Tom (Translator) said

    Tony – I just translate games that I personally like or want to see in English. Occasionally, I have taken special requests from a few key people that have helped me out in the past or have finished other projects with me. (Finding somebody who can see a project through is tough – that’s true for both hackers and translators.)

    In short, sometimes hackers recommend a game to me, and sometimes I recommend a game to hackers. I tried to recommend a rare game to Gemini myself, but it is almost impossible to find. (I had to search through about 50 game shops in Akihabara to find it myself.)

    Unfortunately, I am terrible at strategy RPGs… Actually, one of the things I love about RPGs is that you can just level up and plow through any battle easily. While the Tokyo Majin games look cool, I must pass. I can’t play the game well enough to provide a good translation. (Sorry.)

    Maybe a strategy-RPG fan will translate it eventually. :)

  195. rashileA said

    I just thought I’d let you guys know in case you ever decide to release another update, but in one of the demon contacts (specifically it was Nekomata, using the Tatsuya/Lisa combo, and Nekomata asked what their relationship was), the word “friends” is spelled “freinds.” I know it’s just one thing, and normally I don’t really mind spelling mistakes like that, but for some reason this was getting on my nerves. :/ Anyways, just letting you know about it.

  196. Keller said

    Jshnayer, I could probably give you a better deal than eBay on an original version.

  197. Square711 said

    I tried to recommend a rare game to Gemini myself, but it is almost impossible to find.

    What game was it? I know many rare games, but none you’d have to look into that many shops to find. O_O

  198. Tom (Translator) said

    Rash – there is a dedicated place on Gemini’s message board where you can report typos. Check the “links” section.

    Square – the game I mentioned was Hungry Ghosts (for the PS2), and there is actually one copy available on ebay right now (cheap). We’re not working on it though, so you don’t have to rush out and buy it unless you’re into that sort of thing. It is a great game – I wanted Gemini to check it out and see if it interested him.

  199. jamie said

    i don’t understand, i can get it to work fine using ePSXe… but when I created the image using the bin and cue files and burned it to a disc at 1x speed using a good brand CD-R, and it didn’t work on my modded ps1 which plays all my other imports and backups. does anyone know what i’m doing wrong?

  200. KrelianX said

    @Gemini: Whoa, the enemies huh xD Well, I sure got one “WTF” reaction. I guess I won’t be using that item anytime soon.

  201. citizen zero said

    I`ve just found a strange bug… At first i thought that the game had no analog controls support. Well, with the PS2 joystick analog switch being OFF, i became able to control Tatsuya with the left stick :)

  202. Square711 said

    Thanks Tom. I looked into eBay and found it. Only $19.99… guess I’ll buy it. I try to avoid playing games in japanese whenever I can, but if the game is good and I can understand most of the dialogue, I don’t mind.

  203. Jshnayer said

    Square711- how did you find it for 20 bucks on ebay!? As for the people who mentioned buying my thebest edition or a deal for me regarding the original release, could you email me at ? Sorry if I’m using the message board to conduct business, but i really want to try out the patch :- /

  204. Tom (Translator) said

    Jshnay – He is not talking about Persona 2. He’s talking about Hungry Ghosts, one of my favorite (and generally unheard of) Japan-only PS2 games.

  205. octarineblues said

    Oh man, Hungry Ghosts is an awesome game. I never got very far in it, but I enjoyed what I played of it immensely. Kind of reminded me of Shadow Tower Abyss, another one of those uncommon, easily overlooked Japan-only PS2 games. Sooooo many good titles for the PS2 that never came out in English…

  206. Tony said

    Indeed, Hungry Ghosts is like “Fatal Frame” but without the camera,
    and a much darker story.
    And talk about games that never made it here like: Super Robot Taisen series.
    The latests being “Z” is such an awesome game, graphically speaking is
    a work of art.

    Other funny games like: Kenka Banchou, Sakura Taisen, Wizardy, etc, etc…
    If only I could know Japanese I’ll be buying games left and right :D

  207. Dexter said

    Hello Gemini!
    Congratulation on your excellent work! You and Tom really are HEROES!
    Just a question on the game:
    when I encounterec the first “rumor” Demon (Hanako, the baby in the Toilet) I tried to contact (in this way i should have gained the info on her demon chart (in the Analyze menù).
    Since it’s not possible to have a contract with Rumor Demons this was the only way to get thoose extra info. But it did’nt happen, in the analyze screen I still have a “?” on comment.
    In EP was enough to try contacting them, is there another way in Innocent Sin?
    Sorry for the long question.
    You are really GODS!!!!

  208. Tom (Translator) said

    Octarine and Tony – Wow, I’m surprised at all the love for Hungry Ghosts. How nice. :) I am honestly shocked that it wasn’t given an official translation – but it’s not part of an established series, so it slipped under the radar, I suppose. Once I run out of other stuff to do (not likely to happen soon) I will look into pursuing this one. :)

    Dexter – It’s possible that they have no comments in the original… I’m guessing that’s the case here. I’m sure Gemini will know for sure.

  209. Tatsu said

    One thing is for sure… Tatsuya’s impression of a motorcycle is flawless =P

  210. miles said

    Any way to get this working on 5.0 M33?

  211. Ta-chan said


    Indeed. The game itself don’t have anything under “Comments” for rumor demons. only a simple “?”

    It’s the game, not the patch.

  212. Tom (Translator) said

    Thanks for confirming that, Ta-chan!

  213. susuk said

    use popsloader 5.00 to play on 5.00M33 using 4.01 pops…

  214. Dexter said

    @Ta chan
    Thank you for answering.
    But that’s strange, in EP I remember that Rumor demons had their description in the Analyze menu.
    Don’t you think?

  215. Maya said

    Oh hi!~ Thanks for making this ^^ It works for me and I’m playing it on psp right now… the thing is…, it hangs on the part right after Tatsu first summoned his persona… I just want to ask if I’m using a wrong popsloader… =_=

    I’m using Complete 3xx Popsloader on my 3.90 m33-2… I managed to put it but I really don’t know if it is correct. Sorry… I really know nothing much about these… >_<

  216. Ta-chan said


    Well, all i can say is that quite a few things got changed or improved between IS & EP….

    one of them was that a description of the rumor demons in EP was added under the “Comments” field, unlike in IS were they left it as a mere question mark.

    The only thing that you can find out about the rumor demon when you contact it is it’s personality (Innocent, Lonely).

  217. Gemini said

    The rumored demon descriptions are probably unlocked when you talk with a certain somebody who’s commenting the rumor about that demon. The Contact command with them is just for fun. :D

  218. Mike said

    Hey, sorry but the graphics glitch when I save happened again in GOLD on my modded PS2. Maybe the glitch is in the original too? Thankfully I haven’t experienced the VRAM, (VRAM sounds like Tatsuya imitating a motorcycle,) bug or the fake corruption bug, unless the graphics glitch is the fake corruption bug. I don’t mind a few mispelled or missing words; It’s a great translation, even the pros make mistakes, (Kangaroo in ToP for instance,) and it’s not like you’re doing this for money. It’s a hell of a lot more than I can do right now. Thanks again! Ciao!

  219. Ta-chan said


    nah, i’m pretty sure this is it. This is all that is. If the descriptions are indeed in the game, then they are locked up for good <_<

  220. Gemini said

    @Ta-chan: I have some of them unlocked, and it wasn’t because of the contact command.

    @Mike: it is indeed one of the bugs that Atlus introduced. Even the original does the same.

  221. CyHDyK said

    Thx. Translation is awesome.
    but don’t install firmware 500-3 M33 if u want play persona 2 on psp. it will frozen on first fight(with prx 371-381) or u get just black screen after logos(with prx 391-401).

  222. Damn this shit – my PSX started to freeze on IS (well, it freezed just once for now, when I entered Kaori…). It’s not about the patch, it’s not about the CD, it’s not about the laser – it’s just the crappy PSX architecture that makes the whole damn thing too hot. X_X

  223. Tony said

    @ Tom:

    Can you recommend any good books to start Japanese?
    I have taken Japanese for about 2 years, but still quite the challenge for me.

    Right now I have the magnificent Kodansha Kanji Dictionary by Jack Halpern,
    and a few other titles like: Beginning Japanese 1 & 2, Japanese for
    busy people 1 and 2, etc, etc…

    Also, any tips you can share for us beginners?
    Thanks a lot in advance :D

  224. Tom (Translator) said

    Reading Japanese (Yale Language series) is a very good start. It never introduces a word that uses a letter that you haven’t learned before. It’s rather old (and some people criticize it for that), but I love the format so much that I highly recommend it.

    I don’t really like the “busy people” format very much, because it relies too much on role play without much explanation. Rote memorization is good, but it can only get you so far… Barron’s “Japanese Grammar” packs a lot of essentials into one small book, and you can also get the verb book, which shows the complete conjugation tables for about 300 verbs, which should give you a decent vocabulary. (Verbs are the most critical area to learn, I think.)

    Kodansha kanji dictionary is good, for sure… Try writing the kanji for extra practice though. Some people keep a kanji journal – if you encounter a letter you haven’t seen before, write it down ten times in your journal, and then try use it in a sentence (if you’re that advanced).

    This should get you started. I also recommend you turn off the anime (if you watch it) and watch regular Japanese TV shows instead, to get used to hearing natural speech instead of the super-stylized way of talking they do in cartoons… Unless you want to speak Japanese like a super-hero. ;)

    Imitate the voices that you hear instead of talking in your normal voice to reduce your accent. Get used to saying “English” words like your name in the Japanese way (because saying them without a Japanese accent will render them incomprehensible in Japan). This is probably the hardest habit to break, but it’s a very important one.

    Also, don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Sometimes, the mistakes are a part of your charm as foreigner who’s trying to speak Japanese. It gives you a little personality. ;)

  225. Takeda Konmar said

    @ Maya: Try using 4.01 m33 firmware. Also, how did you create the eboot (icetea, PSX2PSP, or some other way)?

  226. fmralchemist said

    Congratulations for both of you guys for this fantastic project, and a big thank you for all your efforts put into this, but there’s no way to thank you enough yet. If you’d like some Persona 2 fanart, please let me know, it’s the least I can do for you.

    To Gemini: the new patch works perfectly so far, I played for 6 hours and I finished the Kasugayama events, didn’t have any kind of problem so far, everything comes up smoothly and the fact that you mention that the game was programmed by the devil himself makes me appreciate your efforts a bunch.

    To Tom: I love the dialogs! Every character has life of it’s own, even the NPC’s, and considering the size of the script, which surely must be big, you surely made a fantastic job as well! I have just one request out of curiosity.. What do the characters say on their battle speechs when they start, attack, win, throw spells? I can only understand Eikichi saying “everybody” in fusion spells, only because it’s in english, haha. I’m curious since, this is the only time we can hear some of them speak, like Tatsuya. Thanks in advance.

    And once again thank you guys, since there’s no way to thank you enough.

  227. PussInBoots said

    Thanks for the lovely translation Gemini and co.!

    Gotta ask about Sumaru Fortune…
    I’ve got the fortune that my relationship for demon contacts are better but now I want to get rid of it but how do I do that?

    I’ve been running in dungeons but no message that the effect has worn out!
    Its nearing 2 hours of running around the dungeons…I thought it will be gone like in Persona2: EP…

  228. PussInBoots said

    Hmm forget it,
    It seems there are no messages that will pop up that the fortune effect is gone.
    But sheesh! It takes more than an hour to get rid of it!

  229. Maya said

    @Takeda Konmar: Okay thanks, i’ll try that… uhm I made the eboot using popstationGUI…

  230. Tom (Translator) said

    Alchemist – They don’t just say one thing every time. There are multiple possible clips for every individual character’s action, so it would be a very long list! It’s usually stuff like “Let’s go, everybody!” and stuff like that. It’s pretty generic stuff… Sometimes it’s interesting, like the long ones, but ultimately it has nothing to do with the story or the game so we’ve left it as-is.

  231. Takeda Konmar said

    @Maya: Ok, well if it still doesn’t work (or freezes right after the Atlus and Research and Development logo), try using PSX2PSP version 1.3 to create an eboot.

  232. Good thing that English dubbing sessions in some guy’s personal studio didn’t work out. I love Tsumi’s Japanese VA! Yeah, Tatsuya’s voice actor is a little too old but he still sounds great. Anyway, the post-battle quotes can be quite fun, actually. But I agree that it’s not worth putting a guide for it.

  233. Tony said

    @ Tom:

    Thanks a lot for the pointers Tom. Will most definitely look into that.
    I think that the most important aspect of learning a new language is perseverance; without it you will not get too far…

    I know a few other languages, but Japanese is taking a crack on me.

    Anyways, thanks a lot mate :D

  234. Deadpixels said

    I’ve tried to get the patch to work several times but the patched disc will only take me to the PSX boot screen. Is there a way to tell if my copy is a BEST version from the packaging?

    When I applied the patch originally after making an image on alcohol 120 but I got the CRC32 error, however, I burned copied the image using imgburn and the patch said it was applied successfully.

    Any ideas or help is much appreciated.

  235. Tom (Translator) said

    The best packaging uses a thin case (for games with only one disk) with a white border (and the words “the best” in English) . They also have a transparent back.

    If you have a thick CD case, that should be the original release. All of the best re-releases have no backing… So you should be able to see the CDs inside of the package, even when it isn’t open.

  236. Deadpixels said

    Well, my package is thick with a spine card, so it must be the original. Anyone have any idea what I might be doing wrong?

  237. Rust said

    So I used a PSXemu program recommended to me when I said that ePSXe had some washed-out graphics – an annoyance at best, really – and while PSXemu has much nicer graphics the sound is a godawful mess even if I enable the frame skipping. It skips, de-syncs, slows down and speeds up at odd intervals, the works.

    Is there any way to fix that? If not, I’ll just stick with ePSXe because it’s worked great so far as long as I always save before entering the Analyze menu. I’d just like to know if there’s a way to get the best of both worlds.

  238. Tom (Translator) said

    Go with pSX, not psxemu –

    The only thing that doesn’t work is the last fragment of the credits. The rest of the game plays like solid gold… No washed out or pixelated sprites what-so-ever.

    It’s the closest to playing on a real system, in my book.

  239. Kabugi said

    Having a little bit of trouble running this baby on the PSP. Using Firmware 4.01m33-2 as everyone’s been mentioning, but when I use the current firmware’s popsloader it freezes at “Research and Development”, If I set the popsloader to firmware 3.71m33’s, i can successfully start the game and play up until Tatsuya’s persona comes out for the first time and then it freezes immedietly after Volcanus stops talking.

    Anyone have any suggestions on how I can make this thing work :X? I made the eboot myself using popstation gui.

    thank you very much!

  240. Rust said

    Tom: Well, that’s weird. That’s the exact same program I was having the sound issues with. I re-downloaded it just to make sure and now everything runs fine. Thanks.

    I’ll keep ePSXe on standby, just in case something else goes flooey or I feel like playing without a toolbar, but in the meantime this should be great.

  241. susuk said

    hmm i have no problem playing this at 5.00 M33-3 psp:
    -create eboot using simple popstation gui 3.00 (zinga burga)
    -using pops 4.01…
    so far i have played about 3 hours, and no sign of crash yet…

  242. Ceyx said

    Some GUIs perform better than others, try creating the eboot with PSX2PSP v1.4. (google it).

  243. Rust said

    And now it runs like crap again! Man, what the hell?

    It seems to have a problem with me running it on fullscreen. Well, the heck with that. I’d rather play blurry than on a teeny-tiny window. Thanks anyway.

  244. Altjira said

    Gemini & Tom:

    You guys are awesome!!1!1! I never thought the day where playing Innocent Sin in english would come! Actually i didn’t know that u guys were making a translation, and by some random google-luck while looking up for info on Persona 4, i found myself on this page and my eyes nearly fell out :D

    Now i’ll finally get to know what happened before EP… In fact, i plan to re-play EP after i finish IS! :D

    Thanks a lot again guys!

  245. Tom (Translator) said

    Rust – Too bad… That’s the best one, as far as I know.

    Alt – I can imagine how surprised you were! When Atlus USA skipped this years ago, I thought it’d never come out in English either. I’m just happy I got a chance to work with Gemini on this project, and I’m eager to do more.

  246. Deadpixels said

    So I’ve tried making a patched copy of this game with Alcohol, Imgburn, and Clonecd and have had no luck whatsoever.

    One copy I managed to make with Alcohol actually got out of the initial Sony startup screen and progressed to to Playstation logo, where it would just hangup trying to read the disc. Every other program I’ve used (trying to write the game at a speed lower than Alcohol’s 8X), will only allow me to write the .cue file to disc, and not the .bin file.

    Am I missing a step here, or am I just SOL?

    Any help would be much appreciated. I’m new to making backups, but from all of the reading I’ve done I don’t see where I’m getting this wrong.

  247. Kabugi said

    ahh, so you guys think the eboot may have something to do with it?

    I made mine using popstation 1.2 gui initially, trying the 3.0 one now.

    btw. @Gemini and Tom, amazing job you guys, thank you for sharing this

  248. Kabugi said

    !! It works now !!

    looks like the eBoot is only good with v 3.0 of popstation, nothing previous. I dunno about ePSXw/e its called

  249. Tony said

    Any Linux users here?
    Just letting you know that I’ve made a successful eboot with PsGUI 3.00.
    It will give you an error, but don’t worry, it will still create the
    eboot on the background.

    For the most part, all the software used runs fine in WINE.

    Also, make sure that if you have the latest popsloader installed,
    go with the version 3.72, that’s the one that I’m using and no problems
    so far :D

  250. chaoticprime said

    I finished the game today. No problems. I thought the items from the Casino the “sauce” items, were oddly named. Not “source” but “sauce.” Weird.

    I played through this one years ago in Japanese, and I remember it being more difficult then. Maybe its because I’m older. Eternal Punishment, I believe, is the harder game. Still, good stuff all around.

    It took me less than an hour to go from 88 coins to 50,000 something at the #3 slot machine at Mu Continent. It could have been a fluke, but its worth a try for someone else.

    If you are looking for suggestions for a next project, look into some of the original Atelier games for the PSOne. There are also a lot of good Saturn games that never made it here (Dragon Force II, Devil Summoner, Soul Hackers) Though don’t translate Rondo…that game is crap.

  251. viewtifulsub said

    I also finished up today. Though imported a US copy of Eternal Punishment back in ’05; I held off playing it when I heard the announcement of Gemini’s translation back 2year ago.
    Im glad i did hold back on playing EP because of the IS ending….wow, I was almost in tears. A really touching moment.

    I dont think I congratulated Gemini/Tom on the release yet. Let me say that this fan translation ranks up there as one of the best.
    Hacking wise; the game looks amazing. Everything looks perfectly implemented and clean from text to graphics. An extraordinary job considering how bad the game was programmed.
    For a one man translation team, you really did an extraordinary job Tom. For the fact that a 50+ hour game that had a hundred new NPC dialogues updated every hour must’ve been hell (and sadistically fun) to translate. Translation wise, I think you hit a home run with your ideal objective of hitting that sweet spot between a direct translation and localising the dialogue.

    Once again, a job well done. Now onto EP later on this week

  252. banana said

    Rust, in epsxe you can play with the soft plugin which is basically the same look you’ll get with psx emulator. If you’re having blurry graphics with epsxe ogl plugin, just download a shader called hq4x, it will greatly enhance the look of the game without making it blurry. If you don’t understand what I’m talking about, go to and look in their forums. If you have time you can make the game look perfectly in epsxe. If you are a purist, just play with the soft plugin for epsxe.

  253. Deadpixels said

    Well, I finally got the game working. For some reason the only time my copy boots is when I go to the main menu of the console, then close the lid.

    That said, awesome translation, I’m really liking the game so far. My only complaint, though I’m sure it’s on my end, is that the cutscenes crap out and skip themselves alltogether. I burned two copies that do this, one at 1x and the other at 4x.

    Regardless, thanks a million for translating this gem, I’ve been waiting a long time for this.

  254. Deadpixels said

    Ok, I just discovered an odd, reoccurring glitch. Each and every time I encounter Rhadamanthys in Sumaru prison, Rhadamanthys goes through his opening speech and then no further prompts occur to continue the dialog.

    Has anyone else experienced a similar issue?

  255. Tatsu said

    i’m playing for 37 hours, lvl 61. Playing on epsxe 1.6.0 since the beggining and its running perfect. no glitches, bugs, etc…
    Eikichi is my favorite character, i just love the way he says “So long” after a battle =P
    Thx again for this amazing experience =)

  256. Tatsu said

    *ops, my mistake. im playing for 40h =P

  257. Rust said

    Banana: I ferreted around a little and found an HQ4X shader pack on Pete’s site, and now everything looks way better! Sure, there’s still some blurring and interior pixellation, but now the models themselves look much smoother and the only payoff is a framerate hiccup now and then with no de-sync. Thanks.

  258. banana said

    Rust: No problem. Like I said if you have a little time you can make epsxe look perfectly. I don’t have any blurry. Make sure you disable texture filtering and even fullscreen filtering. And raise the resolution and the internal resolution. Mine look perfect, but I prefer playing on pSX emulator or pete soft plugin as it emulates almost perfectly (the 3d plugin has some glitches now and then) and it looks almost exactly it would look on a real playstation.

  259. Foozdude said

    I’m late to the party, but thanks so much for doing this!

    Your hard work is greatly appreciated.

    So far, no glitches to report.

  260. Hitoshura said

    Gemini, hate to bother you, but would you mind sending me the patch you sent Aleph? I’m dying to convert my save to my PSP, and am quite curious if it would fix the problem! Thanks!

  261. Adamkun said

    I dunno if it might be related to the patch, but I’m having trouble with Rumor Demons not appearing even after I get the rumors spread. Also, Shaka and Nata haven’t appeared in the Factory. And I can’t seem to get the Hiker to spill the Jumping Jiji rumor.

  262. Aleph said

    @ Hitoshura

    Apply it to a clean ISO. Somehow I doubt it’ll help. It’s a different problem.

  263. Hitoshura said

    Ah, thanks!

    Time to give it a shot, I guess I could serve as some bug testing! Haha.

  264. Hitoshura said

    It completely fixed my problem! Chalk that one off on the bugfix list!

  265. KT Domino said

    Gemini and team:

    Thank you guys so much for releasing this patch. I’ve been waiting to play this game since it’s release, but never have had the knack to learn to read Japanese. The translation is very professional and it runs well on my PS2 :)

  266. cliff said

    hmmm i can create the iso but from their im lost, im using alcohol 120%…can someome please help me………………..

  267. launder said

    One in-game question. I will try to be a brief as possible to not ruin it for everyone
    The “nekomata” 100,000Yen trick still works in innocent sin?
    I have already spent like 90,000 and i am wondering if it will even work at the end of the day.

  268. Tatsu said

    You’re talking about the incence set right?
    Yes, it does. I did it yesterday =)

  269. launder said

    no no, I got the incense set, i mean opening the door like in eternal punishment and talking to nekomata.

  270. Teng said

    can any one help me i`m been trap in this place for hours MT. KATATSUMURI were i take the forest way and i` am lost so can anyone help me pls

  271. Tom (Translator) said

    Teng – That area is a pain, even with a map and a list of the correct lines. I can only say “good luck” because you will need it… Pay very close attention to which exists you’ve used before, because you’re more than likely warping back to the same areas.

  272. Lezard said

    first of all i apperciate all the efforts spent by both of you 2 bring us this masterpiece, seriously i think it’s the best persona game ever. (jacked up on poker and black jack as always :p)

    i had a question, one point in the game i told michelle that he is cooler than tatsuya <<< out of modesty XD

    but later in all the battles the contact command with michelle changed to : Rival who won with style. is there anyway that i can reverse that later in the game ?

  273. launder said

    (to lezard)
    As far as i know, no you cant…
    Same as the questions that Yuki asks you about fighting with your hands if you answer that you don’t the contact wont take place ever. So yeah no big deal i guess.

  274. trashyxtra said

    thank you sooo much for all of this and all the hard work from you and your helpers. i’ve been waiting for this and its finally here :) yeah i read what some of those flamers said and that site, they are the lowest of low scum, you did this to help all of us persona fans that couldn’t play the game and they are gonna say such nasty things when they cant get off their butt to do it so i think that’s just screwed up. they will go on with their pathetic lives with nothing to show for it so just ignore them, tehy are useless to anyone anyhow. you have got real talent and drive. and you are gonna go real far in life, cause i really cant believe you finished this without any help from the actual game maker.

  275. Teng said

    thanks Tom i think i need all the luck i can get

  276. Leila said

    Something weird is happening with my game… I’m using ePSXe 1.60, since I don’t have any availble cds to burn yet, and the emulator closes when I try to use the Continue command in the main menu, and it also closes after less than one minute of gameplay in New Game…
    Can someone help me? Is the problem my computer, my ISO, or my emulator?

  277. Ta-chan said

    @ launder

    That door never opens in Tsumi. You only need to donate 10,000 yen to get the incense set. Donating anymore won’t get you anything.

    Sorry for the 90,000 yen loss XD

  278. Nightfall said

    Tom and Gemini are GODS, and I’m still amazed that u guys really did it, oh damn great work xD!!!!!

  279. EvilRez said

    anyone has a problem when the battle starts and when you are setting skills to attack there is a bit of slowdown things

  280. launder said

    (to ta-chan) Oh okay that sucks.
    DOnt worry about the 90,000 Yen as i saved in a different slot just in case. I wont get the time i lost back doh!

  281. Deadpixels said

    I know it’s been said a million times over but it needs repeating: Tom and Gemini, you guys are incredible. For years I’ve been dying to actually get a chance to play this game, but I honestly thought the only way that was going to happen was with some hardcore studying of the Japanese language.

    That said, thanks for shaving some years of hard cramming off of my life, having the chance to play Innocent Sin with such a superb translation feels like an early Christmas present.

    You guys are the best.

    Thank you.

  282. Tom (Translator) said

    Hey, folks… Christmas may come twice this year. :) I thought that some of you might be interested in my next translation. It’s Shin Megami Tensei Devil Children: Ice Book. The script is not quite as amazing as Innocent Sin (since it was written for a younger audience), but I think I’ve managed to provide a fun and accurate translation. You can read about it here!

  283. Sling said

    hmm… playng the game I have to tell: the translation is horrible. Seriously, Michel for Michelle? If you want to know how bad this translation is, just compare the translation of the poem in the intro movie with the Oracle of Maya translation…

  284. Ta-chan said

    First of all, to show that you have no idea what you’re even talking about it’s Michelle not Michel.

    Secondly, assuming the intro’s translation isn’t that good (which I think it’s absolutely not), is that a reason enough to judge a whole game’s translation..? did you even see anything beyond the intro..?

  285. Khirikazu said

    It works! :D Thanks so much!!!!!

  286. Dexter said

    The Intro’s translation is perfect!
    What are you talking about???
    Are you seriously saying that the translation of Tom and Gemini is poor?
    Please stop assuming drugs!!!

  287. launder said

    Why oh God why, I don’t understand, why some people think they are important or somehow better than the great people who spent long nights and days to bring us this translation for free that they feel entitled to start whining about small details. If you’re so good than why don’t you make your own translation of the freaking game. And while you’re at it make a translation for Shin Megami Tensei IF… and then maybe just maybe you can give us your worthless opinion.

  288. Tom (Translator) said

    People like to complain. (It makes them feel important.) I can’t please everybody with my translations. I’ve done the best that I could. If that is not enough for you, then I’m really sorry to hear that (because Innocent Sin is a great game).

    I’d like to think that it is not “horrible,” though. I have played some horrible translations, and I think that mine is better than most. I’ll be the first one to admit when I made a mistake (and there are quite a few mistakes in there, which isn’t surprising – considering that most of this text was written in the middle of the night).

    If you prefer to consult the Oracle of Maya’s text translation, by all means – go ahead. If you’re not enjoying our patch, you are free to delete it at any time.

  289. Wight said

    Am I the only one with this problem? . . . My copy freezes at the PRESS ANY BUTTON screen. Not freezes; it just doesn’t respond to anything I do. Do you guys have any ideas?

  290. Wight said

    Ah-ha. I knew this was a sure-fire solution. Posting about the problem on a forum guarantees that it automatically clears itself up the next time you try it so you look like a total idiot. I have no idea what changed, but it works fine now. Sorry to other you.

  291. Juan Pablo said

    Thank you!!! Finally I can play this game.

  292. Rossandgarfunkel said

    i’m stuck in the boss battle at Smile Hirasake. I cant do more than 80-115 damage per hit with my best spells, my characters barely have an average of 200 HP, and no one knows Me-Dia because I was playing around with their Personas when out of nowhere comes a dungeon I cant get out of. what can I do.

  293. Rust said

    Go forth and grind? But if you happen to have a Jack Frost Persona then a Wind-element spell + Sonic Punch creates a fusion combo that did in the neighborhood of 400 damage. You’d be better off whaling on the boss with two-man fusion spells than individual ones.

  294. Rossandgarfunkel said

    Nope, no Jack Frost. Grinding there is awful, you get about 300 exp per battle, and it takes about 7,000 exp for characters to level. thats 23 battles for each level. wow.

  295. el david said

    Hey guys!
    Thank you SO much.
    As some of the comments that I’ve read in here say, I never thought that someday I would be able to play Innocent Sin in english. I’m a huge fan of the Persona series and you’ll have to agree with me when I tell you that before P3, it´s not very popular, meaning by that… it’s hard to find anything persona anywhere.
    You did an amazing job, the game looks perfect and the quality of the translation is outstanding! I just really wanted to thank you for doing this.

    Saludos from Mexico!

    David ;o

  296. Slowdive said

    Only yesterday I started the game. I almost coldn’t believe for myself how great the text is. I played the game for the first time long ago(2000 was the year I think)and now I’m having the oportunity to revive such good times… And for this you have my gratitude.

  297. Ouisi said

    Awesome translation, in fact, so good it makes me somewhat bitter than Eternal Punishment isn’t getting the same treatment.

    Any chance Gemini could apply the awesome hacks done to this one to Eternal Punishment? This, because I just popped the game into my PSone and it just seems butchered by comparison, the abreviatures, the bulkiness of it all… the english voices… The engine should be the same and thus, gemini would have the knowhow to make it in very little time, or am I wrong? That would be a godsend, is there any change of that happening?

    Anyway, and bottom line for this comment… I’m very grateful to you guys and this game rocks, awesome translation, looks professional more professional than Eternal Punishment… feels professional and really, I can’t express it into words with the possible consequence of making it seem too little, as in, words can’t make justice to thousands of hours lost on this one and the love you actually had for this, that can’t be measured but it shows in the final product, so really I can only say thanks.

  298. Vinny said

    I have a weird problem that is probably a video codec thing. In the Sky Museum, when it’s on fire, whenever I enter into a showroom to look for kids, the scree is black, except for the boarder. I know the characters are moving around, but the whole screen except a little board is black, and I can’t see what is going on. Anyone know a good fix for this? I can’t test different settings, since I’d have to load from outside the museum, watch the scene, than do that again if it doesn’t work.

  299. tolerand said

    Sorry, but video codecs don’t apply to emulation. It’s probably your emulator.

  300. Gemini said

    @Ouisi: EP is fine as is. The translation that Atlus gave it is better than 95% of all the other translations ever made for console games. There’s no way I’d ever “fix” it, since there isn’t really much to fix at all. Errors in there are really minor and won’t deny you to enjoy the game at its fullest.
    And the engine is pretty different, so I’d have to redo most of the hacks just for the sake of fixing a few things and abbreviations. Sorry, but no way I’m gonna do that. It’s pointless, and a complete waste of time.

  301. Ouisi said

    @ Gemini: Fair enough and thanks for the reply. I agree they’re minor, and really seeing that hacks would have to be made again and that the engine is pretty different I have to agree that then there is no reason to do so.

    Thanks for clearing that up :)

  302. Vinny said

    Fixed the problem. Had to switch to yet another codec, and this one works fine. Using E}I{‘s Soft Driver 0.98 now, works like a charm.
    For some reason, Pete’s OpenGL2 Driver 2.9, which I thought was working great, apparently wasn’t! It wasn’t doing any transparencies. Until switching to E}I{, I new knew that the text box was transparent, the colors go inverse when entering a battle, the orange low of the burning rooms, etc. It’s very strange.

  303. Gemini said

    Maybe you should have played more with those setting dialogs. OpenGL2 *can* do transparencies and framebuffer access.

  304. Shinigami Grahf said

    That’s sorta weird. I played the game on my old PSX using the swap disc trick, and when I saved, the Persona 2: IS save doesn’t appear in the memory browser, but its there when I go to ‘Load Game’.

    It also somehow made my Suikoden I save take one block instead of two but also still work, and made my one block Misadventures of Tron Bonne save turn in to a three block behemoth that still works too…

    I used the patched version, too, which makes this even more odd. O.o

  305. Tony said

    So… I think I messed up somewhere…

    When you first get the rumor for the Shiriashi Lady to sell weapons,
    are you supposed to spread the rumor about “cheap and low quality” weapons
    first, in order to get the “good and expensive” weapons later?

    I ask this because I’ve spread the second rumor first, the one with the
    good weapons, but when I go see check, the weapons are still very weak.

    Let me know your thoughts, but I think I’ve screwed my game :'(

  306. Rust said

    Once you spread a shop rumor, the shop stays that way for good. Don’t be too worried, though, because you’ll get similar rumors for at least five other weapon shops in the game and if you need better equipment you can just spread the high-quality rumors for those shops later.

    Shops rarely change equipment on their own, so keep that in mind.

  307. Tom (Translator) said

    Shinigami – I heard Gemini made an alternate patch which clears up the icon block swap.

    Tony – Once you spread a shop rumor, it can’t be undone. You have to wait until you hear a rumor worth spreading. You don’t get all of the rumors at once. If you spread the first rumor you hear, that rumor will become reality… You’re stuck with the cheap weapons! :O

  308. Shinigami Grahf said

    @Tom – Yeah, I’m using the fixed patch, which is why I find this odd.

    Ah well, I still have the data; just weirds me out, is all.

  309. Doctor Dynamite said

    For those of you who have finished the game on epsxe, 1.7 what settings are you using? Everytime I try and go into the showrooms in the Sky Museum the screen turns black and the game freezes. Is there graphics/some other settings I need to change to get through this part of the game? Or is there anyway I can save my game and switch to another emulator?

  310. Aleph said

    @Shinigami Grahf

    Use the patch from my post nr. 262. Apply it to a clean ISO.

  311. Vinny said

    Doctor Dynamite, that was the problem I was having. I switched to E}I{‘s Soft Driver 0.98 for my video plugin and everything works perfectly.
    Hey Gemeni, I have a question that I’m not sure you can answer. I’m using the save state trick to max my Persona’s stats, but I was wondering two things:
    1. When does the game “roll” to see if it will mutate?
    2. How does the game’s randomization work? I noticed in the casino and attempting mutations that if I load a save state multiple times and press circle at the same time, I get the same outcome.
    Just wondering if, since you hacked it, you could shed some light on this. It would really save me some time.

  312. bobman said

    Doctor Dynamite, use a software plugin like Pete’s Soft plugin which is way better than the one recommended by vinny.

  313. Vinny said

    Bobman, Pete’s is what I was using that caused me all those problems.

  314. Gemini said

    Pete’s is not just one plugin, it’s a set. The one giving you problems is the OpenGL2 one, the one that bombman suggested is called Software, and it works better in most cases.

  315. launder said

    I just finished the Sky Museum and during that dungeon there are parts that use an effect for the heat that make my computer slowdown to a crawl ( I an run, Crysis warhead flawlessly). I am using ePSXE. I also get this slowdown for a brief period while making new personas. ANyone else gets this?
    thank you.

  316. Rust said

    Yes, but it’s the fault of the emulator, not the game.

    The biggest problem with ePSXe is that it seems to lock up every time, without exception, when you try to summon a Material Persona. You should download a backup emulator like PSXeven and share the memory card files, so that you can switch to it in case you run into anything game-breaking.

  317. rossandgarfunkel said


    I had that problem using Pete’s openGL plugin. I switched to his D3D plugin and it works fine.

  318. launder said

    I am using D3D and have changed to different plug-ins but the problem remains. I will try Rust’s solution.

    On another note, I just won an Anti-Matter on the sweepstakes but i cant find it on my inventory what are they good for anyways?
    thank you.

  319. Aleph said

    Phehehe… I see they corrected the mistake on wikipedia. They called Gemini “Gemene”.

  320. Shadow France said

    It’s a very good job !!
    I use EpsxE and i don’t have any problem.
    I’m very happy today and it’s for this !!
    Thank you !!

    PS : It’s my english is poor, i’m sorry, but i’m french !!

  321. Phil said

    Just finished the game. Amazing work. I already said it a million time but you guys RULE and I am going to contribute to your site again. I got a bug of corrupted graphics some times when I saved but hey! so what ? I just saved less often, it gave the game more chalenge.
    Thanks again.

  322. Kythlyn said

    So Atlus just reprinted Persona 2: Eternal Punishment, available in limited quantities on

    I think you might have motivated them, Gemini. :)

  323. Gemini said

    I noticed, it’s almost everywhere. Maybe this will make Atlus understand how much another Persona 2 game would sell? And that it is possible to make money on the PSN release service.

  324. Red Soul said

    Many thanks for your hard work Gemini and that of your team in bringing a release that with ease surpasses even the official translation Atlus could have done for the game (in playing Eternal Punishment recently for comparison, just to feel things I couldn’t help but notice how it tends to rely on abbreviations a lot of the time, plus I have an eye for ugly typos (anyone noticed “zonbie” there?)

    Anyway, that’s that, thanks a lot for your efforts and take a break now, I’m sure you earned it. Only wish all translators/hackers out there were as constant and effortful as yourself, we’d see fewer but better releases instead of a large number of partial/dead projects.

    Bravo, Gemini.

  325. Farlight said

    I’m having the EXACT same problem as Memnaelar did back on posts 125 & 128. Was this problem solved?

    I tried it on both my modded PSone and PS2 slim with the same results. Actually worked fine on the Virtual Game Station emulator for Mac OS 9 (wish they would make a new OS X version….)

    I have the original Innocent Sin CD, burned the ISO with Alcohol 120 at 4x.

    Any help would be appreciated. I’m currently playing it on my old Mac laptop with no problem but would really like to play it on real hardware.

    Any help would be appreciated. Excellent translation though.

    Memnaelar Says:
    October 18, 2008 at 6:57 pm
    Well, the PSone is the “mini” newer model that was released about five or six years ago. I tried re-burning at 4x speed using ImgBurn and it essentially slows down, then freezes, then slows down, then freezes in a stutter at name input. Then Hannya takes about one step away after his “you-know-who” comment and the game locks up.

  326. ironjoe said

    I just wanted to hand out another hearty thanks to Tom and Gemini for their inadvertent help in ensuring I passed the NY bar. Every time I was stressed or unhappy about studying (or not studying as was more often the case) I would come here and relax with news of the long lost installment of my favorite series. Somehow that translated into passing, which was nearly as great a feeling as playing the translation on my psp. Best of luck with future projects (I’m certainly interested in any brand new games Gemini will be making) and hope your hobbies are as interesting as your jobs.

  327. Tom (Translator) said

    Glad to hear the good news, Ironjoe!

    I have some other projects waiting in the wings. A translation that I did a long time ago is finally getting hacked… Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Children – Black Book (for the GBC)…

    The Devil Children games are a lot better than you might have thought from playing Light/Dark…

    You can see some pictures there!

  328. Tom (Translator) said

    Ironjoe, I’m glad to hear that you passed the bar! It feels good when a project (or a test) is finally done.

    Speaking of which, I have another project that was translated a long time ago, but is finally progressing on the hacking side:

  329. James B said

    I was having trouble loading a game with PSP firmware 5.0 M33-3 but i used poploader and told it to use pops 4.01 and then loading works just fine now, I hope that helps.

  330. James B said

    When I started a new game and gave the main character a custom name and went to save when i would save it would save corrupt files on the memory card that can’t be loaded but if i accept the default name i can save. I am running on a PSP with POPS 4.01

  331. Luca said

    Hey, Gemini.

    The release of the Persona 2: Innocent Sin patch motivated me to go back and play through my copy of Persona 1- only to remember that they hacked up the english release with a horrible script and sprite changes :/ also, missing the fork in the plot. A friend and I are contemplating doing a translation of the Japanese Version with an English script, one that doesn’t suck (they actually misuse the word “your” in the official translation ;_;). I figure the games are similar, and was wondering if you could help us out with any information that you guys came across. Would that be possible? I understand if you don’t want to release any of that though :/

  332. Tom (Translator) said

    Ironjoe, I’m so glad to hear that you passed the bar. I know good things are in store for you.

    I’m continuing to work on some other projects… In fact, these pictures may interest you.

  333. Cracky said

    Hey Tom,
    Kind of a weird request, but any chance you could share the spreadsheet(or whatever you used) of the script. I know it wouldn’t be in play order but I’m playing it in Japanese for practice and being able to look up lines I can’t figure out would make it much easier.

  334. Eryck said

    Great work! o/

    Prob: It seems when i’m saving it gets a strange bug,e.g. floors,walls and stuff gets its color changed to pixelizated bizarre things and etc,is this normal?

  335. Gemini said

    @Cracky: sorry but the script is private thing, like the rest of the sources for this project.

  336. Cracky said

    @Gemini: It’s alright, figured as much but it was worth a try anyways. It’s just so rare to find really useful tools to help learn Japanese like a game script would be.

  337. abc_joker said

    Thanks for the patch Gemini. I wanted to report a few bugs to you, both of which happened in Kasugayama High. First thing that happened was after saving by the student council room, all the graphics went nuts. Everything turned into neon colors, and text became distorted and unreadable. The way to fix this was rebooting the game. My next issue happened after about an hour or so of collecting tarots. A random battle initiated, but never loaded. It just froze at a white screen with the battle music. Needless to say, I had to reboot the game and lost all my tarots. FYI, I am using a PS2 to play the game. Other than that, everything is great so far. Thanks again.

  338. RedSocialKnight said

    Hey. Just checking in to say THANK YOU an million times THANK YOU for your work on this amazing game.

  339. Sola said

    Wow yknow what.. I love you man. I do. Now c’mere and gimme a hug…

    I SAID A HUG!.. You’re too grabby.

  340. Launder said

    Guys I am sorry to bother you on something that so little to do with innocent sin translation, but there’s a website that has scans of persona 2 games,and all othe shin megami tensei games among others. Thing is I had it as a bookmark but my harddrive died last week and i lost it. Does anyone know which site IU am talking about? recently they had scans of persona4

  341. Gemini said

    I believe you mean this one:

  342. Eryck said

    Humm is it normal?

    Well,I dunno if in Innocent Sin it’s like this,but lemme explain:I mutated a Persona to one of the Cup Arcana,doing this in EP,makes the Vup Arcana to appear there,at the summoning list of Igor,but in my Innocent Sin t’has not,can someone tell me if it’s like this?


    The same nug has been happening to me,it happened when I was at Giga Macho too,before entering the prompted room we have to go (forgot the name,lol).When I entered,everything came back to normal.

  343. Launder said

    Thank you very much Gemini. That is exactly it.

  344. dailon said


    Man, Cup arcana along with the others “mutation” arcana never appear in Igor on EP, simply because u cant summon them, only mutate others persona to this arcana. The Cup arcana appears in the Analyze only ^^


    please xD, tell us how to unlock the comments for rumor demons o.0, I have 4 of them in the analyze, all with that nasty “?” on comments. can’t u gimme some light on this ? =D

    sorry for the bad english, i’m from Brazil (I would love to have this game im portuguese too, so my lazy non-english-speakers-friends would play it too =P)

  345. dailon said

    I forgot to say this : TOM AND GEMINI ARE GODS =D!!!!!

    are any of u 2 apearing as personas or demons on Persona 5? xD

  346. Tom (Translator) said

    I appear in Innocent Sin, backwards, as one of the demons.

    Mot (god), the god of death in the Canaanite religion.

    A pleasant coincidence, I guess. ;)

  347. dailon said

    Trully Gods indeed o.0

    You guys never tire to amaze me xD

  348. Ta-chan said

    Going downright to your rightful place in the MegaTen history ^^

  349. Tom (Translator) said

    Thanks for the link, Ta-chan!

    Eric, the author of that article, is a big fan of Persona. I even mentioned him in the readme, since he used to be known as “Shidoshi” in Gamefan magazine.

    I hope people support Play Magazine in return. :)

  350. Launder said

    pretty good tribute but I think a TV tribute on all seven networks during prime-time on thanksgiving would be more appropriate.

  351. Eryck said

    @ Dailon

    Ok,it makes sense now,thanks dude,I might’ve guessed it wrongly confusing the Analyze with the Summoning List of Igor.

    And don’t worry,my vacation is coming soon,if I manage to get fully prepared,and beat IS I intend to make a FAQ in Portuguese to post on GF,althought I’m too lazy for making maps and etc ^^”

    Now i’ve got a(nother) question:A girl who loves horror stories told me a rumor ’bout the Cursed Taxi that appears at A.Factory,I spread,beat it and got her to see,she said that t’as not a Cursed Taxi,but a Cursed Private Taxi,so,again I spread,then beat this another one and got the Sailor Hat,but the girl’s not in Peace Diner in Yumezaki anymore!Did she get tired of waiting? =P

  352. Elio200 said

    I agree with Launder.

    I started the game at long last.
    It’s pretty awesome. I want to thank you again Tom and Gemini because it is one of the best RPGs I have ever played.

  353. RedSocialKnight said

    A slightly off-topic comment: I’ve been trying to make a Persona fan page, and I wanted to find a way of getting the character portraits out of the game images that was quicker than just taking emulator screenshots and then clipping out the background by hand.

    Is there a utility that will do this? I did download one that claimed to, but the images I got were all scrambled up in mismatched chunks, I guess because of the way they’re stored.

    Any advice for me?

  354. dailon said

    please ppl, I asked something up there and till now no one answered xD, how do I get that “?” out of my rumor demons comments? Gemini said that it’s done in a diferent way than it was done in EP (through Contact).

    If Anyone know how to get them give this newb here a help =D

    I got full persona analize data on EP, and i’m working on gettin full demon analize there too (I need to finish the game 3 or 4 times and the extra dungeon to get full demon data on EP =/, scary xD). I have nop hopes of getting full demon data on my first play on IS, this is impossible xD, at least for me, but I want to get most of it. YOU GOTTA CATCH THEM ALL !!!!! xD xD

  355. dailon said


    lots of sites I’ve seen these pics you want, this is one of them:

    i don’t know if it’s the best option for you tough, Gemini posted a link to a damn good site up here somewhere that have some artbook scans, you could get your pics there too

  356. Ta-chan said

    I really want to know too….
    Since it’s the only info that I’m not certain of too in Innocent Sin.
    I still think it’s supposed to be “?” no matter what…

  357. Eryck said

    Nah,I haven’t even seen this XD,I never entered the Analyze->Demons menu,I really don’t care much about it,though.Ah I’d like to know if there’s the rumor of registering cards in anyplace to buy ’em after (in EP,t’was in Time Castle),because I have few cards Incense cards,I’d like to register ’em and after buy ’em a lot ^^

    @ Dailon

    I’m from Brazil too ^^
    I didn’t thought that many of us would get interested in Innocent Sin ^^
    Way to go,dudes o/

  358. dailon said


    =D till now, I counted 3 brazilians commenting on this topic xD, and about the card registering system, there is nothing like that on IS (as far as I know) so save your incense cards and spell cards for when u rly need them o.0

    My situation is worse than yours, being the colector I am, I aways leave at least 1 unnused item of evrything xD (yes i’m nuts, i never sell old weapons or armor, I colect them =P~~~~)
    That is why I need to know how to have the comments on these rumor bastards ^^

  359. johnBack said

    I guess it’s not a professional translation, but who can complain. You shouldn’t put your little names in such an art of work. You guys are the instrument.

  360. Tom (Translator) said

    John: Mot was a coincidence. That’s the original name.

  361. Ta-chan said


    Just goes to show that some people should really know what the hell they’re talking about before spouting some ****.

    I don’t even think this guy played any SMT game before, if he don’t even knows Mot.

  362. Gemini said

    /me facepalms at johnBack
    Jesus, seriously.

  363. abc_joker said

    I’m just got through the bomb shelter at K’ass high and I have a question. This guide ( says that “Eventually you will come across a secret passage
    that leads to a small room with two item boxes. One of them has the
    monster in it that you’re looking for. Opening it will cause a battle
    to commence…” The only place that I saw two item boxes, one box had a trap and the other had some aqua card. If I miss this monster, am I missing anything in the plot (side quests and such)?

  364. Gemini said

    If I remember correctly, the monster is Tengu. So no, you aren’t really missing anything.

  365. Matty L said

    Hey, just a fun thing I spent about 45 minutes with on PSP – I had custom named my character, and anytime I saved, I just got garbled, unloadable save data. It was my first psx2psp game, so I messed around with all my settings… I discovered that it seems to break your ability to save if you use an exceptionally long nickname (BigDangDang is apparently not an appropriate nickname for Funky “Tatsuya” Brown). Just in case other people who like ridiculous names also had this problem. I hope I’m not repeating what someone else has mentioned, didn’t read all 364 posts but did a search for “name” and didn’t see anything come up like this note.

    Tremendous translation and haxxoring, my friends who are into SMT just devoured it, and I’m looking forward to spending some time with it out on my balcony today :)

  366. Gemini said

    Patch 1.0a doesn’t have such a problem. ’nuff said.

  367. Matty L said

    Brilliant, for some reason I thought I was using that (been a couple of weeks since I actually got the game ready to play), but clearly I am a phail.

    Thank you.

  368. dailon said


    how do we get the comments on the Annalize data of demons that can’t be contracted? (I’m asking Gemini because he was the only one to say that there is a way, all the the others said that it will remain “?”)

    These demons are from the rummor class, Leo class, Aquarius class, Taurus class, Scorpio class, Zombie class, Human class(i don’t know if IS have this class like EP) and all the demons that give Material Cards. I refuse to believe that all these demons have a “?” for their comments o.0. Gemini said that they remain “?” until u talk to a certain someone. Please, if anyone know how to do it, tell me *o*

  369. Slowdive said

    Damn, i knew! Maya’s Shin-Chan.

  370. Phoenixclaws said

    The Translation patch game just doesn’t want to work on my PS2 SCPH-39001.

    I keep getting the Name Entry Screen glitch consistently. Since this starts early in game it is hard for me to do anything else. I use the Break Pro swap method for my PS2. The Graphics start going crazy and the thing flickers and “stutters.” Also it seems to freeze after getting through the final dialog when the principal leaves. (I downloaded the 1.0a patch the patch’s CRC32 is

    I thought it might have been my media but when I burned the original (untranslated) onto a CD and it played through without any glitching at the Name Entry Screen. I do not know how to fix this problem I have but something is making P2:IS glitch with the patch.

    Thank you for translating and making the patch though.

  371. Phoenixclaws said

    Update: I tried both versions of the patch 1.0 and 1.0a and both fail at the Name Entry Screen on my SCPH-39001 using my Breaker Pro CD NTSC 1.1 disc. The odd thing is that both discs work with the emulators for PSX (ePSXe and pSX.) I guess there is some coding that is causing an issue with my version of my PS2. I’m not sure why though.

  372. Gemini said

    Or it just doesn’t like the Breaker Pro you have. I’ve seen other cases like your and they were using the very same device to boot the game. “Hard” modded consoles (i.e. chipped) seem to have no issues with the translation, no matter the model of the Ps2.

  373. dailon said

    ok ppl =(, ignore me, maybe i’m posting my questions in the wrong place aniway =/

  374. Bomberman said

    This game has one of the best script I ever read, congratulations to the translator. It has some rough spots, needs some revision (I don’t know japanese, just the flow of the text doesn’t seem right on some spots) but in the end it passes the atmosphere of the game very well.

  375. Eryck said


    Hey i’d like to know if the Masquerade members,when you contact with them,they say sth like /hairiu kome!/ and in the sub is written “Hail Joker!Hail Mask!Long Live to the Masquerade!” so,in Jap,what are they saying?I guess the /hairiu/ is “hail”…

    I discovered that when you contact the Nazis they say “Sieg Reich”,same as for the subs, and “Sieg Reich” is “Empire’s Victory” in german, and “Führer” is the same as “leader”.

  376. Tony said

    Quick question…

    Where do i get the “Alice Ring”?
    And also, can the ring be used in the American version of P2-EP?

    Or just on the Japanese version…

    Thanks ^^

  377. Eryck said

    Hehe I beat it ^^ finally

    Thanks once again to Gemini and Tom.

  378. Olga said

    357 said:
    I discovered that when you contact the Nazis they say “Sieg Reich”,same as for the subs, and “Sieg Reich” is “Empire’s Victory” in german, and “Führer” is the same as “leader”.
    This is total rubbish as Sieg Reich doesnt make any kind of sense in the German language, whatever you interprete it and which dialect youre looking at. Empires Victory would be something like Reichssieg or Des Reichs Sieg.

  379. Tom (Translator) said

    Dailon – I am not ignoring you. I just don’t know the answer to your question.

    Tony – Alice Ring? Do you mean the “Karma Ring?” Alice has it in the abandoned factory. This ring transfers to the Japanese version of EP. I believe the transfer option was dummied out of the American version of EP.

    Eryck – It was actually “Yairu kamen!” (Hail Mask!) (Yes, with a “y.” Yairu has been translated as “Hail.”) Any reference to Hitler was “Hairu Hitora-” in Japanese. Hairu has been translated as “Heil.”) The spoken text does not always match up with the written text, even in the Japanese version. Sometimes they have more to say in the text window than they actually say out loud.

    “Sieg Reich doesnt make any kind of sense in the German language.”

    “Sieg Reich” is how it was said in the Japanese version. I don’t know German, and I guess the Japanese script writer didn’t know it either. :)

  380. Eryck said

    Tom (translator) – hehe thnx man,I knew I was about “half right” ^^

    Dailon – Man,I think I just got what you need in ‘ere:

    I hope you don’t mind using this way to get ur info…

  381. thanasis said

    Thanx.I was waiting for the english translation of p2:is so much time and now is completed.i already put the game in my psp and i am ready to enjoy!!Thanx guys , keep up the good work and with other excellent jap-rpg-games and we will support you in many ways!!!


  382. thanasis said

    I suggest you now to try translate a TRULY AMAZING GAME in english.And the name of this game is ”POLICENAUTS” by kojima!!!I will be grateful if you decide to translate this AMAZING game!!!Thanx GEMINI , TOM and all your team!!!

    thanasis , Hellas (Greece)

  383. The Monshade Hero said

    I burned the patched ISO on a CD to play on PSX and it does start up, however I experience freezing, it happens when I try to contact a demon using 2 people at once… could it be the ISO, or the patch?

  384. abc_joker said

    I thank you again for this patch. When will we see a newer patch with more bug/typo fixes?

  385. Nexus said

    First off, thanks for this translation. I’ve been wanting to play Innocent Sin for I think about a decade now, but I can’t read Japanese (aside from the odd word).
    Anyway, I managed to apply the patch (or at least I assume that everything is okay on that front), but I haven’t managed to make it work on my PSP. I got Simple Popstation GUI like suggested, but it just doesn’t work. I get the message ‘The copyright protection information is invalid.’
    Of course, I know nothing about putting games from my computer onto my PSP. So the chances that I made some mistake are quite big. The problem is, I haven’t found a detailed, but clear instruction on how to use it. The readme file that came with it really didn’t answer that much for me.
    Is there anyway someone could direct me to a good place to learn how to do this or just explain it to me yourselves?
    I hate being this close to playing one of my most sought after games and not being able to play it.

  386. Bomberman said

    Thanasis, there’s already a group translating Policenauts (they’re almost at alpha stage) and their programmer is as competent as Gemini. So Cheers!!!

  387. Aleph said

    Olga said:
    This is total rubbish as Sieg Reich doesnt make any kind of sense in the German language, whatever you interprete it and which dialect youre looking at. Empires Victory would be something like Reichssieg or Des Reichs Sieg.

    You are right, but there are much more mistakes. It seems the programmers didn’t have any clue about German. Like the spell “Geistig Blitz” (that word is nonexistant in the German language). It should be “Geisterblitz” (Ghost Lightning) or “Geistesblitz” at least (the second one can be translated as “enlightment”). I first thought Tom mistranslated it, but you can clearly hear the Longinus saying “Geistig Blitz”. Some other dialogues with German words in it don’t make sense either.

  388. dailon said


    o.0 , of course that I mind!!! I never use GS, and I want to know the regular way to get this info since it really exists.

    BTW, since I’m makin a post, Anyone knows how to get the “comments” for the demons that can’t be contracted?

  389. Eryck said

    @ Dailon

    So,good luck in doing these,but,unlike you,I LOVE GS,I didn’t get trouble woth the Incense-Tarot-Material-Spell cards because of it ^^

    Of course it gave me trouble because I had to do 50% of ’em…

  390. dailon said


    what you call “trouble” I call “fun”, wich the GS spoils =P. Tnx for trying to help but every time I used GS I felt empty, I love to really do the things in the game hehe

  391. animeniac said

    hello, first i gotta say awesome job on this, it was for the longest time that i just gave up hope of ever being able to enjoy this in english, so thank you very much.

    like a few others here, i also am having problems at the name entry screen, i also have a scph-39001 model, and i use breaker pro 1.11n. i noticed that after about 3 seconds it glitches horribly on patch 1.0a, and then the game freezes after the principal leaves, but if i confirm the default name quickly i can get past the glitch and the game can resume normally, on the initial 1.0 patch, theres no way past it at all, as it just plain glitches and crashes.

    anyone know what might be the problem? could it be the ps2 model? the breaker pro version? i used to have a scph-50001n but it died over a year ago, sadly it worked much better for all my boot discs etc, so i can only guess that the 39001 model is to blame as my breaker pro has worked fine on other translated games when i used my 50001n model, im just glad i was able to get past the glitch this time, if anyone has anything to add, that would be great.

    again, thanks so very much gemini and tom, a real top notch effort!

  392. Kythlyn said

    Thanks again for the patch!

    I am having a bit of a problem. I am playing the game on a modded PS2.
    The problem is with using “Imitation” during contact in battle. Every time I use it, the main character pulls out his microphone and then the game becomes unresponsive. An empty dialogue box appears and nothing happens.

    Any ideas?

  393. Kythlyn said

    Nevermind… it seems a fresh burn at 1x instead of MAX solved the problem. Carry on! :)

  394. evilpaul said

    I finished PS:IS just the other day, and I wanted to say great job with the translation and hacking! :D It was a really fun game.

  395. (appear offline) said

    Isn’t there any update yet :”(

  396. Spongey said

    Thanks so much for the patch! You guys are amazing! :D

  397. Dounsk said

    you’re the best i love this saga thanks this is the only game of the persona saga i’ve never play until now. WOW you really surprised me with the patch so i grant you with eternal health and wishing for more of your works and… that’s it (lol)

    P.D: Guys you rock

  398. PokeAwesomes said

    Can I just say that you are AMAZING <3

  399. jokerking19 said

    now, we need an update on the “secret” new project! If the translation is as good as IS was, well we’re all in for a treat.

  400. Yuri said

    can anybody tell me about a very easy noob-friendly video recorder ? i want 2 record when playing the game in full screen , also i want the programm to maintain good video quality when lowering the size of file

  401. doki said

    after the first battle [on seven high] with any monster if I go anywhere or open the menu or fight another battle the game will freeze straight away. I am using epsxe, any thoughts?

  402. doki said

    update my epsxe, didnt realise mine was ver 1.5.2
    1.6 works well

  403. Dear Gemini,

    Thanks for letting us experience and play this great game!

    Best Regards,

    Dedicated Gamer

  404. Rune said

    Dude, thanks from the bottom of my heart.

  405. Mike said

    I love the translation and am not going to be nitpicky about any typos. I would provide any number of sexual favors if you did the same with Batsu. I know Atlus localized it, but the voice acting tends to grate my nerves and WTF does the game mean when it calls Ulala a “ceramic girl”? I’m still confused. Should I just learn Japanese more serious? I think it’d be a slice of fried gold, tho.

  406. oriasu said

    Gemini has already said they won’t translate Eternal Punishment because… well Atlus has already translated it

    Anyway, thanks for the translation guys, I’ve finished it and I’m replaying it, I just can’t have enough of it. Screw Persona 3 and 4 haha

    (sorry for my bad english, typo etc)

  407. Ominae said

    Hey Gemini, can I give you a virtual handshake since I can’t see you in person (After all, it’s not like I can’t meet with you since I’m based in Canada…)?

  408. hanzou said

    Dear Gemini,
    Dear Tom ,

    Thanks for letting us experience and play this great game!

    Thank you , thanks you and THANK YOU!!!

    I have question to anyone how’s playing this game .. sometime during gameplay – specially on battle – the game freeze for about 2-4 seconds … is that normal .. ??


  409. Dagas said

    I read about this patch in a Swedish video game magazine called Level. Had no idea it existed. Thanks for making it =)

  410. ritchan said

    No problem playing this game on 5.00 M33 PSP. BTW, does spreading the rumour about poker netting tons of cash in the Mu Continent really work? Because so far I’ve been on a losing streak.

  411. ritchan said

    I found one grammatical error, one homonym mixup, and some other errors that I don’t really remember. The homonym error was in the Bomb Shelter, though.

  412. Rocket Science said

    It’s an awesome game and an awesome translation. Why be nit-picky about it?

  413. ritchan said

    It’s called standards.

  414. Gemini said

    It’s called “tell me exactly what you are talking about or I can’t do a thing about it”.

  415. ritchan said

    About that… sorry, I was enjoying myself too much to take notes on the errors.

  416. LTSwordmaster said

    Posted #57.

    Beat Innocent Sin two weeks ago and resumed Eternal Punishment (had stopped immediately before Mt. Iwato). Wow….very good job on Innocent Sin guys; the ending was rather depressing/moving – shame it never got released here. I’m glad I got the opportunity to play IS before the revealing parts of EP started to kick in (I think I may have found more enjoyment from IS BECAUSE I played a little bit of EP too….). I’m about to go enter the Subway area in EP now.

    Again, thank you – was very impressed with all of you guys’ work with the translating. Time to go back to being confused by ATLUS…

  417. DebugJunky said

    This is seriously awesome, runs Perfect on my PSP now I converted the .bin through popstationgui 3 :)

    It’s taken me since October to find the time to finish it but I must say this is incredible, such a professional job from two guys outside of Atlus devoting so much time and literally doing it just for the fans is immense, like everyone else I am very grateful I could finally piece together Persona 2 in it’s entirety and enjoy such an amazing game.

    Good luck with any future projects and thanks again!

  418. just_me said

    Wow! Great work! I just heard today that this had been translated into English. I don’t know what all the negative feedback have been, but I think managing to translate a psx game, and nothing less than a RPG, is pretty well done. PSX translations are so rare. It needs much skill (which probably explains why isn’t there anyone translating Gunnm: Martian Memory)! I am glad you and Tom succeeded.

    I don’t know how exactly you were able to do this (would be interesting to know), but congratulations. Oh, and the pdf was a really nice read.

  419. Maronakins said

    Oh porbably spoilers a bit down, just warning that I’ll type assuming you know this.

    I wanna say ‘good job’ and from so many positive reviews, I think I’m just the unlucky one

    While the game plays perfectly *when it plays at all* it’s had problems on emus, and even ruined my comp everytime I’d use it so… I opted for the psp route

    it… works… fine I guess? but it freezes *always the same way* during the very first battle when Tatsu and the others summon their personas on each other, the glitches apepar all blocked up, and once Vulcanus comes out it freezes completely, music also “freezes” just the whole game.

    I tried both patches same thing *though at least with the new one I can save, obviously good thing*

    This did not happen on the psx emulator btw, just the buggy save screen and such but still the same glitch would happen randomly. *annoying*

    I read people saying “use custom firmware 4.01” or “don’t use 5.00” or something, but there should be a list *maybe on the read me?* which Firwares, custom or not, work on psp and which don’t, btw I’m using 3.71 M33-2, unless if my eyes just got tired and didn’t notice it, I didn’t see anyone mention this specific one.

    Sorry for the long post but thanks in advance for any follow up info involving this.

    Also thanks to Gemeni and Tom for all their hard work, you seriously made my dreams come true… if I somehow am near wherever either of you are based, I totally need to invite you to a steak dinner or something.

  420. Gemini said

    Didn’t I state this many times already, even in the readme? Only 4.00 and 4.01 are fully compatible with Innocent Sin (random crashes/freezes still happen, but with very very low frequency). Update your firmware, otherwise there’s nothing you can do to play it. And I mean NOTHING. Please, be careful next time because this is a very well known issue.

  421. Maronakins said

    well actually…. I read the readme again, for one thing, it states nothing about the 4.00, only 4.01 and not to be rude, but it wasn’t “well known” to me.

    Also it states nothing about “only 4.00/4.01” working, rather it says in a tone/grammar that suggest that 4.01 is recomended vs. mandatory.

    “As for PSP Emulator (POPS), it works fine most of the times with firmware 4.01, but it seems like there are random an rare crashes in battle, and sometimes even at the game over screen (the PSP resets itself!). Simple Popstation GUI 3.00 beta recommended.” is how it is typed down to even the typos.

    Clearly stating before hand that this is not a troll or an attempt to flame at anyway, but how does that statement completely clarify, in the way that it was written, that 4.00/4.01 CFW is all that will work?

    Either I don’t understand the language of english, or I must have completely assumed that I’d figure it out on my own

    Also I stated in the past post that if I didn’t see any comments about it I must have missed it, it’s not something that can be thoroughly read quickly afterall.

    sorry to have bothered you, but thanks anyway ^^

  422. replicax said

    I just got a copy of Persona 2 Innocent Sin the other day and patched it right away. It all seems to work just fine. Thank you so much for all of your hard work, this is great. Hopefully I will actually have time to play it sometime soon.

  423. Partypoopin said

    Hey, I just got done playing revelations persona, and I thought it was a great game but I could tell the whole time that it was dumbed down. I see someone translated a sequel and everyone says it’s totally awesome…

    But there’s no working download links for the patch.

    Can you provide a mirror?

  424. RMVX said

    Thank you for translating this wonderful game :)

  425. Gemini said

    Link’s been updated to point to the new board.

  426. ekiow said

    Thanks for the hard work. I really love the PSX Persona games, though I doubt this one will become my PSX favourite (which is either Tactics Ogre or Valkyrie Profile).

  427. black_kitt said

    thank you both Gemini and Tom
    and others who participated

    really awesome thing you did, guys

    very impressed by the quality level of your work
    keep it up!

    btw, just in case – it works FLAWLESSLY on psp, without any sound or graphics glitches and/or slowdowns. saves fine too, i’m halfway to the end already.

    I’m using psp-2000, CFW 5.00 M33-6, with pops 4.01
    (original iso patched with v1.00a, eboot created with Simple Popstation GUI 3.00)

  428. Sonicblow said

    does this patch requires certain firmware version ?
    cause i used firmware 3.40 OE-A
    n the game glitched at beginning of the game where michele summons his persona n soon the game will hang up ….

  429. Black_kitt said


    see my post above

    firmware 5.00 M33-6 with popsloader 4.01 works great

  430. Sonicblow said

    @ black kitty
    yeah i’ve read your post before i posted mine

    i’d just that i’m too lazy to update my firmware .. cuz i never had an exp in updating one hahaha

    so i just wondering if there’s something wrong with my P2-Innocent sin Iso or it just 3.40 OE firmware doesn’t work for P2-IS

    thanks anyway ..

  431. Ben said

    the patch works brilliantly for me and im using a psx emulator to play it, however the game seems to crash after the first battle on the return to the school. is anyone else having this problem or have any solutions?

  432. Ben said

    ok well i actually opened my bloody eyes and found the solution so i apologise.
    anyhow, great game, fantastic translation

    thank you guys so much for your hard work, thanks to you alot of us get to play this game now and understand it.

    thank you again

  433. Serj said

    If you get an error during the patching – try to run your computer in a safe mode, patch your image there.

  434. Luis said

    Where i can download the rom of the game?

  435. Gemini said

    Not here. Go warez somewhere else.

  436. Jay said

    Just came by to say thanks for translating Persona 2 Innocent Sin! I’m truly grateful! T^T

  437. ff6man said

    Thank you so much for translating this game now ive got it on my psp :D

  438. Mike said

    Thankyou so much for translating this game. I am enjoying it
    immensely. You are a credit to the gaming community.

  439. Dil said

    Hey, Gemini/Tom thank you both for the patch! I converted this into EBOOT.PBP for play on the PSP (5.00 M33-6, no POPsloader loaded whatsoever, just used the ‘original from flash’) and everything worked fine.

    It froze/hanged on me once while I was battling Nekomata at Aoba District/Aoba Park, cause the feline used “Throw a Kiss” then the music stopped and everyone froze, I shut the PSP down I then reconvert the game using another program and am playing from scratch (just to see if there’s issue with the newly converted game. :P) now. Hmmm… So far so good.

    There’s a couple of typos (like how you guys labeled a Male Student as a Female Student, hahaha) ;P but the overall translation is perfect nonetheless!

    That’s about it if there’s a new version out I’ll be sure to do a thorough PSP check! ;P hehe. Thanks guys!

  440. Dil said

    Oh, sorry for the double-post but for anyone who is trying to get this game to work on their PSP then here are the necessary stuff you’ll need to do.

    – Grab and patch your game file with 1.0a
    Convert using either PSX2PSP or Popstation GUI 3.00*

    *Using Popstation 2.0 BETA will freeze the game after the ATLUS and Research Dev logo screen.

    Game works fine on 5.00 M33-6 (w/o loading any older POPs version like 4.01, etc) but freezes do happen, just rarely, I had mine froze at Aoba Park but I do hope that’s the first and the last. ;P

    Enjoys anyway.

    Much thanks to GemiTom for the translations again. ;D

  441. Dragonflypoison said

    Amazing work from two amazing guys :D
    Thank you sooooo much and wish you all the luck in everything you do!!


  442. Thanatos said

    Gemini I got a question. How EXACTLY are you to burn the disc? I’ve gone thru 5 discs thus far since I’m not using CD-RWs. I initially was using a “Best” ISO, but I realized my error and got a hold of the correct ISO, patched it, burned it and still no success. I even downloaded ImgBurn and ran it at a much slower write speed to ensure success.

    Basically using ImgBurn I can select the .cue and the .bin, so I select the .cue which mounts the .bin. ImgBurn then burns the contents of the .bin to the disc and I end up with this:


    These total about 2 megs on a 700 meg bin, where the hell is the game? Where’s the rest of the memory? I don’t get it, I either get “Cannot read disc”, or “Please insert a Playstation format disc” on my PS2 and my PS3 just calls it a “data disc” with 0kb of content. I’m sorry but I’m really frustrated I just read 441 posts all saying “runs great, won’t run on my psp or freezes” right now I’d be happy if I could get the game to just run at all.


  443. Hitoshura Kain said

    HELPPPPPP!!!! I was trying to play P2:IS patched on psp but the game always freeze the first time when katsuya awaken his persona in battle after michelle attack lisa.

    Anyone knows how I can fix that bug?

    Thanks beforehand

  444. Nihilius said

    Thanatos: First of all do you have modchip or any other modification in your system ? Do other backups work fine?

  445. Black_kitt said

    Thanatos. When you’ve burned your cd with alcohol – did you choose “Datatype – Playstation” on the second screen of img burning wizard? Do so, if not. If you did, I too ask about your modchip. Is there any?

    Hitoshura Kain. Do you read the comments above?
    From my previous post:
    “it works FLAWLESSLY on psp, without any sound or graphics glitches and/or slowdowns. saves fine too, i’m halfway to the end already.

    I’m using psp-2000, CFW 5.00 M33-6, with pops 4.01
    (original iso patched with v1.00a, eboot created with Simple Popstation GUI 3.00)”

    As you can see, you need to use popsloader. Your problem is pretty common, and solved already.

  446. blouberg said

    This is a possible solution for people having problems patching innocent sin. If you get the message “Incorrect CRC32 on Sector 22″ or “cannot find or open original iso” errors when using the patch try the following. Use Alcohol 120% and convert the bin file to an .img file using Alcohol 120%. Do this by opening Alcohol, select image making wizard, make sure playstation is checked in the datatype. Now you select the folder you wish to save the image to and in the image format box select clone cd image file (*.ccd). Complete the process and now point the patcher to the image file you have just made, it should end in .img. This might help some of you who have been trying to patch the bin file without success.

  447. Thanatos said

    I don’t have a mod chip or any modifications on either console,I do have a PS2 hard drive, however that’s a liscenced Sony product and I don’t think it should interfere with a disc read. I have heard that the PS3 is not region locked, but I don’t know if that’s true. The PSP isn’t region locked at least for PAL games.

    I didn’t use Alcohol 120% I used ImgBurn and NTI CD & DVD Maker alternately, neither of which has Playstation specific option that I’m aware of. In NTI I tried creating a “data cd” and in ImgBurn I tried “write image file to disc” mounted the cue which burned the bin, or rather it’s contents.

    I’m still really confused about the missing 600 megs.

  448. Nihilius said

    “I don’t have a mod chip or any modifications on either console…”

    Well there’s your answer then. You need modified console to play backup games. Otherwise those home-burned games aren’t recognized and you get “Insert Playstation format disc” etc error messages.

  449. Thanatos said

    Well thanks, but honestly I haven’t seen anything else to indicate that a mod chip is required, I mean I get the principle but the readme and some of the comments above, like 49 and 184 seem to imply one isn’t required.

  450. blouberg said

    Nihilius is right Thanatos, any backup/copied game will require a chipped PS2 to play. The game might run with a pure iso on an unmodded console but since you want to run the patched version of innocent sin, it will definitely require a modded console.

  451. Thanatos said

    Yeah I guess so, found something indicating that in the FAQs, well at least for the PS1. Well I’ll have to look into it more, the PS3 is a very different piece of hardware. The PSP obviously isn’t region locked, I still don’t know about the PS3 and a patched iso like this is a whole ‘nother story.

  452. Nihilius said

    Well for PS3 there is absolutely no way to even run any backup games at the moment. So when it comes to PS3, you’re out of luck. If you have PSP, search for “psp custom firmware” etc for information about how to run backups. If you have PSone, install modchip or let someone else have it installed… shouldn’t cost too much.

  453. Smitho said

    Hey Gemini, where’d you get all the Persona 2 artwork from? I’m making my own PSP EBOOT.

  454. Tracer01218 said

    To those who think you need a modchip for a backup on the PS1: you don’t. There is something called the disc-swap, so if you do in fact have a legal backup; go to youtube and search up the PS1 disc-swap. I have it working for Persona 2: IS, so I don’t see why it wouldnt work for other people.

  455. Nihilius said

    Tracer, that is an option yes although a bad one. I didn’t even mention it because modchip is so much better in every way. First of all, disc swapping method wears out your console. It’s also a pain in the ass to switch discs every time you wish to play backups.

    If you are however reluctant to having your console chipped and wish to go for disc swapping method, then at least buy this “official” Disc swap CD that is programmed to stop your disc from spinning and tells you when to change discs. This at least doesn’t ruin your console like swapping discs “on-the-fly” would. The downside is that you could as well use that money to have your console chipped, which is in the end the best way to play backups and imports.

  456. Tracer01218 said

    This is very true. I just use my PSP now because of the issues with disc-swapping. I wasn’t trying to let someone just mess up their console, I just wanted to say that chipping isn’t the only option. But either way, another way to “disc-swap” would be by using a gameshark. People say it only works with certain versions, but after I learned that a gameshark works fine; i started using that. It’s not the on people said to use, but it works just the same…..sometimes.

  457. Nihilius said

    Now that I have time for video games again, I decided to start playing Persona 2: IS again. I never got that far so I thought I would start from the beginning. I have a question.

    I have an option to spread rumors about magazines and some prizes I might win from them. Two of these options are very similiar and I really can’t say how they differ. Options are roughly following

    “You lose most of the time but the prizes really rare” AND
    “You don’t win very often but the prizes are great”

    Okay, I don’t remember exact sentences but you get the picture. Both are very similiar. Can someone tell me, which rumor I should spread to get the best possible prizes with lowest chances of winning ?

    Maybe for the next patch these two could be made more distinct… ? Another being like “Best prizes but lowest chances of winning”

  458. I'mnotleavinganame said

    ” Can someone tell me, which rumor I should spread to get the best possible prizes with lowest chances of winning ?”

    >“You lose most of the time but the prizes really rare”

    There you go.

  459. Saucy Wench said

    Every now and then when I go to save, the screen goes super glitchy, so I can’t see anything. I can still save while it’s like this because motion still shows, and the problem is fixed once I close and open the game, it’s just weird. I thought i’d mention it here, but it’s not really a big problem, since it’s pretty easy to get rid of.

    Could be the emulator, too.

  460. Nihilius said

    Just another suggestion. If you are going to release any patches in future, would it be possible to implement In Game Reset -feature ? You know for example pressing L1+R1+Start+Select at the same time would reset your game. This is a handy feature whenever you need to reload your save. Also would come in handy if you get that graphics corruption bug while playing. I know you might as well get your ass off the sofa and go reset your console via power button but this way you wouldn’t need to watch all those Playstation intros etc. It might be hard to actually make this work… I don’t know it was just a thought :)

  461. travadinho said

    I’ve run into a problem recently.

    When you have to save the children from the burning building, the screen goes black every time I enter a room with cutscenes. When I enter a room with a cutscene (room with children), the game slows down and goes black but when I open the menu, it runs normal. The sound remains intact and I can still hear my character run around, but it’s like playing blind and in slow motion. I’m running the game on ePSXe. I’ve got 30+ hours into the game and haven’t had any problems until now. Any suggestions???

  462. travadinho said

    Ok I see I’m not the first to encounter this problem. What solutions have worked so far? Does E}I{‘s Soft Driver 0.98 fix this?

  463. Tracer01218 said

    Try pressing F7 in Epsxe. I don’t really know what your problem is, but that key has helped me in Chrono Cross and it helped my friend with my copy of Final Fantasy IX during a video when the airship takes off. I hope that helps you as it has for me.

  464. spyke180 said

    Groovy, the patcher works in Wine for Linux users!


  465. animeniac said

    i just tried this on my modded silver slim with cfw 5.50 GEN-B2, works like a charm! MUCH better than on my ps2! but for some odd reason the US version of p2 batsu/EP slows down everytime someone is talking or i go into the menu, weird.

    i know that gemini said he wont be doing p2 batsu/EP, but i have a copy of the the US and JP version, can anyone point me in the right direction as how to get the translation from the US version into the JP version so i can have JP voices and the save data import feature? also how to subtitle the cut scenes? i would greatly appreciate any help, thanks!

  466. Gemini said

    You can’t transform the Japanese build into the English one, unless you plan to reprogram it.

  467. Ashley said

    Hiya, I am a year late but I am juts playing this game now and am about half way through it, and I really am enjoying it a lot so far. I would just like to thank you so much for this translation. The writing/dialogue is superb as well as the story it self.

    Thanks again so much for your hard work in this project!!

  468. Echo said

    I don’t know if anyone is still around to answer this but, I cannot get this game to play in my psx at all. I’ve burned it using alcohol 120% and image burn but still no deal. I really have no idea whats wrong. I have and old style psx and I’m using a game hunter pro as a mod, I was under the impression that would suffice but i guess not. Any suggestions?

  469. SlyStrife said

    Wow, I can not believe it has been a year since you released this Gemini. Where the hell does all the time go? >_<

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  471. Joel said

    Just a quick question about the patch.
    Is there a way to change Lisa’s name from Ginko back to Lisa?
    Because I’m insane it is currently driving me crazy.

  472. Joel said

    Well not the patch so much as the translation itself.
    Wrong choice of words there.

  473. SlyStrife said

    Nope, Eikichi’s name is also permanently Michelle. I suppose if you use a cheat device you mat be able to do it.

  474. Anonymous said

    Is there a specific type of CD or disc that I should burn the game onto? And will it do any damage to my ps2 if the game doesn’t work?

  475. Anonymous said

    Sorry for posting again so soon, but I was also wondering if my ps2 had to be modified in order to play the game. Also, I forgot to thank you in my last post, Gemini & Tom, for giving us all the chance to play this fantastic game.

  476. Nihilius said

    Yes, your PS2 has to be modified. You can’t just apply this patch to your existing original game disc – you have to rip the disc to your computer as image file, patch the image and burn a new copy. And you need modified PS2 to be able to run CD-Rs.

    Alternatively you could use so called swap trick. You need Swap magic disc and some other things which are usually sold in the same package. Google for this if you are interested. You should however have modchip installed if you ask me, as use of this trick can wear out your console in a long run.

    You can’t really cause any damage with non-working copy of the disc.

  477. Anonymous said

    Hmmmm…I see. Thanks.

  478. Anonymous said

    This may be a foolish question, but since I’ve never used a psx emulator before I was wondering, do you need to burn the game onto a cd before you can play it on the emulator?

  479. Nihilius said

    I have never used Playstation emulator myself but I have tried many other emulators. I guess they work pretty much the same… if so, then you don’t need to burn it to CD. There is propably a menu which lets you open the *.iso file in your harddrive. Just load that in your emulator and you are good to go. You might have to tweak some settings for each individual game to get the best performance but overall it’s as simple as that.

  480. Anonymous said

    Okay, thanks.

  481. JCBonz1 said


    I’ve been having a similar problem that people were having a year ago – my game works fine on my PSX until the initial name entry screen in the beginning of the game. The game slows down & sort of stutters quite a bit, although I can still enter the name. After that, Hannya starts speaking again & the game seems to be at a normal speed, but then after the “you-know-who” comment, he takes a step away and the game freezes.

    I’m very new to doing this sort of thing, so perhaps I’m overlooking something, but I’ve been trying to research backups & patching & such & still can’t come up with anything. I’m using Breaker Pro to run the patched backup.

    Also – if I use Breaker Pro & run the original import disc I have, it runs fine. If I make a backup of the game but do not patch it, it also runs fine. The problem comes (apparently) when I patch the game & burn it. I just find it odd that at least a few people have had the same problem, but I have no idea why that would be.

    Any help on this would be greatly appreciated! I’m trying to get this completed as a Christmas gift for a friend of mine.

  482. Sera said

    Unfortunately, I’m also having this exact problem. I managed to get past the name entry screen using my original copy of the game, saved it, then loaded the save in the patched version. Everything worked perfect up until the first random battle in Seven Sisters High. When a battle starts, the game freezes and that’s it. :(

    I’m planning on buying a PSP soon, so I may just wait until then.

    Like many others, I feel I need to thank the creators of this patch regardless – I’ve been dying to play Innocent Sin for years but never had the time or dedication to learn Japanese.

  483. Blouberg said

    I would suggest using an emulator such as epsxe to run innocent sin. It runs perfectly and has the advantages of save states, which make things a lot easier.

  484. JCBonz1 said

    “Unfortunately, I’m also having this exact problem. I managed to get past the name entry screen using my original copy of the game, saved it, then loaded the save in the patched version. Everything worked perfect up until the first random battle in Seven Sisters High. When a battle starts, the game freezes and that’s it. :(”

    How odd! Part of me wonders if it’s just the burner on my computer (it’s an IBM laptop that’s about 5 years old), but again, I still don’t know why I’d be able to burn the unpatched ISO & play it w/ no problem if that was the issue, unless there are some options that I should be checking off or methods of burning that would change once the ISO is modified.

    Blouberg – yes, I was thinking of trying that as a sort of last resort. I’m not too familiar with emulators, but I’m sure if I look into it I could figure it out. Thank you for the suggestion.

    I guess I was just really hoping to figure this out & see if I could get my copy to run smoothly on a PSX (or even my PS2 – I haven’t tried that yet) to have the experience be as close to what it would (should?) be as possible. I’m even working on getting the manual translated so I can try & edit in English text & see if I can get it printed at some point. :)

    But yes, thank you to the people responsible for this patch anyways! & I’m still hopeful I can get my copy to work in some way eventually.

  485. Blouberg said

    You’re welcome JCBonz1, if you need any help with the emulator feel free to ask in this blog.
    If you really want to play this translated version of innocent sin, an emulator is the perfect way to go. It really plays perfectly and the only thing you might need to add to an authentic
    playing experience would be a usb dualshock gamepad for the pc. The translation is amazing and well worth the effort.

  486. Sera said

    Just want to say that I took Blouberg’s advice and downloaded/set up epsxe. I was really surprised by how easy it was to set up and the game is running perfectly (on Vista of all things!)

    Like was mentioned in a few comments above, Breaker Pro seems to be the trouble. I have no idea how this could be, but at least there are other options.

    Now the only problem I’ll have is trying to resist playing Innocent Sin when I’m working from home! Oh well, the holidays will be here soon anyway. :D

  487. JCBonz1 said

    Yeah, I’m assuming it’s Breaker Pro as well – I missed the comments above between PhoenixClaws & Gemini. Ah well! I will try out the epsxe.

    I’m thinking about modding my PSX, however… But I’m not sure if anyone’s had any luck playing this on a modded PSX. It seems like some people have reported having problems on modded PlayStation’s & PS2’s, although the readme says it should work fine.

  488. SlyStrife said

    Gemini, not sure if you still visit here, but I think the forums are down. What’s up? O_o

  489. Temprathe said

    First of all, thank you very much for translating this game, you did a great job.

    But I’m having a game-crashing problem with the Sky Museum.I’ve read that that latest version of ePSXe crashes the game during the credits, so I’m aware of *that* fault, but during the Sky Museum, right when I enter the LAST door to fight the boss, it crashes. Irritating considering I just spent 30 minutes saving little kids. I thought at first that it was just bad timing, but it does it every time I go through that level.

    I’m using E{}’s Soft Drive 0.98 for video, and Eternal SPU Plugin Lite 1.41 for sound. Is it my plugins that is causing this glitch, or the emulator? I *would* use Pete’s OpenGL, but I’m new to emulation and every time I apply it it just causes my screen to go on the fritz, and even screws with my computer settings (enlarges everything on the screen to times its size, only restarting fixes it).

    Anyone know what I should do? Thanks in advance and sorry if this has been asked before. I did try looking around.

  490. Just beat the game! Millions of THANKS to YOU for the TRANSLATION!!! YOU ARE AWESOME AND THIS GAME IS AWESOME!!

  491. nekoashi said

    I’m sorry to bother you with this, but I have a problem, and I’d very much appreciate it if you took the time to answer me.

    This is the first time I’ve tried downloading a game patch, and I’m not a native English speaker so it took me quite a long time to figure some things out. I managed to get through all the other steps but now I’m receiving the “incorrect CRC32 on sector 22” error, and even after reading this thread and the readme file I’m still not quite sure what it is I did wrong.

    Could you, in a very specific manner, explain to me step by step what I need to do to fix this?

    Thank you in advance and again, sorry to bother you. m(_ _)m

  492. ok for the user above try patching the .bin file and making sure its a clean file, no patch previously applied.

    but i find a nasty problem, i downlaod a clean Japanese image, apply the patch burn it, and voila it runs, for osme reason then it lacks of the Atlus logo, and i get the black screen of death after the imaginative creators logo or something with a similar name (a blue rectangle with a simbol in it) what i need to do download this and the previous patch?, im using a mac with crossover in order to patch this thing, with a .bin/cue file in order to do so, oddly in off,t he previous version altough it had the slowdown i could play, with thsi i dont even reach the start screen, also the game was burned at 1x, and 8x, i lost 4 CD’s with this, can any one mind helping me?

  493. or at least could you make a YT video of how to patch this im refering to the creator of this project gemini

  494. K got a hold of a new bin/cue making usre its a NTSC-J one, not a best one neither, i patched burned it via toast since im a macintosh user and BTW could you update that macintosh users can patch if they use crossover games, a wine app

  495. K got a hold of a new bin/cue making usre its a NTSC-J one, not a best one neither, i patched burned it via toast since im a macintosh user and BTW could you update that macintosh users can patch if they use crossover games, a wine app

    well i get for a few minutes after the atlus and the other logo black screen, then the intro, then few more minutes and the game, is dunno if this was meant to be in the patch as im testing this on real hardware not on a PSP or an emualtor liek flarestorm, PCSX epsxe, etc.

    ill try burning this game once again with a diferent version of toast, for some reason when i input on the 10th version 1x it burns as 6x.

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