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All is lost…

Posted by Gemini on October 15, 2008

I knew it, I KNEW IT. I knew I had to do the goddamn backups for all the work! Now there’s no more Innocent Sin translation sources left and I’m going to have to cancel the patch entirely. :(

So, this was going to be the big release day, and… IT ACTUALLY IS! Surprise. Yeah, I was kidding about the whole delay thing, sort of. And for those who were claiming that the delay was due to technical problems masked as something entirely different, the patch was already finished the day I announced beta testing, or that step wouldn’t have started at all. I know how to plan something a month ahead, especially when the work is pretty much done and only needs some fixes (which were added the very first and last days of beta testing, along with weekly typo corrections). Well, I believe this is where the story about the delay dies forever and never comes back. Now go and find another way to start a new drama, you’re welcome.

Anyway, for those who are not interested in reading the rest of the news and only want to play the translation now, get it from here, check the Download section and follow the instructions inside the archive. And for those who can actually wait a few more minutes before game full immersion, here’s a nice trailer of the translation, all for you:

Unfortunately there was no time to implement the Black Joker and the Set button for fusion spells (fusion detection is there, tho). I guess you’ll have to wait v1.1 for those. A new release is not planned yet, and it will probably never happen unless there are a shitload of errors (mainly typos, weird bugs, or fatal crashes) with the current patch. Still, the current release is fully enjoyable and those who never played Eternal Punishment before won’t even notice what’s missing. So, let’s recap the features of this release:

  • Full translation for all text in game;
  • Soft subtitles for the movies that needed a translation (intro and ending part 1);
  • Several fixes to the original bugs of the game;
  • No slowdowns on the Ps2 due to frequent VRAM accesses;
  • Full compatibility with real hardware (i.e. buring the patched ISO on disc will produce a working copy);

Speaking of hardware compatibility, I need to put a little stress of this aspect. I’ve seen many people asking if the game would work on console X or emulator Y. It works on both Playstation and Playstation 2 with no problems at all, but they do need to be modded or no deal. For emulator lovers, use ePSXe 1.60 (not 1.70, which glitches at the staff roll sequence). As for the PSP, the current build of Pops (4.02) is a little unstable in battle. Sometimes it will even crash during the final battle with some particular Persona formations, but I really don’t know what’s triggering the crash. Anyway, I was able to clear the game on my PSP with only one random crash in battle in Caracol.

That said, it’s time to thank the people who made all of this possible! First of all Tom, my awesome collaborator who translated alone the whole huge game script (it’s over 3 MB). Then we have our great beta testers: cidsa, Golden Philemon, Paracelso, Schildkrote, and SlyStrife. Also thanks to Turk Ranma for the stunning trailer he made for this project! Last but not less important, all donors, Mansoor in particular. And everybody else who I might have forgotten (sorry!). Thank you everybody for helping me throughout these two well spent years!

A few final words: comments are open again. You can flame and kill each other all you want. If you have any serious problems about the patch that you’d like to report, please post here. Now go and play the goddamn thing already!

PS: While you’re at it, go and show your support at the Mother 3 translation blog and Absolute Zero. And if are Italian, do the same for the Resident Evil translation blog.


210 Responses to “All is lost…”

  1. Pato said

    what can i say…?
    THANK YOU!!! finally the day is here!!!
    thx gemini, thx tom. really, i cannot thank you guys enough.
    this day will be forever remembered.
    THX =)!

  2. Alucard said

    Idolo Gem XD

  3. Chrono256 said

    Thanks to everyone who worked on this translation.
    Now flame, plz.

  4. Zenislev said

    Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

  5. throughhim413 said

    Congrats on the release! You truly are the master.

    Oh, and I definitely got some laughs from the post title. So cruel.

  6. Broquis said

    Thanks gemini, clever troll by the way 10/10’d good show never would of expected that.

  7. Guts said

    I haven’t posted here before, but I’ve been a long time lurker. :)
    Thanks for the awesome translation guys!

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  9. Michael Richardson said

    Thanks a bunch! The patch is awesome. Nice work.

  10. PaulMorel said

    When you said you would delay the patch because of some stupid drama, I though you were the biggest jerk on all the internet. But know I can only think you as a hero :) Thanks, I finally will be able to play this game in english.

  11. Liraman said

    I wasn’t worried not a bit

    touchè Gemini.

  12. A la mode said

    Thank you.

  13. Sei said

    Apologize for ever doubting you sir, Much like Anon, you deliver. Thanks a plenty.

  14. (>**>) Disco Kirby said

    Wow. OMG you almost killed me there for a second. Now I can finally play without getting frustrated because I can’t read Japanese. Thx you so much. BTW, you seriously almost killed me lol. But yeah, thanks you’zz

  15. Tei said

    Shit! I almost had a heart attack!
    Thank you guys, you’re the best =)

  16. Efop said

    LOL You had me so sad not only for myself but for you because I lost 2 years of archiving work because I never had a 2nd copy on a different harddrive. A thousand million thanks. You rock!!!

  17. Snacko said

    You’re an ass Tei, you deserve to be flamed mercilessly.

  18. Ñ said

    thanks, you made my day

  19. mazoboom said

    I only posted a comment once early on in this blog, (but I do take pride in telling Mato about this project on his blog and getting him to say “WOAH, that’s what he’s been doing?”) but I followed each post intently. Thank you for all your hard work, Gemini.

  20. cj iwakura said

    Fantastic news. Thanks for the effort.

    I just hope that if I manage to pull off the patching process correctly, a reburned disc will work on a JPS2… playing import PS1 games on a modded PS2 is not a pleasant experience.

  21. killa5k7 said

    Thank You…for some reason I knew it all that not gonna release was rubbish. Great work! I was checking this everyday up til the release. Thank you again.

  22. Keller said

    Thank you so much. Now I can stop studying Japanese. What a waste of time that was. I have the game, now all I need to do is befriend someone with a halfway decent computer to apply the patch with.

  23. Watanuki-Kun said

    thnks folks =P

  24. somedude said

    I’m having a hard time finding an iso for the game. Can anyone help me?

  25. Gemini said

    Sorry, but no. We can’t provide you any ISO: it’s illegal.

  26. Pixel Boy said

    Thank you so much for taking time out of your life for the entertainment and enjoyment of other people. what you did is totally appreciated and selfless of you. I have always wanted to play this game and its always been out of reach, and I was able to find it thanks to the good people at Mother 3 translation, so thank you thank you for doing this!

  27. somedude said

    damn :(

    Thanks anyway.

  28. martin said

    if i ever meet you im buying you a drink, thanks for the work and bringing something old to the game when its flooded with new garbage

  29. seeqmii said

    Thanks for all your hard work!

  30. Ceyx said

    Thanks, nice work.

  31. Robbie said

    I almost cried when I read the headline. ;_;

  32. Arjuna said

    Make love to me Gemini.

  33. Pato said

    Hey guys, quick question.
    Analog controls don’t work. is only me or IS doesn’t support analog?

  34. Gemini said

    Pato, you got that right. No vibration or analog controls. The game’s too old for that.

  35. Pato said

    oh, i see.
    i thought my xbox360 analog was busted =P (playing on epsxe)
    no problem though, just wanted to know.
    thx gemini =)

  36. ironjoe said

    I am so so sorry I doubted you. My whinyness was meant out of love, and a terrible terrible sense of disappointment in my own life. But yaaaaah! Its all better now. Thanks again!

  37. Lleu said

    Bwahahahahahaha! All is lost, hmm? Amazing. Good job on this. Now I can put my free time to something useful, instead of being productive.

  38. Pato said

    Also, just wanted to let you guys know. If you’re playing on epsxe, use Eternal SPU 1.41 sound plugin. I noticed some “pop” sounds on eternal spu 1.40.

  39. oop said

    Thank you so much for your hardwork!!

  40. SE said

    hmh, so i just need to down the Translation file the forums then download the game form another site?

    I’m not gettign it lol;-;

  41. Andy said

    IS and Mother 3 in the same week? It’s Christmas in October!

  42. Jed said

    Thank you so much.

    If you were open for suggestions of what to do next (if anything at all), Soul Hackers would be wonderful.

  43. cj iwakura said

    I think someone else has already taken on Soul Hackers, and I wish them luck.

    I’ve figured out the burning process, now I just have to hopea burnt disc will work on my system.

    It’d be silly to have to emulate a game that I actually own.

  44. john_bl said

    Superb work as usual guys! I’m glad my image worked with it :D

    PS: Please Gemini, don’t forget Akumajou Dracula X ;)

  45. Trevor said

    A full translation and patching some of the bugs of the original game? This is an amazing effort. Many thanks and props to the people involved — I was looking forward to the christmas break to play Persona 4, but now I’m thinking I’ll try Innocent Sin first… Maybe! I will get around to it someday anyway!

  46. NAL9000 said

    Fantastic job, I can’t thank you and those that helped you make this translation possible enough. This was a HUGE undertaking and you’ve done a remarkable job.

    I’ve seen few translation projects that have been completed all the way to the end which makes your accomplishment even more impressive.

    Thanks again

  47. Bakke said

    w00t thanks a million for this finished project and for your effort. This is epic release.

    On another note, the game crashed on my PS3 60GB at the map when i tried to save. I’ll be glad to help more comments about testing this game on the console. Maybe i’ve a fucked up rip but whatever. Thanks again!

  48. Iksned said


  49. Rebel said

    Thanks for all your hard work, Gemini! The Mother 3 translation patch makes this week… one of the best weeks of my life. Other then that, I really need to get out more.

  50. Gimlianon said

    Once again, I wanna thank you for your work. Today is an epic day. Praise Gemini and Tom and Others! w00t!

  51. SE said

    Oh so i need a PS3 to play this?

    aww damn. I’m better of buying a import copy and moding my PS2 again.

    Or just wait but I’m not getting a PS3 til next year(new PC comes first) Hopefulyl this site will still have it^^

  52. zavlin said

    woooohoooo cheers!!
    quick question, whats a staff roll? is that the credit sequence at the end of the game?

  53. Thank you so much!!

  54. maya-nee said

    thank you very much Gemini!

  55. Baron Samedy said

    You really had me going there, you magnificent bastard.

  56. soundwave810 said

    wow… you actually had me going for a minute there.


    Thanks for releasing this.
    Thank you so much. :D

    (goes off to play Persona 2)

  57. Virnon said

    Awesome, but I guess I’ll have to check up on this ps2 modding thing, I don’t even know what it’s used for xD
    …and I knew you were just kidding, lol, but anyway, congratulations to both of you (Tom and Gemini) and to all beta testers. Thanks a lot =D.

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  59. anonymous said

    you can’t imagine how happy you made me :)


  60. A said

    Great work! You should really get payed for this accomplishment!!!

  61. MetRONom said

    THANK YOU AGAIN!!! *dies*

  62. beelzebub06660 said

    Thank you soo much Gemini and crew. this and Mother 3 in a few days too. I think i’m gonna have a heart attack.

  63. Zaru said

    Il suo nome è Jem *tanananananana*
    è un traduttore! *tananananana*
    Magico gayone! *tananananana*
    ed io lo amerò! *tanananananana*

  64. irriducibile87 said

    Grazie Gemini !!!


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  66. Vinny said

    Question: I’m not hearing any sound during the Atlus logo or during the games opening. Is this normal? First bit of sound I get is at the menu, and sound and music works fine in game.

  67. Spiritsoulx said

    Thank you so much Gemini!!!

    By the way, does anyone have a good PIC0 and PIC1 for the eboot on the PSP?

  68. Vinny said

    Nevermind, got it working by messing with the settings in the sound plug-in. If anyone else has the same problem, I pretty much just activated everything in SPUeternal.

  69. GG08 said

    hey how does this run on the old grey psx console? I won’t be able to play this yet sadly because I have a mac not a pc :(, but ty gemini and Tom and who ever else helped for all ur hard work

  70. Fenzon Senith said

    Thanks guys, I’ll be looking forward to playing this later (have to finish off Vagrant Story first).

  71. aett said

    Damn, I’m running this on my psp and the game glitched up and then froze on the first battle! The first time I tried to run the game, I could get the ATLUS title to show up but nothing else, so I switched popsloader to 3.51… which worked until the first battle.

  72. Vinny said

    Hey guys, ran into another problem. For some reason, Personas don’t show up in battle. Only thing I see is a bunch of multicolored boxes. Demons show up, characters show up, effects work, its just Personas are multicolored boxes. Anyone encounter this? I’ll screw around with the video settings and hope I find an answer. Using Pete’s D3D driver 1.76, if anyone else has a fix.

  73. james said

    i think i died and went to heaven! Thank you Gemini and Tom!!!

  74. james said

    i forgot, going off what Spiritsoulx asked, do either you, Gemini or Tom, or anyone else have files to make an eboot for the game when using it on the psp?

  75. Vinny said

    Man, this just ain’t my day! I saved in the city right after leaving Sumaru Prison, and when I went to load, it says my data is corrupted! Now I have to do the whole intro again?! Here’s my set up:
    ePSX 1.60
    Pete’s D3D Driver 1.76 for video
    Eternal SPU Plugin 1.41 for sound
    ePSXe CDR WNT/W2K core 1.5.2. for CDROM
    SCPH1000 for BIOS

  76. Arngrim said

    Thanks for the hard work. Now to find a copy of IS. >_>

  77. Arjuna said

    Gemini I had a question, is it normal for the game to crash/glitch out if you change the skins in the menu? I tried to change the menu skin to “Grid” but it bugged out. It’s fine without changing it though.

  78. Dhomochevsky said

    You absolute, cast-iron, chrome-plated magnificent bastard! You actually had me going there! Fuck!

    In any case, with regards to ePSXe 1.70, is the ending the only significant glitch, and if so, to what extent does it affect the game? If it’s only the end credits, that’s no real big deal, since I’m not likely to be indulging any NG+ shenanigans for a long time, if ever. Or is there a post-credits scene that this will screw me out of watching?

  79. Vinny said

    Update on the save thing. I started the game over and noticed I could save in the school. This time, the save works. Maybe it’s just that one point in the game you can’t save at? Or perhaps that one spot (outside Sumaru Prison?). Weird. Let me see if I can get the Personas working now…

  80. anonymous said

    Very nice work on this.

  81. Vinny said

    Here is how the Personas appear when I play:

    I saved stated here, and I’ve been messing with video settings to no avail.

  82. Jucksalbe said

    Great work. The translation seems to be very good as far as I got. But sadly there’s some sort of bug that destroys the whole thing for me. Whenever I try to save or load the whole menu becomes very slow (I’m talking about one frame per second max). It also doesn’t take any input anymore (one time it did, seems I hit the button at the right time).
    I’m playing it on a modified PSX. Any idea?

  83. Crombie The Zombie said


    I’m almost certain that’s a plugin problem, as I’ve had problems with plugin in the past.

    Try downloading the P.E.Op.S soft driver 1.18 plugin and see if it works with that.

  84. Ta-chan said

    the game’s working perfectly so far (inside sevens) even changing bg wallpaper & grid.

    The only problem i encountered so far is the save process. whenever i choose a memory card and the “Checking memory card” dialog appears ….the game goes ultra slow that i can see the next “SAVE” screen opening in multiple frames (few seconds between each frame)and then it just freezes when it opens completely (where you see the memory slots).

    But I can still cancel the process (hit X and go back to the game).

    I think it’s because i chose a very slow writing speed….but i don’t know.

    I’m playing on PSOne, created the image using X2 speed and a writing of X2 too (for both image and sound).

  85. Hailey said

    Thank you very much, to everyone who put their time and efforts into this project!
    I’m so happy about his!

  86. Vinny said

    Thanks, Crombie, that works. However, I’m having a pain configuring the game to the way I want it to. I want it to stretch to fit the window, but I don’t want it to “blur” the sprites, you know what I mean? With the other plug in, I could see each giant pixel, which is how I like it :) I’ll keep messing around with it.

  87. Tom (Translator) said

    Hmm. This may be a result of the custom patching format. I know that Gemini released a custom patcher to drastically reduce the size of the patch. Perhaps this caused some sort of glitch in the saving system, because none of the beta testers reported any of this stuff (but they were using the larger, ppf patches at the time).

    I think the smart thing to do is to wait until Gemini returns. I don’t think that changing your CD burning settings is going to help; you should probably save your blank CDs until Gemini comes to set things straight.

    Hang in there, folks. :)

  88. Vinny said

    Decided to go with Pete’s OpenGL2 Driver 2.9 since it gave me more options. Persona sprites show up! Now everything is running perfect and I can finally enjoy the game.

  89. Tatsuya Suou III said

    First of all, thank you SO much for this awesome awesome game. It has required hundreds of hours of hard work. I have Eternal Punishment, genuine game, but I have been waiting for your patch. And – I won’t say finally – now it’s here. I cried when the game started, I couldn’t help it. :)

    All is good, but I have that damn save bug too, it takes Forever to save and load game, but… oh well, maybe I’ll wait for the second patch. BTW, I am using PAL PSX with mod chip.

  90. SE said

    Wait can someone plz tell me..

    I can download for PC right? IF so what do I need?

  91. Setite said

    “I knew it, I KNEW IT. I knew I had to do the goddamn backups for all the work! Now there’s no more Innocent Sin translation sources left and I’m going to have to cancel the patch entirely. :(”
    The moment I entered I saw these words. Damn, I almost got a heart attack, I was sitting shaking and shivering >_<
    Gemini, that was MEAN XD

    Thank you very much for your great job! A thousand words is not enough… :-)

  92. Tatsuya Suou III said

    Sorry, me again.

    …and now I can’t load the game from title screen or submenu at all. Let’s hope the bigger patch will correct this. :o

  93. Vinny said

    OK, update on the save issue I’ve been having.
    First off, the first time my save was corrupted, it was when I was using my name for the main. Vincent Papaleo, nick was Vinny. Save was corrupted outside Sumaru Prison.
    Second time, I was just rushing through testing stuff, and I didn’t bother changing my name. Saved in school, everything fine.
    Now, third time, I’m playing through now that I fixed all video and sound bugs, changed my name to Vincent Papaleo, Vinny again, saved in school, and file is corrupted.
    What’s up? It doesn’t like my name? I guess the issue isn’t WHERE I’m saving, but WHO I’m saving? Luckily, save states work, but I’d prefer a normal save.

  94. Square711 said

    YHWH bless you, Gemini. ;__;

  95. Tom (Translator) said

    There is a flag assigned in the game which checks whether or not you’ve changed the name. (Certain lines in the game differ depending on whether or not you stayed with the default name…)

    I would assume that if there’s a glitch here, it must have to do with the flag not saving properly… If that’s the case, it’s not just your name… Any other name that differs from the default should trigger the same flaw.

    Name changes were done during beta testing, and never triggered this problem before. Again, I’ll have to leave it up to Gemini.

  96. Ta-chan said

    I’m playing through with all the defaults (name & nick) and still have the problem.

  97. Setite said

    Tom, how many hours have you put into this translation? Over 3 mb… Must be a hell of a work!
    For how many years have you been studying Japanese? My wife and I are about to start studying this language, is it going to be damn difficult?

  98. Atomechanical said

    YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! Thank you thank you!

  99. Vagiel said

    You have my thanks and my sincere gratitude.

  100. wanderofys said

    You’re a douche.

    I love you.

  101. wanderofys said

    Oh also, I was going to use an emulator, but if I can play this on my PS3 without a mod chip, I will certainly do that. Anyone know how PS3 compatibility is?

  102. Phil said

    Lousy, lousy sense of humor, Gemini. But you are my god nevertheless. Thanks to you and your team for all this work.
    Too bad I am already playing a RPG. I will have to finish it first before playing IS. Life is really a bitch (:

  103. oop said

    Does anyone know ? How to play in psp without freeze, i always freeze in the first battle

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  105. Satsuki said

    Oh goodness, I was frightened by the first few lines of this post.

    Thank you very much for your hard work, Tom and Gemini (et al)!

  106. Corrales said

    Actually came to discover that there was a P2:T patch in progress but a month ago, so I haven’t had much of a chance to comment on it all. But I can claim to officially be in love with you.

    Thank you.

  107. Zylo said

    This and Mother 3 in the same week. /heaven

    Btw not sure if this was asked but where will you announce your next project with Tom? I need to know where to check for it lol.

  108. Jockey said

    you are the man

  109. MetRONom said

    […] that has changed! Thanks to the incredible efforts by Gemeni, a fan made translation patch of Persona 2: Innocent Sin is now available! Contratulations to Gemeni for all his hard […]

    Gemeni xD

  110. konstantin said

    Oh, man! Thanks a lot from Russia! :) We there waiting this moment so long.
    Thanks, amazing work!

  111. Angryrider said

    Wow! Thank you Tsumi!
    And the patch is only 3MB? Fantastic.

  112. Fatih said

    Thank you very much for this patch. It is inspiring to see that you guys dedicated so much time and effort to this game. I will make sure to enjoy it :) Thank you!

  113. James said

    Oh, wow! Thanks so much for all of your hard work. I really appreciate all the effort you put into this. Can’t beleive that I can finally play the game after giving up on the paper based partial translation YEARS ago! Thanks!

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  115. Crescens said

    I really do appreciate your work, Tom and Gemini. Now I can finally play through it again without the need of a script. I played around an hour on my PSone and had no problems at all.

    Big THX from Germany for your AWESOME WORK!

  116. Killa B said

    You guys are awesome! :D

  117. ironjoe said

    Anyone having psp problems might want to try a thread I just opened on gamefaqs on the innocent sin board. I doubt gemini wants us to discuss it here. For the record I tried 3.51, 3.71 and 3.90 (all froze on the first battle and had terrible graphical glitches). I’m off to try 4.01 which I think is the latest firmware. Best of luck.

  118. Otter said

    Million thanxzez!

  119. callum said

    Thank you very much, dude. I finished EP AAAGGGEEES ago and din’t get much of what was going on but hoping that now I’m finally able to play IS in english I can get the rest of the story. I and everyone else on the planet into this series am very grateful for the work you’ve put in.

  120. Gemini said

    @Ironjoe: check the readme, it’s there for a reason. Anything before 4.00 doesn’t work with Innocent Sin.

  121. ironjoe said

    You’re right of course. 4.01 works perfectly. Though it did suddenly invert colors, like a negative effect, after saving in Seven High. One battle fixed it though. (I don’t care personally, just thought I would mention it. By no means am I asking you to fix it. I know its only meant to work on real hardware) I just wanted to confirm for those who missed it in the readme. My bad for not reading more thoroughly.

    And my god, this game is good. I haven’t enjoyed a soundtrack like this since Xenogears. Though the battle music is kinda repetitive. On the whole translation is smooth and natural sounding. Though perhaps I should be learning Cantonese instead of Mandarin. Lisa’s comments might make more sense.

  122. DarkCenobyte said

    Thank you very much! =D ,

    Congratulations to Gemini (and Tom) for the translation =)

  123. KrelianX said

    GEMINI! Awesome! xD Thank you so much!

    *goes to download the patch and screams “F*CK YES” aloud*

  124. thordis said

    i want to marry you! i love you! you are so perfect that i am sure you already got a girlfriend :(

  125. Suko said

    hahaha oh you almost gave me a good heart attack how mean =/ but great job IS in english is a great day that will mark forever the megaten community! Thank you sir and good bye for all the IS! Now just to know: will you close this blog someday or leave for posteriority? And when you shall announce the secrets projects now that IS is (weeeeeee) finished?Oh and have a nice rest you guys really deserves it! ^_^

  126. Harrison said

    Haha. You know, as I read the all is lost thing, before I expanded it, I had this gut feeling that you were yanking everyone. Nobody as talented as yourself makes such an amateurish mistake.

    Outstanding work dude. Both you and Tom and everybody who was involved. You’ve made a lot of people happy, myself included. Be proud man. You’re a god among most of us normal people. Tell the naysayers to go screw themselves :)

    Again, great job. If you run any more translation projects, I’ll be watching. You’ve yet to turn out anything that’s disappointing :D

  127. Keriaku said

    Not sure where the best place to put this is, but I might as well try here

    I’m playing on the PSP and I can’t even get the game to start.
    I can start up the game and get past the logos, but after the Atlus and R&D1 logos, the game just goes to a black screen and stays there. So I guess the game gets stuck when it tries to load the movie. I know it’s not frozen because I can still get to the Home menu and such when this happens.

    I’m using 4.01 M33-2 firmwire.

    Could anybody help me?

  128. TerraBreaker said

    Just got back from uni and saw the good news, after the pseudo-panic the first sentence brought on. Superb work from both Gemini & Tom as just a few months back the project seemed comatose and I’d pretty much given up on playing IS in english.
    Unfortunate thing is now I’m too busy at university to play the damn thing!

    Many thanks once again and I’ll be looking out for any future projects from you guys.

  129. nA said

    Thank you very much! You guys are AWESOME!!

  130. Nanjo said


    Hmm…what program are you using to make the EBOOT? I had a similar problem (with Eternal Punishment, actually) when I made the file using icetea, but it was fully resolved using popsloader. Used the same program for Innocent Sin, and so far it’s loading fine.

  131. Keriaku said

    I’m using PopstationGUI (PsGUI221beta)
    I guess I’ll try it with popsloader, thanks for the info.

  132. Keriaku said

    Thank you Nanjo!

    I used the PsGUI300beta instead of PsGUI221beta and now it’s working fine!
    You deserve many praises :D

  133. Shin Kazama said

    You’re the best, Thank you verrry much

  134. Izludicus said

    Working pretty well so far on the PSP.

    Thanks a bunch Gemini and Tom, you guys did a great job all these years.

  135. Toki said

    Wow, I’m so glad you released this after all!! ^^
    Gotta admit, you nearly had me there with the title & first paragraph… (shame on me)
    Thanks Gemini and Tom for all your hard work, and thanks to the beta testers too!!

  136. JJShadow said

    Izludicus, which firmware are you using to run the game in PSP?

    Very thanks for the translation! :)

  137. Gemini said

    For the guys having problems with saves on real hardware, I’ve just finished with a revision. I’m going to test it for a couple hours, just until I get to Zodiac, to make sure that it’s glitch free. I’d appreciate if you could wait until I’m done with it. :)

  138. PaulMorel said

    Weird… I didn’t have problem with saving, both with an emulator (epsxe 1.60) and a modded PSOne. But i didn’t change my name on the game. And to clarify: the game supports vibration and you can move the character with analog, but it acts as you were pushing buttons, so you have to press x to run even with the analog.

  139. Zero said

    I’m using the same firmware and the game plays fine for me, except that it freaks out whenever I save. Try using POPsLoader to load an older version of POPs. I started using that to load 3.71 and it fixed that problem.

  140. […] Persona 2 Innocent Sin Translation Blog […]

  141. Alexander said

    That title…so cruel… :)
    Awesome work, Gemini and Tom! I bought IS in 2001; I never thought I’d get the chance to play through this good old English. You have no idea how thankful I am.
    Between this and Mother 3 I’ll be busy until Christmas :)

  142. James said

    I realize you are getting a lot of posts, Gemini, but I do have a question I hope I can ask here. Does the patch work with my copy “Playstation the Best” release? I have made an image.img with CloneCD, but the patch comes back with an error “Incorrect CRC32 on sector 22”. Have I done something incorrectly? Thanks.

  143. Umaro W. Bigfoot said

    I say! Words cannot express my gratitude toward the individuals involved in this extensive undertaking. All I can say(other than the fact that I must now hunt for one willing and able to fix Revelations: Persona, and strike them in the cranium with a golf club once the translation is complete and they demand payment for services rendered) is that I feel I am eternally indebted to you kind workhorses.

  144. Thanks for all the hard work!! I haven’t test it yet, but once I do it, I’ll let you know! ;)

  145. Tatsuya Suou III said

    Wow, so the new patch is coming? Man, I have MOTHER3, Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne and IS. Those gonna keep m’ kinda busy days to come. :)

    Again, thank you so much – from Finland this time. :)

  146. Laronmi said

    I LOVE THE ENTIRE WORLD, but especially you two right now, Gemini and Tom. ❤ My little fangirl heart is filled with joy.

  147. Gemini said

    @James: if you got that error, than it means the patch is not compatible with the The Best print. Sorry, but there’s no solution to that and I own only the first print. Still, since you do legally own the original, you can just search for the ISO online. It’s your right to have a copy of the game, even if it sightly different. :)

  148. Hahahaohwow said

    Congratulations, you successfully kicked the ass of the entire internet. rofl.

    And thank you.

  149. Alice said

    Thank you so much for finishing and releasing this! This was really beyond awesome for you to do. The amount of effort and work you guys have put into this is really amazing and very much appreciated.

  150. Ta-chan said

    “I’d appreciate if you could wait until I’m done with it. :)”

    By all means Gemini tyt with it!

    This PSOne won’t be turned off until i get the revised version, I’m having a blast with this game (thanks to Tom’s well worded translation :)) and won’t mind at all redoing it again once a new version is out!

  151. Shalashaska said

    Hi there, it´s been a while since I posted here, howeverm I´do have been watching in silence.
    Thank you very much for this, I downloaded the patch and now I´m searching for the ISO, I´m very happy cause I finally got a chance to fully understand the PERSONA 2 story.

    Thanks Gemini, Tom,
    My best wishes to you people.

    Greetings and thanks from Chile


  152. Gemini said

    @Ta-chan: the only difference with the new version is the save/load fix, and one typo corrected. If the game works fine for you, just keep using the current version. v1.0a is supposed to be for those who had problems with the save errors, so it probably doesn’t apply to your case.

  153. Tom (Translator) said

    Setite: I don’t want to think about how many hours I put into it. Let’s just put it this way – many sleepless nights went into this translation. The script was huge, and there’s a reason the project only jumped about a percentage or two at a time.

    I started studying Japanese over ten years ago… Man, I guess now it’s more like fifteen years ago… Time sure flies… Ugh… Anyway, I think Japanese is easier than the other language I’ve studied (French and Russian) – aside from learning the kanji, which is an ongoing process.

    If you want to be able to speak it, you can become rather confident within one or two years… You’ll know “survival” Japanese, and if you studied hard enough, you may be able to take a trip to Japan. After that, you just build on what you already know, and start using more complex sentence structures and expanding your vocabulary. Reading is a lot tougher (but many of the newest videogames now have voice acting along with the text, which makes it so much easier to “read”).

    Good luck with your studies. :)

    To those who want to know what’s next: I can only say… Why are you worried about what’s next when you have one of the most incredible games to play right now? Heh heh!

    P.S. I’m glad to hear that so many people are pleased with the translation! I’m really happy to hear that!

  154. Ta-chan said


    Yeah I’m referring to the save/load glitch (i posted it earlier ^^). Oh and I’m waiting for the fix…but it seems that i just can’t stop playing >_>

  155. James said

    Thanks for the reply, Gemini. Not ideal, but I’ll see what I can find then. And thanks again for your outstanding work! I believe I’ll donate a little bit shortly to try to express my appreciation more tangibly. ;)

  156. Gemini said

    So, I got the VRAM error and the slowdowns fixed for good, but there’s still the fake corruption issue when you call Tatsuya with a full length name. I hope to get a fix out in the shortest time I can.

  157. Elio200 said

    haha thank you guys. This made my day. Now i just need to harass my cousin to give me back my modded PSX and I can start playing. Thanks again :D

  158. EvilRez said

    it is the best day of my life thx to you :) GREAT WORK GUYS!!! :)))

  159. Junpei said

    Nice work!!!!
    I played the game with the patch, ant all is wonderfull.
    I’d like ask one thing, have you new projects in mind?
    Tales of Destiny director’s cut is a nice try!
    It’s only a sugestion, thanks for listen-me

  160. Gemini said

    @Junpei: for the new project, I need a break for a while. I won’t be working on translations for a little, and I really want to continue with the development of my own game.

  161. Tatsuya Suou III said

    No worries, you have deserved your break. :) The translation (as what I read until my save bug acted up) is absolutely awesome. Too bad I can’t play the game until week after next, but when I get my hands on IS again, the PSX won’t be turned off in a while. :)

  162. brad said

    You are amazing. Thanks so much for this.

  163. Yami Blade said

    On behalf of all Shin Megami tensei and Persona fans, thank you.

  164. Tom (Translator) said

    If it’s any consolation, Tatsuya, I am working on a translation with a different hacker. The project is: Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Children (Ice Book) for the Gameboy Advance. The translation is about 75% complete, but it’s at a standstill now because my computer is giving me disk read errors.

    Once my computer is fixed, I’ll finish up the last of the text and I’ll work on some files for Gemini once he decides that he’s ready.

  165. Tatsuya Suou III said

    Hey, I have seen few episodes of DebiChiru-anime and the OP song is awesome at least. It’s pretty much like Pocket Monsters but with more cool monsters. :) Nice news indeed.

  166. LTSwordmaster said

    Awesome patch, I actually played Persona 2 EP up to the point where stuff starts to seriously talk about the events in Innocent Sin, so I was able to stop without spoiling anything and load IS to continue enjoying the plot. It is certainly one of the best examples of a good translation out of all the games I’ve played.

    As far as running on real hardware, I patched and burned my copy to play it in my PSX (NOT PSOne) and as soon as I got to Tatsuya’s name entry screen, the game started pausing every few seconds until I confirmed the name. It finally crashed completely when Hannya started to walk away from the bike afterwards.

    Important things to note: Used CDRWin to burn onto a Verbatim CD-R (read/wrote at slowest speed possible) & am using Breaker Pro 1.1 NTSC to swap into Innocent Sin. The game runs perfect (so far as I can tell) on my PC and my PSP…saves and all, but the PSX feezes. In short, is it a bug, or do I need to burn with anti-copy protection settings/get a new burning program?

  167. Kythlyn said

    Thanks Gemini. :)

  168. Junpei said


    your own game, Gemini?
    Are you serius?
    I think that’s great!
    Good lucky with your game(of course, i’d loved played when work!!xD). Some years i will enter in this “game market”(for me, more than market, a pleasure :-) )
    And thanks again for this persona, you and the other than envolved in this work!!!


  169. Baron Samedy said

    So I’m getting a “save file corrupted” message.

    Guess I can’t name Tatsuya Baron Samedy.


  170. Rad said

    I was so dissappointed when game frozen during the save in my PSX. I hope patch will help this.

    So, will it take too long to release v1.0a? Can we download it from the project page?

  171. J4M3Z said

    i been following your site lately and was waiting for the patch…I was almost destroyed to read the tittle and thought it was all lost….then ofcourse something told me to keep reading and YAY PATCH COMPLETE :D thx m8;)

  172. Vinny said

    Hey, Gemini, was wondering if when the save fix comes out, will I have to start the game over? I was using save states last night, and I’m back at the school, and I really don’t want to have to sit through the introduction scenes again.

  173. BulletProof said

    Had me a little nervous, very cool. Thanks a lot for all your hard work. This is unbelievable.

  174. Gemini said

    @Vinny: I think you can use a savestate to access the save menu and save a regular file, but then you’ll have to reset the emulator. Old savestates are not compatible with newer versions of the patch because the file allocation table is loaded only once at the beginning of the game and each patch has a different one.

  175. Vinny said

    Ah, I see. I’ll hold off on progressing until than.

  176. PaulMorel said

    Gemini, pete’s ogl2 has an option to upload all framebuffer acess (I don’t know what it means but it says that it’s to use when screens are missing) maybe it fixes the screens missing that you said it causes. And it’s a problem only with epsxe170 or it occurs with epsxe160 too?

  177. Constraint said

    Your the best. Seriously. Great job.

  178. NoOne said

    As far as running on real hardware, I patched and burned my copy to play it in my PSX (NOT PSOne) and as soon as I got to Tatsuya’s name entry screen, the game started pausing every few seconds

    i’m playing on a real PSX too and i have this problem too when i try to make a save… i have to wait like 2 minutes and mash O like crazy to have it work!

  179. Gemini said

    @NoOne: I think you did something wrong. I tested the game for over 2 hours this afternoon, and the first error was not there. As for the second one, it will be fixed with v1.0a, which will be released as soon as I’m done with the fake corruption issue.

  180. Killa B said

    I made some Eboot images.



    Since I can’t preview, I just hope those tags show up right. :P

    Extra keywords (For Ctrl+F): PSP, POPS, theme

  181. Lionell said

    This is my first time posting here and I just wanted to express my thanks.
    I appreciate the time and effort that must’ve gone into this project, and the frustration in dealing with haters.
    Nonetheless thanks

  182. Gemini said

    My eboot icons are here:

  183. NoOne said

    i was just quoting LTSwordMaster everything went fine when naming tatsuya (altough i keep the default name) anything we can do as a workaround in the meanwhile? should i be scared to cause some damage to my PSX? last time i saved when the save finaly finished the graphic just glitched and everything went into green and purple color O_o

  184. NoOne said

    oh also not sure i should ask you but i’ll try anyway… eternal punishment had tons of retarded & missable secret… do you have a list of stuff like that?

  185. Allesthar said

    Like all people here I would like to thank you both Gemini and Tom for the great work.

    I’m one of the players having “save issues” playing on a Playstation (PSOne actually) hope you can find a way to solve this soon :)

    @ Gemini As for your next project I heard something from my best friend Borgor … :p

  186. Pato said

    I’ve been playing for about 3 hours now, using ePSXe 1.60 with Pete’s opengl2 plugin (with AA shaders, the game looks soooo good with the shaders). No problem so far, translation is perfect, no freezes, no slowdowns, everything is perfect so far.
    I hope that playing on the emulator i don’t run into the saving problems. But i saved tons of times (about 20 i think) in different parts and no problems.

    ps: i tought Ekichi was gay, but now i see he’s not =P

  187. shadowstalker345 said

    Thank you Gemini^_^

  188. Gemini said

    The corruption issue was fixed. For some reason it was still thinking with the Japanese system. Weird shit, but hopefully it’s the last thing that needed to be fixed. Patch coming as soon as I’m done with the new typo reports. I’ve also got to write a new part of the readme about the The Best print.

    @Allesthar: yes, that’s the next translation project. Now be a good boy and continue keeping the secret as such. :p

  189. killa5k7 said

    Dumb ?…can I apply this patch to my burned copy then play it in my ps3? After I burned the patch iso?

  190. Gemini said

    I doubt you can run non original software on your Ps3.

  191. Allesthar said

    @Gemini Don’t worry I will ;)

  192. talesofFTW said

    hi gemini thanks for all you, and the translation team’s hard work. I applied the patch to an iso, and converted that to a eboot, and it loads fine until the atlus logo, and then goes black. Im running on 4.01 m33 custom firmware , and i dont know what im doing wrong. any help will be greatly appreciated. thanks!

  193. whiteKIWI said

    Thank you so much!! Danke, danke, danke!!!

  194. JR said

    dam i got the same problem, when i was using 3.71 the game crashed during the first battle scene so I upgraded to 4.01-M33-2 but now the screen turns black after the dev-1 team logo :S pls help I really want to play this game

  195. talesofFTW said

    yes well its nice to see im not the only one with the problem. im also at 4.01m33-2 and it just blacks out after atlus logo. ive tried running 1.50 kernel from the re. menu but had no luck. Anyone have answers? thanks

  196. Gemini said

    Use Simple Popstation GUI 3.0 Beta. That’s what I use for my eboot and it does its dirty work flawlessly.

  197. kondif said

    thanks you! i had played persona revelations when i was 14 years old and loved it. now i get to play persona 2 in its entirety.

  198. JR said

    PsGUI300beta google this if u have problems with it on psp :D it works flawless now.

    thnx keriaku :P (posted it on the forum) en gemini

  199. talesofFTW said

    ahh recreated the eboot using the psgui300beta (i was using an outdated version) and now i get to play PS:Is in all its new found understandable glory. i owe you 30000000 gemini

  200. Erik said

    My only problem is that in the first battle, the text and sprites become garbled. Im using a 4.01 m33-1 psp.

  201. Alcahest said

    Superb work!
    Thanks for your time and dedication to this project. ;)

  202. Tony said

    Dude! You have gained God status!

    Thanks a bunch for this!!!


  203. LTSwordmaster said

    I’m running the latest M33 CFW on my PSP and I have not had any issues so far with running Innocent Sin. I *did* encounter the black screen issue, but only when I was playing around with compressing the .PBP and switching icons – I fixed it by converting my disc image again & it fixed it. Am using the latest PSX2PSP to convert.

    >NoOne…since it seems we are having the same issue, I’d like to know – is your game freezing as Hannya walks away? What are you using to boot your copy, and how did you go about burning it?

    >Gemini – I have a breakdown of the issue we are encountering in post #166.

  204. Zero said

    The day is finally here, just intime for my 16hour coach journey too, woot.

    Thank you everyone who participated in the making of this patch, especially Gemini and Tom, I don’t think i can thank you all enough. :D Hip hip hooraayy for you all. :3

  205. NoOne said

    LTS – uh no i’m not having that issue… ^_^’ i’m having issue over saves but it seems it was already know,anyway i’m using a real PSX

  206. talesofFTW said

    hey out of curiosity, what screen mode are you guys using on your psp? im torn between zoom and full

  207. LTSwordmaster said

    >NoOne – I think I see what you were saying, the same symptom is happening, just on the save screen and not name entry?

    I don’t know if my issue is related to the saving system at all – I never got to a point that allowed saving before the game froze.

  208. Tatsuya Suou III said

    Is this some kind of conspiracy? Now we have Lennus II-translation as well! (an RPG for SNES, a sequel to Paladins Quest if you did not know). MOTHER3, IS, Lennus II… what next… Dragon Quest III Remake for SNES? This has been h3ll of a day for gamers!

  209. […] All is lost… I knew it, I KNEW IT. I knew I had to do the goddamn backups for all the work! Now there’s no more Innocent Sin […] […]

  210. […] on his own site, he’ll of course not admit outside influence, and is in fact pretending it was all a joke, but we know the obvious truth here. […]

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