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Pankekku, EAT!

Posted by Gemini on September 8, 2008


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  1. Chrysolite said

    Congratulations, and thank you!

  2. Chris8282 said



  3. Chris8282 said

    Sorry about the out-of-box text.. I thought it would wrap around :(

    EDIT by Gemini: Fixed. :0

  4. Katt006 said

    Wow, thanks so much!

    I just bought P2:Eternal Punishment from Amazon yesterday for $170 AU. I have a US console I can play it on… but I don’t like the idea of missing out on the first half of the story. I guess that means I’ll need to try buying a japanese version of the game and ripping the ISO or downloading a ROM/ISO from somewhere…

  5. steel said

    Good, i’m now playing Persona:Revelations and is a very good game. I hope this one will be even better.

    Thanks for your work :)

  6. Chrono256 said

    Fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap.

  7. Square711 said

    YHVH bless you, gemini. For all you’ve done for us IS fans… and for your update titles. I just love them.

    October 15… I’ll try to hold my tears of IS fanboyness till then, but… it’s gonna be hard. It’s so close, yet so far away ;__;

  8. Chris8282 said

    Now, that we have a date, the time from now until the release will feel longer than from now back to the first time I heard about this.

  9. tapioca said

    release date get! ;o

  10. Blazingluke said

    YAY!!!!!!! Good work guys!

  11. Redlupine said

    now I can die happy

  12. Watanuki said

    wow…thanks Gemini and Tom…really…

  13. Suko said

    HOLY SCOOP!!!!! but how I’m going yo live until that day? maybe if I do what cartman did…but I don’t want to go to a future without videogames =/ oh well will try to wait…

  14. Tatsuya suou said

    This is Really so good *.* thaaaaaaanks

  15. launder said

    Rock on Gemini and company!
    I have never in my life been so enthusiastic about a project. Thank you so much for granting our wish here in America(and i mean the continent)and the world. This will be released in Italian too right?
    Again, thank you!

  16. Kari said

    Yes! Thank you, and good work!

  17. Gimlianon said

    I my be one of the anonymous internet masses that frequent this site, however, I want to thank you anyways. The blood, sweat, and tears you guys have put into this translation project is epic. I can’t thank you enough. You have made a hell of a lot of people ridiculously happy with the completion of this massive hack. Once again, thanks, and congratulations, you’re finally done! Make way for the postpartum depression. :P

  18. Andrigaar said

    So soon? Quick beta testing phase.

  19. james said

    I think I died and went to heaven. I love you Gemini and Tom!

  20. ironjoe said

    Fantastic old boy! Thank you for giving us an update and ensuring you won’t be asked about when it will be done. I’m certainly looking forward to it, and best of luck with the home stretch. YAAAAH!!!!!!!

  21. seeqmii said

    Good work!

  22. Kroni said

    This will be the awesome to counteract Persona 4’s gayness.

  23. Lila said

    I can wait. I can wait. I can wait. I can wait.

    …Okay, no I can’t. So soon, and yet so far away…

    Great job, guys. I can’t *wait* for the release date~!


  24. Skanet said

    Thanku VERY Mhuch !

  25. em said

    oh, yay!

    Congrats to the team, and thank you so much for your hard work!!!

  26. Morzas said


  27. Breakman said

    *Fangirl squeels* That certainly is awesome news. :3

  28. ryoko126 said

    YES! I’m SO happy to see those words!!!! THANK YOU!

  29. Liraman said

    Yay ! you make my day.

    this was a stressful and horrible day all long for me until now.

    Does this means that the beta testing has begun?

    I hope the testers didn’t find any bugs or typos , and they arent nitpicking.

    Awesome indeed , Congratulations.

  30. Datenshi Eligor said

    OMG, It’s a dream come true. THANK YOU.

  31. seamus ignoramus said

    Wow! Gemini and Tom! You both kick demon butt. Many praises.

  32. I love you in a totally homosexual way.

  33. InNOcent said

    Great work, thank you guys!!! This is the biggest thing since the birth of SNES emulators.

    You are grrreeeeaaat!!!

  34. Daroth said

    You guys\girls are the best!

  35. Jean said

    Oh man a day after my birthday I LOVE YOU ;__;

  36. viewtifulsub said

    Congrats Gemini/Tom.

    Mid-Late October is going to be such an awesome month with the IS patch and the english release of Suda51’s Flower, Sun, & Rain.

    Glad i donated to the projects. Good luck with the remaining beta testing

  37. AlexY said

    I will so need to shower you with candy one day.

    *hugs Gemini, Tom and the rest of the team*

    @Viewtifulsub: Flower, Sun & Rain is getting an ENGLISH RELEASE!? WHAT!? 80

  38. Andresito said

    Thank you very much gentlemen. I’ve linked this great news on my spanish videogame’s blog.

  39. Sidney said

    thank you!!!!!!!!

  40. Jams said

    Great Job guys, and THANK YOU VERY MUCH. I can’t imagine how much work you put into this, and you should be very proud of yourselves.

  41. Yeah said

    Finally! Thanks, we all appreciate your efforts ^^

  42. Deskawa said

    Yeeeeeek, can’t wait!

  43. viewtifulsub said


    An European release was announced a while back, to be distributed by Rising Star Games. Its due in October sometime (apparently early Oct).
    Heres the english trailer for it:

    Good to see another Suda51 fan here

  44. Killa B said

    You have no idea how awesome that is! October 15th is the day before my birthday, so the release is basically a really awesome present for me!

    This might sound like sucking up, but Gemini, I think you’re the best hacker around. I kinda look up to you–I wish someday I could complete a project as crazy as this one.

    And now I can go to school happy today. :D

  45. Dexter said


    You really did an AWESOME work!!!!

    Thanks to your effort a lot of player will be able to enjoy INNOCENT SIN!!!!

    You really ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Chris8282 said

    Nothing like a release date to motivate some lurkers into posting :D

  47. Chris8282 said

    I have now posted topics about this everywhere I know Persona/SMT fans are… I gotta get 200,000 hits before the release :D

    Hopefully, my accounts on GameFAQs won’t get banned for this like my last 2 did :(

  48. Elly said

    DAMN GUY YOU’RE AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Congratulations!!!! Not only to the ones, who used to wait. To the one who used to work so hard on this too!!! I really love you. <3

  49. citizen zero said


  50. Zylo said

    Very hot =) This and potentially Mother 3 translation in the next month or two too. So much anticipation hehe.

  51. TerraBreaker said

    Superb work, counting down the days now & looking forward to seeing some of your hacks… or should I say “code revisions” in action :)

  52. Z2488 said

    Nice! I can’t wait for this. Around October 15 my friends will probably suddenly wonder why I’m never around anymore…..

    Any news on how the hacked version plays on the PSP?

  53. This day should become a national holiday world wide. Thank you so very much

  54. Eric said

    “I love you in a totally homosexual way.”


  55. Mat said

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh you made it !!!!!!!!!!!!

    (you can’t imagine what i ‘m doing ^^)

  56. Mat@ God, I hope it’s not what we all think it is.

  57. Gemini said

    I hope he’s donating money!
    /me throws confetti around the blog

  58. Phoenix said

    Vai gemmo vai!!!!

  59. Efop said

    A thousand thanks. Always wanted to play this and never understood why Atlus never released it considering the popularity of the series.

  60. Arngrim said

    Whee! *dances like a girl* Erm… perhaps that was too much. Then again, for P2:IS, nothing is too much. *dances like an elf*

  61. Gemini, how can we not love your subtle money allusions? XD

    But yeah, hacker can’t be in the gravy so it’s no surprise that you want every damn penny. Tough luck that I still don’t have a way to use PayPal (and yeah, I broke right now ;p).

    Anyway, here’s an alternate pankekku:

  62. Darkwes said

    Can’t wait to play this gem!

    Congrats to all the team, specially to gemini and tom who made this happen =)

    *Just soul hackers will remain in my wishlist after this =/

  63. Gemini said

    But… But… There’s no Jun in there. :( I know what you will reply, but please don’t (SPOILER ALARM!!). I mean, that Jun. :P

  64. If there’s Tatsuya and Eikichi there, everything is just fine. ^^

    Darkwes@ The most ironic thing about Soul Hackers translation is the fact the translation is done. I don’t know wtf Aeon Genesis is doing… Maybe that small problems he wrote about turned to be not that small (considering ATLUS JP programming)…

  65. *Gideon Zhi from Aeon Genesis

    Fuck wordpress and its lack of comments editioning.

  66. Darkwes said

    It’s done? o.O
    damn hell, why this guys don’t finish it already? x__x
    *Yeah, I know it’s probably the damn programming f* all the job… I’m still hoping they finish before I die xD

  67. drivershigh said

    Thank you and congratulations.

  68. Josh said

    Well, there goes my October :)~

    :prostrates himself before God and Tom:

  69. dani said

    yayyyyy :D

    Congrats guys- I can’t wait to play ^-^

  70. nameless said

    I really thank you.
    Nice work.
    You made me so happy.

  71. Radlum said

    Wow…I didn’t think this day would come (not because I didn’t believe in the project; I mean that I never thought I’ll be able to play P2 IS in english). Thanks for everything and congratulations

  72. zavlin said

    wooohoo a release date!!!!

  73. Atoli said


  74. Robbie said

    Awesome~! :D

  75. Tom (Translator) said

    The beta testers have been doing a fantastic job. I want to thank them for all that they’ve done so far. They are the unsung heroes at this stage in the game. Keep it up!

    October 15th will be here before you know it. :)

  76. KageRyu said

    Wow! I was searching for the Innocent Sin walkthrough and I found this! This is awesome! How long did it take for you guys to translate this game?

  77. Joseph said

    The patch is coming october 15 2008? That is REALLY GREAT NEWS!!! The people that had worked on this project are VERY GREATLY APPRECIATED, I am not sucking up or anything like that but I can only imagine all the hard work, time and amazing effort you people put into this project, like going through and fixing all that garbled programming mess that was in the original game(the Japanese version of Personna 2: Innocent Sin) and you were thorough about it, and the end result was a better version than the original(from what I had read in previous update posts) and a VERY BIG THANKS, MUCH DESERVED GRATITUDE and APPRECIATION from everyone.

  78. Z2488 said

    Morzas Says:
    September 9, 2008 at 4:24 am


    Didn’t even notice this before. :P Anybody else who gets the reference, I love you for the wonderfully twisted person you are.

  79. Patrick said


  80. Gabriel said

    You know, 6 years ago I never would’ve imagined a translation of this game would happen. At least not to completion. Good work!

  81. Gemini said

    @KageRyu: It started in August 2006, but it has been worked for about 8 months, if not less. My memories about this project are slowly fading away.

    @Z2488: I didn’t get it. :0

    @Patrick: It’s right on the left of this page. :p

  82. Shalashaska said

    thanks for all the hard work.
    Really, thank you.

    I´m been waiting for nearly a year, I now I can still wait =D

  83. Vaitylos said

    October 15 happens to be my birthday!..
    Talk about coincidences.

    Congrats on completing this much-expected project, Gemini & co!;)

  84. Yeah, I was hoping for October 6, which happens to by me birthday. But Gemini just won’t show any love. :cry:

  85. DarkCenobyte said

    Congratulations and thank you for the translation of the best Atlus RPG :)

  86. Ta-chan said

    Whose osmond..? <_<
    and what’s this Rumors Co. ?? @_@

  87. maya-nee said

    As an avid fan of Innocent Sin and you Gemini, I would like to conratulate you for the job well done!

  88. KrelianX said

    Nice! Can’t wait for this one :D Thanks so much translating this game.

  89. Rex said

    cool a release date at last ^__^ so now do we get to find out about the secret projects O.o?

  90. Chris8282 said

    I’m not sure but isn’t the “AWRIIIIIIGHT” a reference to Persona 3?

  91. Baron Samedy said

    When I saw this, I yelled for joy.

    The people in my school cafe are looking at me weirdly now.

  92. Make sure to download the actual patch in private.

  93. Chris8282 said


  94. darkbubble said

    Great news! Thanks for all of your hard work, Gemini and Tom! And thanks to the beta testers as well! I was afraid that beta testing with a game like this would stretch the release date towards the end of the year. After nearly a decade, the game is within reach!

  95. Chris8282 said

    Wow.. “IPS Driver error” :D:D:D (Take will know what I’m talking about.)

    Never mind about my “Why?” .. Apparently, I was having internet difficulties before…

  96. fei said

    Ok i’m not really good with hacking,patching and such so can someone make a guide on it?

    I’ve got P2:IS ISO.

  97. […] Οfficial Project Site : […]

  98. neuton said

    Wow congratz on all the hard work Gemini, and good luck to all the testers…lets hope that there is no to very little bugs in the patch.

    Can’t wait to try it out.

  99. I highly doubt there will be much to fix, aside from typographical errors (but Tom probably fixed most of them already).

  100. Chris8282 said

    With the length of the beta in consideration, I doubt Gemini was far off from perfection when he chose his beta-ers

  101. Dubious guy said

    Are these optional enhancements at the progress page, or are they scrapped or scheduled for a later time? The one about savegames, and soft reset, don’t seem enormously useful for me, but the black joker and Set would be interesting no?

    # Find a way to make translated saves compatible with the not hacked IS (they make the game freeze when it tries to display Tatsuya’s name/surname/nick);
    # Implement Eternal Punishment’s “Set” option for fusion spells;
    # Implement a soft-reset shortcut;
    # Add the black Joker as a new Persona.

  102. Arumoon said

    Thanks so much Gemini.
    You is my hero! *_*

  103. Optional enhancements can make theri appearance in 1.1 patch, or something. For now, just forget about them.

    Personally, I don’t care about that stuff at all.

  104. Morzas said

    I’m not sure but isn’t the “AWRIIIIIIGHT” a reference to Persona 3?

    Not even close. :P

  105. To Destination said

    Thanks for your hard work! This is awesome news!

  106. KageRyu said

    I totally admire your dedication to this daunting task but you have made mine as well as all other Persona II fans’ dreams come true. I sincerely thank you guys.

  107. Gemini said

    @Dubious guy: they are called optional because they won’t necessarily be part of the patch. They are just an idea of mine, and some of them will probably be implemented in v1.1 if I don’t have the time to program them all during beta testing. My priority now is to fix all the bugs still left and work on the custom patcher (which will probably take me 3~4 days) to reduce the patch size (which is currently 94 MB using PPF, 39 MB compressed with RAR X_x).

  108. Lynne said

    Thank you so much! *flails happily in the corner, ignore the fangirling*

  109. Sir Frosty said

    I LOVE YOU ♥ <3 ♥
    in a way to intimate to mention here :D

  110. Rayenara said

    Thank you so much for all the work you put in this. October can’t come soon enough.

  111. Gokuroro said

    @Gemini: I don’t really know about patchers and stuff, but for Soma Bringer (DS) translation patch, Darth Nemesis has used xdelta3. Maybe that is a good option? Well, if you didn’t know about it, it’s a new tool for you to take a look at.
    As always, great work.
    *still hoping for the next translations to be Phantasy Star: generations (1 and 2?)*

  112. Belcamus said

    OMFG…Can’t believe it…Thanks so much guys, such a great work and effort…What you guys made for Persona’s fans is priceless…

  113. Gemini said

    @Gokuroro: I doubt xdelta will do any good to this project. And no, next project is not gonna be a Phantasy Star.

  114. Bakke said

    Nice work Gemini. You’ve finally unveiled the true colors of Persona 2 for the non-japanese ppl haha

    It would be a pleasure to finish this translation, even if I did it on the american version which was horrible.

    <3 bud

  115. Slowdive said

    This is the end, my only friend… The End!

    Congratulations. I am very happy to see such great work in Its end. To bad that It will not be my first time through the game. But hey will be the very first time for lots of people in the world, sounds great, huh?

  116. It’s the beginning. Or rather – it will be. For now, it’s a hibernation state.

  117. Rheorl said

    I love you man, i really love you and all the awesome work you did we are all in debt with you. Thank you

  118. Chris8282 said

    “Not even close. :P”

    Actually it is. It may not be what it is.. But, it is close.. Considering they say that all the way through the game just like that.

    Don’t be so rude.

  119. Chris8282 said

    “And no, next project is not gonna be a Phantasy Star.”


    Can’t say I didn’t expect it though.

  120. Another person loving Gemini. Seriously, he’s sesxyness is now OVER NINE THOUSAAAAANDD!!!!!!!!

  121. aya valentine said

    My rabbit Ralph says thanx.

    I say something like, “Word. All that work- if I have any cash left after giving my friend his present, I’ll send some your way.”

  122. Redlupine said

    and the good news keeps coming, look people

    The Shin Megami Tensei MMO: Imagine is coming stateside

    I’ve heard its not that good, but I still want to try it out

  123. OMFG, I was praying for this! First and only MMO I might play!

  124. Chris8282 said

    I hope there are private servers someday .. But, this probably won’t be too popular so probably not :(

  125. Gush said

    THANK YOU!!!!!!
    I just love you now ;-;



  126. Gush said

    Chris8282 Says:
    September 11, 2008 at 10:40 pm

    I hope there are private servers someday .. But, this probably won’t be too popular so probably not :(

    Aeria games are free to play, lets pray that they keep this way with imagine =P

  127. Tom (Translator) said

    I would like an online Megami Tensei RPG where you are not playing as an avatar, but you play as “you”… You’re the one using the computer to summon and order demons to accomplish secret missions in the “real” present-day world. You’re linked with other “summoners” through the net, but you are only linked through a hub. You don’t play as a seperate character.

    You would get in-game “e-mails” from fictitious characters (and from real players as well) and have to join up with others to take down the bigger mythological angels/demons.

    You could fuse and trade… Form and break alliances… Perhaps making an alliance with a player of an opposing alignment would drastically weaken your demons, or make them disobey you…

    The lunar phase could be based on the real-world lunar phase… They could add a lot of cool tricks with something like this. Of course, they’d never make a game like that.

  128. Imagine is free to play but the game has microtransactions.

    BTW – I’ve just beaten Satan in DSS2 with my own tactics and I feel great. :P

  129. *DDS2

    God, what’s wrong with not allowing registred members to edit their posts? Fuck you, wordpress, just fuck you. :casts Reincarnate:

  130. Chris8282 said

    Hmm… Free 2 Play.. Wow… I haven’t seen much of that from Eastern Retail MMOs..

    Anyways.. I hope the servers stay up longer than most Eastern servers do over here :D

  131. Chris8282 said

    “God, what’s wrong with not allowing registred members to edit their posts? Fuck you, wordpress, just fuck you. :casts Reincarnate:”

    I share this sentiment …

  132. heiro001 said

    A million thank you’s to Gemini and everyone else who has helped make this a reality!

  133. Valtz said


    All things considered you were able to release this in a very short amount of time.

  134. Einishi said

    Thank you so much, at least i’ll can
    play this saga ^^.
    Ja ne!!

  135. Jams said

    This probably isn’t the best place to ask, but how is the patch going to work, exactly? The most experiance I’ve had with patching games was using a translation patch on the original SMT game.

  136. Rex said

    Next project must be Super robot taisen I always wanted to play those.

  137. Gemini said

    *Pin pon* WROOOOOOOOONG. I’ve got near to nihil interest in SRPGs, and I always hated giant robots (except for Armored Core and Front Mission 3).

  138. Myre said

    Moon? *crosses fingers*

  139. Gemini said

    Somebody is already working on that.

  140. Myre said

    Wow, I didn’t know someone started working on it. I hope he finishes even though he seems pretty pessimistic on his site.

    Anyway, back on topic….P2:IS Wooohooo! Gemini is credit to team!

  141. Elio200 said

    @ Chris8282: What’s your gamefaq account?
    I’ve seen a topic made about this translation having ended on the P4 board, his account’s Emperorlassic.

    And thank you Gemini and Tom for giving us a proper release date :D

  142. Chris8282 said

    I’ve got hundreds of them (literally) and, yes, that is one of them. It’s my lesser used one that I made when I was on my Phantasy Star kick…I don’t like the name, and I never use it so that’s why I used it to make that topic. I couldn’t care less if it gets banned like the others.

  143. Laronmi said

    I love you two so much for this.

  144. beelzebub06660 said

    Thank you for this,I know it must have been such hard work. I know that the true fans truly appreciate what you guys have done.

  145. vanderlei bastelli said




  147. Yama said

    Great work. Though I’ve never commented I’ve been following the blog since day one. I appreciate the time and effort the both of you have put into this project, it is great to see true quality versus the rush job that so many others do.

    I play Persona 2 Tsumi on my Japanese PlayStation or PlayStation 2, so I’ll have to work out a way to play CD-R’s and apply the patch, etc. Well worth the small effort for something this big however.

  148. Lycanthroat said

    I was looking around Popstation Imagepacks and saw a new ICON0 and PIC1 for Persona 2 Innocent Sin (it has it’s own slot now?) posted by Gemini. I’m looking forward to playing this on PSP :D

    Thanks so much Tom and Gemini ^^ Wow two Persona games in one year – Innocent Sin and a certain 9th December release….

  149. Chris8282 said

    “I love you two so much for this.”

    I love you too, sweetie!

  150. Tasneem Uddin said

    Nice work matey, you deserve the credit! But yeah, why a one month wait?

  151. Chris8282 said

    Obviously, he has a few things to finish up even though from what we’ve heard. The translation/hacking itself is pretty much done with MAYBE a few things left.. Now, he just needs to do the patch itself.

  152. Chris8282 said

    Also, giving a release date adds a lot to the hype for people who haven’t been following this for years/months/weeks.

  153. Rutt said

    I..I think my heart just stopped working. There, good again.
    THANK YOU GUYS!!! You’re awesome, I love you, I love youuuuuuuuu TT__TT!! Now I’m gonna play Persona 1 again for the 300th time until the 15th of October! Awesome..AWESOME! and then only about two months later, Persona 4 will be released. I’m in heaven, seriously XD. Anyway, thanks to you guys again and again!! Thank you SO much for your hard work.

  154. Andrew said

    You ahve no idea how insanely happy seeing that graphic makes me. Oct. 15th can’t come soon enough.

  155. Elio200 said

    “Thanks so much Tom and Gemini ^^ Wow two Persona games in one year – Innocent Sin and a certain 9th December release….”

    you forgot FES that was released in the beginning of 2008. So that’s 3 persona games in one year.

  156. Come on, FES is old. P4 is really a 2008 game.

  157. Johnny Awesome said

    Thank you. You’ve just made my decade.

  158. Shin Kazama said

    Thank you very much for all of your pain, stress, and sacrifice for all of us !!!

  159. Chris8282 said

    “Come on, FES is old. P4 is really a 2008 game.”

    Oldies are goodies. Also, Persona 4 is hardly a 2008 game :D More like… 2004.. That’s being generous. But, I’ll still love it!

  160. It came out in 2008 and that’s what I meant. So, it’s only one Persona game that came out this year. But this is just nitpicking.

    Anyway, it really is very fortunate that this patch comes out ~month before US Persona 4. Most people will get P4 right after finishing with IS. That being said, I’d still prefer to play IS in English right… about… now… :P

  161. persona said

    can’t believe my eyes…
    good job gemini
    thank you Gemini
    thank you Shivalva
    thank you Cidsa
    thank you mumei
    thank you Oyster

  162. Zero said

    In europe, both Persona 3 AND Fes is being released this year here, although having said that we aren’t getting 4(Well, i am, because i’m importing, sod waiting another year for it to make it’s way to europe) this year so i suppose the count is still at 3. xD

    Eitherway Congratulations and Thank you Gemni and Tom for completing it! Now we can all enjoy the awesomeness what is P2 Innocent Sin. :D

    I’m also looking forward to be able to put it on my psp and be able to play it out and about. :P

  163. Chris8282 said

    “It came out in 2008 and that’s what I meant. So, it’s only one Persona game that came out this year. But this is just nitpicking.”

    So.. Again.. By your logic, FES is a 2008. When it was made in Japan doesn’t matter. Just like the date Persona 2 came out in Japan doesn’t matter. Persona 2: Innocent Sin is being release on October 15, 2008 which will go down as one of the *tear* greatest moments in human history.

  164. Lycanthroat said

    I guess Persona 3 FES counts as a 2008 release, but I assumed most people here have played that now (I sure have ^^). Mara is the best Persona ever and he’s in 4….kekeke.

    Seriously, I was gonna get a PS3 for Xmas but to be honest, it’s been pretty disappointing. Instead, I’m gonna settle for Innocent Sin, Persona 4 and Star Ocean First Departure. That’ll keep me going for a year.

    Thanks again Tom and Gemini – when I get my loan, I shall give some shinies.

  165. Chris8282 said

    If you’re a JRPG fan, I actually recommend the Xbox 360 over the PS3 about 3 to 1 :D

  166. Keriaku said

    Wow, congrats guys.

  167. It fucking matters when it came out in Japan. I’m talking about a truly new Persona game – a game that came this year. So technically, there’s only one new Persona game this year. If someone want’s to count every Persona release in 2K8, there’d P4 in Japan, FES in US, P3 and FES in Europe, P4 in USA and IS as a patch. An obivous thing so I don’t really unerstand why some people insist on making a big deal out of this.

  168. jacks said

    stop being an ass. everyone is excited, thats all.

  169. Yeah, as if I wasn’t excited…

  170. Chris8282 said

    Wow, Take, you really should check your attitude at the door when you come into this blog. Where did that cussing come from?

    For the Americans/English-speaking world Persona 3: FES is a 2008 game. For Japanese people, its a 2007 game. Likewise, Persona 2 for English-only people is a 2008 game. For Europeans, Persona 3 is a 2008 game.. et cetera..

    If you don’t speak Japanese and have no way of playing those games do those releases really count for you? If so, why do people say such and such game was released in XXXX, when in Japan it was released in XXXX? See where I’m going? Grandia, for example, was released in 1999 in America, But 1997 in Japan. People in the regions where it came out in 1999 call it a 9 year old game.. Not 11 years…

    Simple logic. Are you satisfied or shall we argue more about semantics? .. You’re the one making a big deal; not me.

  171. Your simple logic fail because you don’t read with understanding, as always.

    And my attitude is perfectly fine, mister TEH MIRROR. Try demonizing someone ele.

  172. Chris8282 said

    As if you were trying to prove my point, here you come with your attitude again… This is a blog, Take, incase you didn’t notice.. Show more respect to Gemini and Tom. This is HIGHLY disrespectful. This is for thanks, not flaming. Gemini please delete that, and delete this too while you’re at it, if you wish. This has no business here.

    I know what you are saying, but you don’t know what I’m saying.. Like I said, it’s all semantics meaning it’s all perspective. Neither of us is wrong. It just depends on which way you look at it.. Hence, the term semantics. Understand?

    How am I demonizing you? Is your paranoia kicking in again? Forget your pills? All I did was state blatantly obvious facts.. But, obviously, my entire purpose was to attack your ePersona.

    Just drop it.. There’s no reason for childishness.

  173. Chris8282 said

    Also, what is this “mister TEH MIRROR”? What kinda shit is this?

  174. Gemini said

    @Take: stop being negative about everything. If they claim this is the Persona year, let them believe so. I don’t see how starting this argument will lead the blog ANYWHERE. You’ve got a problem with it? Fine! Chill out and just don’t answer it.

    @Chris: next time let me be the judge. I can’t say I don’t agree with you, and in fact I think you are correct in part, but please don’t feed the argument. It will only make the flame grow bigger and bigger.

    And to both of you, let’s positive thinking, for Christ’s sake!

  175. This is Persona year for sure. It was just strange to mix FES into this and that’s what I was saying. It’s not my fault that mister TEH MIRROR is seriously flicked and has an urge to demonstrate it everywhere. That guy is first to attack everybody who shows him that he has problems and if you look closely at his posts, you’ll see that he finds sick pleasure in being an ass. He isn’t arguing because of some cherished deep convictions – he’s doing it just for the sake of being on the top. Basically, he will say anything he sees appropriate in the given situation and that’s just pathetic.

  176. Chris8282 said

    Yeah.. You’re right Gemini! I was trying to get along with Take when I really should just ignore him.. Well, from now on, I’ll ignore him! But, in order to do that I need to get some things off my chest.. Feel ABSOLUTELY free to delete this…

    Take, if I wanted to do any of the things you said, I wouldn’t have asked Gemini to delete your posts in the forum. The best way for me to “demonize” you would be to just let people read what you’ve posted in the past (Ehem… SlyStrife..*cough*).. You know what you said about that so I won’t go there. That’s all I would need to do to “demonize” you. Oh, and atleast two people here agree with me that you are pretty negative a lot of times for NO REASON. Maybe that should tell you something. Furthermore, just look at all the times I’ve swallowed underhanded insults from you. I’ve tried my best to get along with you, but the more I try the more it fails.

    You remember the first time we had an argument? I couldn’t even believe that you meant what you said. I just assumed I was reading it wrong and that you really weren’t that kind of person.. But, then you said “Yeah! That’s what I meant!”.. Yeah.. I’m REALLY trying to start something.. Haha! I was actually trying to stop it! Just like I’ve tried to stop everything up until now.. But, all that failed. So, I give up..

    But, really.. Take.. You’re saying I want to be on top of a blog that will most likely be empty a few weeks after the patch is released? Are you sure? Are you sure it’s not just that you need an excuse? You just put your head in the sand whenever someone has a GENUINE problem with the negativity you bring here out of nowhere without any sort of provocation. Besides, in the end, it’s just me, you, SlyStrife, and Gemini.. Would I really try to “get on top” at this blog? Especially with all the forum material I could use against you if I was that kind of person. Seriously, not everyone is out to get you. I’m surprised you didn’t say “Jacks” was out to get you.. Because, obviously, in your head, anyone who disagrees with you is out to get you.. All I did was state some obvious facts, but somehow you took that as some personal insult.. I really can’t understand how, but that’s the way you are. I tried to deal with that.. But… Anyways…


  177. Anonymous said

    Good job, guys. Glad to see a release date. Thanks for all the work you’ve done on this.

  178. Now, it’s blatantly obvious that everything I’ve said about you is true. Once again, you’re showing your true colors. Paradoxically, your doing it by negating. But this is your way. That’s exactly what I meant by stating that your opinions are worthless because you change them to fit the situation. There are more than enough of your post where you’re arguing with somebody just for the sake of saving your face. You have enormous problems with yourself. It seems that your self-esteem is quite low and that’s why you’re acting so high and mighty.

    It’s funny how your trying to imply that I’m negative about everything while I’m negative only about you. You think that I am ashamed of the insults I’ve constructed about you? No, I’m not – in fact, now I’m even more assured that you’re what I wrote that you are. The PM that you’ve send shows perfectly how twisted you are and how big are your problems with anger.

    What’s your problem with posting all of your bullshit and immediately after it begging Gemini to delete it? You’re sick, aren’t you? You have so much anger inside that you obey it at times. And when you finally managed to act with clear-head, you see by yourself how pathetic are your lies. The sad truth is – metaphorically speaking – you’re a little soldier, little insect with too big pride and anger control problems and that’s why you fling yourself so much. A truly honorable and intelligent man is the absolute opposite of you.

    Also, why are you pulling Slystrife into this again? You’re again>/b> implying that I have offended him? I did not and that’s his own words (and how could I since I didn’t wirte a single word about thim?) so do not disgrace yourself with this calumnies any further.

    Over and out, mister TEH MIRROR.

  179. Ta-chan said


    Gemini dear, please tell me you’re still planning on translating the EP bonus fan disc.

    The Idea of playing Tsumi —> Watching the whole fan disc —> then playing Batsu is just…just… >_<

    This is our only chance if EVER as Persona 2 fans to actually live the full experience of Persona 2

  180. Chris8282 said

    I promised Gemini that I wouldn’t feed the flames anymore, and I told YOU that my positive thinking was engaged.. So, in order to stick to that I’m not even going to read what you’ve posted.

    I, however, can’t help but notice the bold print since it’s in my face even now as I type because I can’t scroll down any further.. Yes, you did insult SlyStrife, and I have the saves of the websites to prove it. I’m not bringing SlyStrife into this (paranoia again.), but if someone posted here and said “All Persona fans are idiots.” would you be offended? You might be because you were included in that group he was insulting. You did the same thing. Just because you didn’t think about all of the people included in the group in which you insulted and didn’t think about the fact that one of them happened to be your friend doesn’t mean you didn’t insult him. Now, whether he actually took offense to it neither matters nor is the point. I’m glad he didn’t it. Good for him! This is the internet after all. Maybe, you read the part of my post where I said SlyStrife was a great person (Downright admirable, I said.), and that he wouldn’t take offense to what you said, but that shouldn’t be an indication of anything. He’s just that great of a person. Anyways, he doesn’t want us fighting… So stop! Do you see my point now? Can we end this? Just because he didn’t take offense doesn’t mean you didn’t insult him. I didn’t take offense to Launder calling all of us “cock suckers”, but that doesn’t change the fact that he did, in fact, insult us.

    Again, I have to state obvious facts and diseminate them for you to understand, and I’m tired of it. I’m done with you. I’ll show you how much I want to “demonize” you and “be on top”.. Yeah.. I’ll show you that by not even acknowledging your presence .. No matter how negative it gets without provocation! Yes, you can DEFINATELY be negative sometimes!

    Good day, sir! :D

    (You are the one that even brought up SlyStrife so don’t start with me about that.. Not to mention you are the person that said the insult to begin with. Also, for those that don’t know what’s going on Take said something about “Only an idiot wouldn’t have seen that!” to something that happened in the forum. SlyStrife just so happened not to have seen it. So, I’m sure, if you aren’t the one who feels bad about insulting a friend, you can see how that is an insult to everyone who didn’t see that “something” (It didn’t exist, by the way.). Also, I could say you are out of get me Take beause when I sent a message out to the community you thought it was ONLY about you and proceeded to pick a fight. The same thing you accused me of… A bit hypocritical isn’t it?)

  181. Chris8282 said

    Also, he didn’t take offense when you declared that all Kingdom Hearts fans (No matter how small.) are lost in a “World of MTV shittyness” and proceeded to tell us how wrong our opinions were, and that we shouldn’t even have them.. because they are BLATANTLY WRONG.

    Also, you’ve insulted many other games that SlyStrife and I BOTH love. He didn’t take offense to any of that, but that doesn’t mean you didn’t insult us/him. See how great of a person he is? I told you!

  182. And you still dare to say that you are not arguing only because you want to save your face? You have no shame. Just look at what you just did. You said you would stop this many times and yet, you continue with your bullshit, once again proving how twisted your little sick mind is.

    You’re actually saving web pages to prove your point? You’re more sick that I thought. LOL. Well, FYI – Slystrife did read everything and thus he is perfectly aware of what I’ve written. He knows you’re babbling about things that don’t exist. He also knows when I’m serious and when I’m kidding and that’s why he knows I didn’t offend anybody but you. And don’t try you pathetic mind games, by stating that you didn’t pulled him into this in the first place.

    And BTW, Kingdom Hearts is full of mtv shittyness and I would gladly laugh in your face for praising it so much. ^^

  183. Gemini said

    Stop it, NOW! Another comment on this and you’re both banned from the comment board. Use the PMs to clear your fucking personal drama! WE DON’T CARE!

  184. Chris8282 said

    How about you delete ALL of the posts that need deleting instead of just the one that was warned. Take’s last post says I created websites for “evil intentions” .. I’m not leaving that without a comment.. Plus, he obviously insulted SlyStrife AGAIN!! I gotta laugh at that :D

  185. Gemini said

    Because I decide what to do here. And stop posting again that long message or I’m gonna ban you for real. I’m starting to get pissed off by both of you.

  186. Chris8282 said

    Hmm.. Interesting decision you’ve made there….

  187. Does anyone actually own P2 drama CD (Tom?)? If yes, please tell if it comes with some kind of booklet (some scans maybe?)?

  188. Triskaedek said

    Hey I just stumbled upon this site, and learned about this project. As a dedicated MegaTen fan, I just gotta say a HUGE thank you to the whole team for bringing this marvel to non-japanese speakers; I really admire people like you who can totally devote themselves to a selfless project without expecting anything in return but the satisfaction of others.
    And again, many thanks.

  189. Chris8282 said

    “I really admire people like you who can totally devote themselves to a selfless project without expecting anything in return but the satisfaction of others.”

    Indeed, this does make Gemini/Tom truly great people..

    But, you could always donate :D I, myself, will be treating this like an official release from Atlus :D

  190. Vitek said


    Oh my god I waited this for so many years!!

    Thank you Gemini!!!

  191. Elio200 said

    I can’t believe I just read throughll of this discussion. This is proof that I have no life.

    Well I got today my memory card back from my friend. I’m gonna start P3FES wich has been sitting on my shelf for nearly half a year; I’m gonna complete then go through both P2 with the help of this translation, then go to P4.
    I’ll be pretty much a lifeless being stuck in the world of persona…

  192. Chris8282 said

    You should drop by the forum :D

  193. Gimlianon said

    It’s a little bit off topic, but here we go… Theoretically, is it possible to create a patch that will unlock, and translate the Snow Queen quest from the first Persona?

  194. Tom (Translator) said

    Personally, I would love to translate the Sumaru TV bonus disk that came with EP. I’m sure that it would be relatively easy to translate… On the flip side, I have already finished translating another game for Gemini which I am even more eager to see hacked than Sumaru TV… Maybe Gemini needs a bit of a P2 break, too. Once he’s ready to hack it, I’m ready to translate it.

    On the flip side, even if Sumaru TV is translated, there are still about 700 pages of manga (which I own), the drama CD (which I don’t own), and the impossible-to-hack Persona 2: Tsumi cell phone game (Lost Memories, another one that I don’t own) before we can truly say that all Persona 2 stuff has been translated.

    Lately I’ve just been playing through IS to catch errors, but I have also been working on other projects with some other hackers as well… Currently I’m swapping between Devil Children Ice Book and Slime Dragon Quest for the GBA. I also have about four other rom translations which have been completed, but haven’t been released yet because of technical delays. I’m keeping busy.

    I can’t rule out a Sumaru TV disk translation in the future, but I can say that I’m not working on it at this moment. Well, back to playing through IS… I’ve almost finished my first run-through with the translated script… You are going to absolutely love it.

  195. Tom (Translator) said

    As for making an SQQ patch based on the American version of Persona 1… Well, I highly doubt it would work well… Because you’d need the Japanese script to translate first. That means you’d have to dump the Japanese text -and- the American garble… Then you’d have to figure out how the American garble is coded to figure out what Japanese text is supposed to go there, and then re-insert the translated text… But it’d have to be coded in the same way as the American text (with that big old fixed width font)…

  196. “You are going to absolutely love it.”


  197. Chris8282 said

    “You are going to absolutely love it.”

    I know :D

  198. Six said

    Tell ya what Tom, if I ever decide to butcher my Persona – Be Your True Mind volumes for scanlation, I’ll be sure to look you up. I tried that once already, but the person scanning for me flaked out hard (along with my TLer)

  199. Elio200 said

    “You should drop by the forum :D”

    I’ll sure do.

    “You are going to absolutely love it.”

    ^^ great :D

  200. Magnus said

    Thank you so much for working so hard for this. Now, I can finally play the game that helped create my gaming guind in english. No more reading 2 sets of text! Whoohoo!

  201. Xienith said

    Congrats guys. Haven’t been around in a bit, but it’s good to see all is going well for you guys.

    Beer is on me everyone!

  202. Square711 said

    I promised to myself I would forget about this blog until October 15, but I just couldn’t, so here I am, reading through all the posts (discussion included). I fail. :P

    Anyway, I don’t have a lot to say… except that I got around to playing Persona 4 and it’s a million times better than that abortion of a Persona game that came out just before it. The soundtrack may very well be the best since the first DDS, and the battle system actually works. Game of the year for me so far… until DS: King Abaddon comes out, at least.

  203. We all fail. ;)

  204. Chris8282 said

    “DS: King Abaddon comes out, at least.”

    Let’s hope it comes out.

  205. Tom (Translator) said

    My guess is that they are translating it already. :)

    I’ve finished my run-through of all the main storyline dialog (that includes talking to the NPCs) and corrected all of the mistakes that I’ve found. I still want to do a bit more testing with the legendary weapons/factory rumors.

    The rest of the beta testers will have to take care of whatever errors/typos I’ve missed. Most of the testers are only on the second dungeon so far, but I’m sure that’ll change soon.

  206. Square711 said

    My guess is that they are translating it already. :)

    If they didn’t start already, they will soon… it seems so obvious to me. They even localized Soulless Army, when the series still hadn’t achieved mainstream success with P3. Now that Megaten is so well known among western players, and another DS game is sure to have much better sales than the previous one, why wouldn’t theybring it over? Besides, it’s Atlus we’re talking about. :3

  207. Morzas said

    Who else is planning on playing the Megaten Online GRINDAN GAEM? We should make a guild or some shit

  208. Yes, we should. ^^ But… when is it coming? O_o

  209. KrelianX said

    I’ll definitely play it. But yeah, when is it coming out? Or is it even? Guild would be fun.

  210. Elio200 said

    I don’t think they have a release date as for now. Let’s hope it stays free here unlike FFXI

  211. No, there’s no release date yet. BTW – Aeria Games is giving the translations to be handled by fans. I hope it will go smoothly. After all, this MMORPG so there’s not that much to translate (methinks).

  212. slystrife said

    Wow, it’s been a while since I posted a comment on here. :P

    I just got up to the Muu Continent the other day, and after today past 8:00 pm I’ll be absolutely free until Friday (Meaning no school or work on Wednesday and Thursday. Yay! ^_^ ), so I’ll be able to get a lot more playing done. It’s great that SMT Imagine is getting localized, this’ll probably be the first MMORPG I’ll experience.

    @Tom: Would you happen to have a link that shows screen shots for Tsumi Lost Memories? I’ve never heard of it before, so naturally… I’m interested. :P

  213. Oh, right – Tom, maybe you’re interested in helping out with the translation of Imagine? If so, check out this site:

  214. Kristina said

    Please do not be mad about my asking. But what is the point in translating this game? There was already an official translation of it. Was it bad or something? (yes I have never played this game)

  215. Gemini said

    Maybe you didn’t notice that this is called Innocent Sin and not Eternal Punishment? :0

  216. I can’t belive Krisitna wrote that…

  217. Chris8282 said


    Oh, well.. I’ll have sympathy on the poor girl. She probably knows nothing about gaming or Persona. But, if she does she’s probably just a Persona 3 fan that doesn’t know about the greatness of Persona 2 .. So sad…

    Kind of like some of the people that have posted in my topics in the past created to promote this patch. They really don’t understand how much better this game is (Judging from Eternal Punishment) compared to Persona 3. I love Persona 3 to death, but Persona 2 is, too me, much better.

    That’s nothing against Persona 3 or 4.

  218. Chris8282 said

    Also, I would appreciate it if anyone interested would be willing to give a meaningful bump (Post something about the game.) so that my topic promoting this translation on GameFAQs won’t get pushed back several pages due to forum traffic, and I won’t get the topic deleted for constant one-man bumping :D

    There is one for each of the post-Persona 2 boards (The only ones that get a decent amount of people.) So.. That’s Persona 3, Persona 3: FES, and Persona 4.

  219. Elio200 said

    I made one in DDS 1 and 2 and nocturne boards about this patch too :)
    that was yesterday really. And I bumped the topic on the P3 and FES boards(yesterday too )

  220. Chris8282 said

    ^ My man!

  221. Chris8282 said

    LOL! I just noticed there was another topic that got more posts than mine at the Persona 3 FES board (Not more than my Persona 4 board one though), and was actually after mine. Guess I had bad timing and should have bumped instead of letting it die :(

  222. Chris8282 said

    I couldn’t take it anymore! I started playing Persona again to get my mind off this.. When I should be playing Persona 3: FES :D

  223. Zylo said

    I can’t get through Fes =( I miss not having a compendium lol.

  224. Chris8282 said

    I couldn’t get through Persona 3 :( I was RIIIIGHT at the end, but just couldn’t do it.. I already had maaaany hours into and it was really going nowhere as far as the story was concerned. I’ve heard it gets really good at the end.. I was enjoying the battle system, but 45 hours of almost no story made me quit :D

    I’ll definately play Persona 4 from beginning to end, though, even if it kills me :D.. I’ve heard the story is more evenly paced in that one so that should make that easier :D

  225. Tom (Translator) said

    Pics of Persona 2 Tsumi: Lost Memories:

    There are also pictures of the Soul Hackers sequel (which looks terrible).

    Interesting news about the Online Imagine game! I’ve never done any “official” translation work before. Maybe I’ll give it a try! I’ve never played the Japanese version, though…

    I wonder if my computer’s strong enough to even run the thing when it’s actually released… :O I’ll test out some of their other 3D games to see if it’s worth my time… Man, I’m a bit swamped, but I’ll see!

  226. Soul Hackers sequel? Damn, Japanese people and theri mobile phones are just… xD

  227. Chris8282 said

    Mobile gaming has to be the biggest joke since the Virtual Boy.

  228. Xienith said

    I beat Nocturne in my wait. Not nearly as hard as DDS in my opinion. I was even able to do optional bosses. It’s just too easy to get immune creatures in this game, ah well. Good game nonetheless. (I didn’t do lucifer mind you, as I didn’t want to grind, hehe)


  229. Chris8282 said

    I thought Digital Devil Saga had a fairly “medium” difficulty through out the main story (Ignoring the side stuff.), but thought Nocturne was pretty damn hard without a guide of any sort, and took a lot of grinding.

  230. Notafan said

    you surely are a cock sucker Chris

    youre bitching around too long for my tastes, almost all posts here are yours, you re the one that should get banned for being so annoying

    i completely agree with this
    “He isn’t arguing because of some cherished deep convictions – he’s doing it just for the sake of being on the top. Basically, he will say anything he sees appropriate in the given situation and that’s just pathetic.”

    go get some cock to ease your euforia
    i really dont mind if you stop posting all shit that came from your head.

  231. jacks said

    Gemini, i really think you should only let registered users post here… too much “blah blah *insert generic insult here* blah blah”

  232. Chris8282 said

    LOL? Should I even reply to this?

  233. Vinny said

    Thanks mens! I’ll want to play your patch!

  234. Gemini said

    Notafan, you’re not welcome here. You’ve been banned again. And if you didn’t get what I said in the two previous statements, I’ll make it easier for you to understand: get the fuck out of here, I don’t wanna see your shit anymore.

  235. Chris8282 said


  236. Chris8282 said

    Shit.. Haven’t been able to post for lil’ bit.. Sorry for the “?”

  237. Chris8282 said

    check 1 2 3 .. Gemini what’s going on?

  238. Gemini said

    What’s going on with what? And please, stop double and triple posting. Most of the posts in here are fucking double posts.

  239. james said

    does anyone know where I can get the psp custom menus/popstation imagepacks for IS? I’ve been looking all over and haven’t been able to find any…

  240. launder said

    {quoting chris8282)Anyways, he doesn’t want us fighting… So stop! Do you see my point now? Can we end this? Just because he didn’t take offense doesn’t mean you didn’t insult him. I didn’t take offense to Launder calling all of us “cock suckers”, but that doesn’t change the fact that he did, in fact, insult us.(end)

    Umm Chris unless i was sleep walking last night i didn’t call anyone anything. Especially in this place, I mean I am bigger than that to being with and secondly i haven’t been around long enough to be calling anyone anything…
    Could be some other guy calling himself launder but it wasn’t me.

  241. Gemini said

    @James: the IS theme will be included with the patch for those who want to play it on the PSP when the emulator is fixed.

    @Launder: there’s indeed some asshole posting with other people’s names. The idiot, if it’s the same person, even tried to post with my nick, but the spam filter blocked him.

  242. Chris said

    Sorry for my double/triple posts Gemini. I was having some weird problems yesterday. No matter what I typed it basically said “Duplicate comment”, but, apparently, after some time had passed, and I pressed F5 to refresh it reposted them. It did, however, say message was saved but didn’t post them so I figured that I was having a one-on-one with Gemini .. Again.. Sorry… I even had this problem on my other computer so I don’t know what the deal is… I didn’t even know my messages were posted until today :(

    Also.. LOL @ that guy trying to post under your name :D

    I bet he just got mad because of the quote that Launder quoted (Sorry for thinking it was you.), and decided to try to say something again to insult me :D

  243. Not-a-fanOMG said

    Chris you ‘re really a cock suckers

    Gemini you never will get rid of me but i am bored of this

    Chris you can’t even reply because you know me to be true

  244. Elio200 said

    That’s truly a bad troll :/

  245. Glasgow Smile said

    Allow me to translate. I speak troll.

    “Chris you ‘re really a cock suckers” means “I have to resort to generic insults to get my lack of a point across because I’m too goddamn retarded to think of something witty and original.”

    “Gemini you never will get rid of me but i am bored of this” means “I’m completely and utterly defeated, but I have to make it look like I’m getting bored.”

    “Chris you can’t even reply because you know me to be true” means “I LOVE BALLS IN MY MOUTH SLURP SLURP YUM YUM”

  246. Gemini said

    Notafan, there’s an easy way to get rid of you, but that would also deny the other people to post here. But after all it’s fine, because they will all be able to see the turd that you are.

  247. Chris8282 said

    I think I’ve got some kind of character limit that I wasn’t informed about. I can only post short replies :(

  248. granithor said

    @196, 226:

    I guess P2: Lost Memories is appropriately named, as there’s basically no chance of that ever getting a port or even an English translation.

    It’s nice to know about it, though… I hadn’t realised they were so many megaten cellphone games.

  249. Dexter said

    @Not a Fan:
    I’m sorry, really sorry Notafan…
    You are really the most patethic living form I’ve ever seen in my entire life.
    I feel sorry for you, brainless human wandering this world…
    I apologize to Gemini if my post is off topic, but I could not resist.
    Notafan now go, go to suck some of your favourite cock, we all know you like it.
    Now goodbye you miserable pile of shit. :)

  250. Valien said

    I’ve been watching this entire project for a while (in awe), but I finally want to voice my thanks to everyone involved! Gemini, Tom, from what I’ve read, you’re both the leaders of this endeavor, and I have high respect for both of you.

    Thank you so much for giving this gift to the people who appreciate Persona, art, and good games in general! I for one, will appreciate every second of playing this, reading the script, and feeling the experience when it comes out on my birthday. What a birthday…! I’m also picking up Persona 3 (I’ve only played the first…I get to do it in order!)

  251. Tom (Translator) said

    Valien – I’m very glad that you’ll get to play the series in order. This game in particular is a real treat, and I’m happy that you’re as excited to play it as I was. Playing it again has rekindled my love for Persona…

    The positive comments on this board from folks like you were what made me especially eager to finish. Gemini and I have both played through this game already in Japanese… But it deserved to be in English for everyone here. We both agreed that the English version is now the only one that we’ll play!

    Enjoy the translation! Stick around to see our upcoming translations, as well!

  252. “Enjoy the translation! Stick around to see our upcoming translations, as well!”
    We sure will. 15th couldn’t come sooner… ^^

  253. MetRONom said

    Английских слов подобрать не могу, поэтому напишу на русском)
    “Жил” на этом сайте с самого его открытия, всегда приходил вовремя и не пропустил ни одной новости… Gemini – отличный человек и это сразу видно…) Спасибо вам, Tom и Gemini, за этот перевод. Наконец-то я смогу пройти лучшую игру для PSX на английском языке! Очень жаль, что эта “история” заканчивается. Но я очень надеюсь, что Gemini откроет новый блог по переводу очередной игры и я снова буду жить, ждать, смеяться и грустить, радоваться и плакать вместе с другими пользователями…
    Еще раз спасибо.
    С уважением, настоящий фанат Persona 2 и Gemini :D

  254. Chris8282 said

    ^ Persona 2 : Innocent Sin Translation brings the world together, will bring global peace, and is what makes the world go round :D

  255. Dexter said

    Gemini and Tom deserve a Nobel prize for peace :D

  256. Belzera said

    Well done Gemini, Tom thanks for this now one of my reasons for learn Japanese is in English lol

    The others including SWT Series well they’ll just force me to learn XD

  257. Chris8282 said

    Yes, they do :D Does anyone know how to go about nominating someone for a Nobel Peace prize?

  258. Elio200 said

    “Английских слов подобрать не могу, поэтому напишу на русском)
    “Жил” на этом сайте с самого его открытия, всегда приходил вовремя и не пропустил ни одной новости… Gemini – отличный человек и это сразу видно…) Спасибо вам, Tom и Gemini, за этот перевод. Наконец-то я смогу пройти лучшую игру для PSX на английском языке! Очень жаль, что эта “история” заканчивается. Но я очень надеюсь, что Gemini откроет новый блог по переводу очередной игры и я снова буду жить, ждать, смеяться и грустить, радоваться и плакать вместе с другими пользователями…
    Еще раз спасибо.
    С уважением, настоящий фанат Persona 2 и Gemini :D

    Is that hebrew or greek. because I get confused between the two

  259. Sovereign said

    Gotta say, this is going to be the best belated birthday gift ever =) My B-day is on the 11th of October so this is perfect!

    Congratulations Gemini – You’ve made gaming history!

  260. Chris8282 said

    That’s not even enough for what they’ve done. They’ve made WORLD history!

  261. Chris8282 said

    I’m going to give it all I got to make sure that is historic moment is recorded in text books around the world. So that the accomplishments that they’ve achieved will never be forgotten or dulled.

  262. Xienith said

    So with the release date closing in, how will you translators celebrate?
    Also, I can’t find a donations tag anywhere, but I could swear I heard of one being around/

  263. Rauny said

    It’s in the links

  264. Tom (Translator) said

    Elio – That is Russian, actually… I ran it through an automatic online translator, and it was quite a nice, heartfelt post.

    Xienith – …How will I celebrate? I will probably enjoy reading all of the posts and comments around the internet. I hope to be able to read reviews and such…

    I’m also already celebrating the next translation that we’re planning to do after Innocent Sin. Knowing that IS is done is especially great to me because it means that we’re a step closer to completing yet another one of my three “dream games.”

  265. I’m really dying to hear what those other “dream games” are. Almost as much as for IS with your translation and Gemini’s hacking magic. ;*

  266. Launder said

    (tom)I’m also already celebrating the next translation that we’re planning to do after Innocent Sin. Knowing that IS is done is especially great to me because it means that we’re a step closer to completing yet another one of my three “dream games.(/tom)

    So uh again when will the next dream be revealed? It hasn’t yet right? Are we gonna have to wait till IS is released? I am crossing my fingers for devil summoner PSP translation.

  267. I’m sure it’s not DS.

  268. Square711 said

    I wouldn’t be so sure… gemini has a PSP and loves it, after all.

  269. Setite said

    “Английских слов подобрать не могу, поэтому напишу на русском)
    “Жил” на этом сайте с самого его открытия, всегда приходил вовремя и не пропустил ни одной новости… Gemini – отличный человек и это сразу видно…) Спасибо вам, Tom и Gemini, за этот перевод. Наконец-то я смогу пройти лучшую игру для PSX на английском языке! Очень жаль, что эта “история” заканчивается. Но я очень надеюсь, что Gemini откроет новый блог по переводу очередной игры и я снова буду жить, ждать, смеяться и грустить, радоваться и плакать вместе с другими пользователями…
    Еще раз спасибо.
    С уважением, настоящий фанат Persona 2 и Gemini :D

    I can’t find appropriate English words, so I’ll write in Russian.
    I’ve been “living” on this website since its very opening, I was always in time here, I haven’t missed a single post… Gemini is a great person, that is for sure…) Thank you, Tom and Gemini, for this translation. Finally I will be able to play the best game for the PSX in English! I’m very sorry this “story” is coming to its end. But I hope Gemini will open another blog about translation of another game and I will be able to live, hope, laugh and cry, be happy and sad with other users.
    Thank you again.
    With respect, the true fan of Persona 2 and Gemini :D

    I’m Russian, too, and my English is not perfect, but I hope I haven’t done a lot of mistakes. You’ve done a very significant thing. People all around the world can’t get their eyes off this blog, so I guess it speaks for itself. Thank you, guys, thank you very much.

  270. Chris8282 said

    “I wouldn’t be so sure… gemini has a PSP and loves it, after all.”

    That’s completely different than hacking… It’s a lot harder to do a hack when it’s not even emulatible yet.

  271. Tom (Translator) said

    The next game hasn’t been hacked. (Obviously, since Gemini’s been so busy with Innocent Sin!) Gemini wouldn’t announce it now, when he has absolutely no pictures of it to show you… It would just be straight text. He’ll probably announce it at some point after IS’ release. I’m sure he wants to show his actual work on the game with pictures. (There was another game that he was working on with a different translator, but I’m beginning to think my next translation will be finished before that one.)

    Devil Summoner isn’t one of my three dream games. I haven’t completed a single Devil Summoner game before… (Playing a game before you translate it is critical.) Also, since there isn’t a PSP emulator, I wouldn’t be able to play a translated version (because my PSP does not have custom firmware and I have no simple way to get it).

    I almost bought Devil Summoner for the PSP, but I passed on it because I already have the Saturn version (and didn’t want to be suckered into buying it again)… But I never play my Saturn, so I guess it wouldn’t have been a bad idea…

    I assume that it would be possible to hack a PSP game even without an emulator. It’d just be incredibly more time consuming because you’d have to reload it into a PSP every time you wanted to test something… And I understand that’s a time consuming process…

  272. Chris8282 said

    ZOMG, Tom, that message just confirms my suspicions. You are, in fact, translating Devil Summoner for PSP :D I won’t be fooled by your front that you aren’t and that it would be difficult and time consuming :D You’re just trying to fool us so that we don’t expect it when it is announced!

    (Just kidding!!! :D I’m just having a little fun with the people who continue to think that [insert game] will be translated even though you or Gemini has said that is not the game you’ve been working on)

  273. Liraman said

    I’m still waiting for that Beyond the Beyond retranslation that Gemini promise us some time ago.

  274. Gemini said

    Me too, me too!!!

  275. Chris8282 said


    So, is Beyond The Beyond a better game than most people say? I’ve never played it but I here it was a HUUUGE disappointment and people really hated it.

  276. Gemini said

    From what I could see, the game screams CAN I IS SHIT?

  277. Liraman said

    Beyond.. was my very first PSX game way back in 1995 , that and KOF95

    it’s really a shitty game in the line of SEGA’s Shining series.
    it looks and plays like a 16-Bit genesis title, aside of some cool music from the Creator of Star Ocean’s soundtrack. it’s but a pile of crap.

    it just make me smile when gemini says that this was his secret project. But i undestood that he’s being sarcastic

  278. Tom (Translator) said

    I beat Beyond the Beyond. Its major fault was that it was too generic and stereotyped. The characters were cardboards cutouts. The story had no surprises, and it didn’t even have a conclusion. At the end, the main character basically says: “I guess we’ll have to chase after that guy to find out what’s really going to happen…”

    It’s like they were setting it up for a sequel, but nobody even cared what would happen in the sequel… Needless to say, a sequel was never made.

  279. Six said

    Well, with the current title, and the class of game… I mean, would you have bought ‘Beyond Beyond the Beyond”?

  280. Chris8282 said

    I would have just for the name :D

    (Not really)

  281. Tom (Translator) said

    Beyond Beyond the Beyond! :D Now that’s a good one!

    I think they could actually make a successful sequel if they wanted to… I mean, even though the first one was bad, they could still improve it…

    Or at least release a cell phone sequel. ;)

  282. I wonder… Do you guys work on… Megami Tensei 2? O_o Just a hunch, don’t laugh if I’m tottaly off…

  283. Gemini said

    There’s already someone translating the remakes of Megami Tensei 1&2, which is called The Old Testament or something.

  284. Tom (Translator) said

    Megami Tensei 2?

    Actually, I wouldn’t laugh… That’s actually a very good guess! That (the Famicom release) is actually my favorite Megaten game. I actually prefer the Famicom version over the Super Famicom remake of 1 and 2 (which is being translated by someone else)…

    (And no, despite what Atlus USA says, I don’t consider Persona to be a Megaten game.)

    It’s a good guess, but hacking Famicom games is not something Gemini would ever do, as there are literally hundreds of Famicom hackers out there. I would seriously be up to translating Megami Tensei 2, though… I’ll run the idea past some of my old Famicom hacking buddies.

    But still, there’s just one problem. I never actually beat it. I love it, but I’ve never beaten it. And to see everything, you have to beat it twice.

    Famicom RPGs require a LOT of time and effort to beat, and I haven’t been able to devote that much attention to it… But your post certainly reminds me of how great a game it is. Perhaps I’ll give it a shot. Even if I translate it without the context, I can probably get it done in a jiffy and let the beta testers sort it out.

  285. That would be great, Tom. I always wanted to play MT2, since – from I’ve been told and from what I’ve read – this is the game that really started to shape MegaTen franchise as we now it today. And thank you for that link. I knew I’ve heard something about Kyuuyaku translation but I couldn’t find anything on it (yeah, I guess I just didn’t search hard enough).

    Anyway, I’m more and more intrigued by that secret project. You guys really do a great job in subtly hyping it. ;*

  286. Elio200 said

    This sounds interesting. But that translator hasn’t put up any updates since May. I hope he didn’t give up.

    But did the famicom megaten include the mage where they would go down when you have a creature summoned or just in the remake. Because that kinda bothered me while playing Shin megami Tensei 2

  287. Tom (Translator) said

    Keep in mind that whoever is translating the remake is in fact translating -two- games in one. You know how long it takes to wait for one game to be done?

    Yeah, double that.

  288. And he seems to have problems with translating it by himself (it may have changed but that’s what can be said from his last blog entries).

    Anyway, I’d would like to play the orginal, even thought the script seems to be almost the same.

  289. Tom (Translator) said

    There’s something I can’t exactly put my finger on when it comes to MegaTen remakes… They add a certain level of gloss in the remakes, but they ultimately fall short of pushing the limits of the new system… Instead of being a great-looking Famicom game, you have an average-looking Super Famicom game. It’s true for the Playstation remakes as well.

    The best remakes I’ve seen were the GBA version of Shin Megami Tensei I and II. Added storyline content, a world map that actually looks like a city, and different bonuses for completing the game with law/neutral/chaos endings. I think that’s the best remake they’ve done.

    I’ve been asking around about MT2. No luck yet.

  290. Ta-chan said

    DDST joined the awesome guys at Kaioshin (their line of projects is simply drool worthy)…since then, the project really freezed.

    Kaioshin posted that they need a translator for the game, so i guess this means DDST moved to another project for the time being.

    So i guess this means the project is freezed until a new translator offers help.

  291. Ta-chan said

    And speaking of KMT, a cool guy with the not so cool nick “teh_lvler” added a full translation of MT1 as a text file, and he’s working on MT2 for the time being.

    If interested,

  292. Wow, NES and SNES scenes are blooming. Then again, it’s not that strange. Either way, I’m fuckin’ impressed.

    And I totally agree with you on the remakes, Tom. Yes, I didn’t understand much but I’ve played them fairly long and I feel the same way. The PSX ones just fall short. Kyuuyaku just don’t have that level of awesomeness as SMT I & II. GBA SMT I-II truly are the best remakes they’ve done.

    You may tear me apart but I feel that Atlus would done better if they did SMT I-II remakes for PS2, instead of Nocturne. I… well… I love Nocturne but at the same time I feel that it lacks in… everything. SMT I-II remakes on that engine would be much better for gamers from Japan and rest of the world, IMHO (all of that great scenes would finally get a rightful presentation). I hope SMT IV will really kick my ass.

  293. Meg said

    Late to the party, yes, but honestly, I’m ECSTATIC right now. I can’t believe the translation of one of my favourite games of all time is done. This is incredible, thank you SO much.

  294. Chris8282 said

    FYI: Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix+ – Kingdom Hearts 2 will be released in America this December. So, basically, we’re getting the 3D remake of the GBA game. This is pretty shocking since, to me, this is the equivalent of hell freezing over :D

  295. Six said

    Chris, from what I can tell, before you get too hyped up. ONLY Kingdom Hearts RE: Chain of Memories (NOT Final Mix+) will be released in NA. Standalone, without the cool Final Mix that we never get.

  296. despilks said

    Hi people. I am sorry but I do not understand isn’t the translation for Innocent Sin finished? Can the patch be downloaded from here?

  297. MetRONom said

    Despilks, no. You’ll be able to download it on 15 October.

  298. Zylo said

    Hee, you got a plug over on the Mother 3 translation page at

    So nice of them =o)

  299. With 200K+ hits, no one can disagree that this translation is fuckin’ prominent. ^_^

  300. Elio200 said

    Chris, from what I can tell, before you get too hyped up. ONLY Kingdom Hearts RE: Chain of Memories (NOT Final Mix+) will be released in NA. Standalone, without the cool Final Mix that we never get.

    I think that was what he meant by Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix+ – Kingdom Hearts 2

  301. Chris8282 said

    Yes, that is what I meant. I was just making a kind of joke about the way that Square-Enix phrased what they were releasing in their press release.

  302. Tom (Translator) said

    The Mother 3 translation does look great. I already beat it in Japanese, and I can tell that their translation is really high quality stuff. I will definitely give it a spin.

    It really seems like a lovingly crafted fan translation. It has a certain appeal… It seems “too good” to be a professional translation. (I think Innocent Sin has that same feel, but maybe I’m biased… Heh heh.)

    MetRONom – You actually seem to be good at writing in English! Still, I know how you feel. Sometimes you need to express something in your native language.

    Meg – Better late than never, I suppose! You’re welcome to help yourself to the patch when it’s released… Man, that date is really coming soon now, isn’t it?

  303. Actually, it isn’t. Days drag hellishly long. From your perspective, it’s really near but for most of us it’s still a reall, really long wait.

  304. Launder said

    I’ve always wondered what is so bad about the PSX remakes of SMTI and SMTII? I always hear they are not as good as SNES or GBA but why?
    Oh and that mother 3 translation is looking really good. ALl these projects have once again moved my attention towards old-school games. I probably will not be buying a next gen system till 2010.

  305. Six said

    Yeah, I mistook the ‘-‘ for a ‘:’ (since I use ‘-‘ for replacing ‘:’ in filenames)

  306. Setite said

    So, if I am correct, only SNES version of Shin Megami Tnesei I & II were translated (unofficially) into English?

  307. Square711 said

    Yes, you’re correct.

  308. Dubious Guy said

    I’ve not resisted and played and completed Persona 2, no regret, err, Eternal Punishment. What a weird game. It’s brilliant technically, but wanders all over the place in narrative. The rumor idea is neat, and i admire their courage in not following a traditional “and happily ever after”, but for me it is not as good for me as the shin meganami tensei games, with their religious overtones and branching plot.

    BTW when the, err, the red guy enters the party, is that a branch? What are the advantages of starting a new game with the saved end game?

    I don’t counsel to play this game before the translation of the first here. It spoils all of the plot of the first really.

  309. Tom (Translator) said

    Launder – the PS and Super Famicom versions of SMT 1 and 2 are virtually identical, with a few, minor cosmetic variations. I wouldn’t say that the PS version is “worse”, but that it appears “weak” because it looks like a poor PS game instead of a good Super Famicom game. It didn’t feel necessary – just a way to cash in. SMT If… offered a weird “upgrade” in which you could get new items by having Atlus game save data on your memory card… Nothing special, though. The remakes offer little to no upgrades, aside from the GBA version (which is better than both the SFC and PS games).

    Dubious – I’m sorry to hear that you played Eternal Punishment first. There are a lot of people who mistakenly say that you can play Eternal Punishment and not have IS spoiled, but that just isn’t the case. It is not as fun IS in my opinion… To be honest, I didn’t like EP so much. The characters lacked a common bond and the story relied too heavily on the events of IS as a crutch… But I think that you might still IS.

    Hopefully Innocent Sin will change your mind about Persona 2.

  310. Dubious Guy said

    Oh i don’t mind. I’m obsessive-completist about games.

  311. Yeah, exactly – PSX remakes of SMT I-II are lame because of the fact that their on PS. So much more could be done. They’ve chosen a soft option. That’s why I written that these games fall short but maybe I’ve missed the point since my English sucks. :P

    And about EP – Tom, it’s so true… And the worst thing is – people laugh at me when I say that IS is much, much better. Even my BF thinks I’m delusional and that IS is basically the same kind of experience… Damn, I wish people weren’t so quick to judge categorically by looks alone…

  312. viewtifulsub said

    It should be noted that the whole purpose of the PSX remakes was to mainly gather interest for the upcoming release of SMT3 back in ’01.

    I would love to play a translated version of SMT1+2 personally for 2 reasons: Remixed tracks (the SMT1 soundtrack is insanely catchy) and the difficulty was apparently balanced a bit (the later dungeons were down right brutal; the pitch black pitfall Police Station tower anyone, in SMT1?)

  313. “It should be noted that the whole purpose of the PSX remakes was to mainly gather interest for the upcoming release of SMT3 back in ‘01.”

    So they say but I don’t buy this. MegaTens always were and always will be big in Japan with certain crowd…

    Anyway, I don’t like PSX remakes. It’s good to play something like this on GBA but not on PSX. But yeah, it’s still a pity that only SNES orignals are translated.

  314. Tom (Translator) said

    The purpose of the SMT PSX games wasn’t simply a form of advertising. It was a way to earn money. No original content was created, which means the development cost was minimal… Low development costs + (high game price x rabid fan base) = profit.

    I don’t think PSX SMT 1, 2 and If… drove sales of SMT3… I think it was the other way around. The excitement up about a new SMT game got people wanting to buy the “prequels” in anticipation.

    By the way, I did talk to my old buddy about doing Megami Tensei II after Last Bible 2, and he said that he was interested. There are still problems with my LB2 script though. It’s too big to fit back into the game, which means that it’ll have to be cut for space reasons… Hopefully it will still sound remotely decent after it goes to the chopping block.

  315. Great to hear it, Tom. Maybe something is wrong with me, but I really want to play MT 1-2 in English (I still hope Gideon Zhi will finally finish MT1). Not Kyuuyaku – plain old MT 1-2 for the NE*fuckin’*S. But for this I can wait without any sweating.

    Let’s just concentrate on IS for now. ^^

  316. Chris8282 said

    Are Gameboy games harder to expand than others or is it just this game? Or is expanding a game harder than I thought? I know next to nothing about these things except for what other hackers have said and the Lunar Magic Super Mario World Level-editor which can increase a Super Mario World ROM many times bigger than it originally was.

    I’ve heard of many times where a hacker had to expand old cartridge games to fit in a translation (Secret Of Mana Retranslation/Seiken Densetsu 3 Translation) and probably the SNES Tales of Phantasia translations and the one Star Ocean, too. I don’t know. Would it be hard to expand that game?

  317. Tom (Translator) said

    I’m not a technical guy; forgive me if my explanation is flawed… But from what I understand, expanding the rom doesn’t help because the game stores and buffers text in “banks.”

    The banks are locked into place by the game’s internal code (which apparently can’t be hacked), and the placement can’t be modified. Normally you can move text to different areas in the rom using something called “pointers,” but in LB2’s case, the in-game memory has bank location data pre-assigned, so each bank must have all of its text fit within that pre-determined space (because the “pointers” can’t access things that are outside of that particular bank’s buffered text).

    I have heard that Gameboy hacking is, in many ways, more challenging than hacking something like an SNES or PSX game because of added constraints. I guess that explains why very few Gameboy games have decent text.

    I’ve revised one bank that was giving the hacker trouble. Most of the lines I shortened were system/menu phrases that didn’t really need to be elaborate.

    “Which item will you use?” became “Which item?” for example. I tried to leave all story-related text as untouched as I could. I will have to wait and see if my cuts were sufficient or if I’ll have to put actual dialog under the knife as well…

  318. Chris8282 said

    Oh, okay, thank you :D I didn’t know all of that but now I think I understand :D

  319. persona2 fan said

    What is Monado Mandala it’s is the same place as the end of innocent sin? because im here in monado but its appear there a shortcut in the first temple at the start of the game what monado is???

  320. Cloud said

    Oh boy, all hell broke loose when Gemini posted that. :P
    We have Yehova’s witnesses, fappers, geekboys, and everything else on the freakin’ planet. :P It’s a freakin’ horde mass-posting gigantic messages here. :P (PS: in no way do I mean what I said in the last 2 phrases as being derogative or insulting, I just wanted to better describe the variety of people and the intense activity we have here)

    Well, nice to hear we’ll have an English Persona 2 in our hands soon, Gemini. To tell you the truth, I’m kinda surprised – I thought it’d take more time. You said it yourself that it would take 1 or 2 months at least for beta testing (which I assume you were already “indulging” in when you posted this. :P Damn, you move fast! :P Like always, I guess, since most of the programming and translation was also fast. :D

    This really is starting to get me interested in the emulation and game-translation scene more than ever. I guess I kinda lost contact with it (emulation) after some time, when I started to get busier and busier until I forgot about myself. As for the game-translation scene, I’m barely starting to get into it, first with the Star Ocean fan translation, and now with this. And I must say I’m really squeaky and happy with it. All the classic damn good games I couldn’t play then (either because of being on a different platform than a PC, or because of being Japanese only), I’m absolutely able to play it now… not to mention it’s really interesting, from a programmer’s and translator’s point of view. :D

    Anyway, good luck with whatever you do, Gemini! I’m really eager to hear more from you, Persona-related or not. Any game you decide to translate is definitely worth it, and it will definitely come out great! :D

  321. Yeah, it’s a real amalgam of cultures but this just shows that great games are great games no matter what.

  322. deykkcaos said


  323. hithere said

    Let’s celebrate

    Kidding. This one for real.

  324. Chris8282 said

    “We have Yehova’s witnesses, fappers, geekboys, and everything else on the freakin’ planet.”

    *forehead-fucking-smack* /

  325. Anthony From the mother translation said

    Nice i have never been to this translation site but congrats, looks like a really good rpg from my brief overlook. which platform is this on?

  326. Jockey said

    I’ll death in this game

  327. Chris8282 said

    ^^ Are you serious? Please tell me you’re joking … You ask us to take the effort to tell you the platform that this game is on instead of YOU searching Google, or any of the other infinite ways to find out the answer to your question, for yourself?? Some people amaze me!

  328. Square711 said

    It’s on PSX.

  329. Tom (Translator) said

    There are, as you said, “infinite” ways to find the answer to this question. I think politely asking a question on a message board about the game is not a ridiculous way to go about finding the answer. (As Square said, it’s a Playstation game.) Don’t chew people out for it, okay?

    Keep in mind that just a while ago, I was answering your own question about rom expansion. In fact, I’d be happy to answer any questions about this game. If people have questions about the platform, series, hacking, or translation, I would think that this is a good place to ask.

  330. Chris8282 said

    Hmm, yes, Tom, I guess you’re right. I guess I replied that way because I had no idea what a “platform” is. I’ll reframe from that in the future. But, while I got you here, why don’t you give me a few minutes of your valuable time?

    Maybe you could tell me what a “platform” is? I’m too lazy to Google it. So, instead of doing that like a man I’m going to whimp out and ask YOU what it is… as if you’re my mentor. Yeah, yeah, I know you’re really busy with translating and all that, but I don’t care! I must know! So, what is it? No less than 5 sentences please… I demand a detailed explanation because I really need to know!

    But, in all seriousness, we asked two completely different questions. There’s a difference between, say, asking a teacher for help on your English homework or if there’s something about English you don’t understand, and just asking for a definition of a word that’s right in front of your face on your desk in a dictionary turned to that page on your desk. That’s why I replied that way, and you had the right to refuse my question just like I have the right to as well. Oh well, I guess we’ll just have to disagree, but ..

    In short, yes, I think asking something like that when finding the answer for yourself wouldn’t take 0.0089 seconds and asking someone to type out an answer that would take more time is worthy of being called ‘ridiculous laziness’. In my opinion, a question like that shouldn’t be dignified with an answer. Just seems, to me, like hand-holding.. But, it’s good you are so kind.

  331. aya valentine said

    Now now boys, no fighting in the reply section. I don’t want us all parting ways all mad at each other. Now hug and make up. Yes, it was a stupid question. But there will always be stupid questions, no matter how many people you tell to google it. You should see the number of people asking for a “good game list” on NDS-Roms, for instance. After a while, you just learn to ignore it and leave the real answer to someone whose patience hasn’t been worn out yet.

    Anyone else notice this project got a mention over at the Mother 3 translation project? That was kinda cool.

  332. Chris8282 said

    If only I had a dime for every time someone thought I was in a “fight” with someone when we were just disagreeing or discussing something.. Why .. I’d be able to spend millions and millions to fund translations like this without ever looking back!

  333. Perry said

    Wtf man?? why do you have to make a big deal out of EVERYTHING??
    so what, he asked a question. You know, if you don’t want to answer, don’t.
    And you still make a 300-word-reply explaining why you didn’t answer…

    It’s so hard to do what Square711 did? 3 little letters…

  334. Chris8282 said

    It’s the principle and if you had bothered to read what I typed you would know what it was actually about :D But, why are YOU making a big deal out of this? It didn’t concern you so “Wtf man??” (Notice the past tense in didn’t, as in, it’s in the past.). I was having a conversation with Tom but you just had to come into it, didn’t you? It’s rude for you to butt in like that. Don’t you know?

  335. Chris8282 said

    That’s the rest of my reply that I couldn’t post. The only other other thing I’d like to say is that I’ve been very patient and helpful with people who have VALID questions in my topics on GameFAQs and here so it’s not like I’m just some asshole picking on the newcomers.

  336. Chris8282 said

    Oh yeah, don’t worry, it’s not an angry rant or anything. I was just listing some ways that I’ve been helpful to people in the past and clarifying the situation to Perry. Sorry to anyone who took offense to what I said. People seem to always think I’m in a “fight” with someone so maybe it’s just the way I type. But, I assure you, no hostility was in my words except for what I said about his question being lazy.

    (The reason I have that uploaded is because I uploaded it to my other computer on a different IP that I was going to try posting on .. But, it didn’t work.)

  337. Tom (Translator) said

    I don’t have a problem doing somebody’s homework for them anyway. In a way, translating this game was like doing everyone’s Japanese homework. ;)

    By the way, type Persona 2: Innocent Sin into google. What is the very first website that comes up?

    I’ll tell you the answer:

    This one.

  338. Perry said

    there you go again, making a big fuss to show how you’re always right.
    k, you’re right. woot, congratulations.

  339. Perry said

    i can see why take hates you so much…

  340. Tom (Translator) said

    Aww, there’s no need for hate… As Aya Valentine once said: “We don’t mind him, really… We love him, in fact.”

  341. Chris8282 said

    First of all, you have no idea why Take “hates” me :D But, it’s no surprise you would try to throw that out even though our “problem” is different than mine and Take’s “problem”. Once again you are talking about things you know nothing about. What a surprise! You only know what is here. Which is less than a tenth of what you would need to fully understand our situation. But, if you want to drum up some support go ahead. If you want to try to “cheap shot” me then be my guest. But, just know. It won’t work. But, even if it did, I am just not able to care.

    This should really go without saying but for those who got it into there heads that I was “fighting” with Tom, I guess I’ll clarify. I meant no disrespect towards Tom. In fact, I am very grateful to him and I will ALWAYS be indebted to him for his hard-work, his effort that he has put forth while doing the mundane (I’m sure) translating required for this, and his faithful, unfailing dedication that he has put forth to bring this patch to us. I just disagree with him on this. It’s no big deal. Any person who calls themselves a mature adult should know what I meant and take no offnse to what I said. You’re the ONLY one who is making a big deal of this. Really, what are you thinking? I don’t understand why you’re blowing this up so much. This is NOTHING! It really looks like you are just trying to start something out of nothing just to see what kind of trouble you can cause.

    Also, I don’t care if I’m right or not and I definately don’t go out of my way to prove I’m right.. even if I am. This is evidenced in the sheer amount of bullshit that has come to this blog recently that I have simply ignored. You do know that I have been talking with people about this translation in the forums long before this blog was created, right? You should research matters before you spout such ignorant nonsense. Perry, I’ve helped many people in the past with this translation and have been patient with newcomers asking questions. What complaint do you have against me saying that that guy’s question was lazy? How was it worth dignifying with an answer? Here’s your chance to voice your opinion, and “prove me wrong” since you seem to want to so bad. Let’s cut through the bullshit and get to the source, shall we?

    @Tom: Like I said, if you’re that patient then more power to you. But, that’s not going to stop me from responding how I want to such ridiculous laziness. I can’t really think of any other question I’ve responded to like that. In fact, there have been some pretty “No duh!” questions in my topics which I have graciously answered to the best of my abilities. Many of them being 5-10 paragraphs of in-depth explanations. See for yourself, Perry. I have no problem helping people who will put forth effort in return. I just don’t like hand-holding, diaper-wiping, and breastfeeding those who should and could help themselves if they weren’t so lazy.

    Also, the first thing that pops up on Google when you search “Persona 2: Innocent Sin” is eBay :D I kid… I kid… I know what you meant. But, just below that is GameSpot which would have given him his answer in the blink of an eye without asking us to do the work for him. THAT’S the laziness I’m talking about. Now, let’s put this behind us, shall we? We’re all grown-ups, right? Hasn’t this problem been solved civily already? There’s no need for more words, correct?

    Besides.. Even Gemini has made some impatient posts when people ignore the FAQ.

  342. Waffle said

    Gemini & Tom, Congrats and thanks for finishing this for all of us!
    Your infinite patience is appreciated, both on the project & this monster of a blog (quite a colorful fanbase).

    Peace in the Middle East!

  343. Tom, that sentence about doing Japanese homework for us all really cracked me up.. It’s so true. XD

    Anyway, I pray to Lucifer that he’ll take down a certain bore… If only some people used their brains for something creative instead of being a total failure…

  344. slystrife said

    Just thought I’d say that I finally got a hold of the Tsumi and Batsu OST’s ($25 each)! w00t! I thought I’d never be able to get the IS soundtrack for a decent price, it was slowly eating me away on the inside… I LOVE Jun’s theme. I also happen to like Eikichi’s a lot too… you know what, let’s just say I love the whole damn soundtrack. :D

    I’m also happy to say that I’m almost done with my first playthrough of the beta, if I wanted to I could probably finish in the next couple of days, but I want to do side quests as well. It’s been such an honor doing this, and real a nice pleasure working so close with Tom and Gemini as well as the other beta testers.

    Oh, and just for the record… your translation is FANTASTIC Tom. Seeing Eikichi’s hilarious lines finally in English really made me happy (he’s my favorite character ^.^). I just know everyone is going to love it, and as I’ve said once before… you know have a permanent supporter of all your future projects. :)

  345. IS beta and both OSTs for 50 bucks!? You’re such a lucky devil, Sly! ^_^

  346. Tom (Translator) said

    I’m really glad to hear that you’ve enjoyed the translation, Sly. When a fan of the series is happy, I’m happy too… I am eager to hear what the rest of you think as well.

    If you’re interested in soundtracks – Eikichi has an unused track in Eternal Punishment, actually. (A very cool remix of his theme song.) I don’t know if they included it in the official soundtrack, since it doesn’t actually appear in the game. Somehow, I doubt it.

  347. Chris8282 said

    It’s a good thing that you were around for this beta testing, SlyStrife, and that Gemini chose you. There probably aren’t many people that have such in-depth knowledge of this game already that speak English and have the playing experience from the Japanese version (Before the release of the patch, of course). Many of us would probably be pretty stuck about now :D Plus, you’ve played the Japanese version and know Japanese so you can give comparisons to it and the patch.

    Anyways, just wanted to say “Thanks!” for beta testing this game for us :D I’m sure you were a great help judging by the experience you brought to the table.

    .. Now, I just have to stay alive for the next 19 days …

    @Tom: If you are so eager, allow me to relieve some of that for you! If you offered, I wouldn’t be too terribly against you sending me a copy of the beta. I’d be sure to let you know what I think :D


  348. Tom (Translator) said

    Heh heh!

    Sly’s already played it before in Japanese, so he hasn’t been spoiled. He got to play the “unpolished” English version… But you’re lucky, in a way.

    You get to play the polished version, and it’ll be a better version of the game, for sure. I want you to have a really good experience with IS. It’ll be worth the wait – I assure you.

  349. Chris8282 said

    “I want you to have a really good experience with IS. It’ll be worth the wait – I assure you.”

    That almost brought tears to my eyes.. Thank you!

    *grabs a tissue*

    I know this will be great! That’s why it’s so hard to wait :(

    But, I was, honestly, just kidding. I’ve got plenty of JRPGs that I stopped playing mid-way through that I’m trying to get done before this comes out. The release date of this patch reinvigorated my love for JRPGs and now I’m a “JRPGin’ Machine”

    .. Just another reason to thank you and Gemini :D

  350. Chris8282 said

    Also, I just wanted clarify what I was saying before. I was trying to say that I understand why and am glad that you guys chose SlyStrife. I would have had no idea what I was doing through most of the game (I’m sure) and I probably wouldn’t have been of much help. Plus, I haven’t played the Japanese version so I can’t compare them. I was just saying that I was glad SlyStrife was here in this community and that he was a beta tester. It’s good that he have him :D

    I’m not disappointed or anything that I wasn’t a beta tester. I didn’t have enough time at the beginning of the beta testing to do what you guys would have needed me to do and I didn’t know if that would get any better later. This mixed with the other reasons would have made it a foolish decision for me to be a beta tester so.. no worries.. I understand… And, I’m not .. mad (?) or anything..

    I just detected something in your words that seemed to lead me to believe that you thought I was disappointed or something…

  351. 8 said

    It’s just amazing to watch Chris8282 trying to act as Gemini/Tom’s right hand all the time, it’s simply outstanding to be able to see this failure of a performance. I lol when I imagine your reaction to Tom’s post, where he politely tells you to “know your place”. And what was your reaction? “Hmm, yes, Tom, I guess you’re right”. But of course! Since it’s Tom himself telling you something, you’ll automatically agree as the good boots licker you are, if it was someone else telling you that then you’d act as the bitch-licking-boots again right out. And it was simply pathetic to watch you trying to act smart by using the “let me get a bit of your precious time” excuse when your love icon has clearly stated you’ve done the exact same thing once. Instead of losing eight or ten times the time you would have lost by actually answering the question (and that wouldn’t make Tom reply like that, so in fact you’ve made him lose time, not that guy) you clearly prefer to lick down those pretty shinny boots. I don’t know why I’m losing time myself telling you that, but I must come here to congratulate you about your brilliant performance, I just couldn’t dare to not reply to such a full fledged failure. Congratulations and, by the way, the boots are calling.

  352. Chris8282 said

    What the hell? Did you read ANYTHING? How much of it did you read? Don’t lie. Did you even read it at all? You didn’t, did you? So, is English your 2nd, 3rd, or 444th language? Oh, boy.. Here we go again.. I already said it’s the principle so I don’t feel any need to argue this point anymore that ANYONE with a brain would have already seen and understood.

    You called me a “boot licker” *giggles* (Nice word choice.) but obviously you didn’t understand that what I said was SAARRCASSM .. DUH DUH DUUUUHH!!!!

    *8’s head explodes*

    Hold on. I’ll give you a moment to compose yourself since your brains are all over the place.. That looks mighty painful. Should I call an ambulance? I’ll give you a few more minutes to get your thoughts straight.

    Okay.. That should be enough time …

    “where he politely tells you to “know your place””

    Never happened. Keep your mind-fuck phantoms out of this blog, please. Next.

    “Since it’s Tom himself telling you something, you’ll automatically agree as the good boots licker you are”

    Did you, by any chance, bother to read the part where I disagreed with Tom? You didn’t did you? GAAAH!! I knew it. Of course you didn’t! I never stopped disagreeing with Tom. I still do. What’s your point? Why does it matter? Can two adult men not disagree once in a while? Oh.. I forgot.. You thought I agreed with him and was kissing his ass. I forgot that I was talking to an idiot with no reading comprehension. I thought I was still talking about something in the realm of reality. My mistake. I won’t overestimate you again.

    But, seriously, why do people continue to make such a huge deal out of this? How many more people must come here with their one post, get pwned, and then leave with their tails tucked between their legs? .. Not a single person has brought any VALID arguments about ANYTHING. They just come up with this bullshit that never stops… then leave. The cycle continues to this day with you.

    Your post is FAIL! .. And, FAIL! … ANNDDD.. FAIL! That’s all I gotta say. That’s all that really needs to be said .. But, still… I enjoy toying with you like a cat with a mouse.

    “And it was simply pathetic to watch you trying to act smart by using the “let me get a bit of your precious time” excuse”

    LOL!!!!!!!!! If only you understood what it was I was saying. When you do you’re going to feel real, real, real stupid for what you said. You’ll look back on this day far in the future and lie to yourself; never admitting that you gave birth to such a complete utter failure of an idea. NEWSFLASH!: It was sarcasm. But, I guess you couldn’t be bothered to read with understanding before you came out here to publicly embarass yourself. Don’t jump the gun next time. Actually, please, keep at it. This is like open mic night at a comedy club with all retards and midgits. IT’S HILARIOUS! I CAN’T GET ENOUGH!

    For the slow ones here, here’s a paraphrasing … Every ounce of what you’ve said was a misunderstanding and a complete ass raping of my words. Try reading comprehension next time. It helps when you want to try to prove a point.. Or were you even being serious? I hope not.. I can hardly believe you were …

    “I just couldn’t dare to not reply to such a full fledged failure.”

    You wanna see a “full-fledged failure”? .. Your reading comprehension *ba dum tshhh* Thank you! Thank you! I’ll be here ’til Thursday.

    This was great. Thank you for posting! I needed a good laugh before bed… This, kids, is why you go to school and learn English. Stay in school! You should be the spokesperson for the campaign for public school attendance. You’ve done this community a great service. I can use you as an example from now on. Kind of like you look at a crack head in an alley and tell your children “Don’t do drugs!” Thank you. When I have school skipping kids I will bring them here. They’ll be waking up early just to get to school so that they can learn English and be as unlike you as possible. *Bookmarked* This deserves a YouTube video.

    So, first I was some asshole, now I’m some ass kisser? You people can’t keep your shit straight. Either I’m kissing Tom/Gemini’s ass or I’m dishing out insults to them and being complete dicks to them. I can’t do both. Why don’t you make up your mind? Pick one. But, instead, It just goes back and forth. When will this stop?

    Oh shit, I think I just lost brain cells talking with this monkey. Anyone else? Who’s next? I know there will be more.. There’s ALWAYS more … *sits down with shotgun*

  353. Tom (Translator) said

    …I came here with some good news….

    The hacker working on Megaten Gaiden: Last Bible 2 managed to get the first of three banks inserted properly. The storyline hasn’t been cut (so far). There’s still hacking to be done, but it’s a step in the right direction, at least.

    Also, the Slime DQ translation is about 90% complete. I think I’ll make my “end of the month” deadline.

    Also, I don’t think I’ve brought it up on this board before, but there is a movie I would like to see. It really reminds me of Persona. You can see the trailer here:

  354. 8 said

    Lol, same argument during the whole post with no concrete evidence whatsoever. “You’ll look back on this day far in the future and lie to yourself” jeez what a nerd lol, just ’cause you do it doesn’t mean the others should do it too, so do everyone a favor and take your imaginary shotgun and use it on your head. Was my english enough for you to understand it or am I having an english exam right now at your (also) imaginary school on the internet?

  355. slystrife said

    @Tom: I really fell in love with that movie after I saw the trailer, it looks awesome. Also Do As Infinity is doing some of the music, I love them! (I mainly know them for their work on Tales of Legendia’s opening theme, but I have listened to quite a few of their songs to safely say that I like them.)

    Also glad to hear that Last Bible 2 is going your way, I own the fist one and I actually enjoyed it a lot. Best 3 bucks I ever spent. ^_^

  356. Elio200 said

    This movie has a lot of promise even if i couldn’t understand anything they said.
    It really needs to be subbed after it comes out

  357. Elio200, that movie is very old (8 years old). I knew about it before because one day, while browsing teh internetz, I found a poster for a “PERSONA” movie. Sadly, being a total failure at Japanese, I couldn’t find any info on it. So I must Tom once again.

    I don’t think it was subbed into English and it makes me cry. I think I’d love it even though it stars Tatsuya Fujiwara. I mean, Tatsuya’s a pretty cool guy and I would love to have love with him but his face is a little to chubby for a Japanese star.

    Also, somebody please do somethig about you-know-who. It’s really depressing to read such crazy stuff and this place is full of it now. First it was being funny, than annoying and now it’s plain insanity.

  358. Desynth said

    The guy who posted that youtube video has a link to it being sold on Amazon. The DVD has english subs on it as well. Now if someone could find a torrent of it .. ;P

  359. It has? Wow! ^_^

  360. Elio200 said

    Wow haha, that’s great :D

  361. Gemini said

    Comments closed. You guys just can’t discuss. Shame on you. -_- Oh, and expect to see the release delayed by A LOT. I’m seriously pissed off by your fucking immature behavior.

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