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It’s Mama Weegee for you!

Posted by Gemini on August 5, 2008

98% this week. Oh, we’re very close to the end. :o To make it very short, the translation is done, the hacking progressed a little, and I’m tired of this game. Read the rest to find out what I’m talking about.

Hacking my way

Welcome back, battle menus. I decided to take a break on the fusion set up button and went back to some “fast and easy” hacking, but it wasn’t as painless as excepted. X_x So, last week’s victim was the Analyze module, which had 3 sub-modules to be reworked.
First one, stats/condition. It’s more like a nitpicky edit, since all I did was moving around the first vertical ruler and aligning HP values better. As usual the game likes to do stuff in a weird way in battles, so the ruler is actually composed of 2 parts and I had to change coordinates for both, but it’s cool now.
Next sub-module, personality/comments. This was a little more complicated thanks to the personality bullshit (couldn’t get it to use variable spacing in there) and the window panels to be resized. Everything in that damn hell is defined through a huge routine, and there were even things using multiple methods for coordinate setting.
Third, items! Resized the left panel as usual and moved around all the strings. Nothing complicated here.
There’s also a fourth one, which are the header and footer window panels. Footer was really simple as it needed only a 1 pixel fir for the arcanum string, and the usual nitpicks on HP/LV digits. Header was a little more complicated as it needed heavy coordinate changes for each word (yeah, those are printed separately), and cursor needed to be moved according to the new coordinates. Took me a while to track down all those values. >_>
Now let’s move to another of the battle modules:

It’s the Personal Data menu, in all it’s bugginess. This is one of those screens that nobody uses, and in fact it’s probably the buggiest in game. Did they test this stuff anyway? I guess no, unless they had some really bad testers back in 1999.
First of all, the Persona status page used a stretched version of the tarot image (82×120 vs original 80×120). I have absolutely no clue why somebody would do that. Not only it looked bad, but it was also hiding part of the panel on the right. Smile now: no more stretched images for tarots. I’ve also fixed some of the Persona cards which had a couple typos (Emperer and Jugdement).
For the second image, it’s the “Status: Human” page, which cost me countless swears. First of all, it’s still not perfect (notice the glitches around the life and magic bars), and this is what completely stopped me on the assembly front. The routine responsible for that part is absurdly GIGANTIC, and I don’t really feel in the mood to keep looking at it anymore, especially after the mess with fusion spells. As for the rest of the screen, I’ve successfully hacked the personal data panel and gave it better alignment, totally missing in the original. I even had to make the game support variable length names since it always assumed that all characters’ surnames were only 2 kanji long! Talk about bad programming.

All demon personalities

Yep, they are done. Tom is fast as hell on this stuff, even if we did experience a few… “problems”. X_x For some reason the old man personality was saved as a duplicate database instead of a simple txt. At first I thought Tom had to redo that gigantic part, but fortunately it was still possible to recover most the file and convert it to txt. I guess that was a bug with my dialogue/database editor, even though I have no clue what caused it.
On my side, I had to check that all contacts weren’t bigger than RAM can hold for them (which I believe is 64kb, but I’m not sure), and fortunately they all perfectly fit. I’ve also added compression on them, so that everything loads faster and takes less space on disc.

Evil blah
Let’s start with an almost good news: a few days ago I finally cleared the game with the patch on emulator, from start to end, with little to no problems. Does this mean that the game is already entirely playable? Unfortunately, no. There are still some things that make it crash, but it’s only a matter of fixing a few missing portions of code.
Time to discuss about one of the optional enhancements, which is making PCSX able to detect translated saves as not corrupted. Well, for no actual reason it already can! It suddenly started to recognize them a couple days ago. That’s really one absurd emulator… But if it works, it works. Carry on. :D
Now let’s talk about speed. The completion percentage progressed a lot in these two weeks, but it shouldn’t for a while since we decided to take a little break from Persona for about a week. Actually, I already did and started working on one of the two secret projects in collaboration with Tom (please, don’t ask what they are in the comments, we won’t tell you anyway), in order to extract most of the script from both so that he can do something about those while I complete the hack on Persona 2. The first one is already done, but Tom is more interested in the second one, which I haven’t hacked that much. Here I come. :D
Lastly, a little note about derived translations. I’ve already discussed about this several times with many people, but I’ll make it clear once and for all like it is in the FAQ page, question #11: for those hoping to use our work to make a translation out of it, we will NOT support you in any way. We won’t give you our script, code hacks, programs, etc. I personally don’t like translations of translations, so the game will stay only in English. If you are going to send me an email about it you will get no reply or a very rude answer, depending on my mood.

That said, it’s all folks! There isn’t really much more to show, so the next news will probably announce the beta testing. You will probably have to wait 3 or 4 weeks for that, but I guess it’s worth the wait.


402 Responses to “It’s Mama Weegee for you!”

  1. seamus said

    Hah hah. You can’t be tired of it yet! You’re gonna have to play through it again to work out bugs! Are you going to have the Persona descriptions in the Status menu? I like reading those. As for the new projects…Soul Hackers…? Awesome job guys.

  2. Gemini said

    No, the secret projects are the retranslation of Beyond the Beyond and Pepsiman. Now stop asking, thanks. >_>
    As for the Persona description, did you really read the news carefully? It says it in the very first lines: all text is translated.

  3. Zylo said

    BTB. I’d cry lol.

    Great work on quick translation Tom =D And as always, great quality from your side too Gemini. Can’t wait for the next post =p

  4. Chris8282 said

    Gemini leveled up!

  5. eight said

    You guys are amazing. Nuff said.

  6. Chris8282 said

    “I’ve also added compression on them, so that everything loads faster and takes less space on disc.”


  7. Nathaniel said

    After having finally played through Persona: Revelations not too long ago, I was amazed and grateful to stumble across this site while researching SMT. I have a feeling Batsu is going to amazing compared to the woefully translated Revelations and the good but repetitive P3. Thanks to Tom and Gemini for undertaking this project: I hate playing games non-sequentially!

  8. Nathaniel said

    Ugh, sorry, Tsumi, not Batsu.

  9. Derudo said

    Okay, this Persona 2: Tsumi is almost complete, I congratulate everyone and I also hope to enjoy this fabulous game ^^

  10. So close, yet so far from paradise, as Elvis Presley would sign it.

  11. KrelianX said

    Awesome job, Gemini! Can’t wait to see the 100% version x)

  12. ironjoe said

    Hey congrats on getting so close. Sorry to hear you’ve burned out a bit. The way I figure it, I’ve been waiting since high school to play this game, I can wait a month or two. I only have one question. Will the beta patch be open to everyone or will you select certain people to test? Or will you test it your self and make us sob as we wait? No matter what, well done, and best of luck with your future translations. If you move at the same speed as this game, I think we’ll all be in for quite a few more impressive translations. Its nice to see someone of your caliber (and Tom’s!) enjoying this as a hobby. Thanks again.

  13. Here’s one of the beta testers:

  14. darkbubble said

    Holy shit, guys. I didn’t expect an 8% increase by the time of this post. Nice work.

  15. Gemini said

    ironjoe: beta testing will be handled internally. Tom and I will do a pre-beta testing as soon as everything’s ironed out, and immediately after that the real testing will start with 5 selected people playing the game for at least one month.

  16. Square711 said

    “No, the secret projects are the retranslation of Beyond the Beyond and Pepsiman.”

    Major lol

    With no more updates until beta testing starts, this will be the longest and most boring month of the year. Time to play some of the unfinished games in my backlog to help it pass faster.

  17. james said

    Tom and Gemini, I love you both. can’t wait till it reaches 100%.

  18. ironjoe said

    Thats cool. I guess I’ll have to consider myself a beta tester for the psp. Once its released to the public. Sniff sniff. Thanks again for the fantastic job and I’ll be looking forward to your next few releases. May there be many to come. Amen.

  19. DarkClownNizzo said

    None of the secret projects you’re planning happen to be Policenauts, would they?

    I thought I heard your name in reference to it somewhere, I believe someone might have requested it somewhere a while ago.

  20. Mithross said

    Isn’t it supposed to be Emperor, and not Emperer? Or is that a typo in the post… or in my brain?

  21. Chris8282 said

    He’s saying that was the typo .. That’s why he spelt Judgement juGDement

  22. rbenchley said

    There’s already a translation of Policenauts in progress and it’s nearly complete. Go to

  23. Slowdive said

    Pepsiman rules! Hahaha!

    Can’t wait for the “100%”. Drinks for my account.

  24. Duncan said

    Excellent news, Gemini. You and Tom are totally kicking ass on this, and the entire Megaten community is terribly grateful. Just don’t get too burnt out or let the idiots and trolls get you down. I’m just amazed that you’re tightening up the code and making things even more efficient! In the end we’re getting an even better version of the game out of this. Oh, I almost forgot. Do you still need artists for SumaruTV?

  25. slystrife said

    It’s great to see that this is almost done, I remember way back when you said that the project was suspended, that was a horrifying day indeed. I’m really glad I decided to stick around on the forums, even if it was only the four of us, we had some good times and hopefully those good times will only continue. ^_^

  26. Lurker said

    Good news, but also bad news with the month or so before we see anything more. Along with (from your comments) another month of selective/secret testing of it.

    So seemingly won’t be much information/news until November huh.

  27. Xienith said


    Good job!! Then you can relax (unless there is another project)

  28. Roy said

    Good show man, this is a happy day for gamers everywhere. I hope you know what all your hard work means to us!

    Good luck with the last 2% and all your future endeavors.

  29. maya-nee said


  30. Saori said

    Though it might be premature, congratulations you guys! 98%, that’s a really big accomplishment. I’m really happy for you and everyone else who worked on the translation. Hahaha, some sort of celebration seems in order xD

  31. “some sort of celebration seems in order”

    Sabbath seems appropriate. We can offer notafan as a sacrafice.

  32. Ouisi said

    How about a retranslation of Persona 2 Eternal Punishment :D english voices and perhaps minor adjustments? Gemini already hacked this game and has the tools, who won’t be provided for third party’s so…

    Please, please, please :D

  33. Vaitylos said

    I’m still amazed at your quick progress!..
    Hope translated saves will work under ePSXe too…
    Gemini and Tom, thank you for putting all that effort through it. Means a LOT to many of us out there.;)
    Good luck with the remaining 2% and your future projects.

  34. Sovereign said

    Excellent work – The two of you have come a long way, completing something that many would have given up on well before now.

    Gemini and Tom, you guys work really fast and have a lot of tenacity. I’m sure other translaters would be hard pressed to do better. Congratz on coming this far, I am very excited to play the finished product!

  35. Jams said

    Wow, you guys are storming through this aren’t you? Great job, I can’t wait to play the finished translation.

  36. Zero said

    Awesome job guys, i think the break is well deserved hehe. :3

    On the plus side of it being a while before the beta is playable/it’s fully released, i’ve time to complete some of the games in my pile(which is long…).

  37. launder said

    Wow I couldn’t believe it when I saw it.
    Thank you so much Gemini.
    I understand what you mean by being tired of the project now you’re done. Sometimes you spend so much time in a certain project that by the time you get to the end of it, you don’t even want to see it.

    Glad to hear you are gonna be working on your secret project. I’ll be happy with whatever you work on really, there are so many awesome games that were never released that its pointless to even hope.

    “Crossing fingers is a translation for Shenmue II for dreamcast”

  38. “Crossing fingers is a translation for Shenmue II for dreamcast”

    What? O_o

  39. darkbubble said

    @Launder : If you want an English version of Shenmue II for Dreamcast, get the EU version. It’s got English subtitles with the original Japanese voice acting. You can import it and use a boot disc (Like DC-X) on an NTSC system or download it through various channels online without the need for a boot disc. There are also utilities that will let you convert a US Shenmue save to work with the EU Shenmue II, so that all of your skills and items carry over.

    God, I just realized that I need to rage through the first Persona. I still haven’t beaten it. I always get sidetracked.

  40. Xienith said

    You’re all crazy!

    Clearly one of the secret projects is to make E.T. for the Atari a good game!

  41. Chris8282 said

    A project truely worth of these two.

  42. launder said

    Guys i was kidding about the Shenmue II thing, I don’t even like it and the story is probably never gonna be finished so why bother. I was just thinking that it would be any game for any system as nothing has been revealed.

    I know Persona 1 can seem like chore. I really loved the twist for that game tho. That game truly got me into into megaten after cussing at it thru my first 14 hours of play. I tried replaying but it feels so broken that i just forgot and accidentally erased the save without much regret.

  43. Xienith said

    I know Persona 1 can seem like chore. I really loved the twist for that game tho. That game truly got me into into megaten after cussing at it thru my first 14 hours of play. I tried replaying but it feels so broken that i just forgot and accidentally erased the save without much regret.”

    Do you recommend it though…I’m still debating it?

  44. SirFrosty said

    YYAAAAYYY!!! thank you ;P
    without you being here i would have lost all faith in translation projects… since they never get finished :D

    once again thank you :P

  45. Kythlyn said

    You guys are incredible… and you have great timing too! I just got a hold of the original game. :)
    Why do I have a feeling you guys are going to be digging into my Disgaea 3 time in a few weeks?

  46. Chris8282 said

    SlyStrife, educate these people on the awesomeness of Persona :D

  47. Ragnak said

    I recommend Revelations: Persona! Is great! in some ways is tedious and the translation really sucks, but the history is really good and the possibilities of gameplay and diverse characters makes the pros overcome. Play it indeed!!
    (sorry for my bad English!)

  48. Ragnak said

    Ah! I forget! the most important! good work!! you´re making our dreams come true!

  49. Desfunk said

    You guys are the best! I still can’t believe the amount of work you’ve put into this translation project. Not to mention, it’s not that often that we get this much progress reports on one either.

    Can’t wait until it’s all finished n_n

  50. Notafan said

    Cock suckaz!!!!!!!!

    good work. BTW

  51. Chris8282 said

    You should really go get yourself a new mint/sealed copy of life .. Your old one is scratch

    (For the non-english, scratch means “zero”/”nothing”/”non-existant”)

  52. slystrife said

    Well, of course I’ll say that Persona 1 is a good game, it isn’t for eveyone, however die-hard fans of Persona or Megaten in general should definitely give a go.

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  54. Watanuki said

    you guys were really fast!
    Good luck on the next 2%!

  55. Joseph said

    WOW, 8% this week, that is excellent. Since I don’t know how to read Japanese language I eagerly await this release. Great job guys, all your hard work is greatly appreciated.

  56. Ryan said


  57. foozdude said

    (Finally decided to make an account. Blah.)

    Woah, 8% in that time?
    Really impressive work you’ve been doing!

    Keep up the superb work!

  58. Gemini said

    Notafan’s been banned from here and all comments about/against him removed. Enough of that fucking shit. Sorry for Liraman, cause you won’t be able to post here anymore, but you should blame Notafan for this.

  59. ceifadorx said

    Nice to see almost done. good work! :)

  60. “Almost done” is the tricky part here, you see…

  61. aya valentine said

    Yay~ I’ll be beta testing this personally, you can be sure of that. Good work everyone, only a bit more to go, and it’s probably irritating coding. I suggest Daft Punk for background music personally. Or the DDS soundtrack.

    Maybe I should change my handle to ‘Girl in Blue Shirt’… I can’t believe how many people noticed me. o_o

  62. Chris8282 said

    “I’ll be beta testing this personally,”

    o rly?

  63. Gemini said

    Yes, she will. And one of you will, too, but he just doesn’t know that yet.

  64. krelian said

    even though everyone would like it to be themselves testing it, in fact i would like it to be someone who’s got alot of free time (unlike me) to test it, since that way beta version will be tested faster.

  65. 0kami said

    What is Magdhain and megidora? Do you mean Magadyne and Megidola? I assume you’re going to go back and edit these though, not trying to point that out, I’m sure you already know that this has been translated by Atlus already numerous times.

  66. Gemini said


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  68. slystrife said

    Hey Gemini, I was wondering, I think I remember you saying that the Black Joker persona would be added when you have an Eternal Punishment save on the same memory card as the translated Innocent Sin. Is the auto-fusion addition going to be triggered that way too?

    It’s been bugging me all day… :P

  69. Gemini said

    No, the auto fusion works by default, no tricky memory card stuff.

  70. eirian said

    I’m so happy this is almost finished. I can’t wait to play the game.

  71. Tom (Translator) said

    Well, it’s taken me about two days of non-stop reading, but I have gone through and revised all of the files. I fixed literally hundreds of typos… (I’m sure the beta testers will still find some, but I’m also sure that I’ve saved everyone involved a lot of pain and misery when it comes time to report any slip-ups.) I don’t generally make too many typos, but considering the fact that much of this translation was done between the hours of 10 PM and 2AM, I guess it shouldn’t be too surprising. :)

    Some of the typos that I made were hilarious, but I don’t want my translation to leave you people laughing for the wrong reasons! I’ll definitely play through it once the patch is done as well, to make sure that everything’s running smoothly.

    Now that the script has been revised, I can start focusing on that other game which none of you have probably even heard about, and shall (for the moment) remain nameless. :)

  72. “Now that the script has been revised, I can start focusing on that other game which none of you have probably even heard about, and shall (for the moment) remain nameless. :)”

    Secret translation project is secret.

  73. Xienith said

    I still think it’s E.T. for the Atari.

    I’m just saying..

  74. Gokuroro said

    Although people are just making fun of which game it would be, a translation of “Phatasy Star: Generations” would make me really happy. XD

    As always, congratulations on your great work. I’ll be looking forward for both the final patch and the announcements for the games.

  75. Chris8282 said

    “Phatasy Star: Generations”

    Now … That’s probably a game I would die for a translation for. That and 2.

  76. Z2488 said

    Dang, awesome work both of you. I’ve been following this for a few months now, though this is only my second post. Hope it’ll work alright on the PSP with 4.01… I can’t wait for this!

  77. Jet said

    It won’t. Tsumi is known to crash on the first battle on any popsloader.

  78. Gemini said

    4.01 has problems in the last part of the game. And no, it doesn’t crash anymore on the very first battle. Check the FAQ.

  79. Jet said

    Interesting. Looks like I’ll be trying out Tsumi on my PSP then.

  80. benten said

    Don’t give up! We love you.

  81. Bajan13K said

    Good luck with the rest of the project,
    congrats for getting so far,
    it’s all sorts of awesome coolness!

    …Er, or something like that.

  82. Mato said

    I wish for 2 things.

    1. for your hacking skills, how I wish I had even a sliver of your hacker power

    2. for your update naming skills ;)

  83. Wtv said

    You guys are the best.
    Im waiting to play this game for ages, but can’t understand japanese.( it was hard trying to keep myself from playing eternal punishment all these years =( )
    Thx again Gemini!!

  84. Cidsa said

    Wow 98%, I never thought I’d see the day XD

    Did you get a proofreader/editor at all? Tom is pretty awesome, but there is so much text, there might be some errors here and there XD

  85. Tom (Translator) said

    As I posted earlier… I completely went over the entire script, one line at a time, over a period of about two days… It was extremely tedious work, but I corrected hundreds of errors. (It definitely needed it. As you said, the script is massive.) There may be a few errors that remain, but I’m sure that it’s nothing the beta testers can’t handle at this point, because I know they’re going to be all over this translation once it’s in their hands. The revisions are done, and now it’s time for the beta testers to seal up the loose ends. Hey, it wouldn’t be very interesting if they couldn’t hunt for any typo-easter eggs. :)

  86. Cidsa said

    Oh I’m sorry, I didn’t notice your post ^^;;;
    Sounds like you’ve got it all under control. You’ve done so much work, it’s amazing XD

  87. Liraman said

    Very impressive update.

    Two friends and I were following your job in this project for quite some time, we’re very excited about it. At first we expected it to be released around Christmas, its impreesive to have the skills to do this , and fast!
    so We want to congratulate and thank you for your efforts.

    To the people who thinks that playing Tsumi before Batsu is better , i just want to say something to you, that one game spoils the other , so whatever game you play first will result in a very gratifying experience overall.

    So you could go play Eternal Punishment now to help you bare with the waiting. =D

    P.D. Regarding to the little pest that got banned, i just want to say that none of us has any reason to do something like that. i personally dont know who this person is and neither share or support any of his/her opinions. At first i find it amusing, due to the confusion, so i didn’t bother, but later posts became agressive. I just want to say that i and the people who work with me are very respectful of your job , and also respect the people who posts here and their opinions.

  88. Tom (Translator) said

    I don’t think it’s fair to say that one game spoils the other. Absolutely none of the events of Eternal Punishment are revealed in Innocent Sin.

    Eternal Punishment, on the other hand, reveals a lot of Innocent Sin’s storyline. I think it’s best if people play Innocent Sin before Eternal Punishment, if possible.

    It’s great if people are willing to wait until Innocent Sin is done to play it in the order that it was meant to be played. The wait should not be too long, now.

  89. Xienith said

    “It’s great if people are willing to wait until Innocent Sin is done to play it in the order that it was meant to be played. The wait should not be too long, now.”

    Yeah, that’s me…
    Nocturne should arrive shortly though, so I’ll busy myself with that.

  90. Gemini said

    Hey Mato, glad to have you here. :D

  91. Wtv said

    yeah, im waiting to play IS before EP.
    Im playing Devil Summoner now, so i can wait ’til IS comes out =P
    Thx again guys, you’re making dreams come true for us =)

  92. Liraman said

    i should agree that IS dont spoil EP.
    but i think that knowing the events at the end of Tsumi will give you an advance of what’s going on while playing Batsu, and even if you didnt figured it out near the end ,it makes the most interesting and important plot twist of the game almost non-existant, hence ruining it (the plot twist, not the game ).
    i don’t think that playing the games the other way will produce the same feeling, other than knowing the ending events of the game (Partially),you’ll play eagerly to know what leads to them.
    i might be wrong, because EP had me hooked before i know of the existence of IS, wich i played thru in japanese barely knowing the details in the story, but thats something this project would complete

  93. And I don’t know what to play now. I’m playing some Zeldas, some Megatens, some shooters and some fighters but I can’t stand all of this shit anymore.

    IS – me want.

  94. Liraman said

    I should Agree that Tsumi dont spoils Batsu.

    But knowing the events at the end of IS beforehand , will result in an advance of whats going on while playing EP, and even if you didnt figure it out by the end , the most interesting and important plot twist near the end became almost non-existant, ruining it (the plot twist , not the game).

    I don’t think that playing the games the other way around will have the same effect, because even if you know something about the end (partially thanks to EP) , you’ll be eager to know the story that lead to such events.

    i might be wrong, but i was hooked with EP before i even know of the existence of IS. and thanks to that i played IS eagerly in japanese , barely knowing the story in detail. so this project would fill the experience complete.

  95. Tom (Translator) said

    “Knowing the events at the end of IS beforehand , will result in an advance of whats going on while playing EP…”

    Not at all. In fact, I was shocked when they announced EP, because I thought the story was over with IS. It was a little confusing… To say more would spoil it, but IS seems to imply that EP is not even going to happen… Playing EP after IS leaves you thinking “Wait, why is this even happening? What’s causing this?”

    I didn’t know any of the answers until much later in the EP story. After playing IS, EP seems like a big contradiction, and you don’t know really know why until you complete EP. This adds to the mystery of it all…

  96. “Not at all. In fact, I was shocked when they announced EP, because I thought the story was over with IS.”

    That’s because it was. EP wasn’t planned. It was made due to the enormous success of IS.

  97. OK, I wasn’t clear with that one. What I mean is, EP wasn’t planned as what it came to be.

  98. PirateSwordsman said

    There are no words to express gratitude for going through all that work to translate this game for fans of the series. Thank you. Thank you very much. It’s deeply appreciated.

    I know you probably have been asked the question of whether you would ever translate Be Your True Mind (the first Persona), so I won’t. Besides, asking for a new project after you finish one is somewhat selfish and irrational, right? <_<

    Just wondering though, do you think it is worth translating, given the rather sub-par localization the game got? Do you think it’s worth for someone to go through all of it?

    And another honest question: did you suddenly decide to translate this game in response to the series becoming so popular overseas thanks to Persona 3, or is it for the old fans and new fans alike? I know this must be an odd question, but nonetheless, I’m curious.

    Thanks in advance!

  99. Xienith said

    I’m almost certain it had nothing to do with Persona 3.

    I want to add to this post…but I can’t think of anything witty right now.

  100. Chris8282 said

    P2:IS translation > P3


  101. Tom (Translator) said

    I think P1 is worth re-translating. Atlus received a lot of criticism for all of the editing that they did to Persona 1, but I think it took a lot of effort for them to make all of those cuts and changes. If they had included the Snow Queen Quest, I would have said it’s not worth translating, but the SQQ is impressive, and very reminiscent of Shin Megami Tensei If… I even worked on a direct-to-text translation of the SQQ many years ago, but it was only up to the first dungeon, and it wasn’t worth releasing publicly. I know one group was working on P1, and Gemini offered them his tools, but it fell through. I was sad, because I would like to play a retrans’ just as much as you.

    Still… Even if Persona is fully translated, the Megami Ibunroku series will still not be complete without “Ikuu no Touhen”. (I doubt it will ever will be translated, considering that that this Persona 1 “Gaiden” was only released on cell phones in ’06.) In case you don’t know about Ikuu no Touhen, it’s a Persona 1 gaiden about the Deva System throwing the old team into a weird tower ruled by the Queen of the Night… You can see some photos here:,1166501029,64690,0,0.html

    I didn’t offer to translate IS because the series became popular. We’re only translating games that we like… I simply think that Innocent Sin is one of the best RPGs I’ve played. The game that I am currently translating is not very popular at all… (Well, I hope that it’ll become popular after I translate it!)

  102. EvilRez said

    Well i don’t want to be rude ,but i want to ask you something.Will the translated version of P2:IS will be reachable to everyone,i mean for free?And another question:When will you finish those 2% and give us to try the beta version? ^_^

  103. Marko said

    I’d just like to say that you are awesome for making this translation!

  104. Gemini said

    @EvilRez: A, it’s illegal to download the game, unless you were talking about the patch, which will be obviously free; B, again, beta testing will be handled internally.

  105. EvilRez said

    @Gemini: So,all the fans that were waiting for the P2:IS translated version will not be able to get this game? Or i’m not getting things right? :)

  106. Gemini said

    They will, if they have their copy of the game, ’cause I’m not providing it. Go read the FAQ.

  107. EvilRez said

    so i have the copy of (JAP) P2:IS ,so as i read in FAQ all i would need is the translation patch, which will be available as download.Or not? :)

  108. Eleanore said

    Wow 98%! You guys are amazing, It’s so close to completion it’s insane. You have been doing a fantastic work and I’m… gah, I’m just speechless. I’m going to play this so much when it’s finally released <3

  109. Gemini said

    @EvilRez: I’ve already answered that. Read better…

  110. slystrife said

    @Tom: I never knew about Ikuu no Touhen, I’d love to be able to play it somehow; and yeah, that is pretty sad that Corey’s group kinda just died, personally Ibunroku is one of my favorite Megatens. I think Corey had even said that he found a hacker too, well the last time he was active anyway. I’m not going to worry too much though, I’m sure somebody is going to take up the task eventually, I mean a certain awesome team did eventually pick up Innocent Sin. :)

    So I think anything is possible, I might even do it myself one day. I’m currently trying to teach myself the hacking basics and I do eventually plan to take some crash courses in Japanese (my school offers them).

  111. EvilRez said

    Ok ok ,it’s just i’m so greatful that you’re working on nearly the best RPG of all time :)) Keep up the good work ^_^

  112. Clone Commander said

    Thank you for your work. To where you are going to upload it when you end? please, reply me…

  113. slystrife said

    Gemini is going to upload it to his main page when it’s completely finished, the link for is in the blog, just explore it a little.

  114. Krepticor said

    great work, look forward to the release

  115. 99%. This is going to kill me… XD

  116. EvilRez said

    it’s so close to the end it hurts… :D

  117. slystrife said

    @Take: Heh, I’ve been dead since it jumped to 90%. :P

  118. Reverted back to 98%. Damn you, Gemini! ;P

  119. Gemini said

    That’s why you should never post any percentages before the actual update.

  120. slystrife said

    Heh, its my birthday today Gemini. Whajya get meh! :)

    (I’m serious though, it actually is my birthday today ^_^)

  121. Well, posting them in the comments section is just for fun. ;*

    Happy birthday, Slystrife. I don’t know what should I wish you so you’ll just have to live with the standard ‘everything you wish for’.

  122. Chris8282 said

    Wow, SlyStrife! I completely forgot that our birthdays were so close together!!! :D

    Mine was on the 9th … :D

    I got you .. ummmm…. I’ll send you something through a PM when I find something :D

    May the following year be filled with accurate descriptions of what you buy on eBay :D:D:D:D

  123. slystrife said

    Thanks you two, the birthday wishes are much appreciated. ^_^

    I can’t believe I’m 20 now, I feel so old… <_<

  124. Tom (Translator) said

    Happy birthday, Sly! (And a belated birthday salutation to Chris!) You feel old at 20? The years only pass more quickly as you get older… If it’s any consolation though, 20 seems young to me! Heh heh!

    By the way, I’ve heard that if you dial your own cell phone number, you can make your birthday wishes come true.

  125. darkbubble said

    Hmmm…all I got was voicemail. So, I left a message saying I’d call myself back later if I hadn’t already returned my call. I hope I get it, because I’m not very good about checking my messages.

  126. 20? I wish I was 20. I’m 22 now and I feel old as f**k… ;/

  127. ironjoe said

    I’m 26 married with a kid (my daughter was born when I was 24). Now that was what really made me feel old. No number of years can compare to getting up all night for 18 straight years.

  128. That’s why I said that I feel old – not that I am old. Two last year of my life where made, well, of fail and I’m really dried up by now. The fact that I’m writing things like this on a Persona 2 translation blog just show how pathetically desperate I am, lol.

  129. Tom (Translator) said

    Try not to look at failure as a bad thing. Even if you failed at something, you can at least say, “I’ve tried doing this.” I personally attempted a translation of the game I’m working on about five times with five different people. None of them could do it. I even attempted a text translation, which fell through because it was a ton of work for something maybe only ten people would use… Finally, I am able to finish the translation thanks to Gemini. (Well, it’s only about halfway done.) Many times, I felt that it was a lost cause… But in the end, I never gave up hope, and I think that it’s going to be an even better translation than it would have been before. In any case, I think everyone here is “desperate” to play Innocent Sin in English. :)

  130. EvilRez said

    Tom:You got that right ^_^,every 2 hours i’m visiting this page and expecting desperately to see something new about the P2:IS translation work :))

  131. Thx, Tom. You’re a great guy, as well as Gemini. It amazes me thaht this day and age there are still people like yon on “TEH INTERNETZ”.

  132. AlexY said

    I’m so fapping right now.

    I said it before, and I’ll say it again – THANK YOU! :D

  133. Chris8282 said

    “It amazes me thaht this day and age there are still people like yon on “TEH INTERNETZ”.”

    Indeed, we must treaure this moment because there might not be another soon.

  134. slystrife said

    Just the fact that I’m not a teen anymore makes me feel old. And when people say that I’m two decades old, well that just makes me feel even older. ^_^

    Take is right, it’s really hard to find great people like you on the internet nowadays Tom. Now that I think about it, I can’t believe it’s been about 9 months since I met Take, Chris, and Gemini. I also remember thinking at one point that Darkbubble had disappeared off the facer of the planet, I’m your still alive. ^_^

    I’d never thought I’d meet people on the internet that I REALLY like; you guys rock! :) Gah, I’m killing myself with all this sentimentality, had to get it out though. By the way, I’ll try that cell phone thing you were talking about Tom; I have to make sure I have a wish though, if I don’t my ideal energy might get stolen. :)

  135. EvilRez said

    So guys how are the things going with translation of P2:IS?On the “to do list” there are a lot of unfinished things is that true? :)

  136. Just ignore optional enhancements and you’ll see that there’s not much things to do. It’s all about asm hacking right now but then again – it’s this small part that’s really annoying. It’s really hard to say when will Gemini finish with this crap.

  137. Zylo said

    He will finish when he finishes =P Anyway, the beta test is being handled internally as he mentioned, so there’s no need to worry about anything for a while.

    Tom from what I’ve seen anything you work on will have a stellar translation, so I’ll definitely check it out when you and Gemi finish it, even if I’ve never heard of the game lol.

  138. “Anyway, the beta test is being handled internally as he mentioned, so there’s no need to worry about anything for a while.”

    Yeah, but some of us surely want to know when to start counting that ~month of beta testing.

    For you this is just another project of Devil Hackers but for some of us Innocent Sin is ‘TEH BAST GAME EVAR’ so don’t be irritated if somebody is very agitated.

  139. EvilRez said

    Hmm…why the beta testing patch will not be given to all of fans ,that way it would be faster to know if there are some bugs…

  140. Because it’s a beta. You’re missing the point of beta testing here.

  141. EvilRez said

    well what’s the point then? :)

  142. Basically, it’s a test for a computer product prior to its commercial release.

    Sometimes it involves large-scale testing but this is a patch for an obscure jRPG made by two people. It’s only natural that Gemini will give this to few people and then, after making sure everything works, throw it into the depths of the Internet.

  143. Yeah, commercial is a bad word since all of this is free. But this just reaffirms that fact that Gemikni shouldn’t make large-scale beta testing.

  144. Chris8282 said

    Has anyone read the “Top 40 Reasons Gemini Is The Baddest Man Alive” yet?

  145. Chris8282 said

    Has anyone read the “Top 40 Reasons Gemini Is The Baddest Man Alive” yet?

    Gemini is now at the rarely achieved level of “Chuck Norris-like”

  146. Gemini said

    But I can’t roundhouse.

    @EvilRez: because I’m evil, and I like to tease people with my fork.

  147. Tom (Translator) said

    I think if Gemini released the beta immediately, not only would he be swamped by hundreds of reports of the exact same errors, but also people would be much less likely to play the “final” version down the road, thinking… Well, I’ve already beaten it, anyway.

  148. Yeah, that’s exactly the point, Tom.

    Let’s just hope that beta testing will go smoothly and everybody will get 1.0 patch ASAP.

  149. Chris8282 said

    Gemini is actually doing me a huge favor by not releasing the patch at this particular time :D I need to get back into the swing of school :D

  150. Keller said

    Heh, I just bought Persona 2 Innocent Sin a couple months ago and found this place while looking for the Oracle of Maiya. This looks much better. Thanks for all the hard work on this project. I look forward to the public release.

  151. Well, I don’t have to give a shit about school for the next month and a half so it’s going to be a long wait since I don’t have much to do besides playing.

  152. Chris8282 said


    Your in my thoughts so that you can bear this tormental wait :D

    I know how much you love Persona 2: Innocent Sin :D

  153. slystrife said

    Hey, I know you feel Chris, I start school in less than a month. :( Even though I had a full 3 and a half months off, I still feel like I didn’t get the most out of the vacation. Your lucky you still have some time off Take. ^_^

  154. Yeah, but after that it can (and most probably will) get extremely not cool. :<

  155. Kalyndra said

    But where can I get a modded Ps2 nowadays?

  156. Chris8282 said

    ^ Most likely not from online sites. There are forums that have people who do them as a hobby.. But, other than that it can be pretty hard. The goverment, from what I heard, recently REALLY cracked down on this type of business so … Yeah

  157. bobsur uncle said

    Anyone looking for a way to play this on there ps2 when it comes out google free mcboot 1.6 It is an exploit you install on your memory card that will let you run homebrew on your ps2.You can also launch psx and ps2 backups with other free homebrew such as psxlauncher and ESR.The great thing about it is you don’t need a disc in the drive.

  158. Xienith said

    I’m actually in the same boat…no modded ps or ps2 at the moment.

    Bob, will this process work for the patch if I buy the innocent sin cd?

  159. kikE said

    mmm u should use epsxe

  160. Z2488 said

    That Free McBoot thing requires a method of installation. Meaning you’ll need AR Max, Codebreaker 8.1 or newer, or Swap Magic. Probably cheaper than a hard drive and doesn’t require a swap like Swap Magic so it’ll work on a slim PS2. I may have to look into this since I’d rather not use an emulator on my computer.

  161. Shalashaska said

    Almost there, there are people from all over the world expecting this, Im not kidding, in fact, I now a lot of people from south america interested in this.

    Can´t wait to play it in english,It may fill the “story holes” that Eternal Punishment left in the mind of those who finished it.

  162. 0delay said

    And I’m from Russia :) Expecting this too.

  163. krelian said

    we got some impatient people in Brazil expecting it.

  164. EvilRez said

    And some of fans from Lithuania too ^_^

  165. Xienith said

    and from Canada too, I guess I’ll add

    I thought the emulator will not work properly with this patch…though that could be my mistake, that’s the impression I got from the FAQ.

    If an emulator will work, I may look into that as my ps2 is getting old enough without me tampering with it more, lol.

  166. Atoli said

    Thanks so much for translating P2: IS. I got by just reading the japanese, but after a while all the characters look a like. So thank you… and I’m glad not to be impatient.

    And in regards to modding PSones and PS2, it is rather easy considering there are so many tutorials on how to do it. That and how to burn and play without Swap Magic or Slide Carding, but it helps if you have a fat PS2 as I like to call it. Again, there are many tutorials on how to do modding, just google it and do it yourself.

  167. Adamska said

    Persona 2 : Innocent Sin, The game that will unify the world =D

    Thanks for the hard work, keep it up.

    Greeting from Chile.

  168. GreyChertZ said

    Russia says Thanks very Much! =)

  169. Tuan said

    Hollywood, California says thanks too.

  170. Gemini said

    And then they started calling us the UN.

  171. Shalashaska said

    So… Jun is gay .-.

    I tought it was a lie, he doesn´t look gay in Eternal Punishment, but, if the FAQ says that he is.. then he is.

    Poor Tatsu.

  172. Chris8282 said

    Miami, Florida says Gemini/Tom got some MAAAD street cred now :D

  173. “Poor Tatsu.”

    LOL? Poor Tatsu? He’s poor only with that bitch of a girl – Lisa.

  174. Tom (Translator) said

    To be fair, all of Tatsuya’s potential love interests have their fair share of problems…

    But we don’t mind them, really… We love them, in fact.

  175. But some of us love TatsuyaxJun the most… ^____^

  176. Gemini said

    Only some? I guess like 50% of those who are going to play it wanna see the whole Jun x Tatsuya affair. Right Aya? ;>

  177. Elio200 said

    thanks from Lebanon :D

  178. suko said

    Brasil here says “Gemini and Tom you rock! Innocent sin, here I come!!!”

  179. Rutt said

    Thanks, you guys! It’s just…too amazing to be true! I thank you again and again, and when it’s finished, I’ll die of a heart attack, I just know it. Damn XD.

  180. Atoli said

    Yeah, we are pretty much the UN now, except with eighty percent more ‘thank yous’. If you think Jun is gay… to each, his or her, own. Or you could call just the Olympic nations. And people don’t have to ‘look’ gay to be gay.

  181. Gemini said

    Well, Jun is *clearly* gay, and not only because his artwork (the one did by Kaneko) makes him look very feminine, but also due to all the stuff he says and does (who said fortune telling and flower language?). And he has an emo haircut, but without all that emo.

  182. Besides he is portrayed as an evil gay maniac in “Kurosu Jun Contact Command (Fortune-Telling)” from The Errors of Their Youth drama CD. ^^

  183. Gemini said

    And he wears Tatsuya underpants, exactly like Lisa does.

  184. Can’t blame them. Who wouldn’t want to wear Tatsuya’s underpants

  185. Tom (Translator) said

    There are plenty of buff gay guys, and even gay guys who, believe it or not, -don’t- lisp! There are also feminine guys who aren’t gay… But in Jun’s case, he -is- gay, because he actually flirts with Tatsuya, and not in a “well, I could just be misunderstanding” kind of way.

    I understand if you haven’t played IS, you have no reason to think he’s gay… Only more reason to look forward to play it… You can see if the rumors really are reality!

  186. How’s the hacking, anyway? Or were you playing Soul Hackers all this time, Gemini? XD

  187. Gemini said

    I’m working on the hack right now, and play Suikoden II before going to bed. :o Guess I’ll resume Soul Hackers later.

  188. “and play Suikoden II before going to bed.”

    Awww, this one’s cute. ^^

  189. Zylo said

    Aye, Jun X Tatsu is one of the major reasons me and my bf want to play the translation =p That and the Persona series is our favorite games(though I’m eh on P3.)

  190. Watanuki Kun said

    Suikoden II is shuch a GREAT game *-*
    poor you know who T_T

  191. Watanuki Kun said

    ah and i think i will play IS at least twice..
    because i love Maya nee…but i really want to see Tatsuya X Jun relationship…but i also want to do a Maya X tatsuya relationship =D
    i will do Jun X tatsuya first thou ;D

  192. Shalashaska said

    Jun uses Tatsuya´s underwear o_O?

    Pretty weird this JunXTatsu thing,
    too bad there isn´t JowyXRiou in suikoden 2 xD¡

    mmm… I remembered Eikichi, Captain Underwear….
    I can´t imagine myself killing someone because of that
    well, Lisa was talking about his(eikichi) underwears.

  193. To all people who are surprised by all the weird shit in IS – wtf were you expecting from R&D1 game? O_O If you want political correctness, than go play Kingdom Hearts.

  194. Chris8282 said

    “than go play Kingdom Hearts.”

    I find Kingdom Hearts to be very politically incorrect :D

    Why? That’s for another time.

  195. I’m sure there are people out there who will claim that first Pong is ‘very politically incorrect’…

  196. Chris8282 said

    No .. I actually have reasons :D

  197. ryoko126 said

    Wow… I so can’t wait for this to finish up. I’m currently getting a friend addicted to the Persona games, and I’m sure he’s as eager to play this one too.

  198. launder said

    Why are people so caught up with this whole Jun is gay nonsense?
    Big deal man
    Never seen a gay person before? I mean seriously the lot of you need to grow up. That’s like saying you hang around with a person just because he/she is gay. I find that rather shallow.

    Since when is gay politically incorrect?
    A lot of you are trying come off as being open minded and you fail miserably. No offense to anyone tho.

  199. Launder, you’re being an awful jerk, you know that?

    It’s not about Jun being gay. It’s about Jun being an awesome gay (psychotic & dangerous ^^)interested in an even more awesome bisexual guy. The whole point of gaming is to feel joy from something that isn’t easy or is impossible in real life. Finding a pair like Jun and Tatsuya is impossible in real life so don’t be so shocked that there are those who are pumped up for seeing it in game. There’s nothing childish about it. People who can’t accept the fact that something like this can make somebody happy are the ones that should grow up.

    IS is politically incorrect overall. And don’t take this literally. It’s just that this game, as all R&D1 games, have so much sad, very sad and totally depressing themes that it just can’t be described as something for everybody.

  200. EvilRez said

    So ,how the hacking progress is going? :)))

  201. launder said

    Uh? okay let me get this straight…
    Its very hard or impossible to find a homosexual male who is psychotic dangerous. How do you know? Ever looked?
    Anyways, Tatsuya is not supposed to be Bisexual, he is supposed to be YOU. Whatever decisions you make should reflect upon him whether you like blondes, older women or other guys. They are just giving you the options.

    Sorry if I come off as being a jerk but this whole Jun thing is so superficial you can sum it up in one sentence.
    The guy is gay, cool and you can fall in love with him if you choose.

    Gay,Psychotic and Dangerous
    Nothing’s impossible!

  202. yamiblade said

    Dude, keep up the good work!

  203. Infiny said

    I wait with bated breath

    Thanks tons for doing this, ITS LIKE A DREAM COME TRUE

  204. Chris8282 said

    Do you realize that Takehaniyasubiko is gay?

    How the fuck would he not be open minded for gay people?

  205. Sir Frosty said


    also… Takehaniyasubiko all Launder said was that its really no big deal.. and i agree with him.. :/

  206. Nobody was making a big deal of it. It’s just that there are certain people who like TatsuyaxJun pairing a lot. There are many reasons behind it, gayness being one of them.

  207. Sir Frosty said

    lol and that makes him a jerk how?

  208. Launder acted like a jerk by being rude and small-minded out of nowhere. But let’s leave it. Starting a flame war here is a really bad idea.

  209. launder said

    Ok I am rude
    Move along nothing to see here. I am just happy I got it off my chest. I was never my interest if anyone agrees with me or not but I like to make people think. I am not gay but I am black.
    If anyone told me that they like me just because I am black and would constantly shower me with praise over my blackness i would feel insulted.
    I never intended to start a flame war and I will not make any more mention of this.

    Very happy Gemini is taking time to translate this game. I already have my version of IS right here waiting for that honorable day when the translation is done.
    as always congrats.

  210. “If anyone told me that they like me just because I am black and would constantly shower me with praise over my blackness i would feel insulted.”

    The whole point is that Jun is liked by me and many others not only because of the fact that he’s gay. That’s just a part of his personality. You wanted to make us think about something that’s not the point at all.

    Well, whatever…

  211. Chris8282 said

    Launder, please just stop. You are not the one to make us “think”.

  212. Tempest said

    “The whole point is that Jun is liked by me and many others not only because of the fact that he’s gay. That’s just a part of his personality”

    I can understand liking Jun because he is a different character type in a genre full of cliche characters, but liking someone solely based on their sexual preference is a bit odd.

  213. Tom (Translator) said

    Jun’s a videogame character… Who cares if people like him just because he’s gay? Or for whatever reason? Let people enjoy it… There’s no need to preach to the choir, as I’m sure everybody here on this board is open-minded enough to accept whatever’s presented in the game.

    Why do I love Jun? It’s got to be his theme song… One of the best tracks in the game, in fact. :D

  214. Chris8282 said

    I can tell this translation is really popular now.

    The internetz has invaded ….

    Bringing with it the usual stupidity

  215. Chris8282 said

    LOL @ The whole “blackness” statement. I just read that part. It was good for lulz. Sure got me thinking

    … About how dumb of a statement it was :D

    Don’t you know black people are some of the worst for this?

    What if I did like a character because he was gay? So what? Maybe, it’s not the gayness, but the fact that it is a character trait that is almost never seen (For IS, even rarer at the release of this game.)

    Black people are some of the worst for this. Don’t you know that black people love to see black characters in “white” movies because they are rare? Back in the day, did you know black characters in movies would develop cult followings among the black population? Why? BECAUSE THEY WERE BLACK… And, that was a rare trait at the time. Same for Innocent Sin.

    Now, what if I was gay? What if I wanted a character that I could relate to, and there are no other characters. Does that make me a bad person?

    Hope I got YOU thinking there, Blackness. Especially, with the limited time I had to type/proofread this.

  216. ironjoe said

    It suddenly strikes me that this is a conversation that should end. It just keeps devolving into an even more ridiculous exchange. Anyways, keep up the great work tom and gem.

  217. Virnon said

    Hello, first time posting here, although I started reading this forum as soon as the project was restarted and I came to know about it after I read about it in a magazine. You guys are simply fantastic and I am REALLY addicted to the persona series (especially eternal punishment). I’ve always wanted to play a translated version of IS but that would just never happen, who would translate this game and who would even remember about it? You guys did, and I’m so glad about it that I must thank you guys for your precious work.

    About the blackness and gayness stuff, I kind of agree with Chris8282 and I believe “Now, what if I was gay? What if I wanted a character that I could relate to, and there are no other characters. Does that make me a bad person?” says it all.

    Good luck with the translation project and by the way I’m also from Brazil ^^

  218. Gemini said

    We appeared on some magazine? :0 I didn’t see that coming!

  219. Chris8282 said


    What magazine?

  220. Just wait and see what will happen after the patch is out…

  221. Chris8282 said

    I might not come to the blog anymore :(

    Of course, I don’t really know why I would. LOL :D

    Hopefully, the sanctity of the forum will be respected, and preserved.

  222. Shalashaska said

    I would like to read that magazine =D

    Meh…. I think we all wanna play Persona 2 : Innocent sin in english, even with a “politically incorrect ambiguous gay character” or two.
    There´s no need to keep this little war.

    A few days ago, I said “Pretty weird this JunXTatsu thing”, but I had no intention of starting a whole discussion about that.
    Just thinking about something curious for a video game, the ESRB is very hard when it comes to censorship, and, acording to the internet, Innocent Sin had too much “Inadequate content”, censorship would have been awfull.So Jun or Tatsu would´ve been “modified” to avoid any “inadequate” situation in-game.
    Remember Persona : Revelations´s Official translation. (They even re-designed the characters, changed names of places and people…)

    Why bothering in classifying a game for ages, if they are going to aplly censorship to it, just like they did to the first persona, despite the BIG WARNINGS all over the cd case?

    Hope no one gets mad for my comment .


  223. Virnon said

    Yeah, it’s been some time already though, I guess it was last year when I saw it in a brazilian rpg/games magazine my friend used to have, I can’t remember the name though xD. I just remember it said “There’s currently a group translating the Persona 2 Innocent Sin” etc etc, and there were some images just like those you post to show the current progress and about a full page talking about the game and the project. I remember the magazine was quite old (sorry but I really can’t remember the name) and it referred to when the project hadn’t been suspended yet I suppose, for it hasn’t mentioned any time breaks or anything like that, at least not that I can remember.

    One day I was replaying P2:EP and then I remembered about this article I saw on the magazine and wanted to see if it was really going to happen, then I spoke with this friend of mine who had this magazine and asked him if he still had it, so I could find the correct website for the project. He said he couldn’t find it but he had the link, so he gave it to me and here I am.

    IF I’m not wrong, I think the magazine said the group translating it was an italian one, I’m not sure about this one ’cause it’s been about 1-2 years since I read this article, so well… are you italian oO? Or am I just going nuts and mixing up information xD?

    PS: Maybe if my friend finds this magazine I can upload some screens of the article.

  224. Yeah, Gemini is an Italian. Surprisingly, he’s a cool guy. ;p

    Of course, I’m just joking. I have nothing against the Italians. I don’t even like jokes about their ‘contribution’ to WWII.

  225. Virnon said

    “Yeah, Gemini is an Italian.”

    Nice, then I guess I’m not just imagining stuff =D
    As soon as this friend of mine (Daniel) logs in I’ll ask him to look for this magazine in every corner of his house so we can upload a screenshot.

  226. Gemini said

    /me waves for scans

  227. Square711 said

    Now I’m curious. I’m from Brazil and have quite a few game mags from past years… chances of me having that one here and not even knowing are pretty high.

    Virnon, if you can remember the name of the magazine, let me know, and if I do have it here I’ll scan it right away. :D

  228. launder said

    In a magazine?
    Well I guess gemini is now an official celebrity!
    Well is good this project has been getting some positive attention instead of the attention Chrono trigger Resurrection. I’m still so disappointed at that.

  229. Virnon said

    I’ve spoken to my friend and he couldn’t find the magazine u_u so I looked for it in my room with a faint hope I’d find it and the result was negative. He told me he lost some of his magazines and the persona one probably was in the middle of those ;_;.
    The magazine was very old and it referred to when the project has just started, there was a full page dedicated to it and that was about it. The only thing I can remember was about the article was that the translator was an italian and that’s it.

    @Square711 –
    “Virnon, if you can remember the name of the magazine, let me know, and if I do have it here I’ll scan it right away.”

    The name was not an specific thing, it was like Game Power, Gamers, Pro Gamers or something common like that, so I can’t really remember it.

    Sorry to disappoint you guys but I I’ll try checking another friend’s house. MAYBE it’s there ’cause we used to share these kind of magazines among us. Sorry :/

  230. Baron Samedi said

    Holy shit, when did Gemini get famous?

    I am completely ignoring Anime Expo 2008 in saying this, by the way.

    Also holy shit, 98%

  231. Yeah, 98% confiremed and who knows, maybe beta is completed by know or will be this week. And when it’s in the update, well, the waiting will be even harder. xD

  232. Drakulakun said

    Wow, I posted here in march and look at it now… 98%! Awesome job Gemini and Tom! Congrats! Greetings from Brazil too!

  233. Brazil seems to be some kind of IS lovers den.

  234. Square711 said

    “Brazil seems to be some kind of IS lovers den.”

    That shows we have good taste for games. XD

    “it was like Game Power, Gamers, Pro Gamers or something common like that”

    Hmm… then I don’t have it. Most of the magazines I have here are about Sony consoles only, like PSWorld. The ones with generic names are too old.

  235. Hostile said

    oh yeah, im from Brasil too.
    Can’t wait to play this awesome game.
    THX so much gemini and tom!

  236. Gemini said

    You guys’d be suprised to see how much traffic I get from Russia. And not only traffic.

  237. Xienith said

    Where are all the Canadians at?

  238. Gemini said

    Cidsa is Canadian. :o And she’ll be helping soon with testing, too… and also somebody else, if he reads the PM I sent him. :/

  239. Shalashaska said

    Am I the only Chilean here? lol

    well, at least I´m pretty sure I won´t be the only chilean who´ll play Innocent Sin in english .

    I think it´s damn hard to translate a japanese game >_>, but there a lot of people supporting you guys =D.
    Specially from Brazil, it seems =P

  240. Shalashaska said

    I mean cheering*

    ^we are so useless u.u …..

  241. Let us hope that beta testers will have an easy ride and that there won’t be too much to fix.

  242. Gemini said

    They will have a whole month to do so. But first I need to fix several things on my own.

    PS: Sly’s officially the second tester. Congrats!

  243. KrelianX said

    Am I the only one from Finland here? Anyways, I already know that few friends of mine are definitely going to play this translation. Hopefully the beta testing goes fine, have been waiting for this one for ages xP

  244. Chris8282 said

    Innocent Sin translation makes the world go ’round :D

    Looks like we might not make my prediction of 200,000 hits before release. Oh well .. Less time to wait :D

  245. Watanuki Kun said

    only beacause its becoming a trend ;D
    I’m from Bazil o/

  246. krelian said

    Brazil is gonna rule the world.

    Well,at least the fictional world of IS.

  247. Chris8282 said

    ^ When did Japan take over Brazil? Wow.. I need to keep more up-to-date with World News.

  248. Chris8282 said

    ^ I feel I should add “JK”


  249. Baron Samedi said

    Damn, am I the only American here?

    Maybe I should wear red, white, and blue to make up for it.

  250. Andrigaar said

    Nah, I’m American too. I just avoid chiming in on the random arguments.

  251. slystrife said

    Thanks for the congrats Gemini! ^_^

    I read the PM at the best time too, right before I went to work. For my whole shift I was so much happier than normal, I think I was starting to scare my co-workers. :P

  252. Congrats, Slystrife. But really, you should have started to scream “Perusona, Perusona, Perusona!!!!!!1111111” at work. ;p

  253. citizen zero said

    I`ve just read about things Gemini gets from Russia and…h ey, Gemini, what do you think about homemade absinth? :D

  254. Gemini said

    I guess you actually misunderstood my comment. It’s nothing positive at all and it’s related to something happened months ago. I think you probably know what I’m talking about, since you are on the forums where the discussion took place on the russian side.

  255. Could shed some light on this, Gemini? Or is too touchy to talk about?

  256. Gemini said

    I won’t for the moment. But I will if they come back asking for the same thing after all the derived translation warnings that I posted here.

  257. IS in Russian? For Lucifer’s sake, no! ;p

  258. Chris8282 said

    ^ Why?

  259. It’s all personal. I hate Russian language. It’s in my genes.

  260. citizen zero said

    Oh well, they won`t ask you again. (Which can`t mean an absence of Russian retranslation, of course)

    Yup, i remember that you`re Martini type, but what are the laws of Italy say about sneaking an absinth into a country? And what do you think about it?

  261. Gemini said

    Absinth is legal here, more or less.

  262. Deykkcaos said

    great!!!! i’m waiting for this *-*

    thanks people!

  263. Absinthe (piołunówka here in Poland) has a great background thanks to Paris bohemians but personally, I don’t like it.

  264. Gemini said

    With all this stuff about alcoholic drinks, I should probably change the catchphrase of this blog into “Where Atlus fails, alcohol doesn’t!”.

  265. Chris8282 said

    “It’s all personal. I hate Russian language. It’s in my genes.”

    Damn .. I can’t believe I forgot about that whole conversation we had on the forums. Somehow, when I see your name on this blog I don’t quickly connect that it’s the same person on the forums because we talk so differently there than here.


  266. Since we’re at Atlus and alochol – I wonder how much stuff guys from R&D1 used to drink. I think that far too much, at least it seems so when you look at the way they were coding games.

  267. Chris8282 said


  268. slystrife said

    You guys are making my day with this conversation. XD

    I personally don’t drink, so I’ll never really understand all this talk about alcohol and such. <_<

    I always used to think the guys at Atlus took some stuff while developing their games as well. ^_^ When I first played through SMT 1 my eyes were bugging out, seriously, sometimes I couldn’t believe what I was playing (I mean that in a very good way :D)

  269. The Follower said

    Hey guys!

    @ Gemini:

    So, we’re looking at this patch to be released sometime around Christmas, correct?

  270. The Follower said

    Oh, and thanks so much for doing this!!!!

  271. No, if all goes well, it’ll be out a ~month after the beta (that means some time in October). Of course, Gemini can hold it back till Christmas or even not realse it at all. ;p

  272. Okuni said

    The amount of work you put into this project… I’ve never seen anything like this in any other translation teams. You guys are a wonder. Good luck in your next project.

    Also, bonus points for having a Kyouji icon. Devil Summoner equals awesome.

    ..All megaten fandom conversations seem to boil down to a discussion of Jun’s sexual preference. I wonder why, lol

  273. Chris8282 said

    “even not realse it at all. ;p”


  274. Rex said

    wow this is a great thing you are doing I can’t wait! I just wish someone would translate the Growlancer games I loved 2 and 3 and would love to play the others that never came over.

  275. slystrife said

    I love Growlanser, so to see a translation of 1 and 4 would be awesome. Now that I think about it I’d also love to see a re-translation of the original Wild Arms. For me the dialog in that game was just as awkward as the dialog in Persona 1. O_o

  276. rhz said

    I second the Growlanser thing,I own all the games released in America and theyre awesome,too bad that games like those,teh old Suikodens,Personas,Dragon Quests and such are being re-released in Japan for the PSP and the DS and nothing here! Id buy them all!

  277. citizen zero said

    I think guys from Atlus R-n-D1 are sniffing glue…

  278. citizen zero said

    or at least have an open can of glue in the office. it`s really great to have one.

  279. slystrife said

    @Rhz: I wouldn’t worry about the Dragon Quest DS re-releases, I’m 150% sure that we’re going to get those. As for the Suikoden ports, it’s already been quite some time since those were released so I think that’s out of the question… :(

    It’s a shame to because I really don’t feel like spending 150 dollars on a US copy of Suikoden II. I’m probably going to end up importing the Japanese version if the price doesn’t go down soon.

  280. Chris8282 said

    The PSP collection fo Suikoden is Diiiiiiiiiirt cheap ..

    I bought it :D

  281. Buy me one, too. And throw a PSP to the package.

  282. Chris8282 said

    I don’t have a PSP :D

    Sorry … Or you know I would


  283. Yeah, right – and Gemini would give beta to everybody who asks… :P

  284. Chris8282 said

    Why not? If I had a PSP I wouldn’t be using it (Too addicted to PC games at the time.) so I might as well give it to an eFriend that could use


    Oh.. You mean we aren’t ALL getting the beta?

    *commits suicide*

  285. Rex said

    I was sad with the new Grownlancer the downgraded it to just another rpg and not the cool style it was loved for.

  286. Gemini said

    I’d give the beta only to people willing to pay $1,000 or more, which solves the problem since nobody will. :D

  287. Square711 said

    Another Growlanser fan here o/

    I haven’t played Precarious World yet… did read some reviews that said it changed a lot, though. And I love all the first five games in the series, especially 3.

    There’s already someone working on the first one (Konraad) so if anyone else would offer to translate/hack a game in the series I would hope it was Wayfarer of Time.

    *looks at gemini with an ‘is this it? is this it?’ face*

  288. Gemini said

    I guess mine is a “it’s not” face.

  289. Chris8282 said

    Gemini.. I just sent you $1,000 through PayPal. When can I expect to recieve the beta?

  290. Michael said

    I’ve never heard of anyone doing a complete translation of a playstation game. It’s pretty exciting. Some day I hope to be able to do something like this. Even if I never get to see the patched game I think it’s awesome you guys are doing this.

  291. Gemini said

    /me runs away with Chris’ money

    @Michael: I guess you missed my other works then. :p

  292. Michael said

    Yeah, like I said I hadn’t really looked too much because I thought it was too complicated for anyone to want to do. I’ve seen all kinds of SNES translations but I was surprised to find a PSX translation. I read a few articles and saw you translated Tales of Phantasia and Dracula X. Not sure if that’s correct. Were there any others? – Also I read you’ve been studying Japanese for five years and that started studying on your own the first year. If you don’t mind me asking how did you start out?

  293. Don’t listen to word of Gemini’s moth. He’s a frickin’ demon that come to our dimension in order to eat the hearts of those who love his translations. Beware of your feelings! xD

  294. *mouth

  295. slystrife said

    Heh, this site needs an edit button for comments. I also find it funny which words you needed to correct, coincidence? ;-)

  296. LOL

    You dirty little… I like you’re way of thinking… XD

  297. *your

    God dammit, wordprss really needs edit button for comments.

  298. Chris8282 said

    “He’s a frickin’ demon that come to our dimension”

    Yes.. I know :D

    I summoned him.

    And, yes, this site DOES desperately need an edit button.

  299. And we desperately need IS english patch. Some things just don’t happen. XD

  300. Gemini said

    I agree, wordpress site needs an edit button, badly. Not for all comments, but at least for registred users. Still, considering this is not a discussion board, maybe it’s not really that necessary. :p

    And for those wondering about the progress, I’m working on it. Yesterday I found and removed the last fatal bugs, but it seems like my Psp doesn’t like the resulting bin for some reason. I’m working on fixing this error now and once this is done Tsumi should be 100% playable and ready for a last session of “Bugs strike back: hide&sick“.

  301. :dies:

  302. Valtz said

    Hey there. I heard about you guys quite the while ago when I saw a video of the project on youtube. It’s people like you that make gaming awesome!!!! I can’t believe you guys have done as much as you have in less than a YEAR! You guys are something else.

    Keep up the amazing work!

  303. slystrife said

    “You dirty little… I like you’re way of thinking… XD”

    Yup, my mind is totally in the gutter today. :P

  304. Chris8282 said


  305. Gemini said

    For those not dead yet, I should have corrected all fatal bugs now. Proceeding on to logical bugs and finishing last menus. Uff. >o<

  306. Rex said

    We will miss those who are no longer with us and play the finished game in memory of them.

  307. Chris8282 said

    Hey, the doctor’s revived me .. Thank God .. My heart only stopped for just under 6 minutes so they doctors say I should make a full recov—

    *reads Gemini’s post*


  308. ShinMegamiTensei said

    Almost September i have faith in u so i’ll keep coming here until the patch is released thx for the hard work

  309. Well, I’m dead all right. Considering the profoundness of my love for IS, I will be untill the patch is out.

  310. Nigredo said

    – The wait is madness!
    – Madness? I’s TSUMI!!! :D

  311. Square711 said

    Mind if I join the fun?

    :dies too:

  312. Gemini, you spoony bard! You’ve killed three poeple by now, including me. How outrageous. You should be punished by being forced to watch all Naruto fillers.

  313. Rex said

    ahhh zombie!! you must finish fast before everyone becomes a zombie.

  314. slystrife said

    Ewww, watching all those Naruto fillers is a good punishment. I should know, I’ve already done it once (and will never do it again).

  315. frasilva said

    Thanks for time and work. We appreciate it.

  316. Glasgow Smile said

    Really looking forward to this =] The quality of the work you’ve done in such a short amount of time is absolutely amazing.

  317. This project was started two years ago. Yeah, it was dead for a long time and lately Tom has showed some amazing work speed but still, don’t say ‘a short amount of time’. It’s absurd.

  318. Alice said

    You guys have done amazing work. As a long time fan of this series, I am eternally grateful to you for making this available to English-speaking fans. Thank you so much. This was really awesome of you.

  319. Gemini said

    Absurd? Considering the actual time it took us to translate it (less than 7 months) I think “short amount of time” works really well.

  320. Chris8282 said

    I agree with Gemini whole heartedly. When you compare the amount of text and difficulty of hacking as described by Gemini this is definately a short time compared to DeJap or other such popular translation groups .. I won’t even bring up Phantasian Productions

  321. Chris8282 said

    Hmm.. Looks like they FINALLY got around to completeing their translation of Tales of Phantasia.

  322. Yeah, Devil Hackers FTW but that’s mainly because other groups suck from top to bottom. Tom and Gemini are actually able to sit down and work (and yeah, Gemini is *really fucking good* with hacking), while others do sit but only on their asses, crying that ‘personal affairs’ don’t allow them to do anything.

    Still, we waited long for this (even if the work on the patch itself was relatively short). And it’s at least a month still to go. Time for confetti, champagne and wild sex is yet to come.

  323. Chris8282 said

    DeJap didn’t really do that, and I was on their website posting and reading news during it’s development like I am now ..

    But, still, I completely understand where you’re coming from. Also

  324. Chris8282 said

    Did I accurately detect some hostility in your words saying that other teams just sit on their asses and cry about personal problems?

    Isn’t that a bit unfair?

  325. Yes, you accurately detected some hostility in my words. I may be unfair but I’m not amused anymore with all the bullshit that ~90% of fan translations really is.

  326. launder said

    I totally agree with most of you about the whole fan-translation scene not being as great as it should because of authors not dedicating time to the projects. But you also have to consider the fact that these projects are free. I actually think gemini’s attitude towards this project is the right attitude to take he is doing it because he personally wants to see this game translate it. When you try to be nice and do it for other people you will just wound getting mad at the project and people because they will never understand. DO yeah props to gemini.
    Still can’t believe you’re going to make additions to the game that is like the whole Working Designs package. Totally bad ass dude.

  327. Ta-chan said

    “Still can’t believe you’re going to make additions to the game that is like the whole Working Designs package. Totally bad ass dude.”

    Eh..? Did I miss something..?
    What package..? @_@

  328. Chronox said

    When 2% will be complete already????

  329. Chrinox@ at least a month of beta testing is still to go, as stated many times before.

  330. Rex said

    I got so far on ET now I have to stop and wait till I play the first game and IS :( I know I don’t need to have played them to know whats going down but I hate not playing games in order and seeing the full story….plus I am kinda stuck where I am I can’t beat these dang mechs 1 was bad enough now I got to beat 4 of em >.<

  331. Chris8282 said

    A fan translation or ANY kind of fan service should be seen as a gift with no strings attached. Something like a Christmas gift .. It’s the thought that counts and you should realize they didn’t have to give you a gift. You should be grateful for ANYTHING someone does for you and the community. It is a donation out of the KINDNESS of their hearts and for their own wishes.. Nothing more. The translators/hackers owe you NOTHING especially since most people don’t donate. The translators/hackers are people with lives, needs, and wants; especially for respect and understanding from their community.

    Being ungrateful for the efforts of people is just plain immature and is a very, very bad characteristic to have.

    What if Gemini had real life problems and couldn’t finish the patch for a good amount of time or, worse, ever? Would you say that about him? Wouldn’t you agree his efforts and dedication thus far have meaning? Tragedy or responisibilties happen and are there, all the time, without regard for deadlines or projects such as a >>fan<< translation. Life is more important than a translation especially when that life is the translator’s.. The same translator who took it upon themselves to offer a service to the community even if that community has a few immature, ungrateful, and possibly undeserving people. They are doing you a favor.. Bitching about them being lazy or whatever you want to say is just as nonsensical as saying you’re too lazy to learn Japanese to play the game.

    If I offered to do your homework would you bitch to me about how long it takes for me to do when I have to do my homework as well? I hope not or, like I said, you would be undeserving of my hospitality :( They are doing something for you so that you won’t have to.

    Let’s just be thankful Gemini is more dedicated and much, much cooler though :D

  332. What are you babbling about? Who said anything about being ungrateful? Will you stop bending the reality tou your needs?

    I’m extremely grateful to any hacker/translator that actually do something. But most of this projects are just kiddy talks about wanting to do something. I’m not referring to all the great people form RHDN and communities like it. I’m referring to those who don’t have what it takes to make a fan translation.

    Only nonsensical thing here is you interpretations of my words. It takes a lot of bad will to make such ridiculous assumptions as the ones you just made. When did I say anything about being ungrateful towards Devil Hackers? Are you fucking mad? These guys are constantly making my stare in owe at their work. And yet, you made a pathetic statment about me being ungrateful. You have problems with yourself, or what?

  333. Chris8282 said

    Just put this in the forums.

  334. Chris8282 said

    Also, I never said you said anything about Devil Hackers, and that wasn’t aimed completely at you.. You misunderstand.

  335. “You misunderstand.”

    I sure hope so.

  336. Square711 said

    Itlooks like we’ll have 200,000 fights between posters before we have 200,000 hits. :(

  337. Don’t worry, I’m shutting my mouth from now.

  338. Chris8282 said

    Why do people blow things up on the internet? Have you ever seen a fight? A real fight? Not those fights in high school where people get mad and talk loud and throw a punch or two that misses or doesn’t hit hard, and everyone goes running around saying “OMFG!! FIGHT!! SO AND SO JUST GOT THEIR ASS KICKED!” as if someone had been shot or stabbed.

  339. Rex said

    What the heck are you ranting about O.o

  340. Chris8282 said

    Why don’t you just read?

  341. Baron Samedi said


    That being said, what did I miss?

  342. Chris8282 said

    Ummm… Me sending out a message to the fan translation/hacking community as a whole, and then people interpreting that as a fighting? :D


  343. Nyx Avatar said

    Uh…e-fighting? I got out of that kind of thing back in 04, also known as when I became an adult (I’m 22 now), but I digress.

    Outstanding work Gemini. I’m sure that everybody, whether they say so or not is waiting with baited breath to see what happens next.

    You rock dude, and you too Tom! Of course, I’d like to play IS right now but I don’t mind waiting for another month, or another year if that’s what it takes.

    Besides, waiting for something makes it all that much meaningful once it finally comes to fruition.

  344. Nyx Avatar said

    That much *more* meaningful.

    Stupid typos…sorry >_>

    *goes back into the shadows until October*

  345. Chris8282 said



  346. person said

    Will you all shut the hell up… you comment ,thank ,give us update news not start a fight with your IPs if u have any unresolved anger and chris why r YOU screaming fight fight (like somebody got stabbed or some thing) please jump over building or play god of war on hard mode…

  347. Greeat news for all Front Mission fans – patch 2 for FM5 is done! ^_^

  348. Chris8282 said

    LOL @ “Person”

    I’m screaming fight, fight? Really? Are you sure?

    On-Topic: I have Front Mission 4 .. I really need to play it and get into the Front Mission series.. Sadly .. I don’t really like Mech stories or Strategy RPG .. Oh well, I’ll play them some day.

  349. Square711 said

    “Greeat news for all Front Mission fans – patch 2 for FM5 is done! ^_^”

    Wow, they actually did it before August ended. o_o

    Too bad I can’t get too excited about it… I decided to wait till everything’s done instead of using their alpha/menu-only patches, even though I could probably understand enough of the event scenes. But that doesn’t make it any less awesome.

  350. But patch 2 translates event scenes (sorry if you already know this – I may have not understand you). I can see where you coming from, though.

    I would wait for a complete patch for FM5 if I had something really cool to play now. But since IS is still away and I have a last month of vacation, I think I’ll play FM5. I’ve been waiting some 3 years now.

  351. Square711 said

    “But patch 2 translates event scenes (sorry if you already know this – I may have not understand you)”

    Yes, I do know that… I should’ve expressed myself better.

    I could use only the current patch, but reading japanese text gives me headaches and takes too long… I only do that when there’s no other way (as I did with Soul Hackers and Tales of Rebirth). I’d rather wait until everything, including the base dialogue, is done – and I wouldn’t have time to finish FM5 before IS is out anyway. I haven’t had much free time to play lately…

  352. Rex said

    whoa whoa whoa….there is a FM5 patch? where is this?

  353. Chris8282 said

  354. launder said

    ///Eh..? Did I miss something..?
    What package..? @_@///

    I mean about making additions to the game. The whole WD comment comes from the WD tradition of adding content to games they translate. For instance Lunar 1 and 2 had posters of characters you could collect and look at and other had galleries you could unlock.
    catch my drift? I know the word package could’ve been misleading.

    How about a Jun resin statue for all the fans gemini? lol

  355. Elio200 said

    I’m probably the only Arab to know about Persona Tsumi :/

  356. Ta-chan said


    Oh, you mean more like easter eggs..? yeah those are cool when they are played smartly ;)


    Wanna bet..? I know a whole gaming community forum eating their nails away right now waiting for this release.

  357. Chris8282 said

    Again, Tsumi translation makes the world go ’round, and brings people from all nationalities and ethnicities together… This may bring world peace

  358. Infiny said

    I still love you guys and am super happy!1
    I’m still holding my breath.
    It’s hard D:

    This is like the highlight of my year

  359. Still waiting……just finished Digital Saga 2. The problem that am still saving persona 2 and 3
    since this one is before persona after the wait there will be along gaming time :)


    Your not the only one, and please don’t act retarded you don’t see someeone else talking statistics there with nationality (you embarrassing me) we r all persona fans

  360. aya valentine said

    Sheesh, what’d I miss?

    I only offer to be a beta tester because a) I’m anal about grammar and spelling mistakes (I’m even correcting my copy of Battle Royale as I read through it…) b) I have nothing better to do since my friend went back to school and c) I am incredibly thorough when it comes to checking out everything in a game.

    And shaddap. I only like Jun because I enjoy the fact that I’m not the only one who can make a character that messed up. Of course, I can still do WORSE, but…

  361. Gemini said

    Well, I did send you an email where I asked you to join the beta testing team, but you didn’t reply. It’s too late now, since I’ve already got 5 testers ready for the job. Sorry. :'<

  362. Come on, Gemini… You’re going to put that girl down because of some stupid limit? Just make that 6 testers.

  363. inNOcent said

    Hi. Is the translation patch complete? Please answer me, I wait it very much…

  364. Gemini said

    Nice, you didn’t even bother to read a single word in the blog.

  365. Elio200 said

    wich part of probably didn’t you understand.
    Well whatever, you’re right i shouldn’t have acted like a retarded asshole.

  366. Elio200 said

    ok sorry I didn’t understand pretty well your post Kuroro Lucifer.

    and Ta-chan I will take your challenge just to see.

    and sorry for double-posting and trolling

  367. themiskiller said

    amazing,i just learned about your effords!
    keep up the good work man

  368. Ken said

    Hey, Gemini.
    I’ve been lurking on this blog for a long time, now, and can relate, totally, to your teams’ dedication, efforts, and preservation when everything seems to be getting to be too much. I just wanted to commend you all and congratulate you guys on even getting this far, for, from what I understand, this project has been nothing but a pain in the ass [I can only imagine what Eternal Punishment was like, probably almost identical in trouble], and I’d like to give you all a personal nod in nearly completing and still moving forward with your project.
    No, I’m not buttering anyone in hopes of jumping on the beta-tester ship, just possibly trying to give credit where it deserves. Gemini, could you do me a favor? I’d like to speak to you over email, if at all possible. I just would like to talk in detail about some things regarding this project, if it doesn’t annoy the hell out of you already. :P
    Thanks, and again, good work.

  369. Gemini said

    Depends on what the question is about.

  370. Chris8282 said

    I should hope you aren’t try to butter him up for the beta testing.. The people have already been chosen as far as I’ve read.

  371. No pain, no gain. I think that, ultimately, it was good for Gemini – as a hacker – to go through this hell.

  372. Chris8282 said

    Gemini has leveled up! Nothing can stop him now!

  373. wezlypipz said

    Hi, I have only been following this project for the last few months, but I just wanted to say thank you for your hard work and dedication. There are many games that people have missed out on due to lack of profitability/popularity/various stupid reason and it is people like you that make it happen. I can’t wait until we all get a chance to enjoy this gem, thanks again.

  374. Chris8282 said

    We’re getting closer and closer to 200,000 hits :D:D:D:D:D

  375. Slowdive said

    Right now I’m playing Eiyuu Densetsu VI Sora no Kiseki FC. Man, what a great game! I hope that your Persona Tsumi translation will be out in the net by the time I finish the third episode. Can’t wait to see Michelle’s engrish lines translated.

  376. I my be wrong (so don’t bit my head off, Gemini) but I think that Eikichi’s engrish has been scraped.

  377. Tom (Translator) said

    To be honest, I feel that Eikichi is the best English speaker in the Japanese version of the game… Sure, he throws in a lot of katakana-English, but it’s not usually odd enough to call Engrish.

    Regardless, all of the Engrish that did appear in the game has been “fixed” (because when the rest of the dialog is in proper English, having Engrish in there makes the characters look like idiots when they obviously weren’t intended to be).

    Any lines that were intended to make a character look foolish or mistaken have been translated in an appropriate way.

  378. Can’t wait to check out your way of dealing with that lines.

  379. spineshark said

    Does that mean you “fixed” the boss’ first dialogue box at the Taurus Shrine, too?

    I’ve played this game twice, but I really don’t know much Japanese (not even enough to have finished it unassisted, really). Predictably, that line is one of my favorites. =/

  380. weeeeeeggggggggggggggggeeeeeeeeeeeee

  381. shit

  382. PHAIL

  383. Chris8282 said

  384. Tom (Translator) said

    I’m sorry to disappoint you, but the Taurus Boss is supposed to be a fluent English speaker… (The shrine bosses were born out of the city’s rumors…) To leave that error in there would contradict the plot of the game.

    Errors can be funny and memorable, but unless the character was specifically intended to be making a mistake in the Japanese version, they will actually speak like regular people in the English version. :)

  385. slystrife said

    The first time I got up to Shadow Lisa and saw that I almost fell off my chair, and to think it was only one word away from being a perfectly structured sentence. :P

    This isn’t really a typo but I thought the way Shadow Eikichi shouted, “Bad Feeling!” before you fight him was pretty funny. I guess it’s just the way it came out… :D

  386. launder said

    Here is a sorta random question!
    So when you translated the game did you use the P3 approach where the game try to make believe you speak japanese? I dont mean that who -chan -senpai nonsense, I mean like when a character says something in the lines of “do you understand japanese?”. Did you translate it exactly the same or did you instead say “do you understand english?’ I hope you can understand where I am coming from.
    Just curious,
    bottomline is, as long as the story is there I am happy

    [polishes his P2:IS case once more]
    anyone translating the manual? its totally badass!

  387. Lauren said

    I can’t wait for this to be finished! I’m playing Eternal Punishment right now and I am very excited for this game!

  388. Tom (Translator) said

    Launder – Yes, the translation “pretends” that everyone is speaking Japanese the whole time, and it is merely being subtitled for you. Unlike America’s Persona 3, I didn’t change English into French or anything. It appears in quotation marks… So basically, to give you a general idea, it’d read like this… (Not an actual quote from the game…)

    (School Kid)
    Why do we have to study English in school, anyway? It’s not like we’re ever gonna use it… I’ve been studying it for years, but when I went on a trip overseas last summer, the only words I could remember were “hello” and “thank you.”

    It may seem ironic to have a person saying that they can’t speak English -in English-, but I’d like to think of it as a “subtitle” for what would be spoken Japanese (if you could actually hear it). The fact that the voices in battle and in the ending are in Japanese support this idea. They’re all speaking Japanese, and you’re just reading the translation… It’s just as it should be. :)

  389. I will never understand people who have problems with game, movie, anime etc characters speaking in a language that should not be known to them. It the basic thing you have to accept – to let your imagination skip over it since it’s just an obligatory thing. Yet most people take in as if it those characters really spoke in the specific language. MGS3 is a great example of this – Snake is talking in Russian with Sokolov but for the viewers it’s in English (+subtitles in the language they’ve choosen). There’s another path, that from ICO and SotC, where you have in-game language and subtitles. It seems much more natural but that’s only possible with games having a specific aura around them.

    Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that I find it utterly absurd to philosophize about the fact that IS characers speak Japanese but it’s served in English. I mean, come on – that’s just a must and everybody should understand it perfectly.

  390. Chris8282 said

    I’ve always looked at the translation in Persona 3 as subtitles.. And, the voice acting just powerful voodoo psychic linking magic :D:D:D:D

    JK, but I DO agree with Tom.

  391. Chris8282 said

    Also.. Maybe… In Persona Japanese people speak English, and English = Japanese .. The names are transferrable :D

    See people! That was an easy solution :D

  392. slystrife said

    If you guys inspected Eternal Punishment’s translation closely you’ll see that it was also translated that way. You can clearly see it during the Innocent Sin refresher at Mt. Iwato, here’s an example (this is taken from the EP script on Gamefaqs)….

    “LISA: That’s it! Now I’m really pissed off! You can’t blame me for what happened! I didn’t think it was going to turn out like this! What! At least I don’t get off on pulling down people’s pants, Mr. Pervert!!! You frickin’ Pants Leader…!!! Pants Leader! Pants Leader!

    EIKICHI: You should talk, freak! You’re just a chinese-speaking
    American in Japan! Ha! What the hell are you anyway!? Here let me give you a nickname! From now on, I’m going to call you “Ginko”! Ginko! Ginko! Ginko! Ginko!…

    GINKO: No! No, no, no, no! Don’t you dare call me that stupid nickname!”

    As you can see Eikichi states that Lisa is a “Chinese-speaking American in Japan”, which is pretty much true. Lisa uses many Cantonese expressions throughout IS to show her love for hong kong movies the same way an anime (maybe otaku is the better word here) fan would use Japanese expressions to show their love for anime(I know tons of people who do that ^_^).

    That’s one of my favorite scenes by the way, so many funny things happen in that one… :D.

  393. Yeah, I hate her “Ching yan” expression. She has no right to call Tatsuya with it. Stupid bitch…

  394. EvilRez said

    well ,is the beta being tested right now?

  395. Don’t ask Gemini about it – he seems to hate answering questions about things that he is going to cover in the update (whenever it will come).

  396. aya valentine said

    “Well, I did send you an email where I asked you to join the beta testing team, but you didn’t reply. It’s too late now, since I’ve already got 5 testers ready for the job. Sorry. :’<”

    Heee? Honto ni? Doushite ka na… ka na? Honto ni sumimasendeshita~! [/Rena]

    I never check my e-mail, really… Especially since I rarely get anything that isn’t spam… o_o
    I sob.

  397. Chris8282 said

    Wait…. Those were sent via email?

    Please, Gemini, tell me that you never sent me an email …

  398. Gemini said

    Confirmed: I never sent you an email. I usually don’t anyway.

  399. This reminds of PlayStation Home Beta invites.

    ‘This is waiting’, I guess.

  400. Ulala said

    I can only say that I love you guys. I always wanted to play P2: Tsumi, but playing it in japanese was a pain :(. Thanks guys, thanks. I love you all.

  401. So much love… No wonder Gemini is sick of it. ;p

  402. Gemini said

    I think you are probably right, so I’m gonna close the comments for the moment.

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