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And then there’s Maude!

Posted by Gemini on July 26, 2008

Yahoo, we reached 90% this week! It’s actually 90.5%, but never mind. Steady progress is always good, but I’m really getting bored of this news introduction. Let’s go with images and confetti.

Adios, dialogue-san!

Guess what? THEY ARE GONE, ALL OF THEM! That was an ordeal. Anima Mundi and Jolly Roger were the last two areas; we’re pretty much done with dialogues now, so all that is left for them is script revision, which will start when the whole translation is done. Who wants some demon contact now? Here it goes.

Barry, it’s a m-monsturr!

A monster contact! Tom is a hard worker for sure as he’s done 4 demon personalities in about 5 days; believe me, those files are really gigantic. These are the personalities done so far: boy, gentleman, suspicious fellow, and young man. Next one Tom will work on is probably old man from what I can see from my text files.
Although there was a huge progress on this side of the translation, it’s still a little “dangerous” to test as I haven’t fixed the choice engine completely, so some contacts can freeze the game permanently at the end of the conversation, if not sooner. I will probably have to hack the game and force it to show a particular dialogue (an old trick of mine ;D) with the buggy special codes, but it’s probably nothing to worry about. It will fall down, eventually.

Fusion spells, SET UP

Holy macaroni, it’s starting to come together! Still buggy and incomplete, but we’re almost there, at least for fusion detection. What does all this nonsense mean? For those who didn’t pay attention to the to-do list, I wanted to add in IS a way to automatically setup fusion spells, like you can do in EP. The feature is still a lot incomplete, but fortunately it’s detecting correctly which fusion spells you can use, as you can see from the screen.
Before you ask, IS doesn’t suffer any slowdown during scrolling thanks to some heavy optimization in my code. Atlus’ for some reason has a lot of redundancy and unnecessary stuff, and I mean really a lot, not to mention some really dumb procedures to print colored messages (they post-processed the font packages). I am using their code, of course, but most of it has been redone because all memory locations are different, and well… you know, optimization tastes like win.

The end has always no images!
This week no actual hacking progress due to all the work on the fusion additional feature. I will resume it as soon as possible, but for now I just want to tackle down the Set command. If all goes well, it shouldn’t take me more than 3-4 days, but you can never know with this stuff.
We’d also like to give you an explanation about the quote usage in this project: while having punctuation inside them may be the American standard, for this game we’ve decided to use the same punctuation format as Tales of Phantasia and Dracula X (i.e. “The Queen’s English,”) in order to create a fixed format with the other releases.

PS: A big thanks to the donation guys. Thanks a million to all of you! You really know how to motivate us. :D


186 Responses to “And then there’s Maude!”

  1. Skanet said

    Great !

    FIRST ME !

  2. Zako Zako said

    Wow. I have been watching this project for quite some time now and every post is like a cliffhanger! I am always left wanting more! You guys are doing an amazing job! IS in English is like a dream to me. Thank you for turning this into a reality!

  3. Dexter said

    Barry It’s a monster!!! LOL
    Great work Gemini!!!!
    You are the N°1!!!

  4. Slowdive said

    Man, i’ll calebrate when it reaches 100%. I have to go with my wife do some boring stuff in the shopping, but seeing this makes me so happy that i really don’t care if i’m going shopping or if i’m going to hell. Ressemble à un rêve.

  5. TerraBreaker said

    dammit, too much good news in one day what with this & the Ar Tonelico 2 developments. Keep it up :)

  6. Anonymous said

    It’s a bit amusing I picked up Persona 2 Eternal Punishment the other day, and then it turns out you’re close to finishing THIS title for translation.

    Hey, be a nice guy, synch it up with when I finish Persona 2. :D

  7. Gemini said

    Nobody commented about the fusion spells. :p

  8. Square711 said

    Pick some demon contact screenshots, add in some extra-P2-stuff-implementation goodness, and you’ve got the perfect update.

    I think a better word for you is “win”. :D

  9. Yeah, Gemini – show this fucker some brute hacking force.

  10. Chris8282 said

    *walks into post .. reads about ar tonelico 2 developments*

    UHHH… BRB Gemini .. with shouts of joy, of course :D …

  11. Chris8282 said

    Indeed .. Ar Tonelico 2, AND this update? Wow … Today is a day to celebrate for JRPG fans. I’ve never finished Ar Tonelico, but atleast that’s one less JRPG that doesn’t need to be translated (Through script or hacking.)

  12. Square711 said

    Ar Tonelico 2 was expected, as well as Mana Khemia 2 which will most likely be announced soon… but it’s great news regardless.

    Though I’m more interested in this:

    This will be a loooooooong week… ._.

  13. Redlupine said

    “Atlus’ for some reason has a lot of redundancy and unnecessary stuff, and I mean really a lot”

    now that’s a surprise to me, I always figured games had to be coded extremely well to be able to fit in the disk and have low loading times

    make me wonder what the coding Nippon Ichi games look like, its probably not pretty

  14. james said

    Yes! I was actually going to comment on fusion spells, because with you adding that you made all our lives easier. Setting them up by hand really sucked. I’m glad you added auto setup.

  15. Karth said

    Fantastic stuff. Glad to see that things are going along smoothly. The Fusion spells are a nice touch, and it’s nice to see Gemini and his friends go the extra distance to make things even better.

    Keep up the good work, guys!

  16. Launder said

    Wow this is quite an update. Props on trying to incorporate the magic fusion system from EP. Funny how you are in a position to criticize Atlus EP translation. I wonder how bad the code for the original persona is. Well congratulations and keep up the great job.

  17. Chris8282 said

    “Ar Tonelico 2 was expected, as well as Mana Khemia 2 which will most likely be announced soon… but it’s great news regardless.”

    Yes, I know. I posted about this in the forums a week or 2 ago.

  18. mcyouligans said

    great stuff, cant wait!

  19. maya-nee said

    go for it! only 10% left ^^

  20. Aku said

    Fucking awesome. Thanks for all guys. ;_;

  21. slystrife said

    I’m really happy that your progressing on that set option. I was the one who guessed it back when it was a mystery project too. :)

    I seriously don’t think I’ve ever been so impressed with a fan translation before. You’ve definitely gained a permanent supporter and fan in the form of me. ^_^ That goes to both Gemini and Tom, I really hope you two plan to team up again, you guys make a great duo.

  22. Ta-chan said

    90 %
    How delicious is that..? ^^

    You’ve out performed the official release of Tsumi a long time ago Gemini,

    you added so much to the game (whether gaming elements or programing)and if you crack open that “set up fusion” code then this version of the game should be called “Persona 2:Tsumi Director’s Cut version” or something!

    Can’t wait seeing you slap that remaining 10 % around!

  23. Ta-chan said

    oh and Gemini,

    Are you planning on tackling that “carry over elements” from Tsumi’s game play to Batsu..? (please let it be yes >_<)

  24. Gemini said


  25. Chris8282 said

    Gemini, I’m trying my damn’dest to get you 200,00 hits before you released this .. Hopefully, I can do it .. If you ever wanna drop by any of the posts I’ve made at GameFAQs you’re welcome to offer a bump if it needs it :D

    You can find them at just about every Persona related forum. I might move on to SMT forums soon.

  26. Vinny said

    Square711, what is that link you posted? I’m guessing a new Devil Summoner, since I’m seeing some mostly DS exclusive demons popping up in the counter, and that cat has big green eyes like Gotou. Now I’m not going to be too excited to write for 4 days and 13 hours :P

  27. Square711 said

    @Vinny: it’s the countdown for a new Megaten announcement by Atlus.

    Though nothing’s been revealed, it’s pretty obvious it’s gonna be a follow-up to Devil Summoner: Raidou Kuzunoha, because:

    -Goto is in there;
    -Some DS: RK demons like Obariyon randomly appear on the counter;
    -The counter is purple (I have the feeling it’d be red if it was a new SMT, for some reason);
    -Th title text says something about a new “case” (my Japanese skills aren’t that good so feel free to correct me if I’m wrong);
    -A new Persona just came out, and… remember how long it took Atlus to make a new SMT installment. >_> I don’t think it’d be something brand new like DDS, either.

    That said, a new DS is all I was hoping for… of all the branchs of the Megaten universe, DS is my favorite. I love Soul Hackers and Raidou Kuzunoha, and still have plans on getting the Saturn game someday. Sadly, I know I’m probably the only western player who likes those games :P

  28. 0kami said

    I just REALLY hope its not another Raidou game. That got so mediocre halfway through and the ending left a lot to be desired. Let’s see a Kuzunoha member show up. Maybe this one will take place in anceint Japan? Grr, I kind of wish they’d go back to the modern SMT style.

  29. Jet said

    Man, I really don’t understand the hate for DS. I really liked that game. Albeit, it’s not near my favorite SMT game it was still very enjoyable for me.

    Anyway, question about playing this game on the PS1. After applying the patch to the ISO of the game, all you have to do afterwards is just burn it to any ordinary CD? After that, you can play it on the PS1 via PSX Change? By the way, where’s a legit place to buy PSX change? I’m a bit wary of the places that sell it.

  30. Tom (Translator) said

    A new Devil Summoner game, huh? I hope that it’s an RPG, not an action game. I still think that Soul Hackers was the best in the DS series. I think what would be -really- interesting if it was on the DS… Then it’d be Devil Summoner: DS.

    By the way, I wish I could help you, but I’ve never burned any CDs. I’ve only been playing it on an emulator.

    Still working on those contracts. (They’re huge.) It’s exciting to think that there are only nine files left to translate. Right now I’m working on a database for duplicate lines, though.

  31. granithor said

    Great progress!

    Looks like you’re learning a lot about programming the PS1 along the way, too.

  32. Chris8282 said

    “Sadly, I know I’m probably the only western player who likes those games”

    No, I am a fan :D

  33. Chris8282 said

    If the game works in the emulator it’ll work on the PS1 as far as the disc is concerned. I have played patched games on my PS2 modded, and it was fine.

  34. Morzas said

    I was skeptical at first, but the EP-style fusion system is in IS now! Cool!

  35. Knux the Fox said

    I’m actually excited for an RPG for once. I just started looking up the Persona series, today, because my friend talks about it all the time. And, I found that the Japan-only Innocent Sin (“Tsumi”) was rated significantly higher than it’s US release counterpart, Eternal Punishment. I watched the youtube videos and it got me even more excited. And seeing as there’s so much optimization and adding to it…this is going to be more than just a director’s cut. This is complete ownage! It should be Persona 2: Innocent Sin Gemini is God Edition

  36. Knux the Fox said

    “Then it’d be Devil Summoner: DS.”

    Then, I guess people would call it DS:DS

  37. CoolAngel said

    I love this project more than I love my mother.

  38. Chris8282 said

    ^^^ :D:D:D

    ^ :D:D:D:D

  39. liraman said


    Will the english patch allow IS to use the analog stick when played on an original Playstation?

    I had the IS import and you cant use the Analog stick to walk/run freely as in EP.

    Personally i think this isn’t important, but suddenly i came to realize its a bit painful pressing the D-PAd and a run button when playing some classics

    Anyways, great work
    and thanks for your efforts.

  40. Zylo said

    The auto fusion addition looks nice =) I can’t believe how annoying it would be to reset that every time o.O

  41. darkbubble said

    I love it. Not only are you improving upon their design, you’re cutting out extraneous, repetitive bullshit.

    10% to go and two months until my birthday…Nah, you’ll surely still be testing. I can dream though, right?

  42. slystrife said

    Heh, my birthday is in two and half weeks, so I guess thats out of the question. :)

  43. darkbubble said

    But are you turning 30? v_v

  44. Pierrot le fou said

    Tom, now that you spoke of Soul Hackers, do you know any place in internet where i can find a script for the game and the original DS or a resume? I know the plot and all but i want to know more. I have both games in my collection but i never got much further because my japanese sucks. I heard about a guy doing a translation but seems he kicked the bucket or something. Thanks in advance.

    BTW, this project is amazing. I can hardly believe it. I’ll spread “the rumor” about you here in France.

  45. Chris8282 said

    Spread the rumor around that it’ll be released next week. Maybe, like in the game, it’ll come true :D

    While your at it spread the rumor that *insert unreleased JRPG here* will be localized/hacked, too :D

  46. Gemini said

    The second rumor already matches reality. The next project that I will work on is a JP-only RPG. :o But it’s not what you are waiting for. :p

  47. Chris8282 said

    What am I waiting for? The one we talked about in the forums?

  48. Gemini said

    No: Soul Hackers. It’s weird how many people are demanding for that now, but maybe you were talking about some Tales love. I shouldn’t have made that April joke. xD

  49. Tom (Translator) said

    To be honest, I have never beaten a single Devil Summoner game, although I do own them… The one that I played the most was Soul Hackers (I almost beat disk one). It’s just as “clunky” as the other ones, but it has great atmosphere and characters. Anyway, I did a quick google search and found this for you.

    Searching for the lines in “Devil Summoner” just gets mostly Kuzunoha Raidou websites, and I don’t feel like digging through the dirt to find any gems. You’ll have to be content with just Soul Hackers. Unfortunately, these lines are only in Japanese. You said that you’re studying Japanese, so hopefully that can be of some help to you. The level of the dialog seems to be slightly below Innocent Sin (aside from the rare instances of tech-talk), so it should be a -little- easier to understand.

    I studied French for four years, but I never used any of it, and forgot pretty much all of it… But, “merci beaucoup,” and I hope that any English-speaking fans in France are eager to play IS. The database I’ve been working on is almost complete. Once it is, the remaining files should be a breeze.

    Gemini’s next project is a cool one… It’s an RPG that I personally have wanted to play for a while, and I think you’ll be quite pleased when you find out what it is. :)

    There is a project that I hope to do with Gemini later, but I’m almost sure it’s a game that most of you have not even heard about, ha ha… I hope that’s not disappointing, and I also hope that you would give it a try, anyway, if it’s possible. :)

  50. Chris8282 said

    “It’s an RPG that I personally have wanted to play for a while, and I think you’ll be quite pleased when you find out what it is. :)”


    What genre is that game “we’ve probably never heard of”

  51. Gemini said

    Hehehe, no hints for now. You’ll have to wait until December.

  52. slystrife said

    Heh, it’s a good thing I’m not a cat, otherwise I’d be dead right now. ^_^

    I’m pretty well versed in J-RPGs though, I’ll bet I’ve at least heard of it. :P

  53. I’d kill for Front Mission 2 patch but that can’t be it.

  54. Square711 said

    I’d kill for Front Mission 2 patch but that can’t be it. [2]

    Can you at least tell us if it’s a PSX game, gemini? :~

  55. krelian said

    hey, i would like a FM 2 translation too…

    Better on FM series in my opinion… at least the battle system is, since i couldnt understand the story but played it to the end

  56. Watanuki said

    Tom ,Gemini…you guys are great!
    let’s positive thinking!

  57. kikE said

    front mission 2 isnt that the one that’s action rather than srpg??? i think theres a patch for the snes ver…

    Gemini and Tom rocks!!!

  58. Tom (Translator) said

    Front Mission 2 is a strategy RPG, and it’s on the Playstation… I was given it as a gift many years ago, but I am terrible at most SRPGs (including FM2). I could only beat a couple of missions. There’s only a small number of SRPGs that are easy enough for me to beat… Arc the Lad 1, Kartia and Rhapsody… Aside from those, I have generally avoided any and all SRPGs. I tried Disgaea, but it required too much grinding. I have never really been interested in political/robot stories.

    I’m sure that, being a Squaresoft title, somebody will eventually translate it… But it won’t be me. :(

    The good news is, I’m through with the database at last. Now, I can start finishing up the rest of those files…

  59. Chris8282 said

    I’m right with you there, Tom. I don’t really like political/robot stories, and never really liked “Japanese” Strategy games, whether they be SRPGs or otherwise. I prefer much more Western Strategy games so I must say I’m glad Front Mission isn’t the game you’re hacking :D

  60. Tanthias said

    Excellent. I can’t wait until this is finished. I beat the first game recently and (due to being told that EP reveals a lot of IS’s storyline) have decided to play this game before EP.

    @ KikE: You’re thinking of Front Mission: Gun Hazard.

  61. Tom (Translator) said

    For the DS fans… Not quite what I was hoping for, but hey… It comes with yet ANOTHER new version of SMT 3: Nocturne (called the Maniacs Chronicles edition), which seems to show Raidou will appear in Nocturne… Crazy, huh?

  62. CRAZY? THIS IS MADNESS! Oh, wait – it’s just ATLUS JP. ;p

    New Raidou game looks good but don’t even want to think when we’ll get it in English…

  63. Chris8282 said

    WHAAAAAAAAAAT?????????????? Another JRPG for the Playstation 2? God, I hope we get this game … Will this generation ever end?

    Not that I’m complaining, I would rather have the PS2 generation go for years more than for me to switch over to the Xbox 360 so early.

  64. Gemini said

    I love how Atlus is sending out clear fuck you’s to Sony and the Ps3.

  65. Pierrot le fou said

    Merci beaucoup, Tom. Je vous remercie pour la recherche. Êtes-vous japonais?

    Man, we’re a bunch of zeros(is that what you call people who never finishes something?). One ex-girlfriend of mine beat the original DS, in fact i stole from her the original DS i have. Hahaha! Well, she stole my dreamcast with all my games. “Women are demons” indeed! But she was very skilled in japanese and thanks to her i saw the dark side of the games.

    And you would be surprise with how many people in Europe are fans of Atlus games. Maken X was the one that contributed the most for it i think. But i don’t know for sure. Actually, i started already “the rumor”; i assure you a lot of people i spoke went crazy, they should start visit you very soon.

    Au revoir mes amis. Looking for your future projects whatever it may be.

  66. They hired PS3 programmers so it safe to say that they’re working on something (SMT IV?).

    BTW – Cozy Okady is THE MAN behind Folklore for PS3.

  67. Chris8282 said

    “I love how Atlus is sending out clear fuck you’s to Sony and the Ps3.”

    Hopefully, those “Fuck You!”‘s don’t head towards the English-only speaking world.

  68. kikE said

    oh man i gotta learn japanese now, you know i learned english by playing videogames hehehe…

  69. slystrife said

    @Tom: Hold on, you mean to tell us that after 4 years Atlus is gonna put out ANOTHER version of SMT III? Thats frigg’in sweet, I’m guessing it’s just gonna be a bonus that comes with DS? Like the soundtracks that Atlus USA usually throws in with their games?

    Heh, I’m still having a hard time digesting this… ^_^

  70. Chris8282 said

    Wait .. So, it’s coming with the new Summoner game? Wow … I’m really glad I bought the dirt cheap PAL release instead of the (at the time) 100+$ NTSC release.

  71. Chris8282 said

    SlyStrife!!! Start rumors EVERYWHERE YOU GO that this game will be released in America .. I’ll do the same .. Hopefully, like in the game, it’ll come true!

  72. Tom (Translator) said

    If you look closely on the release shots for the new DS game, you will find a foreign old man with long white hair, and a young blonde man… I wonder who they could be, considering Shin Megami Tensei 3: Nocturne Maniacs Chronicles (Yay for long names) will packed-in with Raidou.

    I should have mentioned that SMT3:NMC (Yay) is -only- going to be included with the “Plus” version (aka “special edition”) and will only produced in a limited quantity… I’m guessing they REALLY want to make sure that they sell-out the limited edition, because Maniacs already goes for about 120,000 yen used in Japan.

  73. Chris8282 said

    I guess we won’t get that :(

  74. zoomerang said

    Oh wow, I’ll have to preorder that the moment its available if it’s going to be in such short supply. Is the nocturne chronicles like an append disk? or just a re-release of nocturne with bonus junk?

  75. Tom (Translator) said

    Re-release with bonus… Maniacs is very hard to find in Japan, because the original was given a “Best” re-release, but Maniacs was not… They want to give the full content of Maniacs, with even more extras. It looks as though Raidou will appear in the game. It’s unclear whether or not you will be able to summon the summoner, though. He appears in a battle screenshot. It appears that he is leaping behind an enemy, but he is not on the team roster. I assume you will have fight him… But perhaps he will join, like Dante…

    My greatest hope is that they make the manekata kotowari a reality… But I highly doubt that. I’m actually more fascinated by Chronicles than Raidou, ha ha… But I’m sure the additions will be very slim. I wonder if they’ll add the DS demons like Mokoi and Obariyon to Nocturne as well?

  76. I think they’ll add demons from DDS1-2 DS3 and some personae from P3-4. But honestly, this isn’t that hot if you ask me. I can’t stand SMT III after 200+ hours of play. This game’s graphic and battle engines make me sick. So I won’t cry if I don’t get this localized. Just gimme’ my SMT IV.

  77. Chris8282 said

    Is a game really meant to be played for that long without breaks between with other games? Obviously, you played 200+ hours so didn’t you get some enjoyment? If not, why did you play it for so long?

  78. Becasue I’m a SMT maniac. But even me can’t take too much of SMT III. I think that many people who played this game like crazy will agree with me that SMT3:NMC if fine and dandy but absolutely nothing to cry for. ATLUS JP should start teasing us with some next-gen games already. Then again, what I’m I saying? ATLUS JP don’t give a fuck about fans outside Japan and in Japan, next-gen gamin is pretty much non-existent at this moment.

  79. Chris8282 said

    I am actually hoping that more PS2 JRPGs will be released .. I wouldn’t mind if they didn’t completely switch over until a few years from now. I just don’t like the PS3 that much. Granted, I will be getting an Xbox 360 much sooner than a PS3, but I’m not really too excited for that either. All of the “Next-Gen” games that I’m interested in are for PC, and I like the PC a lot better than the Xbox 360 especially since most of the games for that system are PC games as well. Also, the PS2 is getting pretty emulatable (With the WIPs of PCSX2 which have made a lot of progress since the last official release, according to the list on the site, which was already pretty damn compatible.) will probably even further prolong me switching to Next-Gen.

    Oh dear, I fear I turned this into a chatroom ….

  80. cj iwakura said

    Who’s the new shopkeep in the first image? She looks interesting.

    Is that Rosa Candida?

  81. Gemini said

    Anima Mundi.

  82. slystrife said

    I’m pretty sure we’ll at least get it as a pre-order bonus with Raidou 2. Obviously Atlus USA knows how much we love Nocturne considering the fact that they re-released it to meet with the demand.

  83. Tom (Translator) said

    The regular edition merely comes with a soundtrack CD. I would assume that a soundtrack is far more likely for the US release. It would be odd for Atlus to give away one of their most famous titles for free.

    In any case… Innocent Sin is better than all of this stuff, anyway. :)

  84. “Innocent Sin is better than all of this stuff, anyway. :)”

    Innocent Sin is soo good that I can’t belive it some times, really sometimes I can’t. Other SMT games can go and fuck themselves.

  85. Chris8282 said

    “In any case… Innocent Sin is better than all of this stuff, anyway. :)”


  86. Chris8282 said

    PREACH, TAKE!!!!!!!! PRACH!!!

    Sorry, didn’t see Takehaniyasubiko’s post …

  87. slystrife said

    Heh, indeed Innocent Sin is amazing. ^_^

    I’ve only bothered to import 5 games and this was one of them. The others if anyone is interested are of course, the first Persona, Soul Hackers, Tales of Destiny Director’s Cut, and Shadow Hearts II Director’s Cut. I especially loved the way Shadow Hearts was packaged, you don’t see too many games contained a silver box. Even the disc designs were so much prettier than the US ones, I had a field day with that game when it came in. :)

  88. Gemini said

    Sly, you gotta tell me where you got your Soul Hackers from. I can’t find it anywhere on ebay, except for the useless Saturn edition. ;_; No trace of it on playasia, too.

  89. ceifadorx said

    Good to know that
    After you finish this, do you have another project in mind?

  90. Gemini said

    Yep, three, all secret. ’nuff said.

  91. Only six contact left to translate. I think I’m getting really exited… right… about… NOW! ^^

  92. *excited, lol

  93. slystrife said

    I won it in an aution on yahoo! japan. It was the best re-release but at that point I didn’t care, I just wanted the damn game. ^_^

    However, you can buy it here…

    What’s that Gemini? You love me? Good, thats what I thought you said. ^_^

  94. Gemini, being an ungodly beast he is, does not know what love is, but I guess he maybe somewhat grateful to you.

  95. Chris8282 said

    Oh, dear Take! You’re getting exited! Better take a chill pill.. When you get exited about something you know it’s gotta be really good .. But, you don’t want a heart attack now do you :D

    hahah! Just kidding, I’ve had thousands of typos in here

  96. Gemini said

    62 dollars? Fuck no. :p That’s way too much for me.

  97. Chris8282 said

    Wow.. I just spent that much on Thousand Arms :D .. Granted it was absolutely, perfectly mint, but still .. Don’t you think some games are worth it, Gemini?

    –Careful Gemini! Once you complete the patch, Takehaniyasubiko, may lose all self-control, and kidnap you for his own pleasures :D Of course, he would never do that before the patch was released .. That would delay it :D

    “Misery” movie, anyone?

    Just kidding, both of you .. I gotta throw in some stupid jokes here to keep the mood around here optimistic, and exited :D

  98. “62 dollars? Fuck no. :p That’s way too much for me.”
    Gotta’ love this guy for his down-to-earth-in-a-good-sense mentality! ^^

  99. slystrife said

    Heh, thought as much, but it’s there if you ever have the extra cash. ^_^

    You should try checking Yahoo! Japan once and a while though, I won mine for $15. I’m pretty sure another is bound to show up sooner or later so just keep a close eye on those auctions.

  100. Jet said

    “Wow.. I just spent that much on Thousand Arms :D”

    Seriously? I bought mine about six months ago near mint for 25 bucks.

  101. Gemini said

    Speaking of Soul Hackers, I can’t find anywhere a not corrupted copy. Even Tom’s disc has problems with the truck movie that you see at the beginning of the game when Leader calls you. I wonder if that was on purpose or something… Sly, does your disc 1 have the same problem?

  102. Chris8282 said

    “Seriously? I bought mine about six months ago near mint for 25 bucks.”

    Well, I bidded on several, and they ALL went up to 70$ so I considered myself lucky to get it for 56$ .. It went for so much cheaper because there was a crack on the back, but I easily fixed that with some replacements cases since most Music CDs you buy in stores are the same case as the ones used in Playstation games ..

    Also, there’s a big difference between absolutely, perfectly mint, and near mint. I’ve seen that make 30-40$ difference in games like Final Fantasy VII.

  103. Chris8282 said

    I doubt you are, but just wondering Gemini .. Are you having that problem with an emulator or a real PSX?

  104. Gemini said

    Both. I wanted to play Soul Hackers from end to start, but those damn corrupted sectors are a pain in the ass.

  105. Chris8282 said

    Maybe I could .. Uhhh.. Give you the hook up on some ISOs :D Does your forum have PM features? PM if you want some links .. I can go searching for you.

  106. Gemini said

    If you are talking about Snesorama, I already know that. It’s broken as well.

  107. Chris8282 said

    Wow.. Beat me to it LOL nevermind then .. I know other places to though

  108. Chris8282 said

    Also, the people in the forums said it worked, and that they had played it …. Maybe, it’s the emulator/playstation

  109. Chris8282 said

    Why don’t you tell me some places you’ve already tried so I can not go there .. Damnit, Gemini! I’ll found you one!

  110. Gemini said

    Actually, I wanted to know if all original copies have that problem. I want to buy one and having corrupted sectors on that as well would be really disturbing.

  111. I’m pretty much certain that the truck movie is supposed to be like that.

  112. Gemini said

    It’s not, I’ve checked the Saturn version.

  113. I mean the PS version. Apparently, they screwed something during the conversion.

  114. Slowdive said

    I don’t know why but i think that Gemini’s next project is a PS2 game. Maybe one of the “Tales of”.
    Man, all i want from Soul Hackers is the soundtrack – Meguro did some crazy sounds with samplers. And Nemissa!

  115. Gemini said

    @Take: that could be, but I’m sure some version out there is not corrupted.

    @Slowdive: it’s not for Ps2 and it has nothing to do with Tales.

  116. Good luck trying do find that version.

  117. Chris8282 said

    “I don’t know why but i think that Gemini’s next project is a PS2 game. Maybe one of the “Tales of”.”

    Looks like you read the forums, LOL .. But, no…

  118. Ta-chan said

    Just to confirm and make sure I didn’t miss it when I played it before (almost five years ago -_-).
    My version of SH (regular version) plays perfectly with that movie…the truck with “spookies” logo streamed nicely on my PSOne.

    And yes, the music in it is one of the best scores in the whole megaten games (IMO of course!).

    And on SH subject too, did anyone tried raising his demon using “PocketStation”?
    I wanna know if it’s really worth getting it for this game.

  119. notafan said

    you’re all a bunck of cock- suckers!!

    oh yes! gemini , gemini!
    we love you , we suck you , we praise you

    pure interest , it makes me sick

  120. Chris8282 said

    :D Why .. You are so correct it’s astonishing! *wink*

  121. Notafan's Boyfriend said

    Come on, sweetie! Come back to bed! Why are you socializing with these straight people?

  122. Tom (Translator) said

    Mine runs perfectly fine on real hardware, but is glitched when I extract it and play it on the emulator. My guess is that the extraction process corrupts it. (That would explain why Gemini had errors when he tried to burn and play it on real hardware.) I also have the “best” re-release. (Though I got mine for about 1000 yen, which is like $10.) I hope to find the original PS release of Soul Hackers, because it comes with a demo disk for Innocent Sin, and the demo disk has scenes that differ from the original game. (In the original meeting with Eikichi, they were pretty rude, and Eikichi’s gang had many more lines. – Those lines were dummied, but still included in the retail release.)

    I don’t have the pocketstation, but it seems tough. You have to feed magnetite to the P.Mecchy to keep it alive… So you can’t just raise it without linking back up to the game now and then to make sure it has enough mag. Also, the game balances out its stats, so you can’t make a godly, world-eating P.Mecchy.

  123. Notafan's Boyfriend said

    Hmmm … Well, if a Playstation can read there must be some way to get PC to rip it …

    Perhaps they weren’t using CloneCD. I’ve known games of my own to not work properly (mostly sound) if they weren’t burned with CloneCD. CloneCD extracts the sub files at the end of each sector so that could explain why you are getting “bad sectors”, and 90% of the other CD rippers don’t do this .. For some reason .. Mostly because it is useless in most cases, but not on this one :D

  124. Notafan's Boyfriend said

    Errr… I meant CloneCD deinterleaves the subdata code from the end of each sector

  125. Chris8282 said

    Oops, I forgot to change my name back :D

  126. slystrife said

    Wow, I see a lot has been discussed in the time that I was at work. O_o

    @Gemini: The game plays perfectly, I haven’t had any problems running it at all. I’ll try extracting an image and see if I get that error your talking about.

    @Tom: I know all about that Innocent Sin demo, I’m actually hoping to find it myself solely for collector’s value. I’m planning to spend the $60 to see if that site actually has original copies. Better yet, I think I’ll drop them an e-mail.

  127. Chris8282 said

    If you don’t mind try once with CloneCD, and then once with another program just to see if that’s the problem. I had a similiar problem with Koudelka where I ripped it with ImgBurn, and it hung on the opening scene, then I ripped it with CloneCD with the subdata code file, and it ran fine.

  128. Square711 said

    I guess we’re about to reach OVER NINE THOUSAND posts in a single update.

  129. slystrife said

    @Gemini and Tom: Here you go, just sign up with and they’ll bid in real time for you (It’s what I use). There’s plenty of copies up for auction so no one has to fight. :) (bidding ends August 7th)

    and its only 2780 yen so far! (for those of you who don’t know the exchange rate, that’s about 25 US dollars)

    So do you love me now? ^_^ (I think i’m gonna snag me one of these as well)

  130. Tom (Translator) said

    Let me know if clone CD works. I may end up finishing it, if it does. Recently I’ve been re-playing through the game I’m planning to translate after IS, though. :D Strangely enough, I don’t see any of that game for sale on ebay… I wonder if that’ll change after I translate it. :D

    Alright, I’m gonna get back to work on those contact files. Although the progress may seem fast, it’s only because I’m working extremely hard. Knowing that it’s almost done has caused me some sleepless nights tapping away at my keyboard. The current personality has about 980 “windows” of text to sort through (fortunately, many of those are dupes). It’s the longest one in the bunch, and I’m gonna be glad when it’s done!

  131. Tom (Translator) said

    Halfway done with the big file… Hey, thanks for the link to the auction, but I think I’ll pass, in hindsight. I already own both the Saturn and PS versions. I’d feel like a sucker buying the game yet again just for a demo disk and I already have enough videogame junk to last a lifetime. :O

  132. 0kami said

    > . >

    Not to spread rumors, but do you think the Gemini project hint + him playing Soul Hackers might mean that a translation of that could be coming along soon?

  133. 0kami said

    And that was the April Fools Day joke this year. AND A VERY CRUEL ONE AT THAT!

  134. 0kami said

    Or nevermind. Just checked again and it looks like Gemini has no idea how it works. Though Aeon Genesis DID say that he was working on it…until he stopped progress…

  135. Notafan's hater said

    hey, was that notafan guy serious? did he expect us to tell Gemini to give up or something? Of course we praise Gemini… shouldnt we? (ok, if that was some1’s joke, forgive me)

  136. Persona said

    Man, this is awesome to see. Good job on the work, you guys.

  137. So it’s the extraction process that makes it corrupted? This game has a devilsih seal, or something. XD

  138. Gemini said

    @0kami: I even bought P1 recently, still no interest in translating it. I just want to play it on my PSP with flawless movie quality. Btw, I’ve beaten Carol J for the first time. ;D Too bad my Knocker left my party. :/

    @Notafan’s hater: the real notafar happens to be liraman, or at least their IPs perfectly match.

  139. Chris8282 said

    liraman … Hmmmm.. BURN HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  140. Chris8282 said

    Reading his past topics I think he was justing kidding because he’s really been supportive in the past .. Or maybe he’s just jealous of how cool Gemini/Tom are :D

  141. A funny guy, that notafan, I’d say.

  142. Chris8282 said

    I hope he has the courage to show his face around here some again .. But, I doubt he does :D I have a bone to pick with him

    … It’s amazing what people will say on the internet because there are no consequences

  143. Well, I’m surprised that such a dickhead appeared so late.

    Anyway, Tom translated another contact so come on, “bunck of cock- suckers” – let’s do a dance of joyful joy.

  144. Chris8282 said

    He’s been here :D Although, with a very different “personality”

    Yes, let all of us “oock-suckers” REJOICE!

  145. notafan said

    im not Liraman

    but i do know him , we work in the same office , and i hate when he talks about megaten and how cool Persona 2 was ,
    he makes me dizzy with all the fuzz about another japanese version of persona 2 is being released , he also has been checking this page every day for months , but he never writes anything.

    i played batsu , “it must be called that way” (hate), and its no big deal, got bored and never finish it.

    sorry for being childish with my comment , but its a grudge against him because he never posts

    my point is that here we’ve discussed of how people here praise gemini to the point they don’t want to say anything that goes against gemini’s desires in fear that he don’t finish his/her work.

    the kind of attitude we see is this:
    “i don’t feel like working if you don’t praise our efforts” , or ” if you are nitpicking it make me sad and don’t want continue”

    and their respective answer:
    “please don’t , pay no attention to negative comments , we still love you and your work , please continue”

    some of this could be for real , some could be hipocrisy , and as i say , pure interest(or a big suck)

    gemini, as i see , it seems that you get excited working with this project , that is good. but youre rude with your fans, giving them dry answers like “No”, “I dont bother” , or something that generates the reaction of worshiping you, as if people here are trying to calm an angry god.

    that’s all , that was my point , and i’m sorry for being childish with my first comment , i wasn’t aware that Liraman already posted.

    he says : “they arent stupid” , “they won’t feed the troll”
    i’m not trolling, and i’m not jealous.
    i respect your work , really!
    and Tom’s

    i may even try this game in a future , just maybe.

    P.D and Chris… something ,about gettign laid….. FORGET IT!

  146. Chris8282 said

    tl;dr most of it ……

    I still am pretty much 100% convinced you are liraman. If you are liraman, why don’t you be a man, and admit it?

  147. Chris8282 said

    Gemini = angry god????????????????????????


    Just becuase Gemini doesn’t beat around the bush on what he’s doing makes him an “angry god”?

    I think you need to get our more :D I hate to think what you say about your boss when he does simple things such as make you work for the money you’re paid

  148. notafan said

    tl;dr most of it ……

    I still am pretty much 100% convinced you are liraman. If you are liraman, why don’t you be a man, and admit it?

    because I AM a woman , and i am NOT liraman!! thats why.

    he’s aware of this responses if that’s what you want to know.
    we talk about this at work (as i said earlier). and he don’t want to post.
    Anyways , i’m not trolling. only wanted to express a point of view that we BOTH (Liraman and I) have in common

    He is by my side watching me as i type , so you could consider this to be also his response.

    so about being the same person , you could take that out of the question

    and please dont answer anything that could lead to trolling or flame (i’ve already apologized).

  149. Chris8282 said

    I actually just read all of your post :D I got an extended break, luckily

    –“goes against gemini’s desires in fear that he don’t finish his/her work.”

    What exactly have we gone against his wishes on?

    –“the kind of attitude we see is this: [insert idiotic bullshit]”

    what is this? I don’t even …. We say don’t pay attention to the negative comments becuase they’re all baselesss, and just plain moronic like all of your posts.

    –“i’m sorry for being childish with my first comment”

    Then GTFO please …

    –“P.D and Chris… something ,about gettign laid….. FORGET IT!”

    That wasn’t me .. That was your gay boyfriend calling you back to bed

  150. Gemini said

    @notafan: I don’t give a shit what people says about this project for a simple reason: I’m doing this for myself and myself alone, it’s even written in the FAQ page. I don’t even need comments of people trying to “calm me”, mostly because I’m gonna share this with everybody when it’s done anyway, negative feedback being there or not. As for dry answers, who cares.

  151. Chris8282 said

    Sorry, he replied while I was typing …

    “He is by my side watching me as i type , so you could consider this to be also his response.”

    You mean besides absolutely raping the English language, this is the same as his response? That’s a 360 degree change right there from before.. Maybe, both of you ARE the same person, but you suffer from multiple personalities disorder :D

  152. Chris8282 said

    “As for dry answers, who cares.”

    Could someone please explain to me what is wrong with Gemini’s responses? If someone messaged me, and said “do this, do this”, I’d give the same response .. There’s nothing wrong with what he’s been saying!

  153. Chris8282 said

    “360 degree”

    180 degree :D

  154. notafan said

    sorry for my english

    is not my native language.

    gemini’s response was intelligent , he doesnt give a shit about what me or you has to say

    i respect his WORK.

    i had an opinion about how people here are , how to say it? “cock – suckers”? ,
    excuse me but that is well known in any language.

    and i didn’t want to start these Chris
    but all of your responses (to me) is what you say , idiotic bullshit

    so thanks for your time
    i tried to be polite and show my face , as you asked , to backup my comment (stupid or not)

    not to be flamed, (wich i really dont care)

    no more posting regarding to this, flames are always off topic

  155. Gemini said

    Agreed. Enough of this crap, everybody.

  156. Chris8282 said

    “i tried to be polite”

    By calling us cock suckers? I also like how you’re NOW saying you have no problem with Gemini :D That’s better!

    I’m done

    On-Topic: Has anyone tried ripping Soul Hackers with CloneCD yet? I have a hunch that could be it since I had the same problem with Koudelka

  157. And here I was thinking that TEH INTERNTEZ ceased to amaze me…

  158. Liraman said


  159. Chris8282 said

    LOL @ Liraman

  160. Joseph said

    Wow, 3% progress this week great job(I really mean it. You guys are coming closer and closer to approaching the last hurtle to completing this project. Keep it up.

  161. slystrife said

    I tried ripping it just a few hours ago, and it was unfortunately corrupted. :(

    But I’ll keep trying, I’ll play around with the settings and I’ll even try different versions of it. There’s even a few more ripping programs I have that I should try out, Alcohol 120% is one in particular that has served me well these past several years.

  162. Rabiaze said

    I. Love. You.

  163. Ominae said

    Haven’t played much the first two games, but I’m looking forward to IS. I’m doing P3 and Soulless Army.

    PS: Which part is Reiko from? I’m wondering if she’s an NPC ’cause she looks frigin’ hot! XP

  164. Slowdive said

    Lost my bet again. Oh crap!

  165. Gokuroro said

    If you are talking about Soul Hackers, did you try Aldo’s ISO Producer?
    It uses P.E.Op.S CD Plugin (from PSEmuPro derivates – as ePSXe) to create the iso. Since the plugin was made to pass through some PS1 CD reading difficulties, maybe making the ISO through that will help.

    Congratulations on your progress, it seems to be getting really good.

  166. Chris8282 said

    I don’t know why I didn’t think of that. You could also try pSx or PSXeven’s (I forgot which.) ISO ripper/compressor which does something incredibly similiar, but is a different program so maybe it’s a little different

  167. slystrife said

    @Gokuroro and Chris8282: Thanks, I’ll be sure to try those programs out. I’ve never even heard of Aldo’s ISO producer. ^_^

  168. rubberchicken said

    And to think I’d assumed this project was never going to go anywhere…


    (Anybody notice the typo in the saleswoman’s screenshot?)

  169. launder said

    I am glad the flamewar is over.
    Has anyone heard that Aeon Genesis at one point in time was trying to translate Soul Hackers.

    I’ve been seeing that page for years and no progress was ever made unfortunately.
    On another note, no update this week?
    aww crap!

  170. Chris8282 said

    Why do people blow things up on the internet?

  171. cj iwakura said

    “Sly, you gotta tell me where you got your Soul Hackers from. I can’t find it anywhere on ebay, except for the useless Saturn edition.”

    What’s wrong with the Saturn edition?

    This is the one I bought, haven’t gotten too far into it yet though. It seems fine.

  172. Gemini said

    What’s wrong with the Saturn build? I have no Saturn to play it on. I could use an emulator, but the Psx version runs fine on Popstation and I’m already playing it there. Also, I’m not sure SSF can run it completely, even if it did for the intro.

  173. Xienith said

    I’m sure you’re tired of this by now, but I just came across this site while looking into translated P2:IS games. I must say, it looks as if you are doing an amazing job and I personally thank you for all the work you are putting into this.

    Though I haven’t played any Persona game other than 3 at the moment, I am really looking foward to trying it out. Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed DDS 1 and 2 and like the last month a lot from P3 (the rest of it was a little too repetetive).

    Any insight as to whether or not I’d like this game? (I am not a square fanboy, for the record. Difficulty and such will not deter me, hehehe)

  174. cj iwakura said

    You need a Saturn. It’s awesome, and will love you for life, or at least a really long time.

    It’s got no shortage of great localized RPGs, just happens that it’s got some good imports going for it too.

  175. Foozdude said

    Xienith: I’m sure you’ll like Persona 2, both versions. There’s a rich storyline, character development is spectacular – though you need to play both Tsumi and Batsu for the whole experience, the soundtrack is wonderful, and while the battle system could be considered a bit clunky, it puts a nice, refreshing twist on a turn-based RPG battle.

    Aaaand I’m a long time lurker. Great job so far. O:

  176. Xienith said

    Thanks for the input. I would like to play IS first, so it’s great that this translation is nearing completion. Though, I don’t know if it’s worth trying Persona 1… Is Persona 1 worth playing first and foremost?

    Also, getting Nocturne soon, as I hear it’s one of the best.

  177. Chris8282 said

    Good luck with that extremely hard game :D

  178. Xienith said

    I like difficult games…though, I prefer when it’s the type of “difficult” that just needs level grinding to help.

  179. Liraman said

    grinding doesn’t make much of a difference in Nocturne , you need strategy and a correct selection of skillz

    strategy also applies to the Persona games , but not that much

    Nocturne is not as forgiving if you make a mistake

  180. Chris8282 said

    I see you’ve gone back to typing like you used to :D

    But, he’s about right with Nocturne, and even low level’s dont help that much, you STILL need to level-up quite a bit.

  181. Xienith said

    oh, sorry for all the questions

    But is the music any good for the leftover games?

    I have to say DDS1+2 had SOME decent music, but for the most part, fell short IMO

    Whereas P3 started to shine come that final month (as I stated before, the last month is kickass, if only the whole game was as well done)

    Bought Nocturne today on ebay though, so I’ll be playing that shortly after WA5 (not the best game, but Im a completionist…I should have stopped after 3, lol)

  182. slystrife said

    I like Wild Arms V, only for the battles though (Hex system owns). The story made me blow chunks just like 4’s did, I mean seriously, one game has the typical “children are the future and adults are icky” storyline and the other just has REALLY underdeveloped characters. Still both amazingly fun games to play though, when I first got Wild Arms 4 I beat it within 3 days (although the game was abnormally short to begin with).

    But yeah, have fun with Nocturne when you get around to it, my friend is still working on the game and he’s had it for a year. ^_^

  183. Square711 said

    I loved Wild ARMs 5. Speaking as a long-time fan of the series, I really think it was all I could ask from Media Vision after the crapola that was WA4. A great way of apologizing for a miserable failure that made most fans lose faith in the series, and one of the best RPGs on the PS2.

    3 is still my favorite, though. :3

  184. Xienith said

    I’m a big WA fan, though WA4 left a REALLY bad taste in my mouth. Not only was the game so bad, but the ending left a bad taste in my mouth. I’m all for bittersweet or depressing endings, but WA5 was just stupid.

    This is all my opinion, if you enjoyed it, then that’s cool.

    WA5 may get better, I’m still only a bit into it.

    2 is my fav, though it suffers from a TERRIBLE translation.

  185. Square711 said

    “though it suffers from a TERRIBLE translation.”

    Indeed. Though what really annoyed me was the awful dialogue font used in the NA version. I even considered learning romhacking just to change that goddamn font. (of course, I gave up before I even started. :P)

  186. slystrife said

    Heh, I thought the original Wild Arms’s translation was pretty bad too. A lot of the lines in that game seemed so awkward and out of place, not to mention a lot of the character names were mangled. Advanced 3rd is my favorite to by the way. :)

    Anyways, let’s not turn this Persona blog into a Wild Arms talk page, although I do LOVE Wild Arms. ^_^

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