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She bangs

Posted by Gemini on July 19, 2008

My god, it took me years to write this update, and it doesn’t even increase the global completion percentage! Well, not really; it passed from 86,6 to 87.0%, but I usually express it in integers, so you can’t actually notice all “small” progress. At least the visit counter reached and surpassed the 100,000 hits. Get ready to suffer with me through this new news.

Dialogues, near to completion

Areas done this week: Clair de Lune, Kismet Publishing, Satomi Tadashi (Aoba and Kōnan). 4 rooms left to translate, for a total of about 50 dialogues. I’ve also included two images not present in the previous update, which are from Etheria and London. Before you ask, “æther” is an actual word.
Tom went out of town for a trip during the week, so I really have no clue what’s he’s been up to. I think he will back by Monday, with the rest of the dialogues translated (he said he would have brought his computer with him). This means he will probably start working on demon contact soon, if he’s not already translating it. *crosses fingers*

Menus, I so love you

Maybe not quite love, but some menus are really easy to tweak, even when the stuff to change is nested somewhere in the code, like string coordinates. This fix consists in moving around text on the screen, in order to align it as it is supposed to. Unfortunately Atlus wasn’t nice enough to use the auto-centering code here, so I made my inserter calculate all the placement coordinates automatically, like it already does for main menu options. Next layout to fix: Analyze in battle? Ouch, that one’s gonna be a pain in the ass.

Subtitles, I so hate you

I’ve finally completed my code for subtitling movies on the fly (thanks to Pixel for his de/compressing sources), but it was a painful and very long experience. What the code does is decompressing specific frames, applying subtitles on them (with some very basic alpha blending), recompressing the new frames, and replacing them where they originals were. Unfortunately, quality drops a bit and some frames lose something in terms of definition (hint: look at the Eikichi screen).  Still, you can’t really notice it when the movie is playing at 30 fps. I will try and make it less noticeable, but I’m not sure if that’s really possible as it works pretty much like JPEG. Try recompressing a JPEG image using again JPEG with the same compression ratio and you will know what I’m talking about. Removing the compression artifact could be a solution, but the source code I’ve found on the net doesn’t work at all when I integrate it into my program. Go figure…

No images for you
Not really related with Persona, but this is an important announce for the fan translation scene: Tales of Innocence will be translated into English! And no, it won’t take 8 years. throughhim413 and Kingcom are working on it, and boy, they sure are fast; reminds me of the ToP. Those demo screens look seriously good. Be sure not to miss this interesting patch!
Oh, and I’m playing Persona 4 (also bought the official guide, just in case). Finally, Atlus made a decent Persona sequel. Forget about that crap called Persona 3: No. 4 is the game, even if I still prefer Innocent Sin and Eternal Punishment, but it’s good to play something new. Still, Metroid games are more addicting. :/


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  1. AlexY said

    I didn’t even expect subtitles on the FMVs – never thought it was possible.

    Amazement, as always. :D

  2. Square711 said


    Sorry, but this time I must admit I’m more excited about the side news than the actual tsumi-related stuff. Still, let me say yet again that you’re doing an amazing job, even when I didn’t expect you to (subtitled FMVs for the win \o/).

    But now, for the other part of the news… sorry if that’s getting off-topic, but I’m so freaking unbelievably absolutely excited about ToI being worked on T__T through’s work on ToP (and yours) was awesome, and I’m sure his work on Innocence will leave nothing to be desired.


    “Forget about that crap called Persona 3: No. 4 is the game”

    I’m gonna trust you in this one. :P P3 made me lose all faith in the series, and I was planning to totally ignore P4, but seeing someone who shares the same opinion as me actually liking it makes me a bit more confident.
    I just hope it’s less about studying, chatting and going out with girls and more about exploring decent dungeons. Does it have only one dungeon like P3? :P

  3. Square711 said

    Just a small correction:

    *even on stuff I didn’t expect you to bother with

    The way I said it made it sound like I expected you to screw up the FMVs :P

  4. Zylo said

    Quick question… Does P4 have a single randomized dungeon again? That shit was boring.

    Thanks for more updates as always, I check here almost twice a week now I think lol.

  5. Constraint said

    Awesome. The character potraits are what interests me about the Persona games.

  6. Morzas said

    What makes P4 better than 3?

  7. maya-nee said

    P3 lost the essence of the real Persona games. I really agree with you Gemini.

  8. Chris8282 said

    Subtitles . . . In the FMV . . .

    Gemini, that’s so awesome I can’t even describe it :D

  9. dust sluggy said

    “Quick question… Does P4 have a single randomized dungeon again? That shit was boring.”
    They’re several smaller dungeons that are themed, gameplay nothing too deep (open doors and occasional traps and treasure chests that need keys, still randomized rooms), but it’s loads better than Persona 3’s single dungeon imo.

  10. 0kami said

    I believe there’s an official translation of “Doppelganger” (the intro poem) out there. The original poem is written in German, if I can recall, but it’s been translated. Are you using that one instead of just translating the given Japanese directly to English? I wouldn’t point this out to you (who I trust) unless I knew there might be the slightest inkling of an issue, but this poem would, in a sense would go through…

    Rough translation from German to Japanese by Atlus translated into English by Gemini. That’s the same as a really good Babelfish going through three languages. You are in danger of dropping words and meanings, especially with languages that share little common syntax.

    So I’d suggest that you may want to play it safe and find the translation. It’s totally public domain (the author died a long lon gtime ago) so you wouldn’t need to credit anybody. Besides, they list his name at the end of the poem, right? I honestly forget the author.

  11. 0kami said

    Ooooh, I found the translation from you. Apparently this poem is famous if you’re into classical music XD Also, I hate to be a jerk, but the actual translation keeps rhyme and meter intact so I think it might be prudent to use it instead of your translation. And it would save you time!änger

  12. 0kami said

    Err….copy/paste that link. The hyperlink does not work.

  13. Gemini said

    We are using one of the many “official” translations for that poem. We completely ignored the Japanese text for the intro.

  14. Tom (Translator) said

    Actually, I really do prefer the translation that you showed us there, Okami. (There’s no way I would have given it such a stiff translation if I had translated it myself.) I hope it’s not too much trouble for Gemini to use those lines instead of the other version.

  15. launder said

    Hey I am also one of the ones that never thought it would be possible to add text to the movies. Thank you Gemini for the level of professionalism that you have showed in this translation. I but It’ll put the Atlus EP translation to shame.
    On another note, you really didnt like P3 either huh? I thought it was okay but its missing the atmosphere and challenge of other megaten game. I know it was supposed to be a school-sim but i found it to be a little too much sim and not enough RPG.

  16. Jams said

    I liked Persona 3 though, clearly I’m one of the few here who do. Still, Persona 4 already sounds better, just gotta wait for that NA release…

  17. DarkClownNizzo said

    Persona 3 was a pretty good game in its own right but not as good as the two P2s as it felt quite incomplete and insubstantial for some reason. From what I’ve seen, P4 seems to be far meatier.

  18. Jet said

    I guess I’ll voice my opinion about P3 as well. I actually enjoyed it quite a bit. Though not as good as DDS, Nocturne or P2 and only being a tad bit better than DS, I still had a lot of fun with it. After playing P2, I was content with where they took the series. A return to P2s style also seems very interesting if P4 really does that. Anyway, I’ll see how they stack up to SMT 1 and 2 after I beat those.

    Anyway, keep up the good work. I’m really excited for this.

  19. Square711 said

    I wonder why people seem to consider Devil Summoner: Raidou Kuzunoha the worst Megaten on the PS2. I mean, it was the only one that didn’t have THAT huge flaw keeping it from being perfect.

    And pre-rendered backgrounds are made of win.

  20. Constraint said

    When did Maya talk? Did she talk in punishment?

  21. Chris8282 said

    As a game by itself, I think Persona 3 is one of the greatest games on the PS2. But, when compared to past games it reminds me of similiar series entries (Phantasy Star Online, Final Fantasy VII, etc.)

    It seems whenever there is a schizm in a series, the older fans enjoy the old games, and proclaim them to be vastly better, while the new fans love the new games, but might not like the originals as much.

    In summation, IMO P2 >>>>>> P3 . . . But, I AM biased on this :D

  22. 0kami said

    Yeah, I hate to say it but the screencap from that version’s translation is sort of clunky sounding (sweet one?) and it doesn’t retain the original rhyme scheme. I say if you want perfection, Gemini, go for the original translation.

  23. Tom (Translator) said

    Yep, I hated that version’s translation from the beginning… But I figured that even if it was clunky, it was the “official” one, so I didn’t translate it myself. Since you made us aware that there are multiple variations, I suggested that Gemini should change it to the better version, and he already did.

    Don’t worry. The in-game version will be nice and rhythmic. Thanks again for pointing it out.

  24. Archimandrita said

    Looking for information about Persona 2 Innocent Sin i found your blog and I get excited the idea of that you are translating the texts into English, at present I am working in a patch to put one Persona 2 Eternal Punishment in Spanish my mother language and ask myself if in a future you would authorize that it does a translation of your work to Spanish

    Greetings and fortitude waited anxiously for the possibility of playing Innocent Sin in English

    Pd Excuses for the bad English but it is already something late and I am some slepped

  25. darkbubble said

    I’ve got one minor issue. “This is the London shop” sounds a bit awkward to me. Maybe I’m wrong, but shouldn’t he say “Welcome to London! This store is proud…”? We know it’s a shop and that London is its name. Is there an adherance to the original text in play there?

    Otherwise, it’s all reading smoothly and I’m loving the translation. Thank you both for your hard work!

    As far as the video subs go, if it’s not noticeable while it’s playing, I wouldn’t worry about it, Gemini. JPEGs are evil beasties.

  26. Gemini said

    @Archimandrita: Sorry, but the same rule for Tales of Phantasia will be applied to this project of mine. There will be no derived translations from this project. I thought I was clear enough on the FAQ page, but maybe I should update that and just put a straight no.

    @darkbubble: I dunno… “Welcome to London!” makes it look like the city, and not the shop. :/

  27. Tom (Translator) said

    Agreed. London alone sounds like the city.

    Please, no nitpicking. It makes me less eager to work when I hear little nagging complaints about what I’ve done… Keep in mind that everything you may see on the photos here is subject to change in the actual release.

  28. 0kami said

    Agreed. Lomdom Boutiques would make more sense, but since the store isn’t actually called that…

  29. Watanuki said

    You are great guys^_~ glad to hear that P4 is better than P3…i think P3 is like…how can i say..disappointing…P2 tsumi/Batsu are great i was hoping that P3 was going to be excellent…and it was what it is >.>~
    so good luck
    Let’s positive thinking!

  30. darkbubble said

    I meant no offense, Tom. I know that while this translation is English, it’s not Gemini’s native tongue. I don’t know anything about your nationality, native language, or whether it’s being further edited prior to being input into the code. Chalk it up to ignorance on my part. My apologies. Like I said, that was one little thing and I’m loving everything else that I’ve seen thus far.

    Actually, my igrnorace brings me to a question: Would either or both of you be interested in a simple little interview? I’m not sure if it’d be a basic Q&A or a real-time discussion of sorts, but if you’re interested, let me know.

  31. Lycanthroat said

    Well done to you guys! I’m looking forward to this so much. Can’t imagine how much work you guys put in. Good luck with the rest!

    BTW the London shop looks hilarious. Maybe it’s because I’m British but….can’t wait to find out what they sell. I have no idea what “old English traditions” are. It looks awesome!

  32. Chris8282 said

    Actually, I’ve heard that, although, many people think Persona 4 is better, most people either hate it or love it for the same reasons.

  33. Chris8282 said

    Oh, and Tom, don’t listen to the nitpickers :D We know how hard you are working on this, and I’ve seen all the screenshots, and it’s all better than I could write in English myself :D And, I’ve been known to write a fanfic or two, AND I’m a native English speaker :D

    Also, it seems I never get to see you (I didn’t even know you visited this blog, although, now that I think about it it would sound pretty crazy to me if you didn’t.), so let me take this time to personally THANK YOU! for all your hard work, and the long hours you put into this. There’s no way I, or anyone else it seems, can show you accurately how much this means to us, but just know . . . It’s ALOT!!! And, I deeply, sincerely respect you, your work, and your dedication.

  34. Joseph said

    Nice Work, all of you are doing a good job. And thank you letting me know about Tales of Innocence.

  35. Tom (Translator) said

    Thanks for the words of encouragement! That’s what I needed to hear! This is just a hobby for me, so I feel down when I hear complaints… It’s not quite as fun when you hear them, you know? (It takes me “out of the mood”, I guess!)

    …But hearing something positive gets me back into it! I appreciate it, and I’ll try to get another big file done for all of you soon. Hopefully Gemini will get some good pictures for you, too.

    By the way, I’d be willing to do an interview once the project is completed. (Hopefully that won’t be too long!)

  36. Chris8282 said

    Hmmm.. Can I have your email address??? I can send “words of encouragement” as often as you need them . . How about a paragraph or two sent every 15 minutes . . . Nah, that’s too much . . . An hour? Nah . . . Not enough . . . 30 minutes? Too round of a number . . How about ever 37 minutes?

    (Just kidding, but I really do appreciate it, and if you ever do need “words of encouragement”, I or ANYONE ELSE here hopefully can give you some of that encouragement you need!)

    Actually, I think it would be a good idea for us to all write letters of encouragement/thankfulness (Once the patch is done.) to you. I might just organize that myself :D

  37. Gemini said

    @darkbubble: What interview? O_o

  38. Chris8282 said

    The one that George Bush wants to give you. Didn’t you get the memo? Apparently, he’s a big Shin Megami Tensei fan, and wants to personally thank you.

  39. Gemini said

    *FUCK* yes! Call me now George, and we’ll have more than just an interview!!

    Or maybe not. :/

  40. Vinny said

    I hope grammar corrections aren’t considered nitpicking, because in that picture with Fujii, you have the period (or is it a comma? Either way…) outside the quotation marks, which is a no-no.

  41. Gemini said

    Actually, quotes should have no punctuation inside them, unless you are quoting an entire period. We’ll explain this better in the next update. Tom has already prepared that part of the news for me, so you’ll just have to wait a few days.

  42. Chris8282 said

    George Bush told me to tell you that if you can release this patch by Christmas that he’ll go which ever way YOU (And, Tom.) want to proceed with the “War On Terror”. What YOU decide will be put into a contract, and can never be taken back even by the next president . . So, you should get to work on that :D

  43. kikE said

    yeah tom and gemini keep the awesome hardwork!!!!

  44. darkbubble said

    @Tom and Gemini: Yeah, an interview or simple Q&A about you, about the project, and about future projects. Could be seperate or together. Doesn’t matter. It could be posted on my blog (currently in revamp phase, not much there at the moment) , here, or both. If either of you are interested at all, just hit me up and let me know.

  45. Vinny said

    “Actually, quotes should have no punctuation inside them, unless you are quoting an entire period.”

    I pulled out a couple of my writing handbooks to make sure I haven’t been doing my job wrong the past couple of years, and they all state that periods and commas always go in the quotations, no matter the case. Question marks and exclamation marks are different, but periods and commas will always go inside the quotation.
    Though I believe one of you said you are Italian, and I know there are different writing standards in Europe, so forgive me if this is the case.

  46. Gemini said

    Once again: we’ll explain that in the next update. And quite frankly, I always hated the damn punctuation inside quotes, but that’s not the real reason here.

  47. Morzas said

    From what little I know about grammar, either one’s acceptable as long as you’re consistent.

  48. Chris8282 said

    Would you people please be quiet?! Let Gemini do what’s best. This man is the Guru of hacking/coding . . . He will not lead us wrong. If he has a reason, then drop it. Even if he didn’t, it’s his hack. If he thinks it looks better then, by ALL means, he should do it.

  49. Ironjoe said

    I second that motion. This is hardly worth an extended discussion about it. If you feel the intense need to tell other people how right you are, thats great. Try it somewhere else. Gemini could add in the word poop for every comma and I still wouldn’t care. Gemini is god…!!!

    On a happier note, congrats on such a fantastic job. And as an aside to Tom, coming here to see the amazing translation progress you’ve managed to work has been a real inspiration for me. If you can put this much time and effort into a side project, I can definitely pass the NY bar. Yeah…..definitely . . . if I stop checking daily for updates.

    I do have one question. Judging from your skill in these areas (Tom and Gemini) have you ever thought of working full time for a game company? Making it a career so to speak? You both seem to be able to put things together that are on par if not above most translation work. Keep it up.

  50. Tom (Translator) said

    I think Gemini and I work hard because we’re having fun while we do it… We genuinely want to share this with everyone. It’s not “just a job”. It’s a hobby. That makes a difference. Many professionals don’t really care about their projects. It’s “just another job”, you know? I have a feeling that if both of us worked in the game industry, then this project never would have happened.

    I am glad that you are pleased with the work that I’ve done so far. Recently I’ve read complaints about it on other websites, which is a little disappointing. (One guy recently compared my translation to a cancer on the game’s script.) You can never please everyone, I know… It’s still disappointing, because I’ve tried my very best.

    Well, I’ve heard that the bar test is quite difficult. I know how much encouragement helps, so I should let you know that you have my best wishes on the test!

  51. 89%, only battles to go (check Tsumi project page). Me lovez you, Gemini.

  52. darkbubble said

    @Tom: At least the “cancer people” aren’t hitting this blog.. I wonder if the guy was fluent in Japanese and comparing it to the untranslated game or if he was just going by the Oracle of Maya. Ignore it. If someone thinks they can do better, let them try…right after they find a code hacker of Gemini’s level.

    I don’t care if it’s 100% accurate, because it seems like Japanese-to-English translations rarely are. It reads well and probably hits as close to the mark as anyone would expect. I fully expect it to give most commercial localizations a run for their money.

    Speaking of money, has anyone noticed what Innocent Sin’s going for on eBay? Surely that game isn’t rare enough to warrant anywhere from original retail price to around $150…

  53. Square711 said

    “(One guy recently compared my translation to a cancer on the game’s script.)”


    That’s so stupid I don’t even know what to say about it. Do these guys expect you to translate everything literally on a way the dialogue looks like a bunch of random words that make no sense in english whatsoever?

    You should just ignore them, Tom. I’m a translator myself and know some people will never, ever be satisfied, no matter what you do. Their complaints aren’t worth your attention at all.

    And besides, we, the *real* fans who have been following your progress on the past months, all agree you’re doing an awesome job. Knowing that is far more important than pleasing a bunch of haters who probably don’t even know japanese to start with, isn’t it? :D

  54. slystrife said

    Yeah, I’ve been following this project since I learned about last summer, and I think your dong a magnificent job Tom. Perhaps the people who criticize your translation just don’t appreciate Innocent Sin as much as we do, or maybe they’re just purists. Whatever the case, since the beginning I’ve always thought you did excellent work, and from I see now that opinion isn’t gonna change by a long shot. I’m actually hoping you have plans to translate another game whenever you feel up to it. Seeing an unreleased Tales of… game done by you would be nothing short of awesomeness. ^_^

    @Darkbubble: No way?! Innocent Sin is actually going for that much? I bought my copy for only $20, AND it was a Buy It Now! My copy of Ibunroku was even less, only $15, I think all this hype for Persona 3 and 4 has gone to people’s heads. ^_^

  55. darkbubble said

    @Slystrife: Yeah, I bought Ibunroku for about that much, new/sealed, though admittedly it was the “Playstation The Best” pressing. I’ve never seen Innocent Sin go this high. When the price drops, I’ll pick up an official copy.

    I wish someone had a scan and translation of the manual available. I’d love to try my hand at building an English-language manual for it, ready to print, even if only for my own amusement. It’d be fun to complete the package, not to mention relatively simple to do, given how much official artwork there is out there.

  56. Chris8282 said

    If you ever get around to doing that just know that I would be interested in that too, and I would support it, and greatly appreciate it :D

  57. Chris8282 said

    “One guy recently compared my translation to a cancer on the game’s script’

    WHAAAAAAAAAAAT?!!!! Gemini! Hold this Beer .. It’s troll hunting season!1

    *Storms off*

    I guess they just want to put you down because you two are doing something truly, truly special here. Jealous haters are the worst kinds of people in the world. Fuck ’em! They aren’t worth the bacteria growing on the wires/cables that sent the signal from their keyboard, to their computer, to the site.

  58. slystrife said

    @Chris8282: Ha ha, your last sentence made me crack a smile, and giggle a little. :)

    @Darkbubble: I’m pretty sure Gemini and Tom are working on translating the instructions too, a while back he asked for a scan of the Tsumi manual and I believe Take was able to do that for him; so you may get your wish. ^_^

  59. Chris8282 said

    Thank you, I’m glad you liked it. Hopefully, it shows how disgusted I am with these “people”

  60. aya valentine said

    I gotta agree with you there, Sly. The seating line for the SMT panel was ridiculous. And about two thirds of those people hadn’t played anything but P3. It’s a show of what a bloody elitist I am that I considered those people unworthy to be there- P3 isn’t the best representation of the SMT series in my opinion… I hate bandwagons.

    On the other hand, I suppose I can’t hate anything too much if it helps bring more people to the rest of the series…

  61. TerraBreaker said

    hmmm… wonder which will come first – Gemini’s patch or P4’s December release…

    I still can’t believe how far this has come – the project was essentially dead mere months ago.

    Great work as ever, keep it up :)

  62. aya valentine said

    Knowing my luck, they’ll have to push the date back to after my birthday. For P4 anyway.

  63. Chris8282 said

    What’s your birthday? I hope it’s still in December .. I really don’t want to wait much longer than that :D

  64. slystrife said

    @Aya Valentine: Thanks, I just hate it when someone says that they’re the ultimate Persona fan when they’ve only played 3, and that’s about everyone in my town except for me and my group of friends. Oh, and for the record, Jun is my favorite character, he had such a detailed back story, not to mention the Joker is one of my favorite villains of all time. The only Persona villain I like as much as him would probably be Guido, I just thought he was really cool, especially towards the end of Ibunroku.

    “We love Jun!” ^_^

  65. Gemini said

    For those interested in the release date: it will be waaaay before December. :D I haven’t decided an actual date yet: all depends on my hacking speed (I’ve been slacking a little lately) and on the beta testing period (which I assume will take more or less one month).

  66. krelian said

    Those who say they’re Persona fans when they’ve only played persona 3 are pathetic. There’s also those who say they cant play Persona revelations thanks to the bad graphics.
    Bet these guys never had a Master System ot an Atari.
    Anyway, I guess it will be ready by september or october at this rate. Keep up the awesome work.

  67. Square711 said

    “For those interested in the release date: it will be waaaay before December. :D”


  68. Gemini, Tom – I salute you! :Big Boss from MGS3 enging-like saluting:

  69. Lurker said

    Yeah, I still enjoy the first persona, and will always put the 1st 2 SMT games leagues ahead of a lot of the junk that’s been coming out lately.

    Great news Gemini, but now you will not be able to avoid assumptions and “But you said..” type comments, heh.

  70. Chris8282 said

    ““For those interested in the release date: it will be waaaay before December. :D”


    ^ same … then dies

  71. Chris8282 said

    I posted this on this at the Persona 4 forums at I’m hyping this up as the perfect game to play while we wait for December’s P4 release … Hopefully, I didn’t cause any problems by hyping this, but I wanna see 200,000 hits before release :D

  72. slystrife said

    @Gemini: Yay! I was hoping that you’d say something like that. :D

    @Krelian: From my experience with people who dislike Persona 1, I find that’s mostly due to the battle system, which is undoubtedly kind of sluggish. But I can’t help but love the game anyway, it was the first Megaten game I played through completely and while the US version is close to being utter garbage, it’s one of my most treasured PSX RPG’s for nostalgia and for it’s rarity. Plus I hold the story in high regards, just as high as Persona 2’s. It would have been so much better if the dialog wasn’t torn apart during the localization. :(

    By the way, I’m guessing your name is a reference to Xenogears? If it is, cookies for you! :)

  73. Chris8282 said

    Gaaaaah! If only we had that retranslation in our hands now …

  74. krelian said

    @Slystrife: I can bear those who say they dislike the battle system, even though my inner thoughts is to classify them as “ocidental players”, or better saying, squaresoft players, since the persona 1 battle system requires a bit more strategizing then just mashing the confirm button to attack and once in a while cast a healing spell.
    I also hold the storyline in high regards… If it wasnt for Persona 2 story being a masterpiece, persona 1 story would be hard to beat.

  75. granithor said

    So, I can play Tsumi in English before Persona 4 in English. Nice! … and looks like all my free time is gonna be spent on Persona variants, later down in the year.

  76. slystrife said

    @Krelian: I absolutely agree with you, the battle system did require much strategizing and thats the reason why I liked it so much and disregarded the sluggish pace. I remember being afraid of the fusion chart when I first played the game, but after a while I found it easy to figure out all the combinations. :)

  77. Chris8282 said

    ^ Same here :D I was kind of confused buy the weapons when I first played it, but somehow managed to figure that, and the other basics of the battle system out.

    Just wondering; Does anyone know if the retranslation is going to up the difficulty to the level it was in Japanese .. That might a lot more work, though

  78. Torisuke said

    Wow, the pace and quality of this project has been absolutely astonishing thus far.

    I don’t quite understand why P3 gets such a bum rap, though. I enjoyed P3 and FES just as much as I did EP and the 3 main branch SMTs despite the differences, but I haven’t played P1 or any other of the misc MT series’s for comparison,unfortunately.

    I hope P4 is awesome though!

  79. Chris8282 said

    Don’t worry .. I absolutely LOVE Persona 3. But .. As good as Persona 2? Naaahh. Not in my opinion. But to each his own.

    Welcome to the “club”!

    What club you might ask?

    The Gemini/Tom Fan Club, of course.

  80. krelian said

    *signs up for the club*


  81. Chris8282 said

    Congratulations, Krelian! A member’s card will be sent to you in the mail. On it you will have your Member Number .. Your member number will be …


    So, so far, there are almost 110,000 fan club members .. Let’s get 200,000 before the patch is released!

  82. whirlingstorm06 said

    stumbled upon this blog by accident and i already like it!

    i was only able to play EP since that was the only persona released in the philippines. tried my best finding the first but i was… disgusted at how it was translated by atlus so there.

    and since i need to play something by october (that’s our sem break here) looks like i’m going to be playing this once released! now that should calm me down until P4 is released (which will be 1-2 weeks after the NA release).

  83. Chris8282 said

    This game was released in the Phillipines? What language?

  84. Lurker said

    The robo rat boss fight from the P1 will most likely forever remain in the top list of boss fights for me heh. I swear I could listen to that music forever lol.

    Anyways, the first persona wasn’t really hard in the eng version, I can only think of a handful of things such as the toilet kids pretty early and stuff deep in the shrine that could wipe you out pretty easily.

    But if you want to say the whole system/view turned most people off back then, probably, yeah

    I remember buying it and loving it/playing it for months until ff7 was released.

  85. MetRONom said

    Wait for update…

  86. nupandu said

    guys does the game fully translated.. hehe.. i feel boring when im playing persona revelation but i try my best to finish the game because of the story… as of not i haven’t play eternal punishment because i dont have enough time to download the rom (BC because of studies).. does this game good compare to revelation??

  87. Tom (Translator) said

    Innocent Sin is better than both Persona 1 and Eternal Punishment. It’s good that you haven’t played Eternal Punishment yet. You should play that one last. It is best to play them in chronological order…

    1) Persona 1
    2) Innocent Sin
    3) Eternal Punishment

    Most people don’t like Persona 1 at first. I didn’t like it at first, either. It took me a good ten hours of play before I started to get into it. If you play it through to the very end, you’ll probably think it was worth the effort once you’ve beaten the game.

  88. albel nox said

    can some one tell me how well is this translated ? % ?

  89. Gemini said


  90. Kelvin83 said

    Did I ever mention that I once got involved with timed laps photography? ,

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