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Posted by Gemini on July 10, 2008

For the lady back there, the Persona 2: Innocent Sin fan translation is currently at 87%. A special thanks to the guy who did “promoting” for us at the Anime Expo 2008. So we are back, making the 87% rumor come true with the usual 2% weekly progress. Tom has done a lot of new areas, and I’ve been working on very boring stuff that nobody would probably care about, for a change! :p Anyway, also many thanks go to the girl with the blue shirt, because we love him, in fact! So now we can assume that Atlus US knows about this translation project for sure, as you can notice from the localization team’s faces going weird every time somebody mentioned Innocent Sin. :D …and Yuri Lowenthal, I do like your Scottish accent. Totally loved your performance there, even if it was really short. :/ Now I feel like I need to get in contact with you for some reason.

Staff roll’d

This week I decided to do something different, so I checked the To-do list and picked the boring staff roll. The list only mentions some typos to fix, but I totally forgot about other stuff that needed to be reworked. Here what I did:
– Rewrote some code to allow more characters in the fonts. The original allowed 57 for each font set (it has three sets, but only two are used), while they are 64 now, and they can be expanded to 128 if necessary;
– Changed Tatsuya’s entry to say “Tatsuya Suō”. For some reason he was listed as “Hero(Yourself)”, which doesn’t make any sense considering he does have a name and he’s not supposed to be the player, unlike the other Persona main characters. Also, he’s listed as Tatsuya Suō in Eternal Punishment, so I’ve changed it for consistency’s sake;
– Fixed an incredible amount of Engrish and typos like Metal Dady, Student chairman, and Ishkick (you can see them in the screenshot);
– Translated all graphics in Japanese, like the sentence that appears at the very end: “I’ll always be by your side…”. Also fixed “END” to say “THE END”.

Other misc changes

1) Join Forces mini-game! It finally looks decent without all that fixed-width effect. I’ve moved some of the strings around to make them look better. In addition to that, now the game prints Tatsuya’s name instead of his nick. It makes more sense this way as the list was supposed to pull off the same names you see in battle. And it’s also a cheap way to fix overflow effects when Tatsuya’s nick gets too long;
2) Swap/Return menu is back, and this time it’s 100% working and redesigned! The fatal bug that killed the game when returning a Persona is gone, and it was pretty easy to fix: my inserter was injecting translated text in a wrong spot. Once that was changed, the menu started to work again. Moreover, I’ve reworked some parts of the layout, like the wide window for Igor’s message, which is now a lot smaller.

More dialogues

Gold Fingeeeeeeeer! Progress on the dialogue side from Tom, steady as usual… well, probably faster than usual considering all the new areas in the screens above. This week we have: Bikini Line, Etheria (not in the shots), Hiiragi Therapy, Mu Continent, London (not in the shots), Lunar Palace Kōnan, Rosa Candida (Aoba), Satomi Tadashi (Yumezaki, not in the shots), Sumaru TV, Tominaga Chiropractic, and Tony’s Shop. So now only 11 rooms need to be translated! Once these are done, we will definitively move on demon contact.
Anyway, as you probably noticed from the first image, Tom has “changed” the name of the Bikini Line shop owner, which was called “Aki dude” in Eternal Punishment. The original was “An-chan”, so the word Aki was probably made up, and I have no clue where it comes from. “Buddy” translates pretty well the concept of An-chan, and it’s an actual name too, so double success. It also has a third meaning, but it’d be a spoiler if I told you here, so you’ll have to find it in game! :p
For the three shops not in the screens, I will show them in the next update. I think 8 screenshots are more than enough for a single news. :D

Good old blah blah
If you are wondering what those quotes in the news intro are, they come from the Anime Expo 2008 conference about the Shin Megami Tensei franchise, which you can find in its full glory at There were 4 members of the localization team and a PR there to answer the fans’ questions. A couple of them mentioned Innocent Sin. A girl in particular made them know that they do want Innocent Sin and that they don’t care about Jun being a controversial character, but that they actually like him because he’s that way. In response to that, another guy from the public told the lady that the Innocent Sin fan translation (us :D) is 87% complete. The very moment he mentioned the project, the whole localization team reacted with some weird grins, as if they knew everything about it but kept silence on purpose. I’ve been thinking for a while that they actually want to see it complete or something, and their reaction looked like a confirm of that theory to me. Yuri Lowenthal in particular seemed really interested. >:3 I’ll make sure to send him a beta of the translation when it’s done.



  1. slystrife said

    I have to watch that whenever I have time, I’m sure glad that Atlus isn’t run by a bunch of assholes like Square-Enix, the Cease and Desist letter to the Chrono Ressurection project STILL pisses me off to this day.

    PS: I just beat Caracol in IS, Angel Joker wasn’t as hard as I remember him (The three Longinus Mechs before him were harder), game stills runs perfectly, I think we have a successful build of pops for IS on our hands! ^_^

    PPS: I think I’m gonna redo the fight and put it up on youtube, there’s hardly any Tsumi videos on there.

  2. Square711 said

    Wow! This is surely the most exciting news since this project started! :D

    Nice to see those 2% appearing on the news again… I missed them last time. :)

    The reaction of the Atlus team was surprising… maybe they are thinking on hiring you guys to work on the localization team for the next SMT games lol. Do they think you and Tom are hot, or what? ♥

  3. Gemini said

    They should hire Tom for sure, since he’s a translator and that’s what they need the most (and he does know the series a lot more, in fact he can tell the difference between Megami Tensei and Shin Megami Tensei, which obviously they CAN’T!). As for me, I have no clue how they could use my hacking skills in an official project. It’s not like they can’t do my job just by asking Atlus JP to change the code for them.

  4. Danilo Gutierrez said

    hey gemini its me! the brazillian player…Watanuki…isnt dangerous?i mean atlus wouldnt turn off the site or send a letter to you just like square enix did …would it?
    and i thionk it will be great for tom ..and im almost sure that you may be useful for them ^^ it e]would be great for you i suppose….
    WELL! keep the good work!
    (you never answer me T_T is my english that bad?)
    WELL good Luck!
    Let’s Positive Thinking!

  5. Danilo Gutierrez said

    ah i already read all the news now xD
    i think they actually liked =D
    they wont do any harm =DD
    ps: I like jun xD

  6. good work

  7. Jeanne said

    Awesome, great *and amny other good words* work.
    Pardon me. First of all my english is awful.
    But, I want to ask.
    I had just find this journal but I cant see earlier posts on the first page… probably, bug of my comp …
    So – there is a question of one million $… or yens =)
    > When the work finished, will you sold it to other people …? And how much it’ll cost? Sorry for bothering you.
    Cheers. Jeanne.

  8. slystrife said

    Gemini won’t be selling anything to anyone, he’ll host the patch on his website for download and then you have to patch the Tsumi ISO image manually. Also, don’t ask where to get an ISO for the game, all I can say there is “Google is your friend”. Or you can support Atlus by buying the game and ripping it yourself.

    If Gemini sold his translated ISO he’d be in BIG trouble, I don’t even wanna think about that. O_o

  9. Nevuk said

    Just a comment, Ulala’s “Huh huh” seems… vague? Or at least without root in English interjections, would be the best way to describe it. (IE, laughter would usually be indicated with a ha ha, whereas Huh seems to be used to indicate a pause, like um. So it appears to me as if she is pausing twice, rather than laughing, which is what I’d guess from the context). This is a minor issue, but it did make me pause when reading it and have to think about its meaning, and tends to detract from suspension of disbelief. This isn’t really a criticism so much as a question, as I’ve seen this in other games and really had no idea what they meant (what is a Huh huh supposed to indicate?). Oh, and I’ve been following this project for two months or so, it looks to be of excellent caliber just based upon the screenshots and that this is the only question I’ve had grammatically so far, so my compliments to Gemini and his translator.

    I’ve also always found the goldfinger character in this interesting, and wondered if it was a possible criticism of american attitudes. The character is vaguely annoying but mostly just convinced his gold fingers (symbolizing wealth) can fix any problem. To backup this theory would be the fact that his person is plastered with american flags, his office has an american flag as the indicator, and he is the only American in the game. (EP, I’m not sure of IS). So its neat to see that he has his job in IS as well.

  10. Gemini said

    @Nevuk: “Huh huh” is a way to empathize something, like “You got a new car! Huh huh!”, and it should be pretty clear considering the context. There was even a movie (or a series, it’s not clear) based on that expression. As for Tominaga, he’s Japanese.

    @Watanuki: We’ve already discussed about this a million times. They don’t really care about shutting off the project, or they would have done that a long time ago.

    @Jeanne: I will make you pay $30 for each copy of the patch, everything managed through paypal enslavement, and EMS for translated CD deliveries.

  11. james said

    love it. 87% almost finished!

  12. Tom (Translator) said

    There are many types of laughs. “Huh huh” is not a grammatical error. “Ha ha”, “huh huh”, “ho ho”, “hee hee,” “tee hee”, “har har” or “mwahahahahaha”… There are many ways to spell out laughter… When it comes to an onomatopoeia, you can’t just look at the literal definition of the word.

    If you read it as “Huh? Huh?” it’s not my mistake as the writer… It’s just like reading “ho ho” as “Ho? Ho?”.

    Ulala’s original laugh in Japanese was “hu-hu”. It is a softer laugh. Translating it as “ha ha” makes it sound more raucous than it was originally intended to be.

    Don’t nitpick. It gets on my nerves, and it makes me less eager to do this work.

  13. Nevuk said

    I’m sorry Tom, I understand what you mean, it just struck me as odd when I saw it. I really wasn’t meaning to nitpick and I understand “haha” being too raucuous. Huh huh fits as an onomatopoeia, and I can’t really think of a more… usual laugh that would serve the same purpose.

  14. Selphin said

    Atlus USA has known all about the project for a while now. In fact the mention of it has been brought up by a few testers there. The reply/reaction to the project whenever it was brought up was in a “Oh that’s nice, let them do all the work then. Something we don’t have to bother with.” kind of attitude. While Atlus USA is just turning a blind eye to it, who knows what Atlus JP might think.

  15. Mackerel said

    If you don’t think of Huh Huh as a usual laugh you must’ve never watched Beavis and Butthead, or had many surfer friends. I find it completely normal. Great job guys!

  16. Morzas said

    “don’t ask where to get an ISO for the game, all I can say there is “Google is your friend”. Or you can support Atlus by buying the game and ripping it yourself.”

    Buying the game wouldn’t support Atlus since it’s long out of print. The money would go to retailers.

  17. granithor said

    Congrats… I’ll start saving up for the final project.

  18. launder said

    I don’t think it was a good idea to tell Atlus employees about this translation…
    Obviously Atlus USA doesn’t mind too much but what about Atlus JP?
    I tell you some people just don’t think.

  19. Tom (Translator) said

    Thanks for being understanding. I’m getting back to work on it now. These shop files are almost done… Hang in there, everybody.

    Also, even if buying the game won’t directly go to Atlus, I do recommend buying the game to support retailers and importers, or even folks on ebay.

    By the way, I was wondering… Does the guy who promoted us at the expo ever post messages here? I just personally wanted to say thanks to that guy and the girl in the blue shirt.

    P.S. We love him.

  20. slystrife said

    @Tom: I have a question, hope you don’t mind. ^_^

    Have you any translated into any other languages? (Do you know any other languages?) And you have you Gemini worked together before or is this your first project together? (Feel free to answer that one Gemini if you want :))

  21. Seizui said

    Heh, this is why I love Atlus. I asked them a question about the Narikiri Dungeon porting possibility, they gave me a response that let me know that a human was actually responding and not giving me legal mumbo-jumbo(Square-Enix). Granted, it didn’t come, but he response at least made me feel glad.

    So to hear them having that smile to the fan project? Well, I am glad to hear that and makes me respect them so much more. Anyway, I like the work that you guys done. Been interested in the project and only lurked but never posted.

    Hope to see the fruits of your labor. …Which reminds me, need to donate. :D

  22. Vinny said

    When I read the ‘huh huh’ I imagined Butthead’s laugh from Beavis and Butthead and now I can’t stop reading her lines in Butthead’s voice. This is going to be an interesting experience.

  23. Slowdive said

    You’ve been doing some great work. I wish i had someone like Tom near me when i played the game long ago. This is the Persona with the best soundtrack in my opinion. I loved this game.

  24. Tom (Translator) said

    I studied French for four years in high school, but I never used it and I’ve forgotten all of it… I barely even know the days of the week now. I also have read a few introductory books on Russian, Italian, and Korean. It takes a lot more than that to do a worthwhile translation.

    This is my first project with Gemini. I hope to work with him again, because we have very similar attitudes about translation. We both want dialog that sounds natural in the target language, but does not alter the characters and storyline.

    Many translators use the “localization” excuse to put in stuff that doesn’t exist, just because they find the original text “boring”… Others are so intent on being true to the retail releases that they include odd terminology and mistakes that were present in those versions.

    When we translate, we’re not trying to keep the ESRB happy, or to make sure that Johnny Average doesn’t experience culture-shock. We’re just providing an English translation of the game for English-speaking fans.

    At the same time, I’ve tried my best to make sure that each line reads like “spoken” English. I have played very literal translations before, and I know how boring that can be. I think you can tell from the screenshots that Gemini has shown that the characters still speak like actual people.

    (Any similarity to Beavis and Butthead is purely coincidental.)

  25. AlexY said

    I applaud your efforts, as always. :)

  26. Gemini said

    @Selphin: Atlus JP can’t see beyong their asses, like all the companies involved in this whole story about fan translations did in the past. I doubt they know or care at all about the project since it doesn’t have anything to do with their area (Japan). Actually, they would probably like it in the case they were to reprint the game again as they would sell more copies through import.

  27. viewtifulsub said

    A future congrats on the upcoming 100k blog hits Gemini/Tom.

  28. Joseph said

    Keep it up, good progress.

  29. slystrife said

    @Gemini: I actually have a question regarding emulation, I remember you saying a few entries back that you were using pSX 1.14 WIP to record to your videos. My question is did pSX Author say anything about when he’s going to release it to the public? I’m absolutely itching for that recording option.

    I’m using FRAPS to record my videos on epsxe and I HATE it (it doesn’t seem to work well with pSX 1.13 :( ). I have a TV card but I don’t know how to hook up my console to the pc. I’m guessing some sort of adapter is needed for the analog cables? Anyways, any input is appreciated, if this was Persona 1 I was recording I wouldn’t be as picky, but I want my videos to look good and FRAPS isn’t compatible with software plugins (I don’t think any capture program is for that matter).

    Anyways, any kind of input is much appreciated.

  30. Carlos Artur said

    thank you!
    keep it up the godd work, and congratulions for your efforts!

    from brazillian players

  31. 0kami said

    Geez, now I’d be so scared to have it get all the way done and then for Atlus to bring down the hammer. But they arn’t like that, and they already know that they can’t translate the game anyway, so they probably wink slyly turn the other cheek at such things.

  32. cloud2789 said

    I watched the anime expo video on and way after the girl asked her innocent sin question the asian guy in the panel just blurted out ” the innocent sin fan translation is currently at 87%”. I didn’t hear that random guy to well but I heard the atlus guy loud and clear, strange you didn’t mention it, did you not catch it or am I mistaken?

  33. Gemini said

    It wasn’t the Atlus Japanese guy who mentioned the project, but the other one in the Q&A queue.

  34. shadow hunter said

    hi i´m another brazillian fan
    really thanks for your efforts!
    people like you that meke the world a better place hehe!

  35. Inquiringmind said

    I’d like to know if you guys intend to do other projects once this one is done?

  36. cloud2789 said

    I hope they can do soul hackers, but Innocent sin is enough though, they have been working on this since 2006 so I take it these projects are not easy to do, or maybe since gemini seems to have a more dedicated translator now future projects could be faster? I don’t know but if they do continue SH is at the top of my list and many other peoples also, It one of the most viewed project on aeon genesis so someone has to do it eventually.

  37. Gemini said

    @Inquiringmind: there’s already a project planned after Innocent Sin, a secret one. And it’s not Soul Hackers.

  38. cloud2789 said

    any idea when you will be releasing info on it, or is it going to be completely secret and no one will know till its out. I do hope you can get to soul hackers sometime in the future though.

  39. Gemini said

    Most of the translation for this secret project is already done, and it’s been like that for about 6-7 months. My collaborators are still working on the “secret diary”, and I’ll resume my part of the work as soon as v1.0 for Innocent Sin is out. I will announce the project when it’s at least 80% complete.

  40. Eleanore said

    Great job guys! Innocent Sin is sitting on my computer desk just waiting for this project to be finished! I love you for working so hard on it.

    If there would ever be a Innocent Sin fandub I’d so want Yuri Lowenthal to do Tatsuya’s voice just for the irony xD

    Also speaking of secret projects, before there were talk about translating the original Eternal Punishment extra CD, since most content never made it onto the US one. Are you still doing it? And also if you did, would you release an ISO for it? I know I wouldn’t want to import a rare game like that just for the bonus CD when I already have the game in english. Though I would still be really intrested in seeing the original contents of the CD… Oh well! what’ll happen, happen!

    Thanks a lot again, guys!

  41. Ta-chan said

    I sure hope Gemini decided to go ahead with translating the “fan disc”….last time he said he would do it if enough people showed interest.
    Although most of the work will actually be the translating itself so….Please bear with us Tom? ^^

    cause I know this is the ONLY chance we could ever get that disc, if you guys don’t do it…nobody else will.


  42. Ta-chan said

    oh and I have the EP “Deluxe Pack” japanese version so umm yeah… \O/

  43. Otter said

    I think I love thou, man! ^^

  44. darkbubble said

    I know that Atlus has to know about the project from their own forums, but I’m willing to bet that their staff likes to lurk your blog. But man…87%. I mean, I know the last 13% could end up being hectic, but still, that’s almost complete. I know that on one hand, it’d look like Atlus being lazy after leaving the game alone due to controversial themes, but I’d like to see them check over your work, slip you cash for your work (plus risiduals!), and port what you’ve done or repress in PS1 format since all PS systems (except PSP) can play it as-is. I think you guys deserve it.

    @slystrife: If you’re using ePSXe and don’t want to use filters, use P.E.Op.S video plugin. It’s what I used to record this:

    What TV card do you have? Inputs, etc.?

  45. Gemini said

    @Eleanore: Sorry, but I won’t release any ISO of the Sumaru TV Preview Disc. It’s illegal. As for the translation itself, I have no plans for now. Let’s stay in the today with Innocent Sin.

  46. slystrife said

    @Darkbubble: My TV card is an AVerMedia version 4.20, my video card is a GeForce4 Ti 4200 (128 MB version), and my sound card is a Creative SB Live!.

    I figured out a couple of days ago that my TV card had analog inputs, out of all the years I’ve owned it I never bothered to look. I recorded a few videos on it and heres how it came out (spoilers if you can read Japanese ^_^)

    I’m hoping to record higher quality videos but every time I increase the resolution, bit rate, etc.. the video comes out choppy (sound is fine though). Here’s my recording specs…

    Video Settings:
    Bit Rate: 3000 KBits
    Resolution: 640×480 (whenever I try to go higher the video comes out crappy)

    Audio Settings
    Audio Layer II
    Sample Rate: 44.1 KHz
    Bit Rate: 224 KBits

    Any suggestions? (Maybe I should invest in some new video/audio cards?) Just for the heck out it, my monitor is a Compaq Presario MV500 (Yeah, it’s pretty old >_>)

  47. Jet16 said

    I have a question as to how this will work. I understand about dumping your ISO from the Tsumi CD and then applying the english patch, but how will that make it work on your PS1/2 other than making a translated ISO image on your PC?

  48. Lurker said

    Great work as always. Is there any way to get that video of the panel on the atlus site larger?

    It’s so tiny and doesn’t seem to have anyway to enlarge it.

    Oh well, guess I’ll stick through it, off I go, lol..

  49. Lurker said

    Hate to double post, but oh well.

    Oh my god, what was that stuff. That was…wow, just the absolute worst.. They made bad jokes constantly, the crowd laughed at every stupid thing, cheered and clapped for every last thing, just wow…

    If it wasn’t for the “girl in the blue shirt” (makes me think I’m playing the first persona again lol..) and their reaction to it, just would be to unbearable to watch it, with no redeeming factor.

    Gemini man, you didn’t warn us how BAD it was lol, WE DIDN’T KNOW!!!!

    But yeah, they seriously got annoyed about it, and the fat one with the glasses (sorry, didn’t pay attention to the names)seemed like he was ready to explode (in more ways then one)

  50. darkbubble said


    I’m really not all that up on video capture cards. I just thought it was strange when you said that it didn’t have analog inputs. I couldn’t find a model by that number, so I wouldn’t have been able to help or offer suggestions if I’d dug up any info. Honestly, if you’re just using it for Youtube, it seems to do okay. You don’t want to go over 640×480 for Youtube anyway. It just seems like a lot of TV-in cards don’t seem to do that great. Then again, if you were to burn it to DVD or VCD, you might find that it looks more acceptable on a TV than on your VGA monitor.

    I’ve got an external USB 2.0 box, the Adaptec Gamebridge, which gives roughly around the same quality as what you’re using. I snagged it for $5 from Fry’s last year when they were liquidating the discontinued product. I think they still go cheap when you can find them on eBay. It’s not perfect, but it does what I need it to. A tad blurry, but not as noticeable when you burn the vids to DVD or VCD. I need to get a vid account with a site that provides higher resolutions, because Youtube likes to mangle it.

    Soul Calibur (Dreamcast, using S-Vid connection):

    As you can see, the box gets the same black bars on the side as you get. So, I took it another vid into Virtual Dub and cropped them out.

    Street Fighter The Movie (Saturn, via Composite):

    In the future, I might just start employing my external DVD recorder. It only supports composite, but I think that’ll be fine for this sort of thing and will still look better than what I get out of my box.

  51. cj iwakura said

    Great work so far.

    I do own an import copy of Innocent Sin.

    To that end, will I have a hard time figuring out how to rip the files and apply the patch?

    Either way, I’m greatly looking forward to the end result.

    And I wish you were doing Soul Hackers next(as I own the Saturn version), but I’m sure whatever you’re applying your talents to deserves the effort.

    Keep up the positive working.

  52. Tuan said

    I am just in absolute awe that this project has hit such a high mark of 87%. My anticipation level is flying off the charts! Seriously, I am willing to donate around $300 (probably more is deserved for all this work) to the developers of this translation project. I certainly will make a donation once the game finishes and it is in my hands.

    Great job! Can’t wait for release! Keep up the good work.

  53. darkbubble said

    @Cj Iwakura: It’ll be a piece of cake. It’s explained in the FAQ and in other topics here, but I’ll lay it out for you.

    Ripping the game is easy. Stick the disk in and use pretty much any burning software to “create disc image” or whatever equivalent option your program of choice has. You’ll just have to make sure that it’s in the format supported by his patching software (some programs have their own disc image file type).

    Once you have your disc image, you’ll simply run Gemini’s custom patching software to apply the patch.

    After you’ve got your patched image, you can either run it as-is on an emulator from your hard drive or burn it to disc for use on the system.

  54. Cidsa said

    Oh man it’s so close :ooo

  55. Jet said

    @ Darkbubble:

    After burning the patched ISO to a disc, will you still need a modded system to play it?

  56. Square711 said

    @Jet: yes, you will need a modded system, or else it won’t recognize the disc as a PS1 format disc.

    And on a side note, almost 100,000 hits! Yay!

    Told you in one of the first updates that it would eventually reach that number. :D

  57. darkbubble said

    @Jet: Like Square711 says, a modded system will be needed. There’s also the swap trick, though boot discs like PS-X-Change are preferable if you don’t plan on modding your system. Otherwise, just download the emulator pSX and use it.

  58. kikE said

    mmm no update this week? makes me sad…

  59. mellow-osity said

    I absolutely LOVE that you’re doing this! I just found out about this project today! I had totally lost hope of this ever happening! Good luck! :)

  60. Chris8282 said


    *Has heart attack, and dies*

  61. Zero said

    Very nice work guys, been watching this for quite some time now, and its amazing to see how quick it’s progressing. Can’t wait to see the finished product. :) Oh also, thanks for taking the time to do it, you deserve it. ^^

  62. Gemini said

    @kikE & Chris8282: I’ve been writing this week’s update for… the whole week, plus 2 days. :/ I’m still gathering material for the final part, so I’ll probably post it tomorrow in the afternoon.

  63. Chris8282 said

    I’m just messin’ Gemini :D

  64. Chris8282 said

    Sorry for double post, but this needs to be said . . .

    YAHOOOOOOO!! 100,000+ hits! I told you you would hit this mark before the patch was released. Not many people believed me, though :D

    Let’s see if we can get 150,000!!!

  65. slystrife said

    @Gemini: Don’t worry about it, the bigger the update the better. :)

  66. MetRONom said

    @Chris8282: We CAN’T get 150,000 hits)) We want to get the patch as early as possible :D
    Just kidding :)

  67. aya valentine said

    Hee hee… I was the lady he was talking to.

    And yes, the Scottish accent was win.

  68. Gemini said

    Glad to have you here. :D

  69. aya valentine said

    Glad to be here.

    I was going to say “I’m looking at you, yaoi fangirls.” but decided against it.

    The timeline they did left out a lot of stuff- the Megami Tensei games, the Last Bibles, Maken X- but I only complained about it in secret afterwards.

    Good to see people are in love with this game enough to actually do this. If you need anything, let me know.

  70. Tom (Translator) said

    Wow! It’s the girl in the blue shirt! Gemini and I were both hoping that you’d show up… Glad you could make it! Your delivery was perfect, actually. I only wish that I could have been there to hear it.

    In a way, Maken X was mentioned in that convention… One of the panel guys said (in reference to Innocent Sin) that there were “swastikas everywhere… even right on the faces of certain enemies…” Which doesn’t really describe Innocent Sin, but seems to describe the unedited Maken X…

    In any case, thanks for coming! Stick around, because there’s still some progress to be made!

  71. Chris8282 said

    Good to know you have graced us with your presence once again, Tom. Will this trend continue? Please say yes!

  72. Tom (Translator) said

    Yes. :)

    Hopefully it won’t continue for long, though (in other words, hopefully the translation will be finished soon).

  73. Chris8282 said

    Even then, won’t you want to read how we gush over the game, and praise your translation?

  74. Tom (Translator) said

    Of course I do!

    But I hope you’ll be busy playing it. :)

  75. Chris8282 said

    Oh, I will .. But, I’ll also have plenty time to post random shouts of joy :D

  76. slystrife said

    Same here, plus I have confidence that Gemini’s forums are gonna be a lot more active once this is done.

  77. That one guy said

    You fools! Atlus has their hands on the Death Note! By the time Gemini gets up to 99%, he’ll get killed!

    Gemini change your name, quick!

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