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Time to crawl… Into the mud!

Posted by Gemini on July 4, 2008

I’ve finally decided to write a news, but there wasn’t really much to show until 4-5 days ago, except for a screenshot from Double Slash. So, I haven’t worked much on the project lately, and Tom had a break the last week, that’s why it took me so long to gather new material for this update. And the global percentage is still 85%.

Dialogues, bring ’em on!

This week the new NPC areas translated by Tom are: Peace Diner, Double Slash, Tōa Armory, Sumaru Prison, and Satomi Tadashi (Hirasaka). The first two were bigger than the usual rooms (many rumor dialogues in there), and Double Slash even needed some special treatment. Do you see the “2x SLASH” sign above Tatsuya and the Nachintosh (Think difficult!) waiter? That was “W SLASH” originally. Same goes for the Tōa Armory logo, which was Toha Difence.
Speaking of these texture changes, I’ve decided to edit only some of them. To make it clearer, my original plan was to replace most textures when there was Japanese text or Engrish on them, but then I changed my mind. Typically Japanese signs will be left as they are, even if the game is in English. An example of that is the Stop sign in Seven Sister bike racks, which will remain in Japanese.

Video time

This new footage shows me clearing Seven Sisters High with the patch, so you get dialogues, battle scenes, bits of demon contact, and even the full method to fight the rumored demon Hanako. As you can see, most of the demon contact text is just a long sequence of question marks, which means that they are not translated yet (that’s how my text inserter deals with unknown characters). There are also weird bugs here and there, like the “Divide the 3 points” message appearing somewhat corrupted, but I still need to figure out a way to hack that damn mess. Anyway, I hope you will enjoy the very first dungeon in Innocent Sin completely translated in English. And yes, I cheated at the end with Hannya and all those Deep Crimsom Magatama’s. :p I tried to beat Hannya without cheats twice, but the movie got desynced the first time and too long to upload on youtube the second time. >_>
Here’s the rest of the video: part 2, 3, 4, and boss battle.

No-pictures-for-you part
Not much to say this time. The other day I got my copy of the official guide book for IS by Famitsu, and I noticed there was a section with all spells (well, not really all of them), including bosses’ and demons’. Now, you usually don’t have access to those spells, but you can use them by cheating. When you get those spells, they all have very weird descriptions, like Hannya’s Knoledge Drill has “Knooooooowleeeeeeedge!”. The official guide tells you exactly how strong these spells are and what they do, so I tried to make their description look like those for standard spells, labeling them as “Bonus” type. Just in case some of you wanted to use them by cheating.
…Or I could use them for the EP data easter egg. :p


47 Responses to “Time to crawl… Into the mud!”

  1. macirex said

    Great work guys… I´m really building up the excitement

  2. maya-nee said

    good job!

  3. james said

    all that work and it’s still 85%? Impossible! But, anyway. Keep Up the good work. I can’t wait till it’s done. The videos were awesome.

  4. Dr. Lovestrange said

    Great work as always!

    BTW, do you have any plans for Soul Hackers?

  5. AlexY said

    Eikichi is crazy. XD

    But Maya seems…way different. :/

    Anywhoo, great work! You can do it! :D

  6. Square711 said

    Screw the percentage, we have Seven Sisters completely translated! \o/

    Any chances of seeing a first-dungeon-only patch release? :D (just kidding)

  7. launder said

    85% eh?
    that sounds awfully familiar…

  8. Gemini said

    @Dr. Lovestrange: once again, no. I’ve never worked on Soul Hackers and I have no current plans for it. Also, I don’t wanna think about any other project until Innocent Sin is done.

  9. Morzas said

    The waiter looks kick-ass as usual.

  10. Takehaniyasubiko said

    Yeah, that’s quite a waiter. I’d sure love to be hit by him.

  11. Gemini said

    That could never happen. He’s apathetic after all.

  12. Takehaniyasubiko said

    I have my ways…

  13. Ta-chan said


  14. Takehaniyasubiko said

    I’m sorry I’m showing you my gay ways. m(_ _)m

  15. Tatsuya said

    Why must gay people always bring up that they’re gay at the most random of times? Especially, when gayness or men/women/sex isn’t even in the conversation :D Can’t remember how many times I’ve heard a gay person say, “Well, I’m gay so I don’t like [driving trucks]”, or “Being a gay person I feel that [gas prices are too high.]”

    Why can’t gay people just be people? Why must they make it known that they are gay like they want people to know they’re different and respond, yet complain when they are treated different? (Not that people shouldn’t be mad when they are treated different in a sense that they are treated worse.)

    So, Takehani-somethingsomething (Sorry, I don’t know much about Japanese/Asian names.) why do gay people do that?

    NOTE: phrases in [] are just the first things that came to my mind to prove my point.

    @Gemini: I’m so glad you’re doing this! I’m kind of new to Persona (I just got FES a few weeks ago.), and I’m so glad I can get to play this game.

  16. Square711 said

    @Tatsuya: maybe because the topic had to do with it in first place? I kinda agree with you about some gays stating that they’re gay whenever it’s possible to and even when it’s not, and about it being annoying sometimes… but at least in this case, it was totally relevant to the subject.

    After all, who knows if the waiter wouldn’t show some interest in Take if they got to know each other? :D

  17. Zylo said

    I love the characters in IS so much more than EP… That’s for sure lol. Maya is so much more interesting =o

  18. Takehaniyasubiko said

    “So, Takehani-somethingsomething (Sorry, I don’t know much about Japanese/Asian names.) why do gay people do that?”
    I don’t know. But I always wondered why people like you always do what you just did?

  19. Gemini said

    Everybody, this is totally off topic, so please let’s stop here before the flame starts.

  20. Cloud said

    Wait, you actually edit the textures, too? Man, that’s awesome! And incredibly hard, IMO. :P
    Well, you don’t have to edit ALL the textures. Stop signs are pretty self-explanatory, even in Japanese. Store names, ads or things like that usually aren’t, and it’d be pretty much appreciated if you could do them, I guess. Anyway, I trust you know what’s best, so I know I’m gonna get the best possible experience in the end. :D

  21. Chris8282 said

    Gemini! What did I tell you about taking breaks? GET BACK TO WORK!!

    Just kidding . . You deserve a rest with so much progress these last few weeks/months

  22. DarkBubble said

    I’m with Cloud on this one. If it’s something obvious, there’s no need. Names and the like (as you’ve done with the map screens) are appreciated.

    The one place I really prefer remain untouched: Engrish. It has its charm and is appropriate to the setting.

  23. Gemini said

    Engrish doesn’t make much sense with dialogues in perfect English, though. All the Engrish in dialogues was removed, so the same rule must be applied to signs as well for consistency’s sake, and to make it look professional.

  24. slystrife said

    Loved the new videos, it was nice to see a whole dungeon completely translated. Looking forward to see what the next piece of news has in store for us.

    I have a question Gemini, you said at the end of the entry that by cheating you would be able to access spells that normally only bosses and demons would have. Does that go for the enemy exclusive personae as well? That would be awesome if you could use Hannya’s weird drill persona! :)

    PS: If your interested, I’ve gotten up to the Air Museum in Tsumi with pops 4.01 with absolutely no crashes so far. In fact, the games runs really smooth, the only glitch I’ve encountered so far is some weird graphics corruption that seems to happen randomly when I save. Doesn’t crash the game though, and you can get rid of it by reseting the game (I’m guessing it’s probably caused by compressing the game, it’s not unbearable though).

  25. Gemini said

    I don’t think you can use them all, mostly because they’d look weird on monsters that use their body as part of the attack. Also, you can’t use Drill Hannya because he’s structured in a particular way. It could be possible to rework him to match the standard format, but there’s a lot of work behind that.

    As for Pops 4.01, I think the glitches you are experiencing are part of a bug with the game, not the emulation core, even if it happened to me only once on real hardware. The whole screen goes crazy when accessing the load/save screen after some battles, and you must hard reset the game to remove all the gfx corruption. I will try and fix that error, since it happens a lot more frequently on the patched engine, for some reason.

  26. Cloud said

    I agree with Gemini that leaving Engrish in the game wouldn’t really be recommended, consistency-wise. There would be exceptions to the rule, I guess, when the characters intentionally (or mistakenly) pronounced something wrong.
    Still, I’m curios, why is there Engrish in that game? Was it intentional on the part of the authors, or was it because of their lack of better knowledge (e.g., poor English speakers)? I’m actually quite amused how they wrote “defense” – you’d almost think they are trying to say “Toah’s Dual Fence”. :D

  27. Gemini said

    1) Maya: she has only one Engrish expression, “Let’s positive thinking”, which is well known in Japan.
    2) Lisa: she speaks Engrish (the few times she does) because she is totally bad at English, even if she’s a caucasian girl. There’s an exception to that, when Shadow Ginko (Lisa’s fake) welcomes you in her shrine, saying in roman characters “Welcome to the my shrine”. I’m not sure if that was meant to be Engrish to make clear how bad the real Lisa is at English, or if it was a problem with the script writer (who’s probably even worse than Lisa).
    3) Eikichi: he throws Engrish stuff all in katakana, probably because he thinks he’s “bilinguable” and cool. He’s really bad at it, but I have no clue why. Must be some sort of stereotype, like the Tokio Hotel.
    4) Eriko: the only character in the whole game who can actually speak English.

  28. Takehaniyasubiko said

    Engrish in this game is intentional and it’s bloody obvious, guys.

  29. Ta-chan said

    I really wish you guys would’ve kept at least Eikichi’s engrish.I mean, it was meant to show that Eikichi was trying to impress the others with what he thinks is perfect english.

    If you are set on not including any engrish, can you at least make it recognizable somehow ? maybe like putting them between quotation marks or brackets or something just to imply to the player that they are pronounced or said differently from the context ?

    I mean, your erasing a character’s most amusing trait “Showing off whenever it’s possible”
    Please Gemini, reconsider this. T_T
    Thank you

  30. Cloud said

    I’m with Ta-chan. Eikichi and Lisa (the few lines she has) should have their Engrish intact (especially Eikichi – it adds to his “charm”), eventually adding some quotation marks around them to better mark them.

  31. slystrife said

    Allow me to throw in my opinion on this. While the Engrish is indeed hilarious and adds charm to certain characters I don’t think it would be good idea to leave it in the translation. Gemini is right in saying that it wouldn’t make sense with the dialogs in correct in English, to make the script seem more professional it should be left out.

    While I love “Let’s positive thinking!” as much as the next person, it’s not correct English and therefore should be translated accordingly. I mean what if Maya is having a serious conversation with Tatsuya and co. and out of nowhere she says that. Don’t know about you guys but to me, that’d be downright annoying. Engrish is hilarious, but in the end it’s just poorly translated English, sometimes intentional, sometimes not; but in all I think that when Engrish is involved in an English translation it should be corrected, not left alone just for the sake of being funny.

  32. Gemini said

    @Ta-chan: there are many ways to keep that kind of bullshit, even with totally correct English, and Tom has done that already. It wouldn’t make any sense to have Engrish in there when they comment everything else in perfect English. Also, Eikichi is not just a bunch of sentences in Engrish. His personality is much deeper than just that. Also, you can never know if his English was wrong on purpose, or if the script writer was actually the one to blame for poor knowledge of the grammar.

  33. Joseph Rowley said

    Something tells me you can debate till you’re blue in the face, and Gemini is still going to take the engrish out. (I do agree with him. But lets be honest, I would never think to disagree with our true savior “soft gregorian chant”)
    Preferences aside, its a pretty minor point. Just imagine every five gameplay hours or so, that Eikichi/Lisa says something that reminds you of a poorly translated english sign in Beijing and boom! You’re good.

  34. dani said

    Really can’t wait until it’s released ^^ Thanks for your hard work!

  35. MarkMan said

    Keep up the good work! I was in attendance at Anime Expo last week and someone mentioned the Innocent Sin fan translation project during the question and answer portion of the Shin Megami Tensei Atlus panel… that was pretty awesome…

    Can’t wait til’ this is released!

  36. Persona'd said

    Let’s hoping that this’ll be out soon. Can’t wait!

  37. Cloud said

    Well, if you say that you can keep Eikichi’s (illiterate) funny charm without leaving Engrish in there, then I guess it would have to do, as long as it’s as fun (or at least close) or even funnier than in the original Japanese game.

    No way! They actually talked about that during the Q/A? So, what did Atlus say? Who brought up the subject (Atlus or a fan)? What is Atlus’s take on this?

  38. Gemini said

    @MarkMan: I wanna hear the question/answer too. :D

  39. slystrife said

    @MarkMan: I third that. XD

  40. Dardo said

    Boys hope that this serves them something.

    I’m Argentine and I do not understand English perfectly but I kills the work they have accomplished, congratulations and keep abreast if llegacen need my help in anything ^ ^.

    PS: if something is wrong here writing, is that I’m using beta translator jajajaja

  41. Gemini said

    Maybe you should have read the FAQ…

  42. Ta-chan said

    There’s a one hour video for the SMT panel here (on the top left)

    But I don’t know if it includes the Q&A session since my crappy connection died on me on when it reached half the time.

  43. james said

    @ everyone who wants to hear about the Shin Megami Q/A question about Innocent Sin being released in America in some form…

    Atlus basically said the game was too old and going back to that would be difficult to make it viable to today’s market. Also, someone asked if Atlus USA would ever release the Shin Megami games that were never released in America as a set or something later on for NA and Atlus said that they are looking into all the options of seeing if they can do that, but they didn’t want to give any promises. I’m pretty sure that’s it. MarkMan can add more if there’s anything I forgot.

  44. Gemini said

    Don’t worry about what they said in the conference. I’ve watched it, so it will be somehow included in the next update which I’m writing right now. :D

  45. james said

    cool. Thanks Gemini.

  46. Constraint said

    When did Maya talk? Did she talk in punishment?

  47. O M G said

    Thanks for this. ;)

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