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Under Barack Obama

Posted by Gemini on June 23, 2008

We’re back, and with the usual 2 point update on the global progress percentage, which brings it to 85%. This week the update keeps track of the progress on menus, dialogues, and demon contact. Bring it on! Or bring back a mountain, if you can.

Menus 101

  • All tarots in game have something written on them in roman characters, and they are all pretty much correct and without errors. Well… not Persona cards. Some had very weird typos like Inannna, Syaka, Vinshnu, etc… They’ve all been fixed, and fortunately this change was painless for once in a while;
  • This menu has been sitting for over 2 months since Tom had translated the event item descriptions. Well, now it’s finalized. It only missed the “Event Items” title to be aligned to the center.


Game’s third biggest area has been translated! Yeah, that’s it: Honmaru Park is gone, and it required “only” 5 days of endless pain. xD Not only Tom had to translate this huge zone, but he also had to reduce the translation a little because it was too big for the allocated space in RAM, which is about 128 KB including the event table for that map. Also, as you can see from the shots, other zones of the game have been translated, and they are Kasugayama High, Lisa’s House (aka Silverman Manor), Rosa Candida (Rengedai), Satomi Tadashi (Rengedai), and Time Castle. And yeah, the count is indeed the coolest shop keeper evah! Check out Steven Sealvergal, too! Next target should be Peace Diner, Chikalin’s favorite place!

Demon contact, broom broom

Guess what? They work now! The problem was actually a lot easier than expected. It was a small logic error with the code responsible for determining a “segment” size in CD sectors. For some reason my formula was sightly wrong, which caused the game to expect an incorrect amount of sectors and enter an infinite loop. The thing was particularly nasty because some battles start with a demon contact, and when they do a broken contact means black screen of death. I’ve also fixed a bug with a missing special code for text, which triggered sound clip reproduction. There are still some crashes, but they are all related to the buggy code I left in the multiple choice system and will be eventually fixed.
On the translation side, Tom did one of the 14 missing contact files which is used for party’s lines. He will probably be working on something else, thought, since he’s still making his way through NPC dialogues. I think contacts will have to wait a little more for the full thing to start working at full throttle.
And for those who love weird stuff, I think Barbatos likes Jun a lot, ’cause he got charmed using the “Death by flower” contact three times. Ah Okada, you’re so kinky for implementing such weird stuff. :3

Misc stuff corner

Not much to say here as the image should be pretty clear. I expanded and translated the name for save blocks in Memory Card, so now they go with the format “Persona 2: Tsumi/File X/Lv XX”. I usually leave this hack for the end of each project, but boredom was killing me and I needed something very easy to tackle down.
Speaking of memory card, I finally succeeded in adding to IS the ability to identify EP data (both US and JP versions), which will probably be used for some easter egg in the translation. I’m looking at you, black Joker. ;D And possibly something else, too. On this matter, I remember I’ve seen somewhere a European version of EP, but I couldn’t find it anywhere else (no trace on Sony Index and GameFAQs), maybe because it was a fake or something. Anybody knows about this version? I wanted to cover all EP IDs within the MC block detection code (each region has one), but if no PAL version exists I guess that’s less work for me.
And for the final part, there is one more thing to fix in Personal Data menu. I thought it was all finalized, but I forgot that Tatsuya’s name can grow bigger than the status window if you use long names with wide characters (i.e. “mmmmmmm mmmmmmm”), so I need to tweak the panel with character data to resize automatically when big names are in use.


73 Responses to “Under Barack Obama”

  1. Kythlyn said

    Once again your progress is impressive. Keep it up!

  2. Chris8282 said

    Again, you rock Gemini.

  3. Square711 said

    Once again, it’s hard to believe that all that stuff amounts to only 2% of total progress.

    Anyway, nice work, Gemini. Updates are good, gimme moar. :D

  4. Vinny said

    Grammatical error in picture 4 (the one with Maya talking.) Thought I’d let you know :) Keep up the good work!

  5. james said

    85% YES! hopefully it can be finished before summer ends?

  6. Ñ said

    No PAL version exists :P

  7. slystrife said

    Black Joker….BLACK JOKER!!!!! ::clears throat:: ‘scuse me

    As usual, great job, I’m glad you finally sorted out that demon contact bug; because you know contacting is definitely NOT one of the most important elements in the game…. ::end sarcasm:: :)

    If I may ask Gemini, what other easter eggs other than the Black Joker did you have in mind now that Tsumi can identify Batsu’s data? That is of course, if you don’t mind me asking. :P

  8. Cidsa said

    Sweet :D
    Just wondering, do you guys have a spellchecker/editor yet? I’ve just done so little for the project and I’d like to help haha.

  9. Zylo said

    Lol, so amusing how Lisa’s father looks. Great progress Gemini =)

  10. maya-nee said

    good job! ><

  11. AlexY said

    Nope, there is no PAL version. :(

    Excellent progress guys! :D

  12. Watashiwa said

    I cannot believe how fast this project is moving.

    I’m looking forward to playing this!

    And thank you!

  13. Vaitylos said

    Is it just me, or does Lisa’s father have a slight resemblance to Steven Seagal?:D

    It’s nice to see the project moving on, once again.
    A big ‘thank you’ goes to you and everybody else that worked, and still works, on this translation.

    Take care!

  14. Derp said

    >Under Barack Obama
    What a terrible way to spend the night :(

  15. Gemini said

    It wasn’t for Hillary:

  16. Takehaniyasubiko said

    Who can blame Barbatos for falling bad for Jun, eh? I mean, Jun is pure hotness… ^^

  17. Chris8282 said

    @Gemini: I’ve always loved that video :D So funny, even though I’m not much for politics

  18. Joseph said

    Good Work, only 15% more to go. Everyone’s work on this project is Greatly Appreciated.

  19. Ryan said

    I LOVE YOU. I just got into this series (and the SMT series) a few days ago, and I wanted to start out playing the Persona series from the beginning, so it’s absolutely fantastic that I managed to find this site before I got around to starting Eternal Punishment. You know, since this one technically came first.

    Again, you guys are amazing. Thank you for your hard work! :D

  20. Trevor said

    Hey, a friend linked me to this project, and I have to say that I’m really impressed to see how far it’s coming along! I’ll be one of the first to give this a try when it’s all finished. Let me know if you need any help with testing or copy editing!

  21. Cloud said

    I must say, I’m really impressed with your work here. I’ve just recently become a Persona (and consequently a Megaten) fan, and planned on playing all the games in the series, when, to my disappointment, I found out that Innocent Sin (the best in the Persona 2 sub-series) was Japanese-only. I saw the script works at Oracle of Maiya and wondered why no one bothered to hack and implement that script in the game (i.e., translate the game). Needless to say, I was very disappointed that I couldn’t find one magically translated game anywhere.

    Today, however, I had the pleasant surprise of stumbling onto your page in a random (inspired) attempt to search for a Persona 2: Innocent Sin patch on Google. I can’t express how happy you made me. :D

    I’m deeply grateful for your work, and very impressed by it (being a future programmer myself, just now being finished with high-school, I know how hard it is, and I also admire how you are able to handle things). I’ll be sure to keep an eye on your progress. Keep up the great work! :D

  22. TerraBreaker said

    lol, serious zomg moment – I go away for a bit come back and we’re already at 85% and nearly 80k hits. Keep up the great work Gemini :)

  23. Soopy said

    Good job Gemini. this is great progress. keep up the good work.

    on another note, i have only played persona: revelations. should i play persona IS or persona ES first? does it really matter?

  24. Cloud said

    I’d suggest to play IS first and then EP. The reason behind this is not only that it’s chronologically logical (IS was first, then EP followed), but also because IS is considered to be better and more satisfying than EP.
    Also, as Wikipiedia puts it, “Innocent Sin and Eternal Punishment are two chapters of the same storyline”. The only difference, from what I understand, is that in IS you play as Tatsuya while in EP you play as Maya. Basically, you get the same story, but seen from the perspective of another character, similar to what Star Ocean 2 offers.
    So, if you get the same story, wouldn’t you rather get the biggest bang first and then see the other perspective, rather than spoiling the fun of the first (and best) game by playing the second one?

    If you’re really dying for a Persona experience that much (sorry for the pun :P), then I suggest you play Persona 3 FES in the meantime, as it seems unrelated to the other two (there are small references to it, but nothing like in P2 where you meet – and even recruit – characters from P1).

  25. Soopy said

    thanks for the suggestion. with that in mind i will probably wait for the IS translation and play that instead and THEN move onto EP. i was always wondering how IS and EP were different from each other. thanks for clarifying :)

  26. Cloud said

    I’m really glad I was able to help. :D Hope you have a good time with IS. I’m also planning on playing P1 and then, after the patch is released, go for IS and then EP.

    Oh, and sorry about not writing you name down correctly the first time. Dunno why I saw Snoopy instead of Soopy (maybe because Snoopy is a somewhat famous cartoon character?). Guess I should’ve just copy-pasted it instead of writing it down. :P

    Anyway, like I said before, if you really want to play a Persona game until the patch for IS comes out, then I highly recommend playing Persona 3 FES, if you haven’t already. P3 is in no way directly related (i.e., a sequel or a prequel) to the other two games (except for some small references and maybe some cameos), so you can rest assured that you won’t spoil anything for yourself.

    Again, I’m really glad I was of help to you. Hope you have a blast! :D

  27. Dexter said

    I can confirm: no Pal version of EP exists!

  28. Chris8282 said

    From what I’ve heard from the people who have played this game on the forums, that’s not quite right Cloud. It’s not just “like Star Ocean 2 offers” (Same story, different perspectives.).. It has different characters, and EP happens as if IS never had happened (Because of an event in IS.). Completely different chapters of the same story; not the same story retold.

  29. Chris8282 said

    Oh, and Persona 3 IS a sequel to Persona 3 … It’s in the same universe after the events of EP. It just has a completely different art style, and atmosphere, as well as not that many returning characters. Check wikipedia for the timeline.

  30. Chris8282 said

    ^Obviously, that should be Persona 3 is a sequel to Persona 2 EP

  31. Cloud said

    Well, I did write “from what I understand” there. I did that to make sure that people understand that I’m not 100% sure since I haven’t played either game yet.
    I kinda knew that it’s not quite like SO2, but to simplify things (since I myself didn’t quite understand it so well), I just wrote it as you see it now.
    Also, I did one last check before, to make sure. I visited this site, and it seems it kinda confirms what I heard:,6226/

    “The differences between “Innocent Sin” and “Eternal Punishment” are slight – after all, those are like one huge game split in two parts, so anyone who has played “Eternal Punishment” will feel right at home in “Innocent Sin”. There are a couple of slight differences in gameplay […], but overall the games look and are played in a nearly identical way”

    The issue about the differences between the two still confuses me even now, but to simplify things, I just stated everything as above. If you can clarify things better (without spoiling the game, of course), then I’d appreciate it. In any case, I’m bound to find out the specifics when I play them. :D

    Oh, and of course Persona 3 is a sequel to Persona 3. It’s like an endless loop that goes nowhere. (j/k) :P

  32. Cloud said

    And btw, “similar” and “like [something]” are not complete synonyms (the first being less stricter that the later, as in it admits more differences while keeping similarities, in contrast to being very much alike). I don’t know why you didn’t quote me exactly (since that is not exactly what I wrote), but I said “similar to what Star Ocean 2 offers”, not “like Star Ocean 2 offers”. There is a difference of meaning there, and I used that term intentionally to mark this.

  33. Chris8282 said

    Persona 2: Innocent Sin = Final Fantasy X
    Persona 2: Eternal Punishment = Final Fantasy X-2

    .. This is not place for this. Please, do not get anymore off-topic especially with the size of your paragraphis.. No offense

  34. Chris8282 said

    Also, to clarify more: continuation of the same story, different main characters. Like Tidus to Yuna (arguably)

  35. Chris8282 said

    Oh, and Cloud, you’re getting WAAAY to into this. I really don’t want to argue over semantics. What I said meant the same thing as what you said. Either way, what you said “is not quite right” (Do I have to quote myself now?) no matter how you put it.

  36. Chris8282 said

    Sorry, I’m at work, and have to read bits and pieces of what Cloud wrote so I have to post more (This needs an edit button :D)

    Cloud, I have on question for you. Why do you try to prove a point about the story with comments on the gameplay … Persona 2: Innocent Sin does INDEED play almost exactly like Persona 2: Eternal Punishment.

  37. Cloud said

    Okay, I’m still confused about this a little (mostly by your first statement that “EP happens as if IS never had happened (Because of an event in IS.)”), though I think I get the main point that EP is a sequel (with some sort of retro-modifications to the story) to IS, now.

    Don’t know why I didn’t check Gamespot first, as their review article about P2 is more explicit than others.

    “Persona 2: Eternal Punishment is actually the second half of the Persona 2 saga. Eternal Punishment takes place in the same setting as the first chapter, but it retells enough of the first chapter’s story throughout its first few hours to ensure that you’re up to speed with the game’s bizarre events.”

    So, yes, I do recognize I was wrong. And to be frank, I’m quite happy about that. :D It’s neat if EP is actually a sequel to IS (as The Answer in P3 is a sequel to The Journey). :D

    I don’t want to argue over semantics either, but I thought I should mention that so that you didn’t get the wrong impression (like thinking that I said the two games are very much alike). I just wanted to clarify what I meant, seeing as you didn’t quote me exactly. I do agree now, though, that both interpretations (similar vs like) are wrong.

    Actually, I don’t want to prove anything (related to the story) with that second phrase about gameplay. Just thought it’d be helpful to include that for detail’s and completeness’s sake. The main part that I wanted to point out was the first phrase.

    Anyway, hope you don’t have a grudge against me or anything. I sure don’t, and I want to clarify that I wasn’t trying to attack you or anything like that, but just wanted to clarify what I said and why I said in my first statement. And sorry about the long paragraphs… I just get bored sometimes when I have to study and don’t really want to return to it so soon. :P

  38. Chris8282 said

    I don’t hold grudges on the internet. Especially for fellow SMT fans :D

    If I sounded at all like I had a grudge or anything it’s because I have to type 300wpm during my breaks at work (without rechecking what I type hence the errors.) so I don’t get caught cause then I’d be in “trouble”

  39. Cloud said

    Hehe, glad to hear that. *Hugs* :D

    LOL, I can imagine your situation. Well, good luck and stay under the radar, then! :D

  40. Chris8282 said

    Well, I work for my brother, and I legally have two 15 minute breaks .. It’s just that I’d rather him not know I’m using that to be on his connection.

  41. 0kami said

    Wow, I’m glad the minor squabbles that pop up here can be resolved in an intelligent and polite way. Certainly isn’t GameFAQs.

    I’m really liking how this is going, Gemini. Do you think there is any way to burn the disk to a blank CD via computer and have it play on my PS2? I mean, I doubt it considering
    – I have a slim line PS2
    – My computer is iffy at burning
    – It’s an NTSC PS2

    : (

  42. Chris8282 said

    Are you referring to Cloud and I? That wasn’t a squabble at all… Maybe I shouldn’t try to type so fast .. I get the wrong impression across :(

  43. Chris8282 said

    ^ Unless you have have some kind of mod (soft or hard) then “No.” you can’t. Just play it on your PC.

  44. edwinl said

    i’m wondering about the battle quotes and what not. is it possible to provide subtitles for those?

  45. DarkCenobyte said

    Hi (sorry for my bad english, i’m french and I use Google for translate in English)
    I wanted to say that “Persona 2: Innocent Sin” seems to work perfectly on PSP with the new Custom Firmware 4.01 M33 .

    And congratulation to Gemini for the progression of the patch, it’s impressive :)

  46. Satan said

    AWESOMENESS, keep up the good work….!!!!!

  47. Chris8282 said

    ^^ But, maybe not with the patch.

  48. Gemini said

    @edwinl: everything is possible, but I’m not going to implement them. They are quite useless for just some quotes nobody cares about anyway.

    @DarkCenobyte: that’s what everybody says. Did you play it for more than 5 minutes after the beginning of the game? If you really want to make a truthful test, play it for 2 or 3 hours. All major crashes are in battle.

  49. Cloud said

    Well, as Chris8282 mentioned, it wasn’t really a squabble… well, maybe a misunderstood one (from my side). :P

    Umm… what exactly are battle quotes? Are they mid-battle conversations or something?

    Have you tried your patch with ePSXe? I see you mentioned PCSX in your to-do list, so I was wondering if you also tried ePSXe (since it is the most advanced PS1 emulator right now).
    In any case, I guess you should concentrate on making it work on the hardware it was intended to (PS1, PS2 and maybe PS3), and ultimately it has to work on an emulator.

  50. Gemini said

    All testing and screens have been done with ePSXe 1.60, which is NOT the most advanced emulator. pSX is a lot better, and less code-hacked to make run more games.
    Anyway, the plan is to make the patched game run fine on real hardware. Compatibility with emulators will be completely ignored.

  51. DarkCenobyte said

    For now I play about 1 hour (I’m not going fast because I did not understand the Japanese …) but in the custom firmware 4.01 M33, I spent without problems animation battle with Eikichi and one with the Joker. While its not going not with the previous 3.90 and custom firmware.

  52. Cloud said

    Didn’t know pSX was more advanced. I’m also a bit surprised to hear ePSXe (PS: latest version is 1.7.0, FYI) is partly code-hacked to improve compatibility.
    Heh, I was wondering how you’d be working on the game (on an emulator or on real hardware). Guess it’s the most logical choice to use it on an emulator, so you can track memory usage and bugs, since it’s highly unlikely you’d have a dev kit.
    Yeah, I know the plan is to make it run on real hardware (read your FAQ). I’d do the same, since emulators should try to make games run on them, and not expect games to be made with running on emulators in mind. If it works on real hardware, it’s bound to work on emulators sooner or later.

  53. Gemini said

    @DarkCenobyte: well, that’s a good thing. 3.51 and no compression on the ISO have the same effect on the game (i.e. no crashes or glitched vram), but shit can happen. The final test would be to try and fight the final boss in game. He has some spells that randomly kill the game. If you can get through that, then we have the perfect build of Pops for Innocent Sin. You can get the save for the final boss on GameFAQs if you want to test it.

    @Cloud: ePSXe is heavily code-hacked, no matter which version you are running (and yeah, I know about 1.70, I just don’t use it for now). That emulator is a real mess, especially if you have weird code to inject and the program TOTALLY ignores all side effects, making you believe your code is acting correctly while it’s the opposite.
    And yeah, if it works on real hardware it has to work on emulators too, sooner or later…

  54. Cloud said

    Aha, I see. Never knew about this. So, in other words, instead of correctly emulating the hardware for every game, ePSXe more likely uses hacks, patches and tricks specific for each game (or set of games, like the Final Fantasy or Star Ocean series, or even for an unrelated set of games that use the same techniques). Guess I’ll try pSX then and see how it fares compared to ePSXe. I’ve been meaning to see it for some time, too.
    Here’s a question, out of curiosity: how would you describe PCSX (and, if you can, PCSX2) in regards to code-hacking? Is it comparable to ePSXe, or is it better, like pSX? And how someone detect this (apart from studying the source code)? I’m just curios to know how the devs at PCSX2 are handling the situation. Thanks in advance! :D

  55. Nyx Avatar said

    That’s just fantastic. You totally made my month with the constant updates Gemini.

    Keep at it! Gogogogogogogogogogogo! *cheers*

  56. DarkCenobyte said

    It would appear that the POPS 4.01 is really what is needed for “Persona 2: Innocent Sin”, I managed to import the backup with the plugin “CWCheat” on my PSP, and I start a fight with the boss. I made a short video (slightly muted as my “Kodak EasyShare CX6200” no more than 30 seconds of recording a video), and I took a few screenshots:

    Video (sorry for the bad quality, and no sound) :


    I had no crash,

    … Maybe that Sony plans to add Persona 2 Innocent Sin on the Japanese PlayStation Store and adapts the POPS to run properly …

  57. Gemini said

    The emulator works a lot better, but there are still crashes. Great Father makes the emulator crash upon casting High Pressure.

  58. messiah said

    Good job

  59. Cloud said

    Umm… where you referring to my post or DarkCenobyte’s posts? :P
    If you were referring to my post, I take it the emulator is a lot less code-hacked then, right? :D

  60. Gemini said

    I was referring to DarkCenobyte and the whole Popstation question.

  61. slystrife said

    @DarkCenobyte: How the hell did you get it to work? When I try it the game hangs after the R&D1 logo. In fact, anyone who has gotten this to work on 4.01 m33 let me know how. I’d like to test this out myself…

  62. DarkCenobyte said

    Maybe that’s just the eboot, to create I used PSX2PSP 1.3 (it requires a BASE.PBP and KEYS.BIN (normally find in the game “Hot Shot Golf 2 (U.S.)” but I use those found in the software “AutoPopstation 4” (in his folder “CoreData”).

    And for setting, I put the maximum level of compression of PSX2PSP 1.3 (the size of my EBOOT is about 460M).

  63. Gemini said

    I’m using PopstationGUI, but the PBP for the emulator is always the same, so it doesn’t change a thing. As for the compression, mine is set to none. Still, Great Father breaks the game, and probably some other boss too, but I need more testing to confirm that.

  64. AV said

    Ah, I’m so glad this projects going ahead so well!
    (I don’t know enough japanese to play IS untranslated so I’m very happy)
    Congrats on all your hard work and efforts!

  65. slystrife said

    @DarkCenobyte & Gemini: Thanks a bunch! I got it up and running! Since I’m bored and have nothing else to do, I’ll play through the game and let you know if theres any major glitches Gemini. I gonna try out EP with this too…

  66. slystrife said

    *I’m gonna try out EP with this too…*

    I know I didn’t have to correct the grammar for that, but I couldn’t stop myself… :P

  67. Droog said

    I just discovered this projected, and I just wanted to say thank you, as I’ve wanted to play this for a long, long time. And it looks like you’re doing a fantastic job as well!

  68. Jinx1337 said

    About running P2:EP (P2:IS in future) on PSP and trying to fix slowdowns + crashes – this very thread:

    Dark Cenobyte, do you still get text slowdowns using 4.01?

    And to Gemini and everyone else – I am 100% positive you can fix crashes using a certain ID fix.
    I would try the ones that are known to fix other games in the first place (i.e. Biohazard JPN, Syphon Filter 3 US, Breath of Fire 4 etc.).

    I await your reply Cenobythe.


    Geimini, remember when I asked you on ICQ whether it would be possible to apply your P2:IS text rendering engine fixes to P2:EP?
    Is it still a no-go? :3

    All the best.

  69. DarkCenobyte said

    I did not notice slowdown in the text, and I just compare the speed display of text (at the beginning of the game) with the game on my PC with “ePSXe” and the game on my PSP, and they seem identical …

    And the dialogues during the fighting animations on my PSP does not seem to be slowing down (or so it is not enough for this reason that I find disturbing …), I just felt on my PSP some very slight slowdown when the last boss was using some skills, but nothing annoying…

    Otherwise, I defeated the last boss on my PSP (and thus finished the game with the save of GameFAQ)

    And I had absolutely no crashes during the battle …

  70. Eli said

    OMG!! Guys, I’m really impressed! I hope someday we will be able to see the whole translation. If only I could help… Huh. The only thing I can do is to say…C’mon, you’ll make it! GENIUS! ^^

  71. slystrife said

    @DarkCenobyte and anyone else who is interested: I found a way to get Eternal Punishment working on pops 4.01. Just switch EP’s game ID with IS’s when your creating the eboot. I’ve been playing for about an hour and it’s been working pretty much perfectly.

  72. Jinx1337 said

    Yup, bravo Slystrife.

    Here’s the thread with solution to EP (and quite possibly – IS – in the future!).

  73. King Shadow said

    Innocent Sin is the ‘origional’ story to persona, while Eternal Punishment is a parallell retelling of the story. Think of the two lands in chrono cross….the constant refering to the other side is our clue here. Its almost as if the major boss got booted out of the universe ‘IS’ and into the second world ‘EP’, hence alot of the ‘don’t you remember’ quotes you get from good old Mr. J.

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