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Lasers, eight o’clock, Day One!

Posted by Gemini on June 17, 2008

*bzzz* …Sorry. If you didn’t get the reference, I suggest you to watch Time Bandits, a really great movie Tom told me about some days ago. Anyway, today the total progress percentage reached 83%. This week a huge chunk of the script has been translated and I’ve done some very hard code hacks on my side for city map andpersonal data (in main menu) modules. Soooo…

City map, all clear

This means all code hacks for city map have been done and this section is to be considered final. Detail on changes:

  • So much work for such a small section. First of all, the SELECT window has been expanded a little to make the translation fit, and the AREA window graphics has been moved and remapped to allow a bigger texture for SELECT. Also fixed those small windows with the district names on them. The windows for Hirasaka and Katatsumuri were in part covered by the expanded SELECT window, so I moved them a little on the right and resized them all manually (yep, no dynamic resize in this case) as they were all 50 pixel wide. Oh, and “Sumaru City”/”Xibalba” are now correctly centered;
  • The expanded AREA window in district map, the other pain in the ass, even though it didn’t need as much work as the previous section. The original window used to be a smaller copy of the same texture you can see in the district selector, but it wasn’t really suitable for the translation, so I mapped it onto the wider one and removed the smaller one to gain more space (which was used for the SELECT texture). I’ve also added some auto-centering code for district names.

Menus again? Hells yeah

  • Persona Data screen, the evil strikes back! So, so, so many hacks for just a sub-menu. First of all, this menu is composed of several pieces merged together to form a single big window, but they are all independent and their code is scattered through different files. The Persona/Demon panel was already hacked some time ago, even though some things still needed to be moved around, like the counter for LV, HP, and the “Contract” word that appears in demon analysis. The other panel I’ve hacked is the one with personal data about the characters. It can finally handle Tatsuya’s name correctly (the original used inverted order for name and surname), and the blood type is now automatically aligned on the right (being nitpicky here);
  • Same as before, but this time for Lisa’s personal data. Her name used to be stored as graphics as it didn’t fit in the original space, but this wasn’t really necessary for the translation, so I removed all the code responsible for replacing actual text with an image.

More translation? Why not!

This week some shots from the new comers Sevens and Sumaru Gypsy, and a couple more of two sections from the previous update, which are Kōnan Police Department and Trish’s Fountain. As for Sumaru and Sevens, they are 2 of the 3 biggest sections in the game (with the 3rd being Honmaru Park), and they finally went down! Tom’s also started working on demon contact lately translating the entries in the duplicate database, but he said he will complete the NPC areas first.

PS: If you have a chance, also look for Brazil, another great movie directed by the same person behind Time Bandits: Terry Gilliam. And be sure to get the original release, not the one with the crappy alternate ending. :p


30 Responses to “Lasers, eight o’clock, Day One!”

  1. em said

    Congrats on 83%!

    lol at the first translation picture w/ the calendar.

  2. Vitek said

    haha hell yeah!!!

  3. james said

    almost done! yay! Plus, I love Brazil. one of the best movies ever made. Love original version, not stupid alternate ending.

  4. Takehaniyasubiko said

    Thx for the movie references, Gemini – this two gems will be added to my already 100+ Movie Gems That I’ll Watch After I’ve Died list.

    As for the work on IS – blah, blah, blah, you really rock, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, great job!

  5. darkbubble said

    Weird! My boss and I were just discussing Time Bandits the other day. I grew up with it, but I have to confess that it’s been nearly twenty-five years since I saw the whole thing, even though I’d bought my brother a copy on VHS in the late 90s. If you like Time Bandits and Gilliam, you absolutely MUST check out The Adventures of Baron Munchausen. It’s great!

    12 Monkeys is another Gilliam piece that I like. It’s pure Gilliam, all the way. It’s pretty dark, even moreso when compared to Time Bandits and Baron Munchausen, but I like it. Bruce Willis is good, but it was probably one of the first films I saw that made me think “Wait, Brad Pitt can act?!” If you check out 12 Monkeys, you may or may not be after a certain song (trust me, you’ll hear it a few times) afterwards. It’s Sleep Walk by Santo & Johnny. Brian Setzer also did an awesome cover of it.

  6. Zylo said

    Those character data screens look really sleek =) Can tell the amount of effort you are putting into it just at a glance.

  7. Sanya said

    Thanks you for the effort.. this is really awesome, i wanted to play I.S. for years. I avoided the spoilers too.

    Since i don’t feel like browsing spoiling walkthroughs and reviews is I.S. actually a prequel to E.P., or it has totally different plot? And is the newer persona 3 directly related to either game story-wise, is it a direct sequel or pretty much a new game in same universe with old characters not having any memories with previous games’ plot discarded?

    83%, this number looks good.

  8. Takehaniyasubiko said

    “Since i don’t feel like browsing spoiling walkthroughs and reviews is I.S. actually a prequel to E.P., or it has totally different plot?”

    IS and EP are one story.
    “And is the newer persona 3 directly related to either game story-wise, is it a direct sequel or pretty much a new game (…)?”

    P3 is a new game – IS is even mocked as an old game that only geeks play these days in the US and European version of P3. Old Persona games’ universe is pretty much dead for ATLUS now.

  9. “Old Persona games’ universe is pretty much dead for ATLUS now.”

    I don’t completely agree. They’ve definitely moved away from it, but the TV in persona 3 occasionally references some old persona characters during the program “Who’s Who”. Mitsuru also explains that the Kirijo group and the Nanjou group used to be one company that split a while back. That’s why the have that “Two in harmony is better than one in Perfection” motto. They’re mostly unconnected, but I think they do take place in the same universe.

  10. Snake6782 said

    Your translation of Persona 2-Innocent Sin is shaping up nicely. I heard of the project almost a year ago when I was looking at the Digital Devil Database site, and boy has it come a long way. For the longest time I thought you abandoned it. It wasn’t until a few days ago I found you’re still working on IS and it’s close to completion.

    Either way, well done Gemini, and I look for to playing the finished product soon :)

  11. Square711 said

    Brazil… the name interests me, obviously :D I’ll watch it as soon as I can.

    The translation is progressing at a pretty good pace. If it keeps up at 2% a week, it won’t be even 3 months until it reaches completion. \o/

  12. slystrife said

    As always, great job. I recently booted up my copy of P3, so that’ll probably keep me busy for awhile.

  13. Morzas said

    Ahh, Trish. I miss that little bitch. Was she in P3?

  14. maya-nee said

    @Morzas: nope she’s not

    thanks for the update again gemini!

  15. Takehaniyasubiko said

    SeventhEvening@ Yeah, I know about that little references in P3 but it doesn’t’t mean a thing. It’s closer to easter eggs than an actual story continuation. I’m sure we will never see any real connection betwenn future and past Persona games.

  16. AlexY said

    Brazil is one of the best movies ever! :D

    We are all rooting for you! ^_______^

  17. Persona'd said

    Takehani – He was just explaining that P3 is definitely in the same “world” as P2.

    Looking forward to this game so, so much. Probably more than Mother 3.

  18. Joseph said

    Good Job!

  19. Chael said

    Wow Gemini, quite a production you have going on here. I just started EP, but now all I want is this… and P3 and P4. You’re doing some nice work.

  20. Mackerel said

    Yeah, those are really some great movies, I’ve actually heard that it’s a sort of trilogy by Gilliam. Time Bandits represents Childhood, Brazil is Mid-Life, and The Adventures of Baron Munchausen is Old Age.

  21. darkbubble said

    Hmmm, it makes sense to a point. Then again, the good Baron himself floats between his forties and his eighties throughout the film, depending upon his mood. John Neville was a healthy 60-something at the time, so they easily transitioned him back and forth via makeup. On one hand, it could be Old Age. On the other, it could just as easily be the Mid-Life Crisis. A man out of his element, yet very much in it. A man who is not needed, yet he proves to be the very thing they need.

  22. Gush said

    GREAAAAAT JOB!!! Im already your fan!!!! i just love you guys, nice work, you are making my dreams come true ;-;

  23. ~xoaks~ said

    Oy. I was reading through your official thread and one of your posts stuck out. Actually 2 of the 10 and 12. You said that you wouldn’t be putting in honorifics, but seeing as Atlus themselves did it in P3, have you changed your mind? Or even thought about it?

  24. Gemini said

    No honorifics, no way we can throw (or leave) in that shit in a language where they don’t exist. And we are not trying to be consistent with P3, but with EP, mostly.

  25. Tezen said

    You are truely the master of hacking I have to say, noone else could pull what you do in a short period of time.

  26. Jude said

    Hi Gemini, I just found out about your project and am really excited by the chance to play one of the great PSone RPGs in English. The quality of your work so far is second-to-none, so I can hardly wait for the finished product.

    I read the FAQ section and think I know the answer to what I’m about to ask, so please excuse my noobishness. When you’ve finished, to play the game on my chipped PSone, will I just need to rip the ISO from my original Japanese copy of Innocent Sin, add your file and burn the lot onto a CD? Will it really be that simple?

  27. zavlin said

    exciting stuff!

  28. Persona guy said

    GREAT JOB! Love What you guys are doing!

    Gemini,if it’s not too much to ask, do you think you can give us a brief little tutorial on how to burn this when the patch is complete, I have the original game, but I wouldn’t know what to do when the time comes.

  29. Gemini said

    @Persona Guy: Check my patch for Tales of Phantasia. The readme will contain pretty much the same procedure, so if you can understand that and get it to work you will also be able to patch Persona correctly.

  30. granithor said

    Just wanted to add my encouragement.

    It is great that this game is being translated; a pity that Atlus doesn’t think to hire you… but in any case, thanks for sharing the progress, it is inspirational.

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