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Posted by Gemini on June 11, 2008

This week the completion rate reached 81%. Ok, I know it’s that much of a progress, but we are at the point were the mathematical average doesn’t work too well on quantifying the actual efforts. All I can tell you is that it’s a lot of progress for sure, and you will soon notice from the real part of the news. Here goes nothing.

Shops and NPCs, make up!

This week so much more stuff’s been translated. Tom’s been working hard as usual and that means that now all the following places are gone:

  1. Debug areas
  2. Gatten Sushi
  3. Kaori
  4. Kōnan Police Department
  5. Kuzunoha Detective Agency
  6. Trish’s Fountain
  7. Velvet Room.

The dictionary feature helped so much you can’t even imagine. :p Unfortunately some of the NPC areas are pretty big (especially pre-Xibalba Sumaru City & Honmaru Park, the biggest of all), so they will take Tom a while to get completed. Tom’s also been working on other areas with NPC characters, like Lunar Palace Kōnan or Sevens High, but they are not really complete, which means they will be probably completed soon and then will be posted here on the front page.

Contact progress? It happens sometimes:

Not much to say here. Demon contact is still not working, except for a few cases. I have absolutely no clue why the keep (not) working at random, but I will find out a solution when all the dialogue translation is complete. For now enjoy a screen I took the other day while wondering in Sevens with both Yukino and Jun in party (you can’t have both). They are not supposed to have a contact option together, and in fact the game acts all wierd. Yukino is on Jun’s right, but the game just ignored her. xD

And now let’s discover the wonderful world of debug/place-holder rooms:

All of them are completely translated, so you can take a look at them in the final version of the patch. Here a brief description of what they do:

  • The first debug room following the order they are stored. I’m not completely sure about what it does, but it was used to fast-forward the events directly to the point where you get to talk with professor Saeko for the very first time. It also features some weird event to open almost all shops and menus;
  • The second debug room, which is a lot bigger than the previous one and contains many more things you can play with. They’ve used this map to test Sumaru Gypsy’s, Tamaki’s, and Steven Silverman’s events. You can also get to buy some stuff from a copy of the Giga Macho clerk, heal yourself talking to Kaori (which will tell you to shut up selecting the “Talk” option xD), or do debug stuff like checking the legendary weapon BITs, enable all rumors in Kuzunoha, and much more. Unfortunately it doesn’t give you access to actual debug menus like those in EP;
  • This probably comes from the Innocent Sin preview disc. I’ve never seen this disc, but it looks like the engine was planned to be a little different in the beginning, although it got some changes to the vram configuration and this room was not updated according to the new format. It works fine with no crashes, but it has many glitches with the background gfx, and sometimes with portraits too (notice the weird vertical line on Eikichi’s image). It also happens to corrupt some palette fields, that’s why the right-bottom corner of the message window is glitchy;
  • Again a preview map, or a WIP (I’m not really sure). It’s very similar to the final Velvet Room, but part of the floor glows for some reason (like when you summon a new Persona). Also, the NPC character events say a lot less stuff, and most of their usual options are not available here. Igor even mentions that you will meet him again in the retail version of the game.

It seems like there are some other debug rooms, though they contain almost nothing but a couple of spoken lines, so I didn’t even bother to check them. :p

Now blah blah of the news without images. I’ve recently got my copy of Megami Ibunroku Persona, so I decided to give it a look. Surprising enough the dialogue format was easy to figure out and it took me about a day to create a full room dumper (many thanks go to BRPXQZME and DarthNemesis for identifying all the 2000+ kanji in the font) based on IS work (sort of). Ok, this may look all bright and stuff, but here goes part 2: I’m not really interested in translating this game as I don’t like it that much. The original idea of the dialogue dumper was to release it to the public with full sources and give it to somebody who can tackle down the project, but I might actually change my plans and make it my own project, depending on how things will turn out. Here you can find the discussion about the original P1 project by Grey and theonlycorey.


41 Responses to “780210″”

  1. MetRONom said

    I’m 1st))
    Awesome work as usual Gemini… Hope I’ll see the patch before 2009…

  2. nameless said

    Can’t wait to play this game.
    I think you all are doing a great work

  3. slystrife said

    If you decide to tackle Ibunroku, I’ll dump my girlfriend for you! :P

    Not exactly, but you know what I mean. :)

    My best regards on the demon contact situation, I hope whatever is causing it to bug out will be easy to find and correct.

  4. Takehaniyasubiko said

    Yes, yes, yes – Eikichi’s old man love! ^_^

  5. macirex said

    I´m ready to be the tester XDD!!

  6. maya-nee said

    O.O debugs…

  7. Joseph said

    Nice work, good progress, keep it up.

  8. Square711 said

    This time I was more interested in the Megami Ibunroku Persona part than in the rest of the news, I’ve got to admit. :P

    Still, the stuff related to IS is great as always, and I just can’t understand how so much can account for as little as 1% of total progress. o_o

  9. Morzas said

    MIP the way it was meant to be? Awesome!

  10. Zylo said

    Eikichi’s father seems rather amusing =) A nice chunk of an update, always enjoy the new screen caps ^^

  11. Takehaniyasubiko said

    “Eikichi’s father seems rather amusing =)” – amusing? HE’S DA MAN! ^^

  12. Ta-chan said


    Gemini dear, I’m afraid you opened the panadora box on yourself. Now,you’re gonna be chased,haunted,stalked,begged and pleaded et cetera et cetera…

    that “blah blah” news made me go like !_!
    MIP is my second most wanted game to be fan translated right after Tsumi.

    I know that random battles are long as hell and the graphics aren’t exactly an eye candy (although i personally like them)…but if you give it a chance, it will grew on you, it really has a certain charm and alluring.

    Besides,for crying out loud…your avatar is of MIP’s main character! XD

    I really wish you get to like this game and you decide to make it your next megaten project (yeah, even before that -not so confirmed- project).

    A last note, what does 780210″ refer to ..? I’m kinda interested.

    Thank you Gemini, for always being the bearer of good news.

  13. Takehaniyasubiko said

    Don’t listen to them, Gemini – that “dick of a game” that P1 is isn’t worth your time. Go on with Soul Hackers… ;*

  14. citizen zero said

    Well, MIP deserves a correct translation, but that`s… yes… not that great of a game.

  15. darkbubble said

    Informative as always. Good luck with the Contacts.

    As far as MIP, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that you hit a spell of boredom and go through with it just to do it. I realize that someone else is kind of working on it, but evidence of the skills you and Tom possess is already here. I know that it’s not the game that the P2s were, but I do like it, despite the treatment it got in the US. I can’t hold it against you for a lack of interest, but it would be a shame if it didn’t get the Gemini/Tom treatment. Whatever you decide, man, though I agree with Ta-chan in that even mentioning it may have rabid fans hounding you for it from here on out.

  16. Chris8282 said

    As much as I would love a Persona 1 translation, I think it’s not as needed as SOOOO many other games.

  17. Square711 said

    “As much as I would love a Persona 1 translation, I think it’s not as needed as SOOOO many other games.”

    I think it’s the other way around, really.

    Other games like Soul Hackers need translations because they’re available only in Japanese. As long as no one translates them, they will stay as “japanese only games”, and people will look at them and say “hey, this game is cool… but it isn’t in English, so I can’t play it”.

    MIP, on the other had, has already been localized. Even if no one retranslates it, it will still be available for non-japanese speakers to play. But we all know the translation sucks balls, and unlike japanese-only games like SH, it makes people hate the game and sometimes even blame it for the translation it got, not just leave it alone for not being capable of fully understanding it.

    I hope I’ve expressed my thoughts well enough… I mean MIP’s reputation as a game is suffering because of the lack of a decent retranslation, which makes it far more needed than any other game IMO.

  18. Square711 said

    on the other haNd*

    I need a new keyboard… or new fingers. :P

  19. slystrife said

    @Chris8282: Where have you been? You disappeared on me again! XD

  20. I think Soul Hackers is a better choice for a next project. I really doubt we have to worry a whole lot about Megami Ibunroku Persona’s reputation. It was released 10 years ago and currently has a reputation as a decent game with one of the worst localizations in history. I think the only people who care about playing it already know how bad the original translation is. On the other hand, even many Megaten fans have never played Soul Hackers or NiNE, or even know much about them. I’d much rather get to play one of those games with more than a 10% comprehension level and just play Revelations: Persona with a grain of salt.

    Although, I really would love to see it translated. Er, retranslated. Er…the Ice Queen part at least.

  21. Takehaniyasubiko said

    Someone will nail down P1 sooner or later. Gemini’s ungodly skills shouldn’t be misused with retranslation of that game – he should – if wants to work at all, of course – do somethnig EPIC, like taking down Soul Hackers (maybe the best Megaten spin off).

  22. Phil said

    I think that would be much more useful to translate a not translated game than an already translated one. Anyway the persons who love Persona 1 have already finished it and the new comers will probably ignore that there is an english patch since the game is already translated.
    But for now I think that the more important thing is to encourage and congratulate you for your work on IS. You are doing great !

  23. Square711 said

    “new comers will probably ignore that there is an english patch since the game is already translated.”

    And they probably won’t even know of the existance of a game called “Soul Hackers”.

    Anyway, this discussion isn’t going anywhere. Both games ARE going to get translated in the end, so why worry about which of them is priority? XD

  24. Takehaniyasubiko said

    Because Soul Hackers is some 9999999999999999 times better than P1.

  25. Gemini said

    Guys, put your guns down. Megami Ibunroku Persona is not in my project list, and it probably never will be. Remember that I only wrote some program for it in a couple days, but I’m already back on IS. The tools have been developed to help theonlycorey in his attempt to translate the game, which means I will probably not be part of that project. And also remember that I have older projects to complete first. At this rate P1 would be released in 2012 or something.

  26. Square711 said

    “Because Soul Hackers is some 0.9999999999999999 times better than P1.”

    Fixed. :P

    Seriously though, sorry if it seemed like we were bugging you, Gemini. Also, I think we owe an apology to corey and the others involved in the MIP project… they’re already working on it, yet we talk like they aren’t and it has to be either Gemini/Tom or no one else… chill out guys, as I said we are getting both games in the end, no need to make such a fuss over it.

    I trust the guys at the RHDN thread and believe they’re as capable of doing a good retranslation of MIP as anyone else. I guess I just got a bit too excited when I saw you helping them there, Gemini ._.

  27. Takehaniyasubiko said


    That was evil, man. :P

  28. Chris8282 said

    This is probably not the best place to put this, but it’s only place I know Gemini will see it…

    I’m finally getting around to playing your ToP translation patch, and it’s absolute pwnage. I can’t go on much about how much I love it since it’s late here, and I’m tired. Tales of Phantasia is one of my favorite games and it always pissed me off so much I couldn’t play the remake, but thanks to you I can!.. Thanks again, Gemini! You pwn.

  29. Chris8282 said

    Also, I for one loved Persona 1. So if you ever do by any chance get around to wanting to translate that game (If the other team doesn’t translate it.) then you have my support, atleast.

  30. In Russia too wait this game. Excuse for my English/

  31. Chris8282 said

    @SlyStrife: I posted in the forum last night.. I don’t know if you know that or not.

  32. daisen said

    I’m up for the MIP/Soul Hackers translation, they’re good games that deserve more attention and recognition,I see that you’ve made a good job, can`t wait to check it out, keep the good work

  33. Roks said

    I’m so glad that I will actually get to start on the first half of persona 2 first (I hope). Keep up the good work man it’s pretty amazing.

  34. james said

    love the update! so close to completion! maybe a soul hackers english patch next?

  35. Jeb said

    While I’d love a Soul Hackers translation, I’d really like to see a translation of the original Devil Summoner for Sega Saturn.

  36. Gemini said

    Sega Saturn? I don’t think that will ever happen, especially from me. :p

  37. Takehaniyasubiko said

    There’s always that port for PSP… :>

  38. Enact said

    Persona 1 is probbaly one of the weaker Megaten games, I must say, so I doubt it would be worth much effort. Soul Hackers is a good choice, but I hope you mean the PS version, not the Saturn version (not that the Saturn version is bad, it’s just the PS version is tweaked a bit for the better). The only other Megaten games I could think of that need a translation are, as someone said, NiNE, and maybe the first Devil Summoner game sometime down the road. Or you could do something un megaten related and help out the guys over at swordbreaker ( with their Legend of Heroes VI – First Chapter (and Second) translation since they need help…..badly.

  39. Gemini said

    Soul Hackers Psx is probably the only other R&D1 game I’m gonna work in the future. I’ve got no interest in any other of their games, and I mean really none. Same goes for all games related to the Megaten brand.

  40. james said

    thank god you are interested in soul hackers psx. i thought no one would ever do it. Gemini, you made my day just by saying you will probably work on it in the future.

  41. Enact said

    Your Devil Summoner avatar makes me think otherwise

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