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I am the Milkman

Posted by Gemini on June 2, 2008

…My milk is delicious! Special delivery today, which includes some updates on main script progress. I’m still busy busy busy (exams=spare-time killers), but I was able to dig some hours and continue working on the project. Wednesday 4 is the fated day, so I should have a little more time to dedicate to IS pretty soon, though it will not last too much (about a week, then again study session). Oh, do you remember the last news when I told you the completion percentage should reach 80% by the end of June? It’s already 80%. ;D

NPC? We haz it!

Sevens is 70-80% translated now. This place has so many dialogues… Tom has also translated other maps (which brings the counter to 297/396), but I have absolutely no clue where they belong to. Anyway progress is progress: the more, the better. I’ve also edited some of the old scripts to reformat them according to the new translation style (no dashes, quotes with fixed punctuation), and I’ve also corrected 3-4 typos I found in the way. Nothing major, but this way there will be less work to do later when the script translation is done.

More city maps:

And that makes all city map dialogues 100% translated. I can’t really show anything from the other map, Mt. Katatsumuri (aka Mt. Mifune in US EP), but I will when I get to the point of the story where you have to visit the place. Oh boys, IS’ Katsuya is such a girly man.

Dungeons? All clear!

I really didn’t see that coming. Tom got the last 56 files done this afternoon, so that makes even dungeon dialogues 100% complete. So much progress today I could cry.

And now the part where you get no images about IS, only long blah blah:

  1. One of the worst things about Persona 2 (both IS and EP) is the huge amount of duplicate dialogues. For some reason R&D1 decided to create several copies of some maps with partially different text, sometimes to optimize loading times, some other times probably because they got bored or something (a couple maps are just identical, except for 2 debug – and yet useless – messages). The game contains exactly 2,900 identical strings, which resulted in over 11,600 duplicates located in maps, dungeons, and demon contact. To give you a practical example, think of the Velvet Room. It always looks like the same room, but it’s actually different depending on some event bits. The first time you get in there you visit a room, but if you get out and enter again the game decides to use a different file, which inherits most dialogues from the previous map. So that make it hard to find, replace, and sync duplicate dialogues, but it’s not like that anymore: we finally have a database system (which I coded myself) to take care of all identical strings so that you change them once and they get synced in all text files where they are supposed to appear. Sooooo much better now.
  2. There was some progress on the editor (“rhaddy”, or “Rhadamanthys” if you prefer longer mythological names), which can now do interesting stuff like handling and editing duplicate databases (*.ddb, my custom format), memorize some particular settings that sometimes you have to turn off as they can get really annoying, etc… Now Tom can work a lot faster with this, and you can see the effect already from this update.
  3. Tom started working on demon contact translation. I don’t have all the details, but he told me something about the order they stored text, which is all about demon personalities. It also seems like A LOT of contact dialogues are actually duplicates (they are repeated twice in the same file), so it’s should take a half the time to translate. Hmm, juicy good news.
  4. I’m trying to locate the debugging features IS has, or that it should have. This means that we will take care of debugging menu translation if I can prove that they are fully working in the retail version of Innocent Sin. Here how some of them look in Eternal Punishment:

That’s all for this week, folks. Shabadoo!


39 Responses to “I am the Milkman”

  1. nameless said

    keep on the good work…

  2. maya-nee said

    ^^ Katsuya! thanks again for the update! ^^
    keep up the good work!

  3. Joseph said

    Nice Work and Progress, everyones hard work is very much appreciated.

  4. Watanuki said

    I love you guys ^-^

    i want you to know that there are also brazillian players excited to play IS in english ^-^

  5. Morzas said

    I love hearing about your progress. Study hard!

  6. Baron Samedi said

    80%? Nice. Hopefully this’ll be done by the end of summer and I’ll have something to play till college starts up again.

  7. em said

    80% already?
    Awesome! ^___^

  8. James said

    I just found out about this site, it makes me more happy than you could possibly imagine. The fact that you have gone from 71% to 80% in the small time I have known about this translation only makes me more happy. I am going to do my part and donate to show you how much I appreciate the work you guys are doing; also if you are interested sexual favors aren’t out of the question… Or maybe I will just donate…

  9. Kythlyn said

    Man, the rate of your progress is amazing!!


    Is there any list of the projects you have worked on? Have you considered Mother 3?

  10. slystrife said

    Swift as ever I see, I’m glad your finding the time to squeeze in IS, passion is a good thing to have. :)

    Glad the demon contacts are starting to get translated, they must be a big chunk of the dialog percentage. :0

    If your interested I started to put up videos of the Japanese version of Ibunroku on youtube. I’ve got the same user name for that too (I use it for everything :P)

  11. Ram said

    80% that´s great man, keep up the good work guys; and you´re right katsuya looks like a girl in IS, he also looks like the vocalist of a band called pulp. regards from mexico and good luck with your exams

  12. AlexY said

    G is for GREAT!

    E is for EXCITING!

    M is for MIRACULOUS!


    N is for NICE!

    I is for IMMENSE!


    T is for TRANSLATOR!

    O is for OMG!

    M is for MARVELOUS!



  13. viewtifulsub said

    “I am the Milkman, my milk is delicious”. Is that from Psychonauts? I thought you were meant to be studying? :p

    Question Gemini. Is “” the email to transfer a donation to on paypal correct?

  14. Gemini said

    @Kythlyn: more than my progress, it’s Tom’s. This updated is mostly on his work and only in part on mine. ;)

    @viewtifulsub: yes to both your questions. I love Psychonauts. :P

  15. Baron Samedi said

    Psychonauts, fuck yeah.

  16. Lila said

    Crazy awesome. My head is exprode.

  17. belzinghast said

    This is great work you’re doing, keep it up.

    I just have a question, are you also translating the side quests or is this just the main quest?

  18. brandnizzleman said

    man. you’re getting stuff done quick. can’t wait to play it when its done being translated.

  19. krelian said


    thats all i have to say.

  20. MetRONom said

    Thanks for the news Gemini… Can’t wait to play Innocent Sin on my PSOne…

  21. DarkBubble said

    @Belzinghast: They’re building a complete translation patch.

    @Gemini: Nothing to add, except to say that you and Tom prove once again how awesome you are.

  22. Persona'd said

    I think I might mod my PS2 just to play this game. Does anyone know if it’ll work on the PS2 slims and if it is actually difficult? Do I need to send it somewhere?

  23. enderall said

    Simply awesome!!!

    Keep doing the great work on this project.

    I will be even in vacations from my job just to play this game when it is finished the translation.

    Thanks a lot.

  24. Lila said

    I can’t imagine the final project being any more difficult to play on a modded PS2 than any other PSX game. I think the only regulation is that it has to be one disc. Sounds like it’ll be fine.

  25. Joseph said

    TO Persona’d – email me if you want to know how to mod the ps2 slim for free, my method will not damage your ps2 and it is easy and it requires no modchip. Here is my email address: .

  26. Phil said

    80% ! That seem too good to be true. You are going faster and faster. Does that mean that you have already done the hardest part and that all the work routines are already in place ?

  27. darkbubble said

    Whoops! Joseph’s post reminded me that I have to send back a PS2 modchip. I got the PS1 boot disc and was supposed to send it back…then again, they’re so disorganized, they might not notice. Maybe I should hang onto it until I get a PS2. I’d rather have one of them than a PS2.

  28. Dru said

    This is the quite possibly the best thing I’ve ever heard. I recently got fed up with E.P’s vague references and was gonna try to play I.S. in Japanese with a written English translation, but then I stumbled upon your translation and JOY! So now I need to know exactly what to do to my Playstation 2, and if anyone has ANY tips or sources for info on playing import games, would you hook me up? Joseph, could I inquire about your PS2 mod process? I really don’t know where to begin but I wanna play this game in English more than anything. Thank you so much for your work!

  29. educatedrat said

    If only I’d known about this before I went and bought IS and was fully prepared to pay an arm and leg for a mod chip, to play it with the translated English script.


    Ah, well. By the by; you have no idea how much I love you for this.


  30. KrelianX said

    Holy shit, 80%. Nice progress! Great job x)

  31. Watashiwa said

    Oh wow. I decide to look up the rest of the MegaTen series, and someone’s this far along on a P2 project!

    Congratulations, I can’t wait for the translation to be complete!

  32. McKay said

    Keep up the great work guys!

    I wish that thing about translating Soul Hackers wasnt an april fools joke ;[

    Maybe some day? :D

  33. KyleRXZero said

    Just discovered this site. I know, “living under a rock”.

    Jesus man, a english translated Persona 2: Innocent Sin? Currently at 80%? This is the best freaking news I’ve heard all year. :D

  34. Square711 said

    I haven’t been around here for a while, but now that I’m back I must say I’m freaking impressed. You didn’t completely stop with the hacking work for a while even when you were so busy with ‘real’ life… and Tom is making such insane progress as well… jesus, you two are translating/hacking machines. :D

    I can’t wait for the day this is finished. Keep it up.

    And @McKay: Gemini said before, it’s not a joke… just isn’t going to happen anytime soon.

  35. kikE said

    haha i have a strong exam on june 4!!! i’ll pray for both of us, and keep the great work!

  36. Bellthasar said

    I was very happy when I discovered that they are translating this game!

    I have a curiosity, which tool you use to hack the game?

    I’m interested in this matter of translation of games, but I do not know where to begin!

  37. Nyx Avatar said

    I just got into the Persona series recently and when I found out that Innocent Sin was never released in the US, I was pretty bummed.

    After the Tales of Phantasia translation finally came to pass, I figured that there’d be some more awesome people who are willing to translate more awesome games, and after googling for a whole 30 seconds, it turns out I was right.

    I can’t wait to see how this unfolds. Keep up the astounding work!!

    *gets popcorn*

  38. I’m really looking forward to this being finished. I had attempted to play the game in Japanese, but it’s a beast to attempt to play on an emulator and it just fails on PSP. This will motivate me to modify a PS2.

    I also added a mention of your project on Megami Tensei Wiki under Innocent Sin. We’ve not been around for very long, but I’m hoping to be able to add more information about Innocent Sin based on your translation.

    Thanks for the hard work!

  39. WhiteDawn said

    Awesome work, you honestly don’t know how much I appreciate this. Also, nice reference to psychonauts

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