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Can’t defeat Air Man

Posted by Gemini on May 26, 2008

Ok, I told you I was going to get all busy with study, but I just couldn’t leave the game completely alone. So, while I didn’t do much hacking work, I did something on the translation and programming fronts (and some editing stuff, too), while Tom continued on the translation front with some kick-ass results. Current translation completion percentage is 71%, but I guess it will reach at least 80% by the end of June (and maybe beta testing in autumn, instead of Christmas :p). Ok, sum part of the news done. Let’s get to the actual blah blah!

More translation done:

Tom is making some fast progress with his part of the work, and here goes more of the city map. Two new areas have been 100% worked out the last week: Yumezaki, and Aoba. So that makes 4 out of 6, and the last 2 maps are a lot smaller, so should take Tom no more than a few days to complete, especially with the new version of the dialogue editor I gave him. I don’t know what you think about it, but I’m looking forward to this incredible event.

The program:

This is the brand new tool I’ve been using lately to do some revision work on Tom’s old scripts. Actually it’s nothing totally new since it was created almost 2 years ago and Tom’s been using it so far, but the old version was just a text field with a buggy preview of how sentences would appear in game. Now it has a lot more features that will be a life/time saver for both translating and editing (it took me only a few minutes to review about 60 files).

Random stuff corner:

  • Goofy Tadashi likes to act so tough, but he’s just a whip. Also notice what Tamaki holds in hear right hand. ;D Too bad she’s not strong enough to take care of King Leo;
  • Let’s negative driving! Maya is about to show us all how bad she’s at driving. xD This is image is dedicated to all those who wondered how it would have been if she was not a silent protagonist in EP.

And now the usual misc stuff without images!
First of all, Tom and I have been thinking about the idea of taking care of Sumaru TV, Eternal Punishment JP bonus disc. The engine Atlus used to create the disc is actually IS’ (not EP’s, like some would have thought), so all the work done so far for this translation can be used on Sumaru TV, too, with only a few changes. We haven’t decided yet, but we probably will work on it if many will ask us to. ;D
Speaking of other misc stuff, I’ve found a bug I thought it was the Ps2’s fault, but I experienced it again on ePSXe just today while progressing with the story. It’s something that corrupts VRAM partially of even completely when you access Memory Card save menu after a medium-long game session without saving (I noticed by using only savestates for about 15-30 minutes). It’s nothing fatal, as you can save your game anyway, reset your console, and reload with no problem, but it makes the operation difficult since you can’t read ANY text when VRAM gets all corrupted and browsing through menus is a little complicated, especially if you have multiple saves and you have no clue what save file you are going to overwrite/create. I will try and correct this error, but I’m not completely sure about the cause, so it might be complicated to spot what the problem is.

Guess that’s all for this update. See ya!

PS: I’m getting addicted to Hyadain’s remixes on Youtube. I can’t stop listening to theeeeeeeeeeeeeeem! And yeah, I know “Air Man ga taosenai” is not Hyadain’s, but I like that, too. :P


44 Responses to “Can’t defeat Air Man”

  1. Izvestia said

    All right! Even when you aren’t working! That is seriously awesome, although again, we really don’t want you to stress yourselves or anything… But, seriously, 71%?! This is so cool! TadTam are looking awesome, but then again, all the dialogue is so far. What really stood out to me, was, ah… Hmn. Despite Maya’s wonderful personality, I cannot say I trust her. I wonder what this sinking feeling is… xD Ah, wonderful!

  2. Sigma said

    Great work, as usual. Also, I’ll be one of (hopefully) many people, who would like to ask for the Sumaru TV translation.

  3. Phil said

    You are the best, making progresses even with your exams and stuffs… but all this 68% and 71% things make me wonder : do you intend to be at 100% to release a patch ?

  4. Gemini said

    @Phil: 100%=beta testing starts. I will release the final v1.0 patch after 3-4 weeks, in order to give my testers enough time to report any glitches, bugs, typos, and whatever other bad aspects they can find in the beta(s).

  5. Baron Samedi said

    There’s a spoiler on the front page, dude. You wanna take care of that?

  6. Gemini said

    You mean the explosion picture? It’s not like you can guess much from a single, random picture. What if I told you that the whole city, including you, will blow up at the end of the game? I’ll tell you: nothing would have happened, since almost nobody here can figure out where the spoiler is or if that’s not true (like in this case) as they never played it in English (excluding people who used the Oracle of Maiya, but they probably didn’t even get to that point in the story, so it’s fine anyway you put it). I’ve posted more “spoilery” images, and yet nobody even noticed, so I’m gonna keep this one, too.

  7. Angelo said

    Hi Gemini. First of all: YOU ARE MY GOD.
    Secondly: I have a recording studio and access to actors who love video games. We are willing to provide English vocal recordings for free, if you wanted to do as such in your patch. Please let me know, milord. I understand that this may extend the length of the project, but hey – why not, right?

  8. Takehaniyasubiko said

    Hyadain!? Everything but not Hyadain! XD

  9. AlexY said

    Well, technically, you can’t spoil a lot, because of the language barrier, as you put it… So no problem there. ;)

    CAN’T WAIT! :D


  10. Gemini said

    @Angelo: wow, the idea is really interesting. I guess I could produce an additional patch for English voices. Is there any way to instant message with you? If you have ICQ, my number is 255733512. Let me now!

  11. someguy said

    use the leaf shield.

  12. Morzas said

    Holy SHIT. A fan dub too? I’m one of those people who usually takes subs over dubs, but if this actually goes through I’m going to try out the dub patch.

  13. james said

    I would be interested to hear and try out an english dub patch. also, Gemini please work on Sumaru TV, Eternal Punishment JP bonus disc, if you have time after the IS patch.

  14. Baron Samedi said

    I think someone is translating Sumaru TV, actually.

    And hey, a fan dub sounds good, but I can live with the Japanese voices, too. I’d like it more if you came out with a version without the fan-dub before you work on it, but that’s just because I’m impatient.

  15. maya-nee said

    this is cool and awesome! man, youre really great gemini!

  16. Gemini said

    @Baron Samedi: any link for that project? As for the dub, I think I might implement some option to have both in v1.1 of the patch. V1.0 will have only the original dub, so that I can release that as soon as possible.

  17. Lila said

    If we’re dubbing, I’d like to help if it’s at all possible.

    Ooh, how cool would it be if you had all of us working together on the dub?

  18. Van Fanel said

    Been keeping track of your progress for about a month now, and I wanted to show some support. Great work so far! Like everyone else, I’ve been wishing someone would do this for years.

    I apologize if this has already been brought up, but have you ever considered doing a re-translation of Persona: Revelations after this project is complete? I’ve been wondering how it’d be if translated properly, and have wanted to do the Snow Queen quest, since I first played through the game.

  19. DarkBubble said

    Mwah hah hah haaaah! I knew you couldn’t stay away!

    I’d love to see the Sumaru TV disc get done. (Hell, I’d audition as a voice actor for the dub.) The more Persona goodness, the better. *cough*Megami Ibunroku Perusona*cough*

  20. slystrife said

    I see IS calls to you…thats good because it calls to me a lot too. ^_^

    You already know my vote on the Sumaru TV disc. As for the dub, I’m for it, it would really be fun to see how that turns out.

    @Darkbubble: You know someone has already begun work on an Ibunroku translation right? It hasn’t been very active mind you, but it’s something.

  21. Ta-chan said

    I’ve been begging a certain group about the EP fan disc, but besides a single staff who was kinda interested…everyone else just gave me the boot.

    The disc is just so full of goodies…and the material inside it actually shows more of the characterization done for old and new characters.

    I definitely support translating the fan disc, it will be the best toping IS could have ^^

  22. Ta-chan said

    and yeah, someone is trying to translate MIP, but i’m afraid if he doesn’t get more help in both translating and hacking…then i’m afraid we’re looking at a VERY slow maybe even a stalled (dropped?) project in a worse case scenario.

    Dubbing indeed looks like a fun idea, but if it’s gonna delay the project a considerable amount of time…i think a patch done after the release would be a reasonable step.I mean I can hardly wait already!

    That’s only me though.

  23. Baron Samedi said

    Gemini, I’m not sure where I heard it, I think it was on a forum I was browsing through. I’ll let you know if I hear about it again.

  24. DarkBubble said

    @Slystrife: I wasn’t aware. Do they have a page set up for the project? Hopefully, on-par with Gemini and Tom, at least in the quality department. It just seems that with the way Gemini cuts through IS code like a hot knife through butter, the original would be a piece of cake.

  25. em said

    71%–awesome! You’re progressing very well. I’m looking forward to this. ^_^

  26. slystrife said

    @Darkbubble: There’s only a message board for it on RHDN, here’s the link.,4866.0.html

    Unfortunately Corey doesn’t really have a dedicated staff like Gemini does (On that subject, I’m not sure if he even has a staff at all, the last I heard he was doing everything himself). But it’s best we show support for him, I would love to see this get done and he’s already doing one the hardest parts, the translation. He just needs a dedicated hacker and he’d be set.

  27. DarkBubble said

    @Slystrife: Oh yeah! I read that before. Forgot about it completely. Thanks!

    I actually used to talk to Corey about this. At the beginning of last year, I was playing through and snapping shots of the English dialogue as I went, sending it on to him for comparison. At the time, he was going to university in Japan for a year and was pretty busy. It’s cool to see that he hasn’t completely lost interest. I hope he found a way or someone else to dump the script. He was going to transcribe it manually and translate from there. Would’ve been insane, given the different variables and number of playthroughs that could take.

  28. Zylo said

    I really get giddy every time I come back here to see a fresh patch of screenies =D

  29. DarkClownNizzo said

    In case you didn’t know, ePSXe v. 1.7.0 has finally been released after years of general deadness, and Pete, the plugin dude, has released new versions of his plugins to correspond with it. It might be a good idea to test it in the new version to see if it fixes any issues or creates new ones.

  30. Gemini said

    ePSXe 1.60 doesn’t have a problem with Persona 2, and so does 1.70.

  31. MetRONom said

    Vodka for You man… hic…

  32. Phil said

    Gemini, about the English dub I agree with Baron Samedi and so I’m glad that you chose to make first the 1.0 patch without the Dub. Furthermore there are people who prefer original voices. Then again, if the talking scenes are not subtitled it may be a problem.

  33. Ram said

    you guys are my all-time heroes, really, please keep up the good work

  34. zv said

    just heard about this, im rooting for ya!

  35. Zylo said

    @Phil: I read somewhere on one of Gemini’s posts that he managed to sub them already or something along those lines, so nothing to worry about I think.

  36. Wiz said

    This is one of my most anticipated scanlations, you are doing great !!!

    I have a question, though :
    Does either version of the game (IS and EP) run flawlessly on the latest PSP firmware ?

    I am waiting for this project to complete in order to play IS and then EP, so I hope I won´t have any problems…

  37. Gemini said

    1) This is NOT a scanslation. No manga or books are in any way involved with this project;
    2) Nope. Popstation sucks badly, so forget it for now.

  38. Wiz said

    Whoops, sorry, my bad !!!

    I meant “translations”.

    Thanks for answering, guess I´ll have to wait for DA´s custom firmware 4.0 to be released (if it does solve those freezing issues, that is).

  39. Damocles said

    Thanks for your work! please keep up, you’re the greatest!!

  40. Nameless said

    Hahahaha! Maya is best driver i ever saw in a game!

    I’m impressed with your work.

  41. Ñ said

    have you considered making a patch for EP that unlocks being able to load an IS save file at the beginning? It was eliminated from the English version of the game.

    Would it be possible at all?

  42. Gemini said

    @Ñ: I thought about doing a lot of stuff on EP, but for now there are no actual plans.

  43. Propecia…

    hey i just stopped by, great stuff…

  44. Shadow95 said

    Hello, i’m french, and you make a very god job.
    I have Persona 2 : EP, and i’m very hungry what Persona 2 : IS is only japenese.
    Good luck

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