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Busy month ahead

Posted by Gemini on May 20, 2008

Not much to show this week. Actually, I was thinking to have no updates at all for a while, but notice posts are always an appreciated plus. I haven’t been working too much on the project lately because I’ve been experimenting some OpenGL programming with a Tsumi battle sprite & map viewer, and I’m also trying to get as many exams done as possible for the current summer exam session. This means there probably won’t be any updates in a while because I’ll be very busy studying so many books that my head will probably implode. :( Anyway, here goes the news for this week.

Dungeons, dungeons, dungeons:

  • More dialogues translated, mostly those for the Abandoned Factory. Tom’s also been working hard on city map no.3 (Yumezaki district), but it will take him probably the whole week. Man, that stuff is seriously big;
  • Ironed out a few sentences for dungeon global events (item boxes, food/item effects, etc…). We are still missing those small dialogues for character when food effects run out, but they are part of dungeon event translation, so they will be probably done soon.

Kuzunoha, ironed out:

  • Fixed “Request” and “Check Message” windows to resize according to the message length. Also got “Spread” to align a little better;
  • Got the confirm messages for rumor commission to work fine. For some reason I didn’t find them when I created all the menu dumps. As usual, translation for that part comes from EP (lovely text import). There’s also a small asm hack to h-align the message a little better, but nothing particularly hard to do.

And this is the viewer I was talking about:

It’s really nothing particular, but it works. Sort of…

Have a nice summer!


28 Responses to “Busy month ahead”

  1. Izvestia said

    Please do not worry so much about being busy… I mean, it’s better to focus on life first, and then have a product of high quality than rush through things like murky water. =) We’ll be glad to wait, and best of luck on exams and things! It’s looking great so far, here, so we’ll hold down the fort while you are gone, and eagerly cheer your return!

  2. em said

    Good luck on your exams! Like Ivestia said, life comes first.

  3. Lila said

    Seriously, mate. Take your time, the ‘net isn’t going anywhere.

    We’ll wait as long as it takes.

    Oh! You should bother your commenters for study help, if it pleases you. Kind of a “dance, puppets, dance” sort of thing. Not me, of course, unless you need help with apostrophe usage and comma splices.

  4. DarkBubble said

    An OpenGL viewer? Keep that up and some emulator author’s liable to try to get you on their staff. ^_~ If you’re not a massive figure behind the scenes in the game industry in the next five to eight years, I’ll be shocked.

    Good luck with exams. Life is what it is and you’re doing this for free. I’ve been watching the project for nearly two years, so you know I’m not going anywhere and not about to complain. You’ve made a massive leap since you got the project rolling again, much more than anyone could’ve expected. Maybe taking a bit of time away to study and dick around with other things will be good for you.

  5. Paolo said

    Don’t worry Gemini! Take your time!
    You will be always our hero! ;)

  6. Vitek said

    don’t worry man, we’ll wait for you!
    good luck on the exams!
    cheers from mexico

  7. Kythlyn said


    Your “busy weeks” show more progress than the average translation update for other games show in a month or more, so no need to apologize!

    You bow to no one. :)

  8. slystrife said

    Damn, didn’t get first comment this time. :)

    Don’t worry about being busy, I’ve been waiting for this since I first played EP about a year and a half ago. I’ve been following your project since October of ’07, (I was lurking for the first couple of months before I joined the forums :P).

    It’s like DarkBubble said, I’m not going anywhere.

  9. Eleanore said

    If people can wait 8 years for this game to be avaible in english a few busy weeks wont be noticed at all. Hope you do good on your exams :3

    Admitedly I just recently got into SMT so I haven’t been waiting long x3 I’m still amazed the project is being done at all. Keep up the good work when you have time for it and thanks a lot for it <3

  10. Square711 said

    Good luck with your exams Gemini, and don’t worry – we all understand everyone has their real life to take care of, and you have the right to take a break whenever you want to. :)

  11. AlexY said

    We’ll gladly wait as long as it takes! You can do it! :D

  12. someguy said

    Damn you for having a life.

  13. Orochi said

    In bocca al lupo ! ! !
    Give the best you can do with the exams but then… *___*

    As you can see there are many italians waiting for your release…But remember that your release will be a gift for the whole world…(well actually for everyone that don’t understand japanese -_-”).

  14. Izvestia said

    Wow, there are a lot of us Europeans on board, although my country doesn’t strictly consider itself to be European… seriously, you would think Japanese would be an easier language to pick up, haha, but it’s quite hard! Also, there are a forums? I’d be very interested in joining, if anyone could provide a link(I’m probably missing something very obvious, hehe).

  15. Joseph said

    Hey, take your time studying for your exams, It is more important to study and pass your exams. Remember education is very important, because without a diploma how could you ever expect to get into the industry of video games or any other area that interests you. I mean you can have all the game making experience in the world but without a diploma it would be impossible to get anywhere in the industry of video games(if that is the field that interests you). I, as well as others eagerly await your return to this translation project as soon as you can. In the mean time though, we all wish you good luck on passing your exams.

  16. slystrife said

    @Izvestia: Gemini has the link to his forum on the left hand side of this very page, it’s labeled “Tsumi project page”.

    You should join, we need more people (there’s only a few active members). Hope to see you there! ^_^

  17. Joseph said

    To Darkbubble: I meant no offense to anyone by advertising like that. And don’t take this the wrong way because I mean no offense, but given that the psx and the games for the system is no longer commercially or reasonably available and is no longer produced or supported by any game developers, so how would it hurt the video game industry?. I do believe however, that systems and games that are still being commercially produced should not be available on the internet because that hurts the video game industry not only for the developers but the gamers/consumers themselves. Because millions of dollars goes into developing these games that are still commercially being produced, and if money is lost on games that are still being commercially produced resulting from piracy, then that means less money/lower budgets for games that would be developed in the future, resulting in poor quality games for the gamer/consumer. I still buy commercially available games, as a matter of fact my ps2 library has nearly doubled with commercially available games since I found out about the emulation scene resulting from interests in other games, but I still wont play pirated games that are still commercially available. Yeah I can buy certain things for a video game console that would allow me to play pirated games that are still commercially available for free, but I wont because I dont believe or want to hurt, but support the video game industry. And the developers that made the games that are no longer commercially or reasonably available have made their money on them as much as possible a long time ago(that is why they have stopped producing/supporting them) and have moved on to more advanced games. I also do believe that it is also wrong to sell these games that are downloaded off of the internet for free(that are no longer commercially or reasonably available)to people for their own profit. And I posted that link as a guide and not for games, thats all. And I know more sites than the one I provided with psx games that are not on that site.

  18. Watanuki said

    No worries!
    good luck on your exams ^-^
    You are awsome gemini but you are also human (i think you are an alien, but….XD) so Study hard and focus on real life first!
    (sorry about my english ^-^)

  19. maya-nee said

    break a leg!

  20. DarkBubble said

    @Joseph: Please don’t misunderstand. I wasn’t trying to bash you in the earlier post or debate the ethics of emulation/ROMs/.isos. I was merely saying that since Gemini isn’t providing the .iso for Innocent Sin, it might be best not to advertise .iso trading on his blog. Trust me when I say that I have no right whatsoever to bash anyone for downloading PS games. ^_~

  21. Joseph said

    To Darkbubble : I know that you were not trying to bash me, but thank you for being concerned. I was just stating were I stand on the subject of emulation in general. And I probably did make a mistake on what I posted last week, I mean I do not want to jeopardize this project in any way by getting gemini mad or any others that are involved(in which I had no intention to). So I will take your advice into consideration next time I think about posting something like that. No hard feelings.

  22. seamus said

    Awesome work Gemini!I’ve been following since Jikan no Forum and all these updates have psyched me up enough to start Batsu again.
    By the way, in your OpenGL viewer, it looks like you have the sprite named Volcanus (Tatsuya’s starter Persona), but isn’t that actually Kali?

  23. Gemini said

    The program is actually called Volcanus. There’s also another internal program Tom uses that I called Rhadamathys. I love to name them after Personas. :D

  24. Morzas said

    Wow, it’s really coming along!

  25. bay said

    take a break once and awhile from the things that you really enjoy, it’ll be sure to keep them enjoyable for the foreseeable future. cheers on your progress (now take that break) ^_^

  26. hix said

    its probably cleansing rather than cleaning, but whatever.

    Good luck with things dude :)

  27. Katsuya said

    There was only 29 %, Gemini you have done such large work =) with impatience we wait for end =)

  28. Krepticor said

    Thanks from the bottom of my heart for your devotion to this cause, I look forward to playing this game Thoroughly, As I do the rest of my SMT collection, Keep this good work coming and you will be a hero in the gaming community, as if you aren’t already…


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