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Pie is tasty, progress is better

Posted by Gemini on May 7, 2008

But there isn’t much translation progress in this news, actually. I’ve been playing around with EP and IS code lately (comparing stuff can be useful) and this is the result of my studies.

Names? I has tehm, and Jun’s so emo. >:3

Main menu screen is gone for good. As you can notice, glitched character names are no more (i.e. gfx successfully replaced with actual text, like in EP), and their HP/SP values were also move one pixel down to look a little better. I’ve also configured my text inserter to automatically fix all menu choices as they are centered by static values (lazy Atlus). I’ve also fixed money and time counters to v-align better. This menu should be totally done now, and fortunately all menus using those character’s panels share the same routine, so no more work to do for them, at least for main menu. Next step: character names in battle.

More in game footage:

Just a little teaser. xD I wanted to also make another footage to show you the new battle event dialogues, but unfortunately there are still some sync/memory card write issues with pSX, so I’ll have to wait a little more for pSX Author to fix it, but it’s shouldn’t take him too much, I’m sure of it.

Now let’s talk about the translation front. Tom’s been working hard lately and he’s got all battle-event dialogues (pre/mid/post boss), so all that is left in battle is demon contact, which is one of the biggest parts of the game (1,61 MBytes, ykes!). As for menus, Event Item descriptions are done and expanded as necessary, so that makes misc menus 100% complete, at least translation-wise. Oh, I’ve also reverted Eikichi’s nickname to Michel. I can’t really stand it that way for some reason, but it’s the only way it can be correct (Michelle’s a girl’s name).

For those who love mysteries, here the dummied fusion spells:

It’s nothing hack related, but I posted anyway for those who are interested in all the secrets behind Innocent Sin. I made a buggy Action Replay code so that I could add a spell called “Commercial Use”, absolutely necessary for all these fusions. Brief description of what they do:

  • Dark Grand Cross: Camera rotates and a dark light shaped like a cross appears under the enemies. It deal some status effects (Sleep and Charmed, probably some other), but that’s all;
  • Hellish Flower Blossom: looks like some kind of demonic eruption. The thing deals 400-500 damage to all enemies, but it’s really terrible considering Lucifer and Satan can do even 1,000 with a simple attack;
  • Wheel of Fortune: looks similar to the spell the Joker uses in the prologue, but it’s light orange and there are whirls around all enemies. Deals 150-200 damage to all enemies. As Flower Blossom, pretty useless;
  • Wheel of Time: visual effect is similar to Wheel of Fortune, but there are no whirls. Seems like it does absolutely nothing, or at least it didn’t on nazis.

And if you like weird easter eggs:

Maybe you didn’t recognize him, but that’s the black Joker from Eternal Punishment. ;D I found a way to dump his data and make it compatible with IS engine (they use a sightly different format for frame data). He’s fully working and can be used as a Persona (what bosses use are actual Personas, more or less), so maybe I will implement him as an easter egg in the final patch. Who knows…


36 Responses to “Pie is tasty, progress is better”

  1. krelian said

    aahh… the joker is back…

    good progress this week… 63%…

  2. DitaMomoman said

    Oh praise Jesus!

    This update just made my day!

    I’m so excited, i think i just creamed my panties!

    Keep up the good work!

  3. Kaishin said

    wow! your fast

    I bet this project will be finished before September

    Your team is good too

  4. SlyStrife said

    That Black Joker idea is awesome, I’m not getting my hopes up but it would definitely be nice to see in the finished product.

  5. Takehaniyasubiko said

    As always, you amaze me, Gemini.

  6. Gemini said

    @SlyStrife: The black Joker (first form) is actually my favorite Persona ever, so I’ll try and get him into the game for the beta testing date. :D But first I need to fix all the issues I’m having in battles. :'(

  7. AlexY said

    That looks so cool!

    We’re all rooting for you Gemini! :D

  8. Paolo said

    Wow! You’ve also included a special Persona (The Black Joker!!!) Why are you not working at Atlus?
    :) :)

  9. Curious said

    So, for the new name, Michel, is that supposed to be pronounced like Michael, Michelle, or something else?

  10. Gemini said

    Both are French names, so the pronunciation is not the same as Micheal. As far as I know, Michel and Michelle read exactly the same.

  11. DarkBubble said

    Looks like someone’s got a bright future in the gaming industry ahead of them…but hopefully not before you get a few more sought-after translations done. =P This is turning out so well.

    The translation is reading great as well. Really natural. Much better than the first Persona’s North American translation.

  12. SlyStrife said

    @Gemini: COOL! If you do that I will love you 4 evah!!!!!!

    Don’t mind the aim lingo, I’m excited. :)

  13. Morzas said

    Man, I can’t wait to play this!

  14. Jelly said

    Personally, I wouldn’t want to see Black Joker. It shouldn’t exist yet and it’d feel wrong to use him, so I’m going to pass on it if you implement it.

  15. Joseph said

    I see that the English translation of this game is coming closer to actually seeing the light of day. Keep up the good work.

  16. Lila said

    Black Joker!

    You, sir. You. *salutes*

  17. Ryogo said

    Good work, Gemini .
    Tnx for your hard work =)

  18. Meg said

    This is looking amazing.

    Oh Ideal-sensei, you so crazy!

  19. maya-nee said

    its Black Joker! ^^

  20. KrelianX said

    Good job as always, Gemini! x)

  21. Cidsa said

    You know, I’ve been wondering if Eikichi’s nickname is supposed to be the french way of saying ‘Michael’. My friend’s father is name Michael, but since he’s french it’s pronounced “Michelle”…

    Anyways, looks awesome. :D

  22. Gemini said

    Tom and I discussed the other days about Michelle vs Michel. We decided to revert it again to Michelle, for several reasons. First of all, because Michel looks plain boring for a visual idol’s nickname. And Michelle contains a pun about him being the Grim Reaper gang leader. :D

  23. Takehaniyasubiko said

    Thank god you’ve decided to stick with Michelle… ^^

  24. Gemini said

    So I’m not the only one who considers Michel a boring nickname. :D

  25. Square711 said

    IMO, Michelle > Michel. Even though Michelle is a common female name in Brazil, I think it suits Eikichi pretty well. :D

  26. Mip said

    Wow, I can’t believe I’ve only just found out that you’re back on track since putting this translation on indefinite hold. As a long time EP fangirl, I’m really excited about this! What you’ve done so far looks fantastic. :)

    As for the Michelle/Michel thing, I personally prefer Michel as Michelle is a pretty common female name here but I don’t mind either. I think whichever you decide to go for will be fine. :)

  27. Phil said

    Just a question : almost all the stats are at 999. How come ?

  28. Gemini said

    Cheats for high stats and all items/equipment. :P

  29. Mat said

    Some precison: Michelle => female
    Michel => male
    In french : (for Cidsa) pronunciation: Michäel => Mi-ca-el
    Michel/Michelle => Mi-chel (i am not sure but i don’t think there is the sound “ch” in english)
    Today Michel/Michelle (especialy Michel) are less and less fashionable first name in France but i don’t know if it ‘s the same in Quebec.

    Gemini , you should make a “making of” of all you and your mate have done , it ‘s UNREAL !!!
    Veuillez croire Madame ,Monsieur en l’expression de mes salutations les plus sincère.

  30. Watanuki said

    Gemini! You are a GOD!
    I played Tsumi once with the oracle of maya on my side…but its just boring…you know? reading in japanese(im having jap.classes about 2 years by now) and so searching the dialogue in the oracle of maya to be sure …. it was boring .-.
    its great that you are doing that translation pack!i found your project on youtube!
    and its magnificent!
    and…about Eikichi’s nickname….i peronally think that Micheal or Michel…is better than Michelle (its probably beacause im brazillian xD but michelle sound like a girl’s name….)but whatever xD i can handle with this..!
    just focus on the good job!
    Tsumi is almost a forgotten relic on rpg stuff…
    here on brazil once i asked about persona 3 for a popular store clerk…so he said to me : sorry…we do’t work with latinamerican movies .-.
    i was like : O.o?
    sorry about my english!

  31. Izvestia said

    First of all… Let me just say this. All of my respect, love, thanks, and bowing to your mad translation skills go out. I’ve wanted this for ages, but can barely type in a forum without blowing something up, and don’t speak a lick of Japanese. These games mean the world to me though; when my sister was sick in the hospital, we played EP and talked about psychology, myth, and Jung until she got better… We always wanted to play IS, though, because Mikael is just the most badass ever. Anyhow! Thanks so much… There’s not too much else I can say. Best of luck, and thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

  32. Old Man Adamkun said

    CHEATER! Back in my day, we didn’t have cheats! We played Tsumi in Japanese all the way up to the Final Boss. We didn’t need any fancy smancy cheats. We earned our Legendary Weapons and Phenomenal Cosmic Powers(TM), dagnabbit! You young whippersnappers have it easy.

    (In case you can’t tell, I’m joking around.)

    I appreciate this project. It looks to be shaping up rather nicely, and for that I am thankful. On the nickname debate: Michel is the canon nickname. In my book, canon always trumps flavor, but playability always trumps canon. So… I guess I can live with Michelle.

    Keep up the good work. *Waves his little Ginko flag*

    When you get to doing that Making Of thing, can I be the narrator?

  33. Chris8282 said

    Sorry, for my long absence Gemini :D

    40K+ HITS ALREADY?!! See, I told you you would get 100K+ hits before too long

  34. Ta-chan said

    Ok. I know my opinion won’t make much deference but…regarding the name,

    I clearly remember in the anime trailer that came with Batsu, the scene where Eikichi shoots his “Machine Gun” at some demons he says “as pronounced” :

    “….kono “Mi-SHE-lle sama…” with the emphases being huge on “SHE” that it sounded more like “ME-SHHHHHH-Ell”.

    Now, I don’t know exactly how that is translated in english (or even french) names, but as long as the name is close to that pronunciation….I think that will be the most fitting name.

    That’s why I find myself leaning toward Michelle I guess.

  35. DarkBubble said

    Heh, if you’re gonna do a making of, you should do it up like the extra interview disc that came with Eternal Punishment.

  36. Gemini said

    Usually making of’s aren’t made by a project leader/coordinator. :P And I have really no clue how to do one anyway.

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