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I had a title for this news…

Posted by Gemini on April 30, 2008

…But I forgot it for some reason. >_> It’s probably because it came up in a dream, and then I forgot it when I awoke. *Yarr*, I guess it can’t be helped, and there isn’t really any good reason to make a decent news title since all I’ve posted so far make absolutely no sense anyway. May the girly man be with you; let’s go for the real part of the news.

Fixing original code:

On the left the original, on the right my newest version. Can you notice the difference? Look on the top-left corner. Can you spot it now? The original, for some absurd reason I can’t understand, pretends there is an additional location placed at -8/-8 on every map except for Rengedai when Sumaru changes its shape (yeah, I’m talking about Xibalba), but that location is supposed to be invisible to the user as you can’t really access that portion of the map anymore. My fix removes the location from screen and avoids the game to print a glitched name. The name window is still there, but you can’t see it anymore. ;D All’s left for world map is expanding that “AREA” dialog, like Atlus did for EP, or there’s no way I can fit there “Mt. Katatsumuri”. A similar change must be applied to the map district selector, too.

Kuzunoha ready for business!

The thing is finally working. This menu is probably one of the biggest in terms of text, and I had more than one issue to fix. First of all, the rumor list and the option linked to “Check Message” had to be crunched a little to allow text to fit on screen and memory. The rumor messages are pretty much unchanged, except for the fact that I had to remove the “Rumormonger” for every message, but it’s a little redundant as ALL characters there are rumormongers. The other issue was with rumor details (the window below the rumor list in the screenshot) as there was no way to make everything there fit in memory, so I expanded the Kuzunoha menu file and appended that text at the end. I think I will also fix the spacing in “Spread” to center it a little, and resize the window for “Check Message” so that it will be visually perfect.
Event Item descriptions still left to do, and then all menu text should be 100% done. :9

More prologue translated:

Tom’s been working hard on dialogues, so here are two brand new screens from prologue, part 3. Ramen Shiraishi and Kuzunoha Detective Agency are done for the first part of the game, when Jun is still not part of your party. It’s nice to see how Shiraishi is full of faked russian references, like Linda (a rumored demon) and her song “Belly no Belong” (which is supposed to be “Beloye na Belom”). About 100 rooms to go!

More demon contact:

At least this part of the contact is working fine without any crashes. It took me a while to translate all dialogues for enemies/bosses you can’t contact, but fortunately RHDN forum backed me up, and Tom finished/corrected the remaining entries.


24 Responses to “I had a title for this news…”

  1. SlyStrife said

    Yay! First comment! ^_^

    it must be relieving to know that your practically 100% done with menus. Keep up the awesome work my dear Gemini. :)

    By the way, I started scanning the Tsumi manual for you, I’ll get you the scans within the week.

  2. Gemini said

    Actually only the translation for menus will be complete soon, not the whole work on them. :P
    As for the manual, don’t worry. Take already took care of the problem.

  3. SlyStrife said

    Ah, alright, sorry I couldn’t get them up sooner. ^_^

  4. Gemini said

    No problem. :D

  5. maya-nee said

    amazing ^^ so that’s the difference between IS and EP’s Kuzunoha Agency. thanks

  6. gimlianon said

    You’re awesome. It’s looking FANTASTIC from what I can see. ^_^

  7. citizen zero said

    Heh, most of our pop musicians are demons!

    Keep up the good work))

  8. DarkBubble said

    This reminds me of the old days, when I’d lap up details about a game I was waiting on from magazines, issue after issue. I don’t really care about the modern gen of gaming, but this is exciting.

    I was reading through the FAQ again and noticed something. You’re writing your own patching software for this? That’s incredible. Why the custom format?

  9. I just wanted to comment on how excited I am about someone, who apparently has the skills, decided to translate this game. I’ve been reading up on your work and I just want to say… I can’t wait for this project to be done and keep up the good work. Great job, Gemini!

  10. Square711 said

    Impressive how you work on ALL the details, even stuff people normally wouldn’t mind. I, for one, wouldn’t have noticed that world map glitch if it had been left there o_o

    That shows how much of a dedicated and perfectionist hacker you are, gemini. I’m really impressed. :D

  11. GG08 said

    Good job man
    Everything is looking GREAT
    Keep it up.

  12. GG08 said

    oh by the way how would do you apply the patch and burn it to a disc??? I already have the original game I’m just curious how it works out, can you even play this patched version on your ps one???

  13. Gemini said

    @DarkBubble: because current patching formats (like xdelta) would create very big patches with IS, something around 30-40 MB if not more. With a custom format you can keep the size very low (3-4 MB in a RAR) and make the operation a lot easier/faster.

    @GG08: for the first question, download my ToP patch. It’s going to be exactly the same procedure. For the second question, read the FAQ page.

  14. GG08 said

    Oh yeah by the way I have a mac, and I was wondering if you would still be able to patch it with a mac

  15. Gemini said

    No. I have no means to develop on Mac.

  16. DarkClownNizzo said

    @GG08: I presume you’d be able to use Boot Camp, but I’m not 100% on that since I don’t have a Mac myself.

  17. GG08 said

    thx but my mac is too old for that program,*sigh* I’ll find a way eventually

  18. MetRONom said

    Where’s new updates?))) Almost one week passed :D

  19. SlyStrife said

    Don’t rush the guy, he’s the one doing all the hacking, let him post it at his own leisure. :)

  20. Gemini said

    I’m not posting updates every 7 days, not anymore.

  21. MetRONom said

    That was just a joke) Don’t look at me like that(((

  22. DarkBubble said

    GG08, if Bootcamp is too old, maybe WINE would be worth looking into. I’m not experienced with Mac (haven’t touched one since ’97), but WINE has been around since the 90s. It might let you fire up the proggy and give it a shot, as long as it’s compatible with Win98. I do have one machine at home running Win98, Gemini, so if you need testing for patcher compatibility, I can give it a shot. If it runs with that and provides a playable patched .iso, it might be okay with WINE.

  23. Gemini said

    I already know it doesn’t work on Win98/ME for sure.

  24. liljezjinx said

    oh, i just heard about ur project and i’m so excited. i’ve been wanting to play this game for years but since i dont speak or read Japanese it was impossible. i am so grateful u r doing this. hope everything goes well. thank u. :)

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