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Under my Umburella, ella ella ella, eh!

Posted by Gemini on April 25, 2008

Yeah, the news title is a reference to Rihanna’s Umbrella. I had to celebrate somehow with a crappy title… Celebrating what? Today the project global completion percentage reached 55%! Does that mean we are making fast progress? Yes and no. That number comes out from a mathematical average of all various completion percentages (you can find them in the project page), so take it with a grain of salt. Anyway, let’s go for the real body of the news.

First of all, I’ve got something to post about nitpicks and editing notes. In the last weeks we received many comments about how things should be translated or corrected, but none of those was taken in consideration because 1) dialogues were a rough draft (well, it’s not really that rough after all) from almost a year ago, and 2) everything will be ironed out by an English major when the translation is done. This means we will not correct any of the previous errors for now and will concentrate on having the script done as soon as possible (the translation has been in the works for almost 2 years), then we will start looking for all typos and whatever problems the translation might suffer. Our top priority for now is to get both script and hacking done; fancy stuff will join the games later. This means all useless nitpicks (i.e. bitching) will be deleted without notice and ignored, so please don’t even bother posting them.

Back to some visual progress! Fusion spell names and descriptions finalized:

Fusion spell list should be 100% final now, unless Tom has any suggestion on the matter. As for descriptions, 99% are imported from EP, while the remaining 1% are IS exclusive strings. You can actually see only 3/7 of those description since those are the only available. The other 4 belong to spells called Dark Grand Cross, Hellish Flower Blossom, Wheel of Fortune, and Wheel of Time, which are probably dummied out magic or something. I can’t remember any boss or monster using them, but both Wheel of Time and Wheel of Fortune appear in EP as boss-specific spells, at least from what their descriptions say. Even trying to use them as standard spells doesn’t produce any effect except for instant victory, winning pose, and no money/experience earned from that battle.
On the description matter matter, all previous groups of descriptions I’ve posted about should be complete and finalized. Now I’m only missing Event Item descriptions, but I can’t recycle them from EP like I did with everything else – I need Tom to work on them, but they shouldn’t take him too much. Oh, I also need all the rumors in Kuzunoha done so that menu translation will be complete, but Tom is probably doing things in a certain order, ergo he will do dialogues first and then paste them into rumor menu strings.

Demon contact, part 2:

  • The first one uses some kind of contact stats for each of the characters, which is all generated in real time assembling a big string containing everything. The older version was completely bugged, with the panel printing only garbage text. That’s one of the many problems the new text format triggered. :/ The thing is working almost completely, but there’s still one problem with the Lv indicator: it’s not printing the numeric value correctly. The problem is similar to the quantity counters for treasure chests and shop variable prizes, so it shouldn’t be too hard to fix.
  • The second screen is triggered when more characters are used to contact a demon. There isn’t really anything particular for this, except for the text being compressed and indexed in a weird way that is probably making the game lock with some particular demons in Seven Sisters High dungeon. Currently, this is the only issue that can cause the game to crash in battle, so once this is done battles will be 100% playable.

Battle dialogues re-worked:

Finally I can show you some brand new pieces of dialogues. Tom has done 4 out of 50 battle dumps, so battles aren’t using Oracle of Maiya’s script anymore. He is also working on world map and NPC dialogues, and that’s probably what I’m gonna show you in the next update with an in-game footage or something.


36 Responses to “Under my Umburella, ella ella ella, eh!”

  1. Takehaniyasubiko said

    “If the three of us combine our power, then maybe we can do somethin’ about this clown!” – I LOL’ed! XDD Gotta love Eikichi… ^^

  2. Lila said

    Gemini, you are a patriot among patriots among patriots.

    It’s *so* cool that you’re doing this. Can’t wait to see the finished product. I’m going nuts with all the progress images.

  3. furix said

    Awesome job you are doing! I can’t wait for it to be all done, 55%? woooow :D

  4. maya-nee said

    45% to go! you can do it!

  5. Phil said

    You are doing an wonderfull job. I totaly agree that you should concentrate on the more essential parts and leave the minor flaws for later. But does that that a patch should be released soon even with the work not 100 % done ? (I hope so)

  6. StevenSmith said

    Great work Gemini.

  7. StevenSmith said

    On a side note, IMO, Persona isn’t as great as it used to be. I’ll take Persona 2 over 3 anyday.

  8. Takehaniyasubiko said

    P2 is teh best gamzor evar!!!111

  9. krelian said

    Gemini, when i grow up, i wanna be just like you!!

    I’m currently playing IS now, no probs with the battles, but when i had to start spreading rumors… well, I m just gonna wait for my ol’buddy Gemini to finish his 8th wonder.

    ok,sry to break the mood, but… in two years of work, the whole hacking stuff got up to 55%? Does that mean we have like a year and a half to 100%? Or did you do major stop on these two years?

  10. Takehaniyasubiko said

    This project was dead for a very long time, Krelian. It’s not like Gemini was doing all of this for the last two years.

  11. SlyStrife said

    Eikichi is the man, I’d cosplay him but I’d never be able to pull off his hair. :P

    I was happy enough playing through this game with my limited Japanese, playing this completely in english is going to be kick ass. Persona marathon here I come!!!! ^_^

  12. Square711 said

    Wow, 55% done already. That’s great news. I’m really looking forward to the next updates.

    On a side note, my hair looks a bit like Eikichi’s… it’s just not blue, but that shouldn’t be a problem :P

  13. KrelianX said

    That Eikichi’s line really made me lol. 55% done, eh x) Good job. Will be waiting next update.

  14. Hitoshura said

    Man this is awesome 55% in 2 years alot of other translation groups take forever due to them taking on multiple projects at the same time I gotta say man keep up the good work.

  15. I appreciate all the hard work that everyone involved who volunteered on spending their spare time on this project into a game that atlus should have ported over to the us along with eternal punishment(in which innocent sin is part one and eternal punishment is part two of persona two as a whole game), it would have just made common sense for atlus to release the whole game instead of just part of the game, but I guess common sense is not a factor concerning that matter. I am very greatful that this game has been progessing again and I hope to see it completed one day in the future,I look foward to playing this since I dont know the chinese or japanese language , Great work and keep it up.

  16. Meg said

    I can’t even tell you how appreciative I am that you’re doing this. Persona 2:IS is one of my very favourite games ever, and while I enjoyed playing it in Japanese, it’s kind of hard to pimp it out when no one else I know even knows a tiny bit of the language–and I won’t pretend I understood all of it either, so.

    Basically, I’m just a huge boner right now!

  17. Ryan said

    Wow. This is awesome what you guys are doing. I’ve been playing Persona 3 lately and it’s really sparked my interest on the other games. I’m excited to see the finishing project! Keep up the good work! God Bless! =)

  18. mcyouligans said

    looking great! can’t wait for the release

  19. Pattochan said


    no bitching here!! keep up the good work!!

  20. Tsuki said

    I don’t have any problems with the English I’ve seen in these screens… People should stop bitching and be thankful you’re good enough to do this for everyone. Keep up the EXCELLENT work.

  21. GraveX said

    Great work!!)

  22. Katsuya said

    omg o_O good work Gemini=)we wait for continuation xDD

  23. Pattochan said

    this project looks awesome. I’m just wondering. I’m gunna have to buy a version of P2:IS to be able to play this patch on my PS2 correct?

  24. Gemini said

    You can’t do otherwise. Speaking of the Ps2, it looks like it can’t run the game perfectly as I thought. No crashes found so far, only a glitch happening sometimes when you save your game, but you can never know.

  25. Takehaniyasubiko said

    Only lame people play PSX games on emus/PS2s/PSPs/whtever other shit you can name. Thus spoke A Gay Guy From Poland.

  26. SlyStrife said

    That last line made me giggle. ^_^

    I also still use my PSX, I might have to play IS on on emulator though, my PSX does not like playing burned games for some reason. I do have a modded PSX but all the games I’ve ever burned have had horrible skipping problems.

  27. Pattochan said

    hm so the best bet with playing this game would be on an emulator?

  28. Minato Arisato said

    Awesome. I’ll sacrifice a virgin in honor of you. *older brother walks in with knife* Not Me. >:( *he leaves*

  29. SlyStrife said

    @Pattochan: Emulating is probably a lot of people’s best bet, not many people have their PSXs modded and the game doesn’t run as smooth on a PS2.

  30. coolmotif30 said

    i see i see… hm i have my old PSX but how to mod it and how to get a mod for it? i have no idea

  31. citizen zero said

    well, i`ve got burned EP and it runs without any bugs on PSone.
    i believe quality of the disk you burn the game onto can affect its performance.

  32. SlyStrife said

    @Coolmotif30: There’s a few ways you can mod your PSX, my preferred way is to use a boot disc like PSX-Change (that’s what I use) or Breaker Pro. You can also use a Game Enhancer if you have one of those REALLY old PSXs with the extra serial port in the back meant for the old gameshark. The last option is to install a modchip.

    @Citizen Zero: What brand of cd’s do you use? I’ve been using Vertibrum for my burned games, I’ve also tried using Maxell but those don’t seem to work too well either…

  33. coolmotif30 said

    yeah i do have one of those PSX and i have a cheat device that goes into the back port. I can use that to play it?

  34. SlyStrife said

    Well, you can’t use the gameshark itself, you have to buy something called the Game Enhancer (You’ll probably be able to find it if you look on ebay). It lets you play imported/burned games as well as being as cheat device.

  35. citizen zero said

    IMHO Verbatim CD-Rs are best for this job (though i don`t really know if you can get them cuz` i`m living in St-Petersburg, Russia and you are presumably not. i can`t remember which country these cdrs are imported from). if asked to rate cdrs available in St-Pete, i would say TDK are nice, SKAZY or Mirex could be good or complete crap 50|50, and stuff like L-Pro just sucks ass ^)

  36. SlyStrife said

    Yeah, I can get Verbatim CD’s where I live (I’m on Long Island, New York). I’ll make sure to try them out, I can also get all the other ones you listed except for SKAZY, I’ve never heard of that brand.

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