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I love my Chocolate Menus

Posted by Gemini on April 18, 2008

This time no short news. I tried to make it a little more substantial and interesting, going back with some explanation about technical stuff and what’s behind all the hacks done in the last days.

Saves with English name variables finally work:

I never mentioned this problem, but the game was detecting any save file containing English name variables as corrupted. It was having problems with anything longer than 5 characters, and in fact using shorter names made the save not corrupted, so there was actually nothing corrupted and it was just an error with the loading procedure going nuts. Also notice how I had to remove Tatsuya’s nickname. :( With the current layout there is no way to make it fit there and there is no way to rearrange everything as I’d like (and make it look like EP’s), or at least I didn’t find a solution thanks to Atlus’ absurd programming choices. And for some reason, the game recognizes English saves as corrupted when running on PCSX, even if it works fine on every other emulator and on real hardware, too.

More technical stuff about the name entry menu:

I should have given this little boy a little more attention, since it was a major hack, probably the second biggest. So what’s the big deal with it?

  1. All the name variables were expanded from 3 to 7 letters for name and surname and from 5 to 11 letters for nickname;
  2. Changed those white underlines according to the expanded variables, and that was painful; X_x
  3. Fixed the <-/->/DEL input. The Japanese version manages them in a weird way, so I had to force the game to use a different recognition system, so that pressing those icons didn’t actually input them instead of calling their special functions;
  4. Resized the choice menu on the left. The original had 6 options (Hiragana, Katakana, Kanji, English characters, Nick/Name, End), but the first 4 were pretty redundant, so I reprogrammed it to have always to show the English character panel and reduced the options to 2;
  5. Reprogrammed the actual name variable system. The game used to save all those variables storing them as GFX and appending everything at the end of the standard dialogue font (this menu uses a totally different set, which is a little bigger than the usual one and contains most of the S-JIS encoding). So now it’s not using GFX anymore, but actual text. I’ve also introduced a nice trick to force all redundant spaces at the end of each variable to disappear;
  6. Reordered surname/name/nick to show as name/surname/nick, like English needs it to be. This is only a visual hack, so they are still stored as necessary in memory (i.e. Tatsuya doesn’t replace Suō everywhere else);
  7. Various small hacks here and there to make it fully support the new text format.

Unfortunately there are still a couple of bugs, one related to the player inserting blank names and the other about a shot-cut key being screwed for good (the one to switch name/nick insertion). Both bugs are linked together (I messed up with their code a long time ago, like in September 2006?) but I will probably fix them soon. So, expect for those two errors, the hack on this menu is to be considered complete.

More translation done using Eternal Punishment dump:

  • Item descriptions, most of them. Some are missing because IS includes unique items, like the Spirit Rib. Event items are not included, since they are totally different from EP;
  • Equipment descriptions, which belong to the item list, are 100% done;
  • Spell descriptions, all of them, including special spells like Dynamic Agirao or Hyper Jionga. Fusion spells are not included, but they will be worked out soon;
  • Post-summon Persona dialogues. I couldn’t paste them all because some are totally different from EP (Fukurojuku is one of them), while other are IS exclusive Personas. I’d say 95% of the list is shared with EP. Oh yeah, and I’ve fixed all Persona names, so they *should* be 100% correct;
  • Shop ‘sell’ option;
  • Shop ‘eat’ option. This also includes all food descriptions, but they weren’t really difficult since all they say is “;
  • Velvet room ‘summon’ option;
  • Velvet room ‘swap/return’ option. Thought it might look final, it actually isn’t. X_x For some reason I haven’t investigated yet, the game freezes when returning a Persona that will be turned into an item/tarot;

But let’s talk about demon contacts:

Yeah, one of the biggest features in this game! :D I know many didn’t play using the script at Oracle of Maya because of this. While it looks decent enough from those two screens, let me say it’s still not perfect. Actually, it’s terribly broken. :P I mean, the dialogue system works fine, but you can’t really access it unless a demon contacts you, because after you press “Confirm” the game will enter an infinite loop, with the dialogue box always empty, and there is no way you can cancel it. I already know what causes this problem, and it will be my next, big hack. X_x But at least it’s a start. :) Say thanks to Eien ni Hen for the translation of the Relationship dialogues.

And remember when I told you no NPC/Shop dialogues were translated? It looks like some of them were:

I know the “Satomi Tadashi” and “TOHA Difence” are not translated/fixed, but when I grabbed those screens I forgot to replace those images. X_x And I have no clue what’s causing those strange lines on Toha Defence floor.

One final thing: Tom still hasn’t a working laptop, but he’s alive and will start looking for a Pc ASAP. He was very busy lately, but he will be back pretty soon. °o°

/me waves


28 Responses to “I love my Chocolate Menus”

  1. Takehaniyasubiko said

    Gemini, you’re incredible! Just thinking about everything you had to go through with those hacks… It makes my head spin! And there’s some good news about the translators (Tom’s still being alive and Eien ni Hen taking down Relationship dialogues)!

    I’m truly out of words to praise thee! “bows:

  2. Paolo said

    Gemini I think you are a God!!!!!!!!!!

  3. KrelianX said

    Looks really good. Very nice job, Gemini x)

  4. NAL9000 said

    Gemini, I just happened to stumble across your translation project about a week ago and I must say I’m amazed at the job your doing. Fantastic work, I can’t even imagine the amount of work your putting into this project. Thanks, and good luck with the next step!

  5. Square711 said

    Finally some demon contact screens!! 8D

    I might be getting repetitive, but I’ll say it again: Gemini, your work is AWESOME. You’re already a god among Megaten fans.

    Also, it’ll be 30,000 hits soon! \o/

  6. Danny said

    Very good update, Gemini!

  7. ta-chan said

    I gotta say: that chocolate is so delicious I could almost taste it now XD

    as usual, you cracked open another solid obstacle. but oh boy…another big hack..!? I hope this one doesn’t last as the last one >_<;

    Although only one sample is present, I can see that ‘Eien ni Hen’ is doing a fine job with those contact combo, I have this urge to see more of them @_@

    Good to hear that Tom is gonna jump on the wagon soon…don’t forget what KK asked from you Gemini when Tom comes back! XD

  8. Anonymous said

    What the fuck is a peace burger?

  9. Gemini said

    A burger you can buy in Peace Diner.

  10. Anonymous said

    Oh, that makes sense. I wouldn’t try it though.

  11. Gemini said

    Hanaji loves it, tho. It must be pretty damn good if the chubby girl is totally crazy about it.

  12. Anonymous said

    Hard to say, I usually go with my own instincts.

  13. maya-nee said



  14. SlyStrife said

    Its amazing to know what goes into to these hacks. I’m currently reading up on some hacking guides and its seriously making my eyes hurt, I can’t understand any of it. :P

    Good luck on fixing that demon contact bug!

  15. Morzas said

    Lisa’s name defaults to Ginko? I didn’t know that.

  16. Gemini said

    Yep, she becomes Ginko after an event with Eikichi which Maya mistakes as a lovers’ quarrel. :D

  17. Demon Eyes Jeo said

    I’ve only played the first Persona and never beat it sadly because of time issues. I always wanted to play IS but I didn’t want to go through the hassle of the Japanese lol. I never knew what was the difference until I checked out GameSpot forums and I came across someone who mentioned you translating IS and I jumped. I’m glad to see that it’s all still going along with the updates. I want to get into this and beat it and of course P3:FES since I missed out on the original. Thanks Gemini for doing this I can’t imagine what a pain it all can be, but hell, anything worth doing is worth having.

  18. Kaishin said

    I have been a fan of the megaten series

    I wish that you finished this…

    since i can’t read moon runes….

  19. Gemini said

    Small update: Tom is back and he’s working on Rengedai map dialogue right now. Hooray!

  20. ta-chan said


    Happy days are back!

  21. SlyStrife said

    :Punches air::

    My excitement heightens. ^_^

  22. maya-nee said

    break a leg!

  23. TerraBreaker said

    great work as usual Gemini, I’d also like to extend the same appreciation to your translator Tom, as I’ve been looking though the dialog of the screens/vids and have to say its all top notch stuff :) These translations are hardly ever a one man job, keep up the good work

  24. MetRONom said

    Great news..) Hope I can play this game on my Black PS2 soon))))

  25. Kaishin said

    that demon contact is kinda tricky

    i understand that because they don’t follow event that you can translate

    i think they have individual flowcharts and it kinda tricky

    im a programmer too but im a newbie..

  26. Square711 said

    “Small update: Tom is back”

    OMFG, I almost pissed my pants when I read that. Welcome back, Tom. :D

  27. DarkBubble said

    I’m not a programmer, nor do I ever intend to be, but I love the technical posts. It’s great reading what exactly you’re doing. I don’t think that everyone realizes that what you’re doing is REAL WORK. I know that when it comes to certain things in the game, I’m going to appreciate the experience more overall because I know what went into making the translation possible.

    Now, if only someone would get on a proper translation of the original.

  28. J Rowley said

    I have to say that your impressive little translation is giving me something to look forward to once the NY BAR is over. Of course, I’m taking it in July, and while I doubt your translation will be done that quickly (evil, evil Atlus programmers) just the thought of you finishing anytime in my life makes 12 hours of day studying a little more bearable. My support goes out to you and best of luck.

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