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Short news again

Posted by Gemini on April 11, 2008

Yeah, the news will be pretty short. So this time no screenshots, but a nice footage from the game showing, among other stuff you already know from the prologue, the name entry menu finally working and bug free. It took me the whole week to fix this bitch (hence why there is nothing more to show), but it’s finally working as it’s supposed to.

EDIT: Added part 2 and fixed quality issues. :o


38 Responses to “Short news again”

  1. himuro said

    holy shit. gemini let me have your babies.

  2. Edi said

    It’s been many years since I’ve seen this introduction. To see it in English is a dream come true. Keep up the excellent work, sir!

  3. Danny said

    Thanks for the video Gemini!
    It’s looking great :D

  4. Hitoshura said

    Wow it looks really good the fact that it runs so smoothley with the patch at this stage but man keep up the good work I am really anticipating this game with the patch on it. Best of luck man the fans will love it.

  5. maya-nee said


    keep it up gemini! break a leg (good luck) to you!

  6. Takehaniyasubiko said

    Damn, this game is so much better than Eternal Punishment…

  7. AlexY said

    OMG, you get to be Tatsuya~!

    That looks so cool! :D

    *major hype*

  8. Rhaddy said


  9. SlyStrife said

    Yay! We finally get to see the patch in action! I’ll be content for a little while longer.


  10. Gemini said

    I always wanted to make one, but I couldn’t because I had no means to record a video with audio under emulator. It’s thanks to pSX 1.14 WIP if I was finally able to put together a decent footage. ;) There are also 2 other movies I recorder today from the end of the game, and they are hidden somewhere on Youtube. :D I’m not posting them here because they are serious spoilers, but if you don’t care you know where to find them.

  11. SlyStrife said

    Really? pSX 1.14 is out? I can’t find it anywhere and it’s not on the main site. How did you get it?

    Or is that classified information? ^_^

  12. Gemini said

    I said WIP for a reason. :D It’s still a private beta, but it will be released soon, I guess.

  13. SlyStrife said


    For some reason I didn’t catch the WIP the first time I read that. Silly me…I could really use it too, my video capture card is giving me serious issues at the moment…

    Gwwwaaahhh!! X_X

  14. Morzas said

    My god. I can’t wait to burn this to a CD and pop it in my PS2. Or make a PSP EBOOT.

  15. maya-nee said

    lol. gemini i found the 2 videos youre talking about! damn! this is so great! keep it up! XD

  16. Ta-chan said

    I’m stickin’ to the awesome intro…

    I’ll NEVER watch those spoilerific vids!
    It just feels so wrong jumping to the end like this -_-;

  17. viewtifulsub said

    so awesome

  18. Chrono256 said

    Pollyhannya! ROTFL
    K’ass-u-gay-ama? LOOOOL
    Oh, this game seems fuckin’ awesome. Very nice work. :D

  19. Paradox said

    You sir, are perhaps the most awesome being in existence. I’ve been looking for a translation project like this forever..(I came upon you when I stumbled across an ISO site that had Innocent Sin which I can’t find anywhere at all), and your project is answering a great desire for this game translated that my wife and I (huge Persona fans) have been searching for for many years. You have my admiration for all you’ve suffered through, believe me, and keep up the good work. Complete this, and you shall be worshipped as a god among gaming geeks, and all MegaTen fans who cannot read Japanese; if I wasn’t broke as all hell I’d shower you with coins. D=

  20. Edi said


    These videos are the first few minutes of gameplay. You’re not having anything spoiled for you.

  21. DarkBubble said

    This is great! I’m going to have your babies, Gemini.

  22. SlyStrife said

    Hey Gemini, I’m a little curious…were you ever able to implement the auto-set feature from EP successfully?

    Just curious to know what happened with that. ^_^

  23. Gemini said

    Nope, but I haven’t really looked that much into EP to find out how it works.

  24. Xythar said

    Should it be Michelle or Michel? The latter seems like it would make more sense since I don’t get why Eikichi would want to refer to himself by a girl’s name.

  25. bella said

    Paradox: Look, another married fan. *waves* :-D

    Persona 2 has such a diverse fanbase.

  26. SoreThumb said

    Holy crap. Holy crap. This looks awesome. I never got to play any other Persona, and after seeing the one on the PS2 being played, I want to go back and play a lot/all of them.

    Seeing this one– man, I gotta play it 8) I owe any success to you, Gemini! How much more work do you have? :3

  27. coolmotif30 said

    AHHH i’m soooo excited! i have always wanted to play this game!!! gambatte gemini!!!!!

  28. krelian said

    Omg… you dont know how long i have waited to play this game…

    Gemini, we are cheering for you… Drink a lot of water and walk by the shadow plz…

  29. greenpiss said

    Oh man it f#ckings cool!!!
    All russian IS fans waitings this patch.
    Good luck man!
    We are belive in You!

  30. MetRONom said

    1 week passed, we’re waitin’ for the news!!! :D
    (pls don’t tell me that you’re goin’ to take a 2-week break)

  31. Rmarques said

    Man, this is looking better and better with every update.

    By the way, are there any plans of translating the fan disk that came with Eternal Punishment?

  32. Gemini said

    @MetRONom: don’t worry, I’ve been writing today’s news for the whole week. Are 10 screenshots enough to define it better than the last 3 updates?

    @Rmarques: No. For the moment I’m aiming only at IS, and I guess nothing else will be done except for the game. Also, the extra disc is from EP, not IS, so who cares. ;)

  33. TerraBreaker said

    *cries* must play this game…

  34. 0kami said

    So good! The only few things I’d nitpick are some the more awkward translations. When Hannya says “I felt a weird resonance from you so you must be a bad student” I think it would be better translated as “I get bad vibes from you” or “you have the air of a troublemaker around you”

    And as for Lisa’s intro. Don’t they say she’s American? White girl seems sort of…not PC and sort of awkward, so maybe have it as Caucasian.

  35. Takehaniyasubiko said

    0kami@ WTF is wrong with “I felt a weird resonance from you so you must be a bad student”? The fact that you’re like it doesn’t mean it’s fucked up. This is Tom’s style so you better get over it (besides – he’s probably trying to be as true to the original as he can).

    I swear it, some people live just to nitpick… >_>

  36. Takehaniyasubiko said

    *you’re not liking it

  37. SlyStrife said

    Whoah, easy Take, no need to blast him. It’s not like he outright insulted Tom’s translation, which we all know is high quality work. Think of it as friendly insight!


  38. Gemini said

    Tom will read this anyway, so it’s up to him to decide whether to change the sentence or not. I’m not an editor or a native speaker, and considering how the japanese dialogue was, it’s not that bad to me.

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