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New title screen and stuff

Posted by Gemini on April 4, 2008

At first I thought there would have been no weekly news today, but I was wrong as there is actually something new to show. It’s not much, but a couple of screens should work fine anyway, so here we go.

Part 1: New title screen!
Video: PhotobucketYoutube
You have probably noticed how the “Help Wanted” page disappeared about 2-3 days ago, and this is the reason. Many thanks go to Breakman for recreating the image without the word “Persona” in katakana over everything else, and to Mammoth for doing the rest of the work and creating the new Persona logo. Unfortunately, their work alone wasn’t enough. >_> As usual, IS likes to do stuff in its own fashion, so replacing the old logo with the new was a terrible mess. First of all, I had to write a Rle compressor (couldn’t default it to Lzss as I did with Sumaru map dialogues), find some place to relocate the new, expended file, and then regenerate a table responsible for file deallocation. Oh yeah, I also had to touch up a little the gfx since there were some nasty aliasing problems and Breakman forgot to remove some extra edges in the clean logo. Also, the game uses a trick to simulate some kind of antialiasing effect with a mask version of the logo, so I had to recreate that as well, from scratch. X_x

Part 2: touched up shop menus:
Ok, this one is just a simple nitpick I forgot to show in the last news. As you can see from the image, the strings in that menu are short, so the window should have been really narrow, but I prevented that effect since it looked nasty, at least in my opinion. So now the dynamic resize leaves about 4 more empty pixels on each size and the cursor has been moved according to the new values.


25 Responses to “New title screen and stuff”

  1. DarkBubble said

    The title screen looks good. I’d like to see an animated .gif of the end result of all of that work.

    Why did you want just the P capitalized, rather than capitalizing the entire title to match the warped text behind it? I’m not criticizing, believe me. I only wish I could do what you’ve done. It’s just that everything there is capitalized: the warped text, “INNOCENT SIN”, and “PRESS ANY BUTTON”. Like I said, it looks good. I’m just curious as to the choice, given the existing material.

  2. Gemini said

    No particular reason, actually. I do prefer it like that, but there’s no rational explanation. Call it personal taste if you want. :P

    Animated version: Photobucket Youtube

  3. AlexY said

    Yay! :D

    GO GO GO!

  4. DarkBubble said

    I figured that it was personal preference.

    After seeing in motion, I can honestly say that you won’t hear me question it again. Looks awesome. Thanks for the quick upload on the intro.

  5. Takehaniyasubiko said

    I seriously can’t believe that you’re this good at hacking… O_o

  6. Shadov said

    OK, now I’m impressed…

  7. Danny said

    Good work Gemini!
    The title looks awesome :D

  8. Morzas said

    Ah, and you didn’t paste your name onto it like some translation groups do. I mean, it’s not a crime or anything, but I just find that annoying.

  9. Takehaniyasubiko said

    Yeah, that’s something I hate (AGTP anyone?).

  10. Zins said

    Wow, Very nice

  11. Morzas said

    Actually I was thinking of that Bahamut Lagoon patch with like a million logos on it.

  12. SlyStrife said

    Gemini, have I ever told you that your my hero? ^_^

  13. Hitoshura said

    It gets better and better a true hero to the fans. The logo looks great too bad you had to redo all that programming :-(

  14. Gemini said

    @Morzas: yeah, I didn’t and I find it rather annoying when they do that just because they can’t implement an additional splash screen at the beginning of the game. The translation will feature an intro, just like ToP and SOTN did, and this time I will probably make it flashier than ever. xD My PSX programming skills recently improved (thanks to pSX Author and some other official aid), so it’s the right occasion to show something nice. :9

  15. james said

    hey great work gemini! can’t wait. also, I have a question. I think i read on either this blog or a forum that the final video at the end of IS was translated into english for EP. If you want to use it, i think I found the videos, here are the links.

    or (longer version)

    hope it helps.

  16. Gemini said

    James, I already know about that movie, but I’m not gonna use it because:
    1) EP’s is a little shorter and doesn’t contain most of the stuff included in IS’;
    2) Everything else would be in Japanese.
    The final patch will use subtitles for that and for the intro.

  17. Breakman said

    Sorry about that Gemini, I’ll try to catch little things like that next time. ^^;;

  18. james said

    cool. thanks for the info.

  19. maya-nee said


  20. DarkBubble said

    I agree with Gemini. These people bust their ass as hard for free as anyone that was paid to work on it. They deserve to slap their name somewhere. I prefer that it be unintrusive, of course. Splash screen, extra bit of text somewhere that is visible but not distracting, or in the credits. I would actually be disappointed with Gemini if he didn’t slap his name in there somewhere.

  21. SlyStrife said

    Definitely take credit where its due, everyone who’s working on this deserves it and has my full respect.

    @Gemini – I’m looking foward to this flashy intro that your gonna cook up. This project is actually been inspiring me to try my own hand at hacking, being able to translate gems like these must feel really good; especially when you finally finish. ^_^

  22. DarkClownNizzo said

    It’s great to see this project is really picking up steam. Do you have an estimate of % progress or would that be too difficult to calculate?

  23. Gemini said

    There is already an estimate. Just check the links on the left.

  24. KrelianX said

    Very nice job, Gemini. The title looks good.

  25. drivershigh said

    Really looking forward to this, title screen is looking great.

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