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Summoning a Devil Hacker

Posted by Gemini on April 1, 2008

Some of you might be wondering what the secret project I mentioned in the other news was. Well, it wasn’t really difficult to guess:
Yeah, that is Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers. And now please don’t praise the bald seal. Kudos to Himuro for the correct answer on Final Battle forums.

Of course, this is an April Fool’s joke. :D Never, ever trust an announcement on April 1st, especially with some fancy dialogues. :P And before you ask: the secret project is not Soul Hackers, but something totally not related with the MegaTen series. I never worked on Soul Hackers and I don’t have a clue on how it works.


23 Responses to “Summoning a Devil Hacker”

  1. megaten_freak said

    lol~ the dialogs!! XD

  2. gimlianon said

    Wait, sorry, I seem to be a bit slow on the uptake (it’s 1:10 AM). Does this mean you’re working on Devil Summoner Soul Hackers? If so, then you are god almighty. :D

  3. Gimlianon said

    Wait! It’s April Fools Day! Curses!

  4. Hitoshura said

    If this is a April Fools joke……way to dash hopes man. AGTP is taking forever, but if so good luck and thanks. Also great job on this translation its looking pretty good.

  5. Takehaniyasubiko said

    Gemini, if this is just an April Fools joke, then better start watch ing your back on the streets! xD

  6. cloud2789 said

    I take it as an april fools joke, a rather harsh one at that, teasing me with a game like this, I remember the the original gamefaqs thread I made where you disclosed your awesome translation of p2 IS( I think that was the first place?) and then this guy named neox came around wanting advice on 2 games to translate, I tried my best to get him to take over soul hackers, only he bailed out in the end and vanished without a trace. But seriously, with a moto like “where Atlus fails, we don’t” you need to do this for real, or you will be a real bad liar and I know you don’t want that.

  7. Mackerel said

    Me spiick Ingrish naw. LOL, good one!

  8. Shadov said

    lovely, just lovely XD

  9. KrelianX said

    Haha xD

  10. SlyStrife said

    If this is for real, you get a giant hug, if it isn’t…..well…..

    ::Summons Persona::

    I think you see where I’m going with this. ^_^

  11. DarkBubble said

    What if the real joke is trying to make us think it’s a hoax for April Fools? *mindfuck*

  12. himuro said

    is this real? I kind of refuse to believe it since it’s April Fools. I want to post this news at Neogaf, but I will be banned if it is fake.

  13. Morzas said

    Of course it’s real! Just look at that accurately translated dialogue!

  14. Takehaniyasubiko said

    Well, those are mock strings made for April Fools day but maybe the idea to work on Soul Hackers is real.

  15. SlyStrife said

    “Well, those are mock strings made for April Fools day but maybe the idea to work on Soul Hackers is real.”

    ::clings to Take’s sentence::

    I won’t be too mad if it is actually is an April Foll’s joke though. Gemimi’s bringing us IS which will keep me occupied for a long long time…

    However we can only wait for his wise words of wisdom. ^_^

  16. Danny said

    I really hope this is for real ^^

  17. pedrocasilva said

    nice :D

  18. SlyStrife said

    Damn it, I just noticed that I spelled Gemini wrong in my last comment.

    Gomen nasai Gemini-san!


  19. Square711 said

    Gemini said many times already that he has interest in working on Soul Hackers. But he said it’s not his priority for now, and I’m sure he wouldn’t start it as a side project while P2:IS isn’t complete.

    Besides… _NO_ translation project announced today should be taken seriously. Period. :P

  20. Nameless Mage said

    Gemini, complimenti =) Sei sempre in movimento.

    Anche se personalmente avrei “preferito” che continuassi il tuo progetto di porting di Star Ocean su PSX. Comunque ancora complimenti sia per Innocent Sin che per (eventualmente, sempre che non sia un pesce d’aprile, come dicono) Soul hackers =)

    Keep it on!!!

  21. This is about as bad as the fake press release I saw saying NoA was going to localize Mother 3. Unfortunately none of these fool me now, at least not after EGM’s goddam april fools jokes.

  22. Chris8282 said

    I must say.. I got my hopes up, but when I say the dialogue.. I was like.. wait.. Yesterday was April Fool’s.. This must be a joke.. and damnit… IT WAS!!! FUCXXX

  23. Randall said

    You guys that do all of this tedious work for free amaze me. You know you’re going to make a lot of people very happy when you release this.

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