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You love menus, don’t you?

Posted by Gemini on March 28, 2008

Menus once again! I know you probably don’t care because all you want is story translation, but a RPG can’t be functional without menus. :P So here it goes with a new update on menus only! And yeah, almost 18,000 hits, which means 5,500+ hits this week. :D

Part 1: Demon/Persona analysis screen. Remember how horrible and butchered are menus in Eternal Punishment? You hated the exaggerate number of abbreviations, didn’t you? Well, they are no more! It took me a while, but stuff has been relocated and reprogrammed for good, so:
Personality/Comments table finally works and looks decent enough. First of all, the game was crashing on real hardware whenever a demon/Persona description was loaded, always thanks to the old 16 bit text encoding, which also had a limit in terms of characters per line (20 each). Now not only the descriptions have no limits, but they work totally fine too. Now the other part: it’s not really clear from this picture, but personality attributes can’t overlap each other anymore and use full words, so forget about stuff like “Glm.”, “Arg.”, “Blf.”, and whatever EP had. The routine responsible for that task now leaves 7 blank pixels after the last word, while the old routine used to leave 40 pixels no matter how long the previous word was. I also had to expand the sub-window containing “Personality” and “Comments”, and believe me on this, it wasn’t an easy task at all. X_x A massive chunk of demon/Persona descriptions comes from EP, as usual. It’s nice to see how much text is shared between the two. I also wanted to show another screen from the Item submenu, but had no time to complete it. Maybe in the next update, where I should also post the same shots applied to battle menus. Code is not share with those, so I need to redo the same thing there too. :/

Part 2: Back to something old:
The spell list, revisited. Not many changes, except for the “SP Use” part fixed (was “Use SP” in older, buggy versions). Spell descriptions need to be reworked a little for consistency with EP’s glossary, but it’s pretty much final.

Part 3: Ok, I lied. :D This is not a menu only update. This is the other nightmarish problem I had with IS: Dungeon hud!dungeon-name.pngdungeon-map-name.png
The thing is a fucking mess of over bloated code and fixed length strings. Why did I post 2 screens for the same section of the game? Because they are not really the same thing. While they belong to the same part of the game (dungeons), they actually operate in separate and totally independent modules, so I had to do twice the work. Also, it does strange stuff, like saving a termination symbol at the end of the string to read, which is TOTALLY useless and caused the game to behave incorrectly and delete the translated strings. O_o Oh well, at least now it’s gone for good. Say hello to the new, autocentred VWF’d names for sections, locations and floor counter in dungeons!

Fortunately the ASM changes are almost at their end. There isn’t really much else to do, except for battle stuff which consists in heavy layout relocations and re-does of the same code in a different environment. I guess I will have a lot of spare time once those changes are done. Maybe it will be my chance to work on a secret project that has been going for quite a while. ;D

PS: Seems like Tom’s laptop was broken after all, that’s why he didn’t contact me at all in the last month. From what Kaioshin and KC told me, he should be back by middle April, so cross your fingers and hope he will work non stop this time. There are still soooo many dialogues that need to be translated, especially now that all text has been extracted successfully.


39 Responses to “You love menus, don’t you?”

  1. Morzas said

    First post!

    Also, awesome work so far!

  2. Anon-e-mouse said

    Cool! I can’t wait to see this project finished! The news about FES coming over here and a forth Persona game have me craving for as much Persona as I can get – I’ve picked up EP again and am loving every minute of it.

  3. Square711 said

    Great to know the technical probblems are nearly completely solved. I actually thought they could be unsolvable for a moment. :O

    And were all hoping Tom doesn’t have any more problems with his laptop when he comes back. \o/

  4. B said

    42% complete, that pretty brilliant, especially for one person.

    I’m about to start persona 3, that wont ruin any of this game will it?

  5. amanda said

    thank you. just… thank you.

  6. A_Llama said

    Nah, persona 3 is totally unrelated.

    Anyways this looks awesome, keep up the good work :D

  7. pauyasfyla said

    Thank God you fixed those awful abbreviations for the personality traits. To this day I don’t know what the hell “BLF.” means.

    The fact that you’ve actually improved upon EP’s formula is frickin’ awesome.

  8. Chris8282 said

    “Nah, persona 3 is totally unrelated.”

    Not true.

    And Gemini, you’ve really got me hyped for this patch. Up until now I’ve been expecting the worse and thinking it would take years and years from now. But.. now.. Looks pretty good…

    Good job, now I’m off to go to my part in promoting this great patch.

  9. Persona'd said

    Please continue to rock, thanks.

  10. bella said

    Please continue to rock, thanks.

    Yes, please do. :D

  11. Awesome job you’ve been doing here. I can’t wait for this to be released!

  12. Shadov said

    Great work. You’re better than than whole Atlus USA localisation team XD

  13. Takehaniyasubiko said

    This is how Italians do the pwnag3! xD

  14. Paolo said

    Hello Gemini!
    I didn’t know you were Italian!
    I’m Italian too, where do you live? Maybe I can congratulate you for your epic work personally!

  15. maya-nee said

    ^^ keep up the good work gemini!

  16. KrelianX said

    Very nice work, Gemini. x)

  17. TerraBreaker said

    The hits are certainly racking up now :) keep it up!

  18. AlexY said

    Go Gemini go!

    When you’re done, you’ll just have to come to *my* part of the Adriatic! I’ll make you cookies!

    (Well, my mom will, but anyway…)

    Good Luck with the project! :D

  19. Takehaniyasubiko said

    Cookies, eh? I have something much more… sweet for Gemini… xD

  20. Shadov said

    are you cheating on me my dear?

  21. Killa B said

    Looks great! Personally, I actually prefer menu screens to event screens, since I hate spoilers. When anyone posts event screens I usually just ignore them. :D

    Anyway, keep up the good work! Hopefully you’ll get the translated script soon, and we can all finally enjoy Innocent Sin in English! (and I can enjoy Eternal Punishment, since I’ve been putting it off until after. ;D)

  22. Takehaniyasubiko said

    Of course I’m not, muffin – I’m only theorizing… ;>

  23. Nigredo said

    *Fortunately the ASM changes are almost at their end.*

    So now you will finaly be posting translation news? :)
    You rocking real HARD! :D

  24. Takehaniyasubiko said

    Gemini, just like us, can only hope that the translation will kick off so hold your horses, noble Nigredo.

  25. Futanari said

    Awesome work, thanks! I’d like to volunteer to help translate any speech that hasn’t yet been translated.

    Will I be able to play Innocent Sin on my modded PS2 after the patch is ready?

  26. KrelianX said

    To Futanari:

    Yes, you can.

  27. pedrocasilva said

    looking good :D

  28. Menus are looking great, i’m keen to see the final result.

    Thanks for the dedication and all the hard work. :D

  29. Chris8282 said

    Almost 20k hits.. Gemini’s quite the internet stud

  30. megaten_freak said

    You guys are fu*king awesome!!!
    Keep up the good work!! ^^ b

  31. SlyStrife said

    That dungeon bug sounded like a real nasty piece of work, I’m happy you got that fixed. ^_^

  32. DarkBubble said

    Damn, Gemini. You’re really making IS your bitch, aren’t you? Can’t wait, can’t wait, can’t wait!

  33. Gemini said

    @SlyStrife: yeah, that was really nasty, especially if you consider how well written are some other parts of the game. That piece of code looks just dull. :|

    @Futanari: are you offering as an additional traslator? Am I correct?

  34. MetRONom said

    One week passed, we’re waiting for the REAL news!!! xD

  35. Gemini said

    I don’t think there will be any this week.

  36. MetRONom said


  37. Futanari said

    Thanks, sorry for the late reply. Email or MSN me anything you need ( on MSN).

  38. Gemini said

    I guess it’s not necessary anymore. Thanks anyway. ;)

  39. GypeOvasese said

    Hello my friends :)

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