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Posted by Gemini on March 21, 2008

Another week passed and here comes a news! Candies for you boys and girls, and candies for me too since the blog counter reached 12,000 hits and I’m really happy about it considering it means people care about this project XD. This news won’t contain much thanks to my University exams, but I did some work anyway, so here it goes.

More multiple choices:
Both pictures show exactly the same thing: variable multiple choices in standard and dungeon maps (yeah, Giga Macho is considered as a dungeon). What are they? Those choices entirely depend on event data and triggers, so if you have no new rumors to speak about with Chikalin the “Want to hear rumor” choice won’t show at all, and the same works for CD -put number here- in Giga Macho. I thought I had them already corrected, but it seems like I forgot about a small portion of extra code, which caused the game to go nuts. I also discovered Giga Macho’s Store Owner makes the game freeze on PCSX. O_o The pictures also show new parts of the translation, since shops and NPCs weren’t done at all since Tom left the project the first time. I’m trying to get at least shop conversations to show for now, so that the game can be played even without having the whole dumps translated.

More fixes to the text engine:
Number variables are finally showing correctly and text is not limited to a single digit anymore. The game was still thinking text was using the old 16 bit encoding, so digits were mapped incorrectly on temp strings. One more gone and forever.

Back to menus:
Ok, this is a small one, but it was fucked up for good. That little window is finally resizing dynamically according to its content, not just using screwed up values. The game was still thinking each character used 12 pixels each, so made the window huge and terrible with many empty pixels after the longest word in the list. The fix works for all pre-shop windows, so hurray.

Random Eikichi&Maya love:
No particular reason for these pictures: I simply love them. xD

And now the picture-less part of the news: more bugs solved. The other day I finally burned a beta copy of my English IS and booted it on the Psx. Well, it had a bug I never experienced before, and it occurred on sprite primitives being used to render text. Some characters were stretched, which is impossible considering sprites are 1:1 primitives and cannot be enlarged, reduced or scaled. Then I came to the solution of the problem thanks to pSX Author and the official Sony Psx Reference: sprites must use an even value for the u0 coordinate (horizontal placement on a texture) in 4bpp mode, so it caused the machine to go nuts and start rendering sprites incorrectly. So I took the font texture and rearranged it almost entirely. It was an insane amount of work, but it should have fixed the glitched sprites once and for all. >_> Funny how no emulator nor even the Ps2 can reproduce this behavior.


56 Responses to “I HAS A NEWS, BUT I ATE IT!”

  1. Kage said

    Great progress, Gemini. I’m sure this blog will reach 20,000 and more hits. Lots of people are waiting for this.

  2. Takehaniyasubiko said


    Sorry for srraming but I just couldn’t contain myself…

  3. Square711 said

    Wow… if this update “doesn’t contain much”, I don’t know what does. So many small improvements are better than just one BIG one IMO. :D

    And Maya is so cute in that last picture. XD

  4. Takehaniyasubiko said

    Maya? Who cares about Maya when there’s Eikichi! ^^

  5. Square711 said

    I care about her. :3

  6. Takehaniyasubiko said

    Buch of… straight guys! xD

  7. mazoboom said

    Gemini, all I can think to say is that updates are good, gimme moar.

  8. MetRONom said

    Thank You Gemini!!! Too bad that you’re not living in Russia, I would like to drink a mug of beer “Siberian Crown” with You :D

  9. Nigredo said

    Oh, those Russians…:D
    Why not vodka?

  10. TerraBreaker said

    the closer the project comes to completion, the hits you will garner, I assure you :) Keep up the good work, and good luck with those exams :-)

  11. MetRONom said

    Oh really… Why not vodka! Let’s drink VODKA “STOLICHNAYA” !!! XD XD XD
    To be honest… I don’t like beer, I wrote this just for joke)
    Vodka rullezzzzzzzz! :D

  12. Gemini said

    I’m more a Martini type.

  13. MetRONom said

    One mug of vodka and Gemini is ours!!!

  14. Stunt said

    Hey, I’m sorry I just found this blog. I’m currently playing Persona 3. Are you going to release this Persona 2 when your done? It was never released in English or something?

    Sorry, new to this.

  15. Kage said

    Stunt, P2: Innocent Sin was never released in English. The other part, P2: Eternal Punishment was. So you might as well do yourself a favor after finishing P3 and play it.

  16. Danny said

    Good work!
    The blog counter is growing faster with every update ^^

  17. Chris8282 said

    I bet before you release this patch you’ll have over 100,000 hits.

    With this update I have gained even more respect for you. So much effort goes into translation and hacking. It’s a very hard job and I commend you for it. Well, I’m off to post that there was an update in all the topics I have hyping this patch up.

  18. SlyStrife said

    With each update, I die a little on the inside….

    In a good way…


  19. Cidsa said

    Woot nice..
    I’m still wondering what the hell kind of name “Giga Macho” is.. and why it is a CD store with no CDs lolol.

  20. kruzla said

    cool news (y)
    keep the good work dude :D, you’re the man!!

  21. Takehaniyasubiko said

    Well, there’s a rumor that Gemini is, in fact, a woman. XD

  22. viewtifulsub said

    Gemini is a man, because everyone is gay for Eikichi.

    You covered a lot of ground in a small post Gemini, keep it up. Your updated are my most anticipated events in my week now

  23. Citizen Zero said

    Heh, you`ve got one more Russian owing you some drinks))

    Good luck with the translation, you` re doing a great job!

  24. Chris8282 said

    Jeezzz!! 2k+ hits in a day.. Wow Gemini, you’ve got an internet revolution on your hands.

  25. Persona'd said

    This is really amazing. I just found this blog, but I can tell that you’re an extremely talented programmer. Keep up the good work! <3

  26. Square711 said

    14,000 hits o_o
    (or not, but it’ll be in five minutes or so)

    Weren’t we talking about the 9,000 hits just some days ago? If this keeps up, it’s only a matter of weeks till we reach the 100,000 hits O_O

  27. Takehaniyasubiko said

    100K? Nah, it’s not that easy.

  28. anifei said

    Great job! T-T I wanted to play this game soooo bad long back when Eternal Punishment came out! Thank you so much! ;_; It looks really great! XD Will you be distributing this after you’re done? =D -if so, how? >.<

  29. Takehaniyasubiko said

    FAQs, Anifel, FAQs for crying out loud…

  30. DarkBubble said

    Of course your counter hit 12,000. People have been dying for this game in English and some of us have been following your progress for something like a year and a half. =P I don’t know if you’re as enthusiastic about the project as you sound, but I’m enjoying watching you squash the bugs and knock things out.

    I love the Maya facepalm pic.

  31. maya-nee said

    14k?! woah! last time visit here only goes 9k but now! so there are many people besides me who is craving for this game. keep up the good work gemini!

    luv the pic of Maya! ^^

  32. pauyasfyla said

    Tomato from Starmen just mentioned this project, and I cannot friggin’ believe I hadn’t heard of this before. Beauty! Maya’s talking and everything!

    I’m sure Mother 3’s text is just a drop in the barrel compared to this game’s. I can’t imagine going through all of that Contact dialogue.

    Congratuwelldone, sir.

  33. Chris8282 said

    Takehaniyasubiko, I bet when the patch is release and I get to work on the reviews and hyping it up, this site will get over 100k hits. Most people don’t like to hype over projects like this because more often than not they don’t get finished.

  34. Senaka said

    Well, if he does finish the project, he’ll go to 1 million =D

    Man, keep up the great work! We are really indebted w/ ya!

  35. Nickoten said

    Just dropping in to say that it’s really admirable what you’re doing, and you have my full respect for this. Thanks!

  36. Chris8282 said

    “Well, if he does finish the project, he’ll go to 1 million =D”

    Wouldn’t doubt that either.

  37. Gemini said

    Ok, project complete, but the patch is hidden somewhere. NOW RISE, MY COUNTER!

  38. Takehaniyasubiko said

    It’s under your bed! That’s why you didn’t want me to look for my pants under it last night! XD

  39. Gemini said

    No, it was because Tatsuya’s and Jun’s pants are also there. :X Look, it moves!

  40. Takehaniyasubiko said

    My sweet crazy bastard… ;*

  41. Chris8282 said

    Damnit, Takehaniyasubiko… Didn’t you read my posts? I hacked his computer ages ago… I even gave you to folder its hidden under.

    I lost my internet while I was downloading the file and Gemini installed some pwnage firewall since then and I can’t get back in….

    Wow.. would you look at that.. 4,000 hits in a 2-3 days.. Wow…. My job is done here… Just kidding, I’m finding other places to hype at.

  42. Gemini said

    Speaking of hidden stuff, I’ve actually got something really interesting on my external HDD. :D And it’s related to the Psx development. :Q_

  43. Takehaniyasubiko said

    Don;t be like this – tell us ro remain silent. You’ve got enough of hype already! XD

  44. AlexY said

    I. LOVE. YOU.

    That’s all I have to say. Good Luck, keep the updates coming!

  45. SlyStrife said

    “Speaking of hidden stuff, I’ve actually got something really interesting on my external HDD. :D And it’s related to the Psx development. :Q_”

    Do you really? NOOOOOO!!!! Now my curiosity is piqued! Tell me tell me tell me tell me tell me tell me tell meeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

    ……Sorry, lost my composure there for a second, as you were saying. ^_^

  46. MetRONom said

    Hey Gemini! Almost one week passed :D We’re waiting for new update!!! :D (sorry if I’m bothering you)

  47. Gemini said

    And I’ve been writing the new news for almost a week. xD It will be posted later today.

  48. bella said

    Oh, goodness me! I remembered playing P2 : Eternal Punishment and loving the heck out of it. Then I found out it was originally the successor of P2 : Innocent Sin, and I held my breath, anticipating the release of this game as Atlus has previously announced – only to be dropped at the face of the Earth. Though a few years had passed, having just recently finished P3 and attempting to get my husband and son into it, I went to check up on P2 : Innocent Sin, wondering if there’re any slight news about it, and I stumbled on this blog and how translations are underway and… and… I could not keep myself from shrieking in excitement. Please continue this project and give the attention to this game that it deserves, you have my utmost support! I’ll be checking on this blog daily. =)

  49. Takehaniyasubiko said

    I sure hope that you’ll show some Tatsuya and/or Jun love this time… Then again, Eikichi love will be enough – just don’t show too much of Maya and Lisa. XD

  50. […] but this person is also working on another fan translation for Tales of Phantasia. I HAS A NEWS, BUT I ATE IT! Persona 2: Innocent Sin translation blog __________________ Well I don’t want to see you waiting I’ve already gone too far away I […]

  51. bella said

    Gemini : My only worry about this is the publicity. I couldn’t help wondering that the more publicity it generates, the more higher the risk is of having it exposed to -certain- people that might halt this project. My worries may be unfounded, though – I care a great deal about this project, and would love nothing more than to see it through… :)

  52. Takehaniyasubiko said

    Bella, guys form ATLUS USA are totally aware of this project. They won’t do anything to halt it.

  53. SlyStrife said

    Yeah, there’s even a topic about Gemini on their forums, so if they didn’t say anything now I doubt their going to at all.

  54. Gemini said

    I’m sure they are cool with the project, since there is no way they will bother to port the game to the PSP or any other Psx like system. They didn’t complain with scanslations posted on their forums either, so it should be pretty safe for this project, too.

  55. bella said

    That’s delightful to hear! A few of my friends would be happy to hear about this (one of them with the particular notion that she’d be able to drown in Tatsuya x Jun love properly now that it’ll be released in English. *laughs*)

  56. Takehaniyasubiko said

    Oh, yes… drowning in TatsuyaxJun love… ^^

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