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Updates are good, gimme moar

Posted by Gemini on March 14, 2008

Woah, almost a week without posting news. :D And we also have over 8000 hits on the blog. :9 Anyway, let’s go for the real part of the news and with the usual array of pictures which makes you all drool, or at least they work like that for me. :P

Part 1: battles again! I’ve finally fixed a couple of code snippets that kept infesting the battle engine with nasty bugs. They made it crash on real hardware when you selected a Spell or when entering a boss battle (boss names use a separate list and are pasted in a string buffer using some sort of C strcat function, for some reason). I’ve also got the center align to work for most strings, as you can see from the images:

  • The first one was bitch to work out, especially because some programmer left it as “Tatsuya and party…Retreated!”. Probably the original version changed that part dynamically and they forgot to remove it or something (the string width is the same in both cases for Japanese, but that doesn’t work pretty well for English X_x). However, the “Retreated!” string uses a separate text box, so I forced the game to always paste “failed!” at the end of the message and that fixed the width issue.
  • The second one shows a 1 year old hack, but I never bothered to hardcode it inside the battle module, so here it goes. Also wanted to show the cool spell name from EP. ;D

Part 2: card menus. Not much code hacked here:

  • If you played IS in Japanese, you should remember the tarot list using a fixed width font, which was okay with the old Chicago font, but creates a nasty effect with mine (can’t remember the name). X_x I removed that effect and replaced it with the standard variable width font, just like Atlus US did for EP.
  • No new hacks involved here. Just wanted to show more of the translation. :D

Part 3: maps. All the code for maps should be finally done. Dialogues work perfectly (already reported in one of the previous news) and now also place names do:
They had a centering issue, just like spells in battle. The code to determine the string width was a little stranger than usual, but I made it point to my GetVarWidth routine, changed a couple of opcodes responsible for placing the string on screen, et voilà.

Part 4: multiple choices in dialogue. This was one my nightmares:
This part of the text engine works like a completely separate entity and is integrated within standard dialogues in a diabolic way (did I tell you Satan himself programmed the game?). I had to recode several segments of code in 3 different routines, all thanks to the new text format (1 byte per character, opposed to the 2 byte format used by the Japanese version) and it kept me busy for like 3 hours the last night (X_x), but it’s finally DONE! Now only one small part of the text engine is incompatible with my format, but it should be pretty easy to fix since it’s just a matter of reading an unaligned halfword.


58 Responses to “Updates are good, gimme moar”

  1. Takehaniyasubiko said

    “Tatsuya and party… failed.” It’s so damn funny when taken out of the context… XDDDD

    I hate Maya. Yes – I HATE THAT ****** BITCH. And yet I must control her if I want some P2 goodness. :cry: I will be the most happy person on this planet when I’ll get my hands on English IS, being able due to that to fully enjoy P2’s gameplay while controling TATSUYA… :drools:

  2. Gemini said

    I like Maya. I hate her as a silent protagonist, tho. :/

  3. Chris8282 said

    Great job, Gemini. More pwnage.

    Just a quick question though, how are the 8,000 counted? Is it people visited, or times refreshed, or people per day? I’m just curious.

  4. Takehaniyasubiko said

    I can’t stand that… character. My BF likes her a lot, though.

    BTW… I would like to write something insightful on your hack progress but.. I can’t understand a word out of that technical mambo jambo. XD

  5. Gemini said

    @Chris: I guess it doesn’t count refreshes, so it should be a list of unique IPs.

  6. Takehaniyasubiko said

    Just wanted to say that if you, my dear Gemini, will ever want to work on another MegaTen translation, then I’m truly and utterly convinced that it should be Soul Hackers. This game is amazing, really. I was pwn3ed by it (the graphics and music are amazing and the plot – from what I’ve read here and there – is one of the best in the series). And besides, Aeon Genesis’ translator for this project – Ian – made some substantial progress with the script. Too bad Gideon Zhi himself had some serious problems with the hack…

  7. Danny said

    Nice Update!
    I kinda like waiting longer for a bigger update than getting small ones.

  8. Square711 said

    ^Totally agreed.

    If Soul Hackers didn’t use first person view at dungeons, it would probably be my favorite PSX game in the series. And although I had a lot of trouble understanding the plot because of my poor japanese skillz at the time, I can say it’s really amazing.

    That’s one game I’d love to see translated… but for now, let’s concentrate on IS, shall we? :P

    Oh, and out of curiosity, Take, what “serious problems” did Gideon have?

  9. Square711 said

    Uh, I “agree” to Take’s post. Took to long to submit the comment lol

  10. Gemini said

    @Take: you’re right. My next Megaten project will be Soul Hackers, if that’s ever gonna happen. I have a couple project I’d like to complete before moving on something totally new.

    @Danny: yeah, it’s better and less stressing for me. :D

  11. Takehaniyasubiko said

    I’ll dare to quote his His Excellency: Gideon Zhi:

    Soul Hackers is certainly not dead. It’s just frozen for the moment – it’d look rather stupid to have your character’s name be displayed in 16×16 characters while the rest of the text is displayed in 8×16, yes? I haven’t been able to fix this, or do the 8×8 variable-width that’ll probably be necessary for names in combat, but these are the only issues preventing the game from progressing at the current time.

  12. Gemini said

    Frankly, that sounds like an excuse to me. The script could have been translated YEARS ago, and still there is no news on that at all. A couple of very small issues can’t really block a translation that much. More than frozen, I’d say the project is six feet under. It’s been like that for 5 or 6 years, let’s face it.

  13. Takehaniyasubiko said

    That quote is from the end of 2K6. And yeah, it’s sounds… well, lame. HE really shouldn’t have started all of this projects at once…

    Anyway, I’ll use this opportunity to to grumble a little…

    EP freezes like crazy in the menus on my PSX. I really don’t know what’s wrong since other games work fine but I guess I’ll just have to buy another one (I recently bought a laser for this one, though X_X). I’d play it on the PS2 but there’s that text issue… Damn it, I hate this kind of little problems…. They’re annoy the heck out of me…

  14. Chris8282 said

    “I guess it doesn’t count refreshes, so it should be a list of unique IPs.”

    Well, then congratulations on 9,000 IPs. (It’ll be up there by the time you read this.)

  15. MetRONom said

    C’moooon!!! I WANT TO KICK HITLER’S ASS!!!

  16. Takehaniyasubiko said

    And to think that they thought that Hitler would stop us from buying this game, lol…

  17. KrelianX said

    Nice update, Gemini. Blade of Fury sounds like kickass move :D

  18. Takehaniyasubiko said

    Well, Blade of Fury is a standard stuff , really. :P

  19. Paolo said

    Hello Gemini! I’m new to this forum, i just happened here searching the net for a translation script for Innocent Sin.
    I’m really astonished to see your wonderful work!
    I truly thank you for the massive amount of work you are doing!
    Just a question: when you will have completed the patch how can i use it on my playstation?

    Thanks again :)

  20. Gemini said

    Please Paolo, use the FAQs…

  21. TerraBreaker said

    *cries* The more I see the more I want to play it! Keep up the good work :) Don’t forget to get some sleep Gemini, we don’t want you dying at the keyboard!

  22. Takehaniyasubiko said

    Don’t worry, TerraBreaker – Gemini won’t end up like this:

    He has a life outside this project… unfortunately. XD

  23. Chris8282 said

    “He has a life outside this project… unfortunately. XD”

    Quick! We must post lies and start rumors all over the internet so that all who know Gemini will no longer talk to him! That way, he’ll work on the project 24/7.. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!

    JK, of course.. Anyways, happy 9,000+ hits. You’re finally there.

  24. mazoboom said

    I love you, Gemini, and everything you stand for.

  25. MetRONom said

    Yeah, Gemini, here’s our Russian beer mug, you deserve it) :P

  26. SlyStrife said

    Haven’t made a comment yet, so…here ya go! ^_^

    Great job with the progress so far, this whole “only update once a week thing” was a good idea.

    I also agree with Take, your next huge Megaten project should definitely be Soul Hackers, I’m still pissed off at Sony for denying it’s release all those years ago. It pains me because I constantly hear that it’s the best one, I want to play it so BAD!

    ::shakes fist angrily::

  27. Sovereign said

    I’m amazed with the hard work you’ve shown here. I popped back in the forum to check on how things were going only to find that you had started this blog!

    Excellent work, and I’ll definitely be popping in regularly as well spreading the word about the good thing you have goin’ here!

  28. Chris8282 said

    Almost 10,000 hits.. YAY!

  29. mazoboom said

    Out of curiosity, does Innocent Sin have a New Game+? Also I heard that EP originally could use data from an IS save, sort of Suikoden style. What information did it carry over? I’m assuming Atlus took this feature out of the English version though?

  30. Chris8282 said

    Yes, they did. And I doubt Gemini can work up THAT much voodoo much to put it back into EP.

  31. Gemini said

    @Mazoboom: IS doesn’t include any New Game+ option, mostly because they kept all the extras for EP. As for the Suikoden style data loading, American EP can load IS data; they just disabled that menu call when you start a New Game, in fact you can access it through the debugging modules (which are enabled by default on an EP debug build you can find on the net). I’m not sure about what you can import from IS, but Tatsuya’s personal data (nick, name, and surname) and Fusion Spells are carried over from what I could see on my Japanese EP.

  32. Chris8282 said

    So, let’s say we somehow “hack” that back into EP through codes or debugging, etc., it won’t take the information from IS like the JP version would?

  33. Gemini said

    It would. I just told you it works EXACTLY the same.

  34. Takehaniyasubiko said

    10,000 hits in a matter of minutes from now… ^^

  35. Ta-chan said

    Yay for the mod that undid the Bot that removed my link to this page in wikipedia!

  36. Chris8282 said

    “I’m not sure about what you can import from IS”
    Okay, sorry. That right there threw me off.

  37. SlyStrife said

    The stuff you can carry over from IS are as listed

    Tatsuya’s name
    Tatsuya’s level
    Apollo’s Rank and whatever spells you added
    the Karma ring accessory

    I believe that’s about it.

  38. Xain said

    Gemini, as many others I can’t wait for you to complete the translation, but I have a question: what about battle quotes? You will sub them or translate them and put it in an read me or something…?

  39. Paolo said

    Hello everyone :)

    When the translation will be complete, will it be an .iso file? (Or .bin)?

    Gemini is doing a very great work!!!

  40. Zeb said

    I expect it will be a patch that is applied to a cd image, so that it can be more easily (and legally) be distributed.

    You’ll have to find the game on your own.

  41. Chris8282 said

    Paolo, read the FAQ.

  42. ta-chan said

    SlyStrife, allow me to add this to the list of what you carry from IS to EP:

    -Tatsuya’s name
    -Tatsuya’s level(this includes HP/SP,EXP points and the exact parameters status).
    -Apollo’s Rank and whatever spells you added.
    -the Karma ring accessory.
    -If you chose to say “Yes” to Eikichi when he ask you to join “Gas Chamber”, then the default contact between Urara and Tatsuya will be “Flamenco de la Pasion” (you won’t have to confirm it in “Sumaru Prison”).
    -The Fusion Spells list.
    -The money you donate to that money grubbing cat in Kozonoha DA.
    -All the FREE tarot cards you had.

    That and a change in quite a few event scenes.(Script is adjusted accordingly).

    And….I really wish if someone could confirm if FOOL cards will carry on also.

  43. Takehaniyasubiko said

    Damn you Ta-chan – your IS knowledge is far too broad. XD

  44. Chris8282 said

    Countdown to 11K hits…


    *to be continued*

  45. StevenSmith said

    Haha I love the “When Atlus fails, we don’t!” Haha. Thats great.

  46. Chris8282 said

    oops.. I’ma bit late.. but.. YAY 11K+ hits

  47. SlyStrife said


    Ah, I had a feeling that I was missing some stuff. Thanks for adding on! ^_^

  48. Kage said

    The title could be “Gemini does what Atlus won’t”, kind of like that old Genesis comercial. Anyway, great job. The translation scene needs more people like you, Gemini.

  49. Gemini said

    @Xian: the battle quotes are not going to be subbed or anything. Way too much work for something nobody needs/cares about.

    @Paolo: releasing patches in an ISO/BIN format is seriously illegal, so the answer is: just a simple patch to apply on the ISO. Guess I should probably add that to the FAQs.

  50. MetRONom said

    One week passed… We’re waitin’ for the new update!!! :P

  51. Gemini said

    I’m working on that. I’ve been busy like hell lately. >_>

  52. MetRONom said

    Don’t be angry, Gemini)) It was just joke!

  53. Gemini said

    I’m not mad at you, but at my exams taking way too much time.

  54. Snatcher said

    And here I figured my IS I imported would only be there to compliment the other MegaTen games on my shelf! Excellent work and all the best in the future!

  55. Square711 said

    I know this has nothing to do with the translation, but I’m really happy about it so I’ll say it anyway: my japanese copy of Digital Devil Saga has arrived today. \o/

    Too bad I can’t say “now I have something to play till the patch is released” though, since it won’t last longer than a week. :P

  56. Morzas said

    Gemini, the guys at Siliconera don’t know your gender.

  57. Gemini said

    I guess that’s because I always say that I love Eikichi. xD I’m male, just like most of the people posting here.

  58. Zins said

    Wow, just found out about your project from destructoid. Bless you for undertaking this translation and best of luck on your finals!

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