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Tacking battles down

Posted by Gemini on March 9, 2008

Made in time to post today’s news! So… Well, the spell list from yesterday made me not much willing to work on field menu, so here goes something new: battles. I haven’t got myself on the demon contact, but I’m slowly working out all problems and layout issues with the battle engine, in particular some center alignment errors. As usual, images:
The translation mostly comes from EP. I’m still reviewing all the strings since some things don’t look correct, like “Abilities/Status” in the second screen, which doesn’t really contain any ability, and EP labeled it as “Sta./Cnd.” (not really helpful). Some parts are missing, but I will try and get more strings to work better, and I will probably try to get the demon contact to show translated dialogues (maybe for the next update?).


67 Responses to “Tacking battles down”

  1. Square711 said

    These screenshots look great as always… except for that “analySe” on the battle menu, but that’s probably not even worth mentioning. :P

    Can’t wait to see some demon contact screenshots. 8D

  2. Andrigaar said

    “Analyse” is the UK English spelling. Along with strange word/variants like “realise”, “colour” and “honour.

    Crazy Brits (and many Canadians)

  3. Gimlianon said

    w00t! Another update! Wow, three in a row! Congrats! ^_^

  4. Chris8282 said

    Sexy screenshots as usual :) :): )

  5. Chris8282 said

    WOW!! Just saw the blogs hits. 6,000+ .. wow… That’s amazing… Gemini lotta people are interested in this just as I said :)

  6. Takehaniyasubiko said

    I’;m waiting for the hit number 6666… :P

  7. viewtifulsub said

    Gemini, been following this journey of yours for the last 2years and finally get my chance to give you my support (registering never worked on your forum for whatever reason).

    The progress you’ve made over the last few months has been nothing but amazing. I wish all you and your translator/script editor all the best with the remaining tasks left to accomplish.

  8. MetRONom said


  9. SlyStrife said

    Yay! A battle screen cap! I’ve been waiting for one of those. ::drools::

  10. Chris8282 said

    “I’;m waiting for the hit number 6666… :P”


  11. MetRONom said

    Chris8282, cause he’s goth, just like me :P :D

  12. Takehaniyasubiko said

    Yeah, exactly. :P

  13. Chris8282 said

    * rolls eyes *


    But, I wonder if Gemini’s gonna take a (update) break today.

  14. Gemini said

    I think I will not post an update today, but I’m currently working on something that *might* be interesting. I won’t unveil the mystery, but it has to do with one of EP functions being implemented into IS. I hope I can find the code responsible for that. :P

  15. SlyStrife said

    Hmmm, I’m pretty curious about this. ::rests chin on hand::

  16. ta-chan said


    If it’s what I think it is then…
    WOW!! That would be an awesome thing to do!

    I was just about to ask about it in Jikan no forum! RLY XD

  17. Gemini said

    You are thinking correctly… I will implement in IS… A BATTLE WITH NAOYA!

    Ok, just kidding. xD

  18. Chris8282 said

    Ta-chan what do you think it is?

  19. ta-chan said

    Chris, I’m not telling! XD

    Let’s save that thrill until it’s official from Gemini.

    All I can say for now is, when Gemini get this done…it will make “this” version of IS even better than the “official” one!

    I’m sure as hell you’ll like it.

  20. Takehaniyasubiko said

    I’m scared, really.. :O

  21. SlyStrife said

    “All I can say for now is, when Gemini get this done…it will make “this” version of IS even better than the “official” one!”


    Now I’m even more curious than before….

  22. Gemini said

    @Ta-chan: you are free to give them hints, if you actually figured out what it is. :P

  23. zeth said

    well done Gemini

  24. Dear Hunter said

    Excellent work! Keep the updates coming. :D

  25. ta-chan said

    ok. Lets see…how can i put this.

    hmm…it’s a “3 in 1” kind of thing.

    as in it will save you a lot of work and frustration.

    What do you think Gemini, am i reading this right..?

  26. rhad said

    is it related to fusion spells?

  27. Morzas said

    EP-style fusion spells in IS? Cool.

  28. Gemini said

    I dunno what you mean for EP-style fusion spells, but you are getting closer to it. :D

  29. SlyStrife said

    Ooooooooooooo!!!! I think I know what it is! It wouldn’t happen to be the set fusion function fronm EP would it?

    ::clasps hands together and starts to pray::

  30. Gemini said

    Bingo! I’ve already located part of the code responsible for that in EP, but I haven’t checked yet what triggers the “Set.” button code, so it’s still WIP.

  31. SlyStrife said

    YAY! I feel smart now. :)

    That was the one thing that always bothered me when I played IS (although it isn’t the biggest deal in the world), however I was pretty satisfied with multiple personas being able to mutate after battle (why they took that out in EP I’ll never understand).

    I hope you’ll be able to find that code, it would be awesome to see that function present in IS. ^_^

  32. SlyStrife said

    Oops, I was so I excited when I saw the “bingo!” that I didn’t read the rest of the comment. :P

    Awesome job on finding the code, I’m sure you’ll be able to figure out the rest. ^_^

  33. Chris8282 said

    Way to go, SlyStrife.

  34. Takehaniyasubiko said

    I’m surprised that you even bother, Gemini… P

  35. ta-chan said


    Limiting mutation to only one persona per battle in EP was totally uncalled for.

    I mean it didn’t even have that good of an odds too (what? 1/35)?


    Just the idea of choosing the fusion spell from a list and then just watching the personae set the spells themselves and then casting them in order is just SO convenient!

    It doesn’t really bother me that much when I play it (put my limited japanese in use!) but if there’s a chance that I could be using the auto-set function then i’d be more than happy to take it.

  36. Takehaniyasubiko said

    Yeah, I know that it’s SOOO convenient and all but I just don’t see it as a ‘OMG factor’. But if Gemini wants to do it…

  37. Gemini said

    In fact there is no OMG there, but it’s pretty convenient, and it’s the only thing I miss from EP.

  38. ta-chan said

    To be quite honest, what I thought of first wasn’t the fusion auto-set.

    What came to my mind first was the “carry over” elements from IS to EP, when you start EP with a finished IS slot in the memory card.That’s what really got me excited.

    Then when I re-read Gemini’s post i realized it was the other way around.Implementing a function from EP to IS.

    Nonetheless,It’s quite the add-on!

  39. Takehaniyasubiko said

    Heh, ‘carry over elements’… That is something I’d really want to have back. But I think that’s a little to complex to pull off… :P

    Anyway, I’m currently replaying EP, or should I say – I try to ’cause by PSX started to freeze in the menus for some lame reason…X_X

    Anyway, I’m enjoying it A LOT but I still can’t get IS out of my head… I think that’ll really shed a tear of happiness when this patch comes out…

  40. SlyStrife said


    I played EP before IS, so I was pretty upest for a little while at the lack of the fusion auto-set, but when I saw Tatsuya’s, Lisa’s, and Eikichi’s personas all mutate at once I was like o.0. I pretty much didn’t care less after seeing that, but the auto-set it still VERY nice to have.

  41. ta-chan said

    What the..?

    Someone removed my link to this page from Persona 2 wikipedia page.

    Does wiki prohibits linking to fan translated projects..?

    I see no problem in making subtitled paragraphs talking about it though… ToP for example.

  42. Takehaniyasubiko said

    It’s those ***** LAW followers – first they kidnapped Tom and now this! That does it! :summons Lucifer:

  43. Danny said

    The only thing I liked about LAW was using angels and being the messiah, too bad YHVH is a manipulative jerk…CHAOS all the way!!!!
    I hope you find what you’re looking for Gemini, although I never played EP or IS so I don’t know what it’s about.

  44. Chris8282 said

    So Take. Were you here when it hit 6666?

  45. Takehaniyasubiko said

    At a local graveyard, perfecting my sabbath skills… :P

  46. MetRONom said

    No updates for a “long” time… Not good :P

  47. Gemini said

    I have some material for an update, but it’s better to wait a little and let hype grow bigger and bigger. :P

  48. Chris8282 said

    “I have some material for an update, but it’s better to wait a little and let hype grow bigger and bigger. :P”

    You’re a cruel, cruel man, Gemini.


  49. Gemini said

    I know I’m cruel, but that’s part of my character. :D Anyway, I guess I will start to update once a week, like Tomato does on the Mother 3 project blog. This way I can show more and better stuff at once.

  50. Takehaniyasubiko said

    That’s a good idea.

  51. Castor Krieg said

    Hi everyone! Just got here from some forum about Persona 2: Tsumi. I’m very grateful at what you are doing Gemini, as Persona series is one of my favorite on PSX. Any estimate on when the work will be done? Is it going to be available as an ISO file? Did you tried to ask Atlus US for any support?

    Thanks again!

  52. Gemini said

    Castor, for the first question check the FAQs. As for the patch format, no ISO, it would be highly illegal. As for Atlus’ support, I don’t think they would offer me any for free.

  53. Chris8282 said

    Wow… everyone comes here now.. No one hangs around the forum anymore. Gemini, I think you murdered your own forum.

    Oh well.. Anyways….

    Why does everyone from GFs never read the FAQs? You’d think someone from Game –>FAQs<— would read FAQs.

  54. Gemini said

    Guess I should rename it “Click here for free porn!”.

  55. Chris8282 said


  56. Chris8282 said

    Gemini, did you translate ToP with Absolute Zero by any chance? I saw some LOL posts as GameFAQs. They were all “OMFG NEW PSX TRANSLATION” done by Phantasian Productions, then someone corrected them saying it wasn’t Phantasian Productions, but someone called Absolute Zero. And looking at the dates for the posts, you’re version was released sooner (I haven’t checked to see the official site since I don’t have a link). I was just wondering incase I need to go educate them :)

  57. Gemini said

    Throughhim and I released ToP under the Absolute Zero label, so that’s me. And yeah, I’ve seen those posts where they mistake us with Phantasian Productions (which never released a single translation patch, afaik). Fun as hell, especially if you know all the story and drama behind it. :D

  58. Chris8282 said


    How do you know so much about where you are mentioned??? Do you have a crystal ball?

  59. Gemini said

    Because I use google. :P

  60. Chris8282 said


    What is this google you speak of? And how much can I get it for and where? Are the ebay prices good? Does ebay have it?

  61. Chris8282 said

    And Take.. Just curious by next-gen do you mean PS3/360/Wii? If so, IMO, that generation hasn’t even started yet. Especially for JRPGs.

  62. Takehaniyasubiko said

    Yes, I mean PS3/360/Wii. Lost Odyssey and Eternal Sanata are good but that’s all. There’s nothing that I’m that intrested in the the works either (I don’t count that enigmatic SMT title for the PS3…). Besides… I wouldn’t call past-gen jRPGs as good as the ones for PSX. In fact, overall I’m disappointed in past-gen jRPGs and I don’t expect anything as good as P2 on current systems. I hope I’m wrong…

  63. Chris8282 said

    Well, what I’m saying is that next-gen hasn’t really started. The 360 has a few RPGs and good FPS, but the PS3 has almost nothing as far as JRPGs and other games that the PS’s are known for. This is, IMO, the slowest starting generation ever.

    But, IMO, the overall quality of JRPGs is much better in PS2. There are more, and they are great, IMO. Of course, though, in my Top 10 JRPGs most are from PSX, but there’s about 15x more JRPGs on the PS2 and they’re all great, IMO.

    I think that with the system RPGs can really take presentation and gameplay to the next level.

  64. Chris8282 said

    Just so you know Gemini, I’m going to do a playthrough of ToP with your patch. When I realized there was a patch for PSX I had just played through the game a month or two before. I think I’ve waited long enough and really look forward to the remake :) Thank you, Gemini (Or should I say Absolute Zero team)

  65. Takehaniyasubiko said

    Well, most of PS2 jRPGs are crap, IMHO. And those that are good aren’t that good. Let’s take Persona 3 as an example – I love this game but at the same time I can’t help to feel disappointed since it’s a step down from previous Persona games in terms of… everything expect the graphics. The same can be said about SMT III…

    I just wish that we’ll get some truly deep – story and gameplay wise – MegaTen game. But I doubt it since P3 is so popular among mainstream… P4 will most probably be as mtv kids oriented as P3… Don’t get me wrong – I don’t think that’s bad. I really love P3, as I already said. But it’s just irritaitng that these days even ATLUS guys don’t have the balls to come up with some truly antimtv game…

  66. Chris8282 said

    If you want, we can continue this in the forum. I don’t want to get anymore off topic.

  67. Takehaniyasubiko said

    Yeah, I was carried away. Sorry.

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