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Spells are gone for good

Posted by Gemini on March 8, 2008

It took me a shitload of time to complete, but I‘ve finally completed the spell list, which also includes Fusion Spells and enemies’ attacks. Most of them are taken directly from EP. You can’t even imagine how complicated is to go through the whole list and search for the corresponding spell, especially when the order is TOTALLY different. Fortunately, EP jp uses the same identical character table from IS (plus a few new ideogram/symbols), so it didn’t take me much to create a comparison list for that and then look for the japanese name in IS. Anyway, couple of images as usual:


19 Responses to “Spells are gone for good”

  1. MetRONom said

    Hmmm… What to say…

  2. Square711 said

    Glad to see one of the hardest parts of the hack is done.
    Must have been really boring to look for the spells one by one. >_>

  3. Gemini said

    Yeah, it was boring, especially because I wasn’t supposed to do this work, but I’m taking care of everything in menus as long as translators don’t report back. And my eyes are screaming in pain. >_>

  4. Takehaniyasubiko said

    You’re one one hell of an intelligent bastard, Gemini! ^^

    And btw – it’s a a good thing you decided to go with EP’s nomenclature for this.

  5. Gemini said

    I’m not using the whole spell list from EP, actually. Many names come from there, but some are fixed, like Senpu Jin, which wasn’t translated for no reason. And I’m still using all the names from tarot cards for the usual SMT spells, so they are slightly different from EP anyway.

  6. Takehaniyasubiko said

    Well, yes, I remember what you’ve written on RHDN; I’m not claiming that you’re mindlessly copying everything from EP, of course. You’re doing your job tremendously well – you know when it’s OK to use somethnig from EP and when it’s not right.

    Everything you do for ‘the community’… it’s just breathtaking… I praise thee! :bows humbly:

  7. Chris8282 said

    Great job, Gemini. You keep me busy updating the various topics I’ve started when you update.

  8. gimlianon said

    Wow! Another update? Dang you work fast… Thanks again!

  9. Takehaniyasubiko said

    There’s a rumour that Gemini is using chinese immigrants for all of this work. XD

  10. Chris8282 said

    I heard that too. Makes sense. But why don’t you teach those Chinese some Japanese (Should be easy for them.) and have them translate?

  11. Cidsa said

    Poor Gemini :(
    Next time you need some help, just ask, I’ll try to help ^^;

  12. Static said

    Really looking forward to this with every post. EP was the game that got me into the MegaTen series as a whole, and I’ve somehow managed to get my hands on every game released in English so far. Not bad considering I live in Britain.

    Anyway, Nice to see the regular updates – even if they’re just small and pointless, it’s still nice to know that things are getting done. Here’s hoping everything goes smoothly!

  13. Takehaniyasubiko said

    I wonder who will tak down the whole conversation system… There’s approximately 500 demon’s questions and add to that all of the answeres! And that’s still not the whole stuff – there’s still that contacts and Persona conversations subsystems… O_o

  14. MetRONom said

    Takehaniyasubiko, please, let’s not talk about bad things)

  15. Takehaniyasubiko said

    I just wonder when, or rather – if the translators will kick into high gear… :P

  16. ta-chan said

    Just added this blog as an external link on the Persona 2 page in wikipedia.

  17. Chris8282 said

    Wish I had a Wiki account :) .. But I don’t think Take’s bringing up anything Gemini isn’t prepared for and doesn’t know is coming.

  18. Takehaniyasubiko said

    Well, it’s very simple. Gemini can’t do anything to make his translators work hard – this is pure volunteer work so they can translate whenever they want to, or even quit whenever thay want to. As for now, the translation is in a limbo. Maybe it will kick off soon, or maybe it won’t. We can only hope that the translators (well, mainly Tom) will find both time and wish to take this project to its end.

  19. Chris8282 said

    Well, like I said, teach those Chinese some Japanese!!! JK.. Gemini and his pwnagelyness will figure something out.

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