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Can’t have enough of Eikichi

Posted by Gemini on March 5, 2008

Time to fulfill a small request kazuma kaneko asked me for, some here we go with a couple of character descriptions:
Thanks to Cidsa who helped me to get the descriptions done. Unfortunately none of us could get the exact meaning for one of the descriptions: Jun’s. It uses a strange structure I never encountered before. This is what the Japanese description says:

Our version says:
<Tatsuya>’s best friend who
promised to protect Maya with him.
He’s what can be called a being of
light and shadow.

I know it’s close enough to the original (we had to chop the “10 yeas ago” part, too, but it was getting way too long for that narrow window >_>), but I’m not 100% sure the translation is correct. So if you know how to translate it, feel free to drop in and leave a comment, and I will take care of the insertion. Thanks!

[edit]Ignore the request above. Eien Ni Hen helped with that and now all descriptions are to be considered 100% correct. :D We also have a nickname for Tatsuya, directly from US Eternal Punishment: “Tatsu”.[/edit]


29 Responses to “Can’t have enough of Eikichi”

  1. Danny said

    More Eikichi XD
    Funny but I just can’t picture him as a shy boy…

  2. Ta-chan said

    Thanks a lot Gemini.

    I was really wondering what those descriptions said. The 1st(form) of the profile was always easy to figure out, but the 2nd one was always difficult to decipher.

    I’m sure KK will be very happy with this! (points to self!) XD

  3. Chris8282 said

    If you’re still working on these in a few years I’ll be able to help. Until then.. nope.. sorry…

  4. Gemini said

    I guess I shouldn’t have asked it here. After all, those interested in the translation can’t understand Japanese. xD

    /me feels so dumb, and yet satisfied

  5. Chris8282 said

    Just for the lolz here’s a Babelfish translation

    When 10 years ago, the dance is protected together, you promised, the close friend. Doing the dance, the existence which you called that it seems like light and the shadow.

  6. KrelianX said

    Eikichi seems to be pretty cool xD Good job.

  7. Gemini said

    Hm, no Chris, I don’t think that’s going to help. >_>

  8. takehaniyasubiko said

    Who’s Cidsa? ;P

  9. takehaniyasubiko said

    And as for that line – I don’t know Japanese, of course, but from what I know about P2’s story, I think that’s a reference to the fact that Jun and Tatsuya are like two sides of one coin – the light one&and the dark one.

  10. Chris8282 said

    I know it won’t help.. That’s why I said just for lolz.. meaning just for jokes at Babelfish.. Meaning it was supposed to be a joke.. and of no real serious purpose.

  11. Chris8282 said

    And to save space you could change “Second year student” to sophomore.

  12. Gemini said

    That’s not really necessary. :P Anyway, somebody is going to have the sentence translated, so no more Jun issue! :O

  13. Chris8282 said

    LOL, I thought for sure you would use that Babelfish translation… Its pwnage..

    And its good you go through all that (getting a translator) to make sure this is as good as possible.. Gemini, you pwn.

  14. takehaniyasubiko said

    BTW – many people judge Eikichi by look and think that’s he’s a plain clown. But that’s so unfair! I mean, at least I found his backstroy EXTREMELY interesting and… I can relate to it to a certain degree.

    Anyway, Eikichi’s one of my favourite game characters ever. ^^

  15. ta-chan said

    BTW Gemini, did you know that “Metal Eikichi” actually calls Tatsuya “Tatsu” in P2:EP (US version)!!?

    weird huh..?

  16. Gemini said

    Did it? :o I guess we have a nick for him, then. I was going to ask Tom for Tatsu as a possible nick, but considering that’s the official version there is no way I’m not gonna use it.

  17. ta-chan said

    Visual confirmation for the skeptics ;)

    Check @ 03:35

  18. SlyStrife said

    Really? I don’t remember Tatsu being used at all in EP, my memory must be foggy…>_<

    It’s a good nick none the less! ^_^

  19. Chris8282 said

    BTW, Gemini you’re getting some compliments on the ToP translation over at the GFs board I started under Persona 3: FES.

  20. Cidsa said

    I’m Cidsa XD
    I’ve been helping out a little with this since the beginning (when was that? 2006 or something? XD). Good thing we have Tom or we’d get stuck so often lol.

  21. Gemini said

    Yeah Cidsa, the project has been around since September 2006, a month before I left for Japan.

  22. takehaniyasubiko said

    You left for Japan? I’m soooo jealous… Expect a card from the Joker… XD

  23. Gemini said

    I returned from Japan like over a year ago. :p

  24. takehaniyasubiko said

    Yeah, but you [b]were[/b] in Japan and I’m jealouse for that fact alone. :P

    BTW – what is Tom’s attitude towards Tsumi? Did he decide to translate it because he love it?

  25. Gemini said

    Actually, I can’t even remember why he joined the project. But yeah, we is probably in love with the game.

  26. takehaniyasubiko said


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