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Prologue, part 1.5

Posted by Gemini on March 4, 2008

Ok, this was going to be called “No part 2, part 2”, but I finally made it to dump and reinsert correctly battle dialogues. :P

Part of the battle dialogues might sound like the Oracle of Maiya’s, because that’s where they come from. xD I changed them a little to make them similar to Tom’s style, but there wasn’t really much to change. They will be retranslated entirely, so consider the pictures just as a demonstration of the battle hacks.

I couldn’t really post other screenshots because the game crashes after that event with Joker. I’m not sure about the cause. It might be related with the battle events, but it doesn’t make much sense considering that the automatic battle with Eikichi doesn’t cause any bug. It’s probably some error with the non-dungeon map reinserter. Will be fixed as soon as possible, and I will finally post “Prologue, part 2”. :P


9 Responses to “Prologue, part 1.5”

  1. Chris8282 said

    Wow.. More updates, you’re awesome Gemini. Just for that I’ll allow to two 3 minute coffe breaks.

  2. takehaniyasubiko said

    Let’s not be so hard on Oracle of Maiya’s translation – it’s not that bad, really. But yes, Tom’s is better. ;>

  3. KrelianX said

    Nice going. x) And I hope you figure out the error you’re getting :)

  4. takehaniyasubiko said

    BTW – I know these may sound stupid but reading that Lisa’s line made me realize that Tom’s translation is… a bit to good. I mean, this is high schoolers stuff so it shouldn’t sound too ingenious… :P :P

  5. Andre said

    I find amazing that, not only you are doing this, but you are updating pratically daily! my hat is off to you sir, congrats!

  6. Danny said

    Thanks for updating so fast!Looking forward to Part 2 :D

  7. Justsomeguy said

    Good to see that you’re updating regularly, and I’m really glad to hear you’re changing the style a bit. Oracle of Maiya’s translation does the job pretty well, but I prefer Tom’s style.

  8. SlyStrife said

    Awesome work! The translation is coming along great! I hope you find the cause of that error, whatever it may be…we’re all rooting for ya! ^_^

  9. Gemini said

    It’s probably a broken map after that event. The game doesn’t crash if I reinsert the original disc at the end of the battle.

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