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No part 2, not yet

Posted by Gemini on March 3, 2008

Maps can be finally edited (a cookie for those who can get the reference):
This part should have been completed a loooong time ago, but I’m a goddamn procrastinator. So, now I have more text for the translators, but it’s not much (317KB in UTF8) so it should be just a matter of days once Tom is back from his “get a new laptop” period.

You might be wondering “why not part 2?” and the answer is: I didn’t locate those pre-boss battle dialogues, so I can’t get past the first encounter with the Joker. >_> Once I get those dumped, all the text should be available for the translation and I can reinsert it to make the game a little more stable. And now coffee break for me-me-me!


17 Responses to “No part 2, not yet”

  1. takehaniyasubiko said

    “Mwah, hotness! I wanna bang you!!”? XDDD

    And no cookie for me because I can’t get the reference… ;/ I’m sure some inteligent beast will get it any moment, though… ;P

  2. Danny said

    After hearing Eikichi say that, poor Lisa is definately going to be the last character I’ll pair Tatsuya with…The other choices sound much more fun XD

  3. takehaniyasubiko said

    Lisa is a meh, man! Jun FTW!!!! ^^

  4. Mint Kashiro said

    Ah! So exciting. You’ve made such progress, I’m impressed.

    It’s about darn time someone tackle this project.

  5. takehaniyasubiko said

    I hope that Gemini will not want to wait till 2009 in order to release this patch on the 10th anniversary of Tsumi’s premiere. XD

  6. Gemini said

    I thought about that today. Could be a good excuse for any delay. ;>

  7. takehaniyasubiko said

    Just get back to work already, will ya’? One coffee a day is enough, lol.


  8. Gemini said

    Today I had 3. ;O

  9. takehaniyasubiko said

    You spoony bard! ;O

  10. Chris8282 said

    Get to work GEMINI!!! No coffee breaks. JK, I can wait for years for this but I hope it doesn’t take that long (mostly for your sake)…

    Good job on the site and the updates. I hope they stay as frequent but don’t take time out of hacking…

    OK, your coffee break is over. GET TO WORK!!

    jk, of course.

  11. MetRONom said

    Gemini, thank you for continuing this wonderful translation) Persona 2 Innocent Sin is my favourite Persona game… I hope to see translation patch soon :)
    All Russia with you, so translate and make us happy!!! (sorry for my english)

  12. takehaniyasubiko said

    Now, with the support of Russia, you simply ca not loose, Gemini! XD

  13. Deiser said

    Oh god, another MGA fan! WHOO!

    In seriousness though, this came at the perfect time, since I spent hours ripping my persona 2: EP game and converting it for my psp only to find it’s NORMAL to crash in the first battle (;_;), so maybe this’ll help take my mind off it :D

  14. KrelianX said

    Looks very nice so far. And lol at Eikichi’s line

  15. MetRONom said

    takehaniyasubiko, XD
    Gemini, we believe in You!!))

  16. SlyStrife said

    Hey Gemini! Long time no see! I never new you had this blog until recently, I’ll be sure to post here as much as I can, I’m afraid I don’t get any cookies either as I have no idea what your referencing. >_<

  17. Carl Campbell said

    Metal Gear Awesome.


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