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Yay for updates

Posted by Gemini on March 2, 2008

Time for a news! I’ve finally fixed all those glitches with the other font used in menus for Tarot types, numbers, etc… So no more yellow triangles of death. I’ll leave the images to do the talk:
items1.png numbers.png
As you could have probably noticed, I’ve recycled US Eternal Punishment font for 8×12 numbers. :D For some reason I couldn’t really stand the old numbers, so I replaced them with something more pleasant (at least for me) and more in harmony with the other font.

I’ve also compiled a small documentation for my translator, so that they won’t need instructions from me about text format. This should speed up things a bit, I hope.

And now the final part of this news: the story translation matter. I’ve stated that all the story is translated, but there is still a lot to do for dialogues. So, how can story be complete if most of the dialogues are still untranslated? The answer is not really simple, so I’ll tell you how the game organizes all the text: first, we have all the story events, in succession. Each story event has its own map and set of dialogues, so even maps that look totally identical are actually different and stored in separate files; then we have the “static” maps (none of which is translated), where text is always the same and doesn’t change at all, such as shops (biggest part to translate, considering how many sentences NPC have X_x); lastly, we have “dungeon” events (many are translated, but not all), which are NPC located in those places where Tatsuya can run.
Briefly, even if I said that story is completely translated, there is still much more to do. And don’t forget menus and battles. X_x


10 Responses to “Yay for updates”

  1. Danny said

    Yay indeed!!!
    Those new screenshots look wonderful ^^

  2. not so evil lucifer said

    So, basically, you’ve made some sweet progress with the hack and the whole project starts to look good from the technical point of view but your translators still have a heck of things to do, yes? If yes, than tell me, please, how are they working? Are they serious about this or maybe they just help you out in the free time?

  3. geminimewtwo said

    @Lucifer: yeah, there are many things that still need a translation, especially menus. Translators are working in their spare time, and so I am doing.

  4. not so evil lucifer said

    Sorry if my last comment sounded as if I was a slave-driver… :P It’s just that those new shots hit my head really hard… I’ll dare to ask, though, why are the names so chaotically placed are why are HP&SP numbers a little too big? This is going to be fixed, right? Not that it pains me – I can deal with practically everything as long as I can play the story part in English. ;*

  5. not so evil lucifer said

    *command names :P

  6. geminimewtwo said

    HP/SP digits too big? :O They are actually smaller than the original. As for the other mess, yes, it’s going to be fixed. The game translation will come out just as if it was an official thing (if not better), as usual.

  7. not so evil lucifer said

    “HP/SP digits too big? :O They are actually smaller than the original.”
    I found them a little to big, really (they overlap with “HP”& “SP”).
    “The game translation will come out just as if it was an official thing (if not better), as usual.”
    I’m sure it will – I just wanted to ask since asking can’t kill you (let’s put asking Joker-sama to kill you’re not-best-anymore friend aside :P). ;)

    And BTW – it’s great that now you say “will come out”. :>

  8. geminimewtwo said

    Oh, you meant the vertical placement for digits. Yeah, that one looks pretty bad to me, too. >_> It’s nothing really difficult to fix, actually. I just need to correct the y coordinate for those panels so that it leaves an blank pixel between the bars and the digits.

  9. not so evil lucifer said

    Yeah, sorry that I’m not too precise with my comments… :cry: I really should not have said that the digits are too big – it’s the placement issue, like you said.

    And once again – sorry if my comments offended you. They may sound as if I think that you’re skills are not that great but that’s not true – I’m truly and utterly (I love that line from Kill Bill 2 ,lol) amazed by you’re HACKING PWN3G! ;)

  10. not so evil lucifer said

    *your :P

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