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Prologue, part 1

Posted by Gemini on March 2, 2008

Let’s try something different this time; I was playing the game as usual, looking for bugs and crashes, then I realized I never played it from the beginning using the translated beta (all because of the broken name entry menu :( ). So I gave it a try, and it worked fine until the first battle with the Joker! :O Incredible, considering the game crashed like every 10 minutes or so with the older versions of the hack.

Well, anyway, while playing I grabbed several screenshots to give you guys a taste of what awaits you in Innocent Sin. :D
prologue-1.png prologue-2.png
prologue-3.png prologue-4.png
prologue-5.png prologue-6.png
I wanted to grab more, but a Japanese dialogue in the automatic battle with Joker sent the game in an infinite loop. But don’t worry, I will soon reinsert some dummy strings there so that the event won’t kill the game, and then you will see more splendor grabbed from the prologue (that’s why the title says part 1 ;D).

Ok, now forget the prologue and concentrate on more love, coming this time from the configuration menu:
config-1.png config-2.png
I finally got it to work! :D I don’t know why it was crashing every time, but seems like leaving a few blank characters in some strings fixed the issue (go figure…). If you notice anything strange with the translation, it’s my fault. :P I translated it myself (translators busy on other parts of the game) so that I could test it and produce some screens for you.


24 Responses to “Prologue, part 1”

  1. not so evil lucifer said

    OMFG… I can’t belive how incredibly awesome this shots look… I don’t care what you people will but… Eternal Punishment just doesn’t have this much of a… well, I don’t know how should I say it… Atmosphere? It’s mainly thanks to the characters (Eikichi, my love!). Anyway, I’m literally awestrucked by what I see. I can play many games right now. In fact, I’m playing Lost Odyssey at the moment. But… I just can’t concentrate on other games. TSUMI HAS ME!

    I want to break something every time I think about those jerks responsible for the fact that TSUMI was not localized… Gemini, for this patch you will be worshiped! :)

  2. Ta-chan said

    Thank you Gemini. Thank you Shivalva.

    And god speed.

  3. Danny said

    Thanks a lot for the screenshots!
    Hey, is it just me or are you and your translators updating really fast ^^?

  4. not so evil lucifer said

    They’re not. ://////

  5. geminimewtwo said

    Yeah, I’m pretty concentrated on the game. It’s been a little since I worked at this pace, especially after the Christmas ToP release. I almost loose interest in hacking (couldn’t find a game to work on decently), but now my passion is healthy once more and ready to crush IS’s bones. :D

  6. Freykin said

    Thank you so much for doing this. I’ve been wanting to play this ever since I discovered it many years ago. Good luck!

  7. Emperoror of the Dark said

    Now the blog’s looking way better, Gemini. ;)

    “I almost loose interest in hacking (couldn’t find a game to work on decently), but now my passion is healthy once more and ready to crush IS’s bones.”

    I’ll hope that your translator will have as much passion as you do. ;)

  8. Satomi Tadashi's adultrrate said

    The translators will need as much passion as they can get… NPCs stuff change after nearly every major story even and ther’s a lot of them in this game… A LOT. This combined with the battle converstations and I will say that… O_O

    It can be translated in month or so but you’d have to have slaves as the translators and Gemini don’t have this pleasure… Let’s belive the worst while hoping for the best…

  9. Satomi Tadashi's adulterate said

    Oh, I almost forgot – YOU’RE THE MAN, GEMINI!!! :)

  10. Morzas said

    Whatever you do, don’t work too hard and make sure your translators don’t work too hard either.

  11. TerraBreaker said

    great work Gemini, like many others I’m really enjoying seeing everything start to come together :)

  12. Gemini said

    And so do I. :D

    @Satomi Tadashi: sorry to delete your link on the FAQs page. :( I forgot to disable them when I made the page public and the link was floating around without being accessible. >_>

  13. ta-chan said

    LOL @ “Where Atlus fails, we don’t!”

    So, I guess we’ll be expecting more translated SMT titles from you Gemini right after you finish Tsumi eh? ;)

  14. Gemini said

    No no, that is just a catchphrase. Don’t take it too seriously. xD

  15. ta-chan said

    Oh and nice new look! more organized and umm. . .busy looking? lol

  16. Gemini said

    Yeah, I love the new theme. And I can finally understand where a news ends and starts another. :p

  17. Satomi Tadashi's adulterate said

    LOL, yeah, previous themes sucked big time… ;P

  18. takehaniyasubiko said

    Hi, Gemini! :)

    Maybe you could add some sweet-looking Persona art to the top bar? ;)

  19. Gemini said

    Unfortunately, I can’t. :/ This theme doesn’t allow me much customization.

  20. takehaniyasubiko said

    Damn, it would be sweet to add Igor’s portrait to the right side of the bar… ;>

  21. mcyouligans said

    this is looking great! having just recently beat persona (2 days ago), i’m really excited about this release

  22. Tao Te Mugen said

    Well, it’s good to hear about the project again. I’ve already beaten the game a couple of times using Oracle of Maiya’s script, but if I want to do another replay I know it will go by a little bit smoother. I see you have a lot of the main script done from the later screen shots showing Nyarly, but how much of the random conversations with NPCs do you have done?

  23. Gemini said

    As I said in the news, NPC are mostly not translated. :/

  24. Keriaku said

    This is sooooo amazing. Thank you! Now I need to work on beating Persona, and then I need to hold off on Persona 2: EP

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