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We are open: welcome!

Posted by Gemini on February 29, 2008

Woopy doo, first message for my Tsumi translation blog. ;D So here I will post all my progresses (even the smallest ones) about my Innocent Sin project.

Before you ask:
1) This project is NOT involved at all with the Oracle of Maiya;
2) There is nothing to download so far;
3) Yes, Jun is gay;
4) If you missed point 2, let’s go for it again: no patch download for now;
5) Please don’t ask me to send you a beta;
6) Please don’t ask me to send you my hacks+tool package.

    And now a couple of images, just to tease you guys a little:
    almost-bug-free-dialogue.png 1-1-08-1.png
    I know there are some glitched symbols there, but you should ignore them for now. The project has almost been restarted, at least for the hacking part, so there are still problems everywhere and the game is not even playable (evil crashes can happen).

    Stay tuned for more news coming in the next few days, if not hours. :P


    13 Responses to “We are open: welcome!”

    1. geminimewtwo said

      Comments go here. ;D

    2. Justsomeguy said

      Awesome. I’m really eager to see what’s coming up.

    3. Myre said

      Hooray for progress! Thanks for all your hard work Gemini.

    4. Toki said

      Hi!! I’ve been following your work on Innocent Sin for a while and am one of possibly many lurkers =P

      Just want to say thank you for your hard work!

    5. Argilla said

      Thank you Gemini

      PLease keep your Awesome work

    6. Morzas said

      Good luck with this project. I’ve been following it for a while now.

    7. Not so evil Lucifer said

      Great idea. It’ll be fun to read about even the smallest updates. ;)

      BTW – is the, hmmm,story part of translation done and what’s left are menus and battle stuff (and that battle stuff will be a pain…)? That’s how I understand what you wrote so far but I’m not sure…

    8. geminimewtwo said

      @Lucifer: that story part is a little complicated for the comment area. I’ll explain it on the next update, so that nobody can possibly miss it.

    9. Not so evil Lucifer said

      OK, I’m waiting for that update as if it was my about my child’s birth,lol. :>

    10. TerraBreaker said

      Great to see the project is heading in the right direction. Keep up the good work!

    11. zeth said

      MAN great work keep it up.

    12. Laronmi said

      I love you. Tales of Phantasia AND Innocent Sin!

    13. Chris8282 said

      Great job, Gemini. I look forward to every update. This is now my homepage. Keep up the good work!

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